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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Supplies

    • 3. Vintage Backgrounds

    • 4. Faking It

    • 5. Decorative Elements

    • 6. Vintage Style Writing

    • 7. Class Project

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you will learn all about how to make beautiful vintage style journal pages.  We will look at:

  • colour palettes
  • using vintage papers
  • faking a vintage style
  • adding vintage ephemera
  • vintage writing styles

This class is aimed at all levels of journal keepers, so if it's brand new to you then please still jump right in. I talk about the different supplies and simple techniques that you can use to create really beautiful journal pages.

I hope you enjoy the class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Helen Colebrook

An avid journal keeper/creative


I'm Helen and in case you haven't guessed, I have a bit of a thing about journals. I'm an author, product designer and online teacher. I've been lucky enough to work on great brand collaborations and feature in publications all over the globe. I currently have over 170K followers across my social media platforms, where I love sharing my journaling adventures.

I use journals to plan out my dream life, document special moments and keep a record of the day to day happenings in my life. Plus, I love to get creative and use lots of different techniques to decorate my pages. 



                         &nb... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Helen. From journalist Purpose on Welcome to my latest skill share class. We'll be looking at how to make really beautiful vintage style pages in your journal is one of my favorite styles. We'll be looking at things like the color palette that you can use so that your pages don't look too dark and grunge. Ooh, we're gonna give them a slight modern twist with some really lovely colors, but still maintain that a vintage feel. I'll be walking through some of the different supplies that you can use, and I'm gonna cover a combination so you could use genuine vintage ephemera in your journal if you like, but will also look a couple of ways off faking it. So, using some art and journaling supplies to still get that Vinci each feel but using some more modern materials. Well, then look at different kinds of font styles. In time, you might want to write in your journal Andi. Then we'll move on to the class project, which will be using some of the skills that you've learned to create some vintage style pages in your in journal. Before we get properly started, I saw I'd quickly share with you the insides of my journals. You get a feel for the types of pages that I love creating. I also serve different techniques from stampings, die cuts, paints, blah choose. And I like Teoh mix a style of a vintage along with some nice, bright, modern twists. So these are the sorts of pages we're gonna look at creating during the lessons today. 2. Tools & Supplies: in this lesson, we're going to look at some of my favorite tools and supplies for creating vintage style pages in my journal. You don't have to use exactly the same things that I'm using. But hopefully I'll give you some ideas as we move through, to maybe to get started with things that hopefully you already have. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite supplies that I used when creating my vintage journal pages. So one of the options is that you could find old book pages, maps, music sheets, anything like that, and you please look out for them yourselves or you confined People online who specialize in selling vintage ephemera feel journals. And a lot of my vintage papers come from a shop called London Gift Ease, which, if you want to look out for something authentic, is a great place to start to say or have a look around things like secondhand stores, and you're sure to find something lovely that you can use is an alternative. You could consider using something like thes Tim Holtz papers, and he's a scrapbooking papers, absolutely fantastic to use for creating different backgrounds and effects in your journal and other options, you could consider it things like brown paper bags, napkins, gift bags, anything like that. I also love using dried flowers in my journal pages, and I bought these online. I also pressed quite a lot of flowers myself. An alternative to that would again be using something like this, which is just some paper flowers, and you can get them in all sorts of different colors and shades, and you're gonna get a really beautiful effect. Old postage stamps are a great way of adding quick and fun decorative elements to your pages and if you But if you don't have any, you could always look for something like washi tape with postage stamps on it. Or you could even prince and images off and just look for some vintage stamp images online . And then you could print those off and put them in your journal, too. A great way of adding a distress look to your pages is using something like distress ink on I like thes Tim Holtz ones in vintage photo on T die, and I use an ink blending tool. But if you wanted to add some Brown's or more muted colors. You could also use something like wax crayons, watercolors, Jill Atos or anything you have even Cem Brown pencil. Just add these vintage style colors onto your journal pages. I love using vintage style washi tape. Again, it's another really quick in easy way to just tie in with the style that you're trying to achieve. You could also use things like lace, and I love actually sewing those on two pieces of paper and sticking that on to my journal . Or you could use things like ticket roles or even Brown string, and they're all gonna give a really great effect. I'm going to be adding a wax seal to one of my journal pages there really great firm. But you can also find stickers online, which give you a wax seal print that you could just print often stick in. I love also using craft colored gift tags or luggage labels to add an extra element to my journal. And when it comes to the writing, I love using a dip pen in ink, be could consider using a fountain pen or any kind of poem are going to look at some font styles later on in the lessons, and I also like using the's vintage alphabet stamps. We're quite easily available. There's lots of different varieties, and they look like a typewriter when you use them again. Another really quick way, if you're not too confident with your font styles, gives you something else you could play around with. Or you could again print some things off the Internet, use old newspapers and cut up some of the words and the letters and created that way. So please don't feel that you need all of these supplies or even any of these supplies to get started as on creating the pages. Your hope to be able to think about things that you already have and you'll be able to use to get that lovely vintage style. 