Beautiful Plastic: Creating a Great Designer Toy

Paul Budnitz, Kidrobot Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author

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6 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • A Brief History of Designer Toys

    • Training Your Eye

    • Initial Sketches

    • Final Sketches

    • Explore Design on Skillshare

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About This Class

Designer toys have been described as one of the few truly original worldwide art movements of the last two decades. Initially created by street artists and designers using soft vinyl, the designer toy movement now encompass a wide variety of artists, styles, and materials, and has spread worldwide.

As the founder of Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz helped bring designer toys to America. and has designed and art directed hundreds of limited edition toys — including virtually every toy created by Kidrobot from its inception through 2011. He's well known as the co-creator of Dunny, Munnyworld, and many other iconic toys.

Budnitz will be sharing how to design a successful one of your own including the history of designer toys from 1998 to the present, what makes it a designer toy, and how to create a great sketch.

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Yes! This class is more of an introduction, but it's important to understand the history and types of toys in order for you to appreciate the culture. If you don't understand your market, you will fail. This video made me want to hand him my resume and work for KidRobot!
Lesley Rowland

YouTuber and future Entrepreneur

Informative, but doesnt go into any detail of how to actually create a designer toy, just gives you a general idea. But a good starting point.
Awesome class Paul! Very inspiring and informative! I really love the passion you put into your ideas and how you took it all the way from concept to beautiful end product. I'm really looking forward to taking my ideas further and hopefully developing it into a really cool toy. Maybe wood... Thank you! Katerina Friderici





Paul Budnitz

Kidrobot Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author

Paul Budnitz is the founder of Kidrobot, the world's premiere creator of art toys, apparel and accessories. He also owns and runs Budnitz Bicycles, two technology companies, is the author of several books for adults and children, exhibits and a photographer and filmmaker, and speaks extensively on creativity worldwide. Budnitz has founded over a dozen companies.

Budnitz designed or art directed virtually every product created by Kidrobot from the company's inception through 2011...

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