Beautiful Fondant flowers | Huma Usmani | Skillshare
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4 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools

    • Making the flowers

    • Project


About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful pieces of art that are completely edible?

Now you can learn to create beautiful flowers made out of fondant that you can use to decorate your cakes and cupcakes and make your occasions even more special!

In this class you will learn:

1. what fondant is

2. how to work with fondant,

3. the basic tools you will need

4. how to create the flowers

Step by step and easy to follow techniques to create your edible work of art! 

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Huma Usmani

Edible art at its finest!

My name is Huma and Im the Owner and Cake Artist at Cake as Canvas.

I have been decorating cakes for 8 years now and loving every minute of it!

Working with fondant and sugar paste is my true passion and I love creating edible pieces of art which include sugar flowers and other fun cake toppers!

My other passion is teaching. I am a Wilton Method Instructor and also teach at a local community college and now with the help of Skillshare, I am able to share my k...

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