3. Vintage Backgrounds: in this lesson, we're going to look at creating backgrounds to our journal pages on in this 1st 1 I'm going to be using genuine vintage supplies on showing you how I incorporate those into my journal . I'm using a standard size Travelers notebook for my journaling. It's one of my favorite sizes to journal in, but you can, of course, use any size journal that you like. I'm starting off by looking threesome, vintage papers, and these ones are some old book pages on. There's also a map in there, too. I'm just looking for some lovely, muted colors that I think will go really well together. I also like the effect of tourney paper, especially on vintage style pages, because I think it just adds to the look and feel when I'm looking through papers. I look for some that I think will complement each other but have enough difference in them so that each of the individual layers stand out. I like to add some of the papers to each page, but you could definitely do it just in one corner. If you prefer that look, I found an old glassine bag that was sent to me in some post, and I just thought that would add a nice little layer in between those. And it also adds some extra texture to my page. I'm now using some apprint stick to clue those sheets down, and I spend a little bit of time it playing around with them to make sure that I'm happy with their layout because I want them to provide a focal point on my page. But I also want to ensure that I'm gonna have a enough space to add extra decoration and also all of my writing. I find that adding these tourney vintage papers to my journal is a really quick and easy way of getting that instant vintage feel and their muted colors. I always think it's a beautiful when you're looking through old book papers. You really don't need to be precise when you're doing this kind of creative journaling, and I think that's why it's one of my favorite things to do. There really are no rules. You can just keep playing around with things until you find a style that you like. I found thes lovely flowers from an old book on. I'm just tearing around one on, I will stick that to the bottom left hand corner of my page. Old vintage floral images are another one of my favorites. I just think it's a really lovely style. I'm now going to be using sermon wooden block stamps on day. One of the things I like to do is stump, think or first onto a spare piece of paper before adding them to my page because it takes away that heavy layer of ink and again means you get a more muted effect and a good tip when you're adding them over. The top of collage is toe have them overlapping so that some of it goes onto the page behind and some of its six on the sheets of paper, and that makes them feel like they're already part of your journal pages. The background is now complete and will come back to these Journal pages later on in the class 4. Faking It: in this lesson, we're going to look at how you can fake it. So be using Surma distress ink on different tools and supplies to still create that lovely , even teach field. I'm starting off by distressing the look of the page, so I'll be using Cem. Tim Holtz Distressing in Vintage photo I've placed some spare sheets of paper under my journal pages to make sure that their ink doesn't go through onto the other side. I'm using an ink blending tool so that I convert but that ink all along the sides of the pages you could definitely try and get the same effect with some brown water color or even pencil crayon. I'm now using Cem Tedx. I think I'm gonna rub that into the corners and blended into the darker ink, and this gives a really nice, quick and easy aged effect to your journal pages. I always like to add some strips of paper to my journal pages. On this time I'm going to use some scrapbooking paper. I found these lovely vintage style sheets. So as in the last lesson, I'm gonna be just tearing these up and looking for some that I think will be visually interesting with scrapbooking paper. When you tear it, you can end up with those white lines around the side. So I'm now using that distressing again on rubbing it over the white spots to give it a bit mawr oven aged feel to give a bit more visual interest to my pages. I'm using a stencil, which has got a kind of crackle effect on. I don't want lots of it on my page. I just want some of it peeping out from behind the collage layers. And again, it just helps your pages to look a bit more cohesive and is if their papers that you're sticking down are already part of those journal pages. Once I'm happy with how all of those sheets of paper are looking, I will stick them down using Pritt stick. One really fun thing to try, and your journal is mixing up your styles of it. So perhaps using some old book pages along with some modern scrapbooking paper and even adding in napkins and gift bags as well. And you can really then start to make some pages that a unique to you. These pages are starting to already look completely different to the first pages that I completed, but still give you that really lovely vintage feel. As with the last lesson. Once this layer is complete, we'll be coming back to had more creative elements later on in the class. 5. Decorative Elements: in this lesson, we're gonna be looking at those fun decorative elements that you can use in your journal to really help bring your pages to life. So be looking at things like old Grinch. Each stamps, wax seals, maybe even including some lace or fabric on your journal pages. In this lesson uncovering my favorite part, which is adding the creative elements. It's so much fun, and it really helps to bring your pages together. I'm starting off by gluing down some pressed flowers, and I'm using some clear PV a glue and adding a little piece of washi tape. Next up, I'm going to add a beautiful wax seal to my page. It's a really lovely vintage kind of style on. I'm going to use a white wax stick on. I'm using a craft knife to cut off some pieces from the end on our then put those inside the melting spoon and gently melt the wax. I decided to use a white colored wax because it ties in really nicely with the white floor image on the opposite page, I often use wax seals just on top of pieces of collage paper, and in this instance, on the stem of the flower on the seal itself I'm using is a lovely Eiffel Tower image. Once it's cooled, I'm gently peeling it from the page she can see. It's a really quick and easy way to add that lovely old fashioned kind of style face like modern twist. I'm going to be adding some lovely pink floor washes to my page. I'm always on the lookout when I'm designing my pages, four colors that tie in with other elements that are already there. So I'm tearing some washi to layer over the first trip, and I'm then going to add some horizontally as well, just to add that little piece of contrast. The final element I'm adding, is some light green washi tape, and that ties in nicely with the leaves on the color of the map. And that is now the decorated elements finished on that page, and I will start on the new ones as thes pages are looking quite dark at the moment. The first thing I wanted to do is add a splash of color, and I found these lovely stickers in my stash, and I really liked this girl. I thought the color of her jacket and her hair was great. So I'm placing her on top of the left hand collage. And on the right hand side, I'm now sketching out of flour. I tried to keep sketches in my journal really loose. I'm not worried about them being particularly accurate or precise. It's just another fun element to add, because the girl on the left is on top of the collage, I decided it would be fun to have this flower with the petals, looking as if there, underneath the ads that kind of three D element to your pages are next going to add. Assume water color to that flower, and I'm going to tie it in to the colors that are included on the girl sticker. So I'm starting off with a light blue agreeing color on the petals, and I will then go in to add a lovely pink color, which ties in with the top of the girl's hair when you're creating journal pages, if you have an element that you really want to stand out, it's well worth adding some matching colors somewhere on your journal pages. So I really want this girl to be quite prominent and adding those matching colors on the flowers helps to really bring those focal images to life. So you've still got the beautiful vintage browns in the background. We add in the lovely colors to go with it a swell. I love adding these extra colors onto my journal pages. If you prefer something darker, you can, of course, choose to go for more browns and oranges and greens on your pages and still have really lovely looking vintage style journal pages. The final thing I'm going to add to this page is some stamping, and again I'm stumping it on that spare piece of paper first to take off that darker layer of ink. And now that this stage is finished, in the next lesson will be looking at how to add a vintage style writing to your journal pages. 6. Vintage Style Writing: in this lesson, we're going to be looking at your writing style. Andi. I've got a few different tips and techniques that I like to use in my journal to really tie in with that beautiful vintage theme. The first way that I'm going to add text to these pages is by using my vintage style alphabet stumps. They look really, really good on vintage style pages. And, of course, they're extremely quick to use and really stand out on your page. I placed on underlay board underneath my left hand page, and that could really help you to get clean stamping on writing. When you've already used quite a few of the journal pages and they get all bumpy, I stumped out the words, Enjoy the little things, and that will be the seam of thes pages in terms of what I'll be writing about for my writing. I'm using a dip pen with a knee Koji and I'm using this lovely pinky. Red colored ink is it just ties in so nicely with the other colors on my journal pages. That's one thing to look at. When you're doing your writing is that they are a huge part of the visual interest of your journal pages. So you think about the different colors of the ink. Different font styles that you want to use because it can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your pages depends a really fun to use on. One of the huge advantages is that as soon as you're finished using it, you can wash then about and then use a different color ink on the next time, unlike fountain pens, which could be a bit more difficult. And I think it adds this like vintage style because you're using proper wetting Connell pages. And, of course, they definitely look vintage in terms off their appearance. I turned the page to the side and again that just adds to the visual interest of my journal pages. And that's now those journal pages completed with all of the decorative elements on the writing, added, and I think that ink ties in so nicely with the colors of the flowers in the washi tape and looks really pretty alongside the delicate whites to so next up will move onto the second journal pages to start ways I'm going to add some brush lettering on my page on If this is something you're interested in, I have a skill share class on brush lettering with a worksheet you can use to follow along with. So I'm writing it. Take a moment across the middle of the two pages, and that's a great tip in terms of actually linking two images together. So your I naturally goes across from the girl on the left over to the flower, and I'm now adding a heading, easing a stately pigment liner and using a serif style funds. And I'll add that to the top left page on the bottom right hand corner again. That adds that really lovely vintage style. And to make sure those heading stand out are then use Cem strips of washi tape underneath. Um, and I'm using that really pretty teal color. Adding little strips of washi in matching colors is again another great way of bringing out some of the colors You want to stand out on your page for my writing. I'm using a fountain pen with black ink on because there's a lot of darker colors on these pages. Your notice that I leave a lot more white space and That's another really great tip. If you want your pages to still look fresh, then it just leave plenty of white space on them, and then you can get away with using really dark colors. I hope this has given you some really lovely ideas of how to create vintage style pages in your own journals, hopefully using some supplies that you already have. 7. Class Project: in this section, We're going to be looking at their class project. I've kept it really simple. What I would like you to do is think about the different techniques you've learned your in this class and apply them in your own journal. C could create one or two journal pages. I really start practicing that beautiful vin teach style. And when she finished your pages, I would love it if you would take a photo and share them in the project section down below . I can't wait to see the types of journal pages you create and please do look at the other people's projects and offer some encouragement and support. And I really hate the have fun with this class project. 8. Final Thoughts: thank you ever so much for joining me on this skill share class. I really appreciate you being here. I hope you've enjoyed it and that you've learned some new techniques that you can practice in your own journals. It's one of my favorite styles, and I hope it's inspired you to have a play and create some beautiful vintage style pages in your own journal. I would love to hear your feedback on the class, and if you've got any questions, please do leave them in the discussions tower. But down below. I love chatting with you all and hearing how you're getting on Thank you again for joining May.