Beautiful Embellished Beaded Bezel for Rhodonite Cabochon | Detrina Kofroth | Skillshare

Beautiful Embellished Beaded Bezel for Rhodonite Cabochon

Detrina Kofroth, Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

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11 Videos (50m)
    • Rhodonite Cabochon Skillshare Intro

    • Rhodonite Cabochon SKillshare Materials

    • Rhodonite Cabochon SKillshare Base Row

    • Rhodonite Cabochon SKillshare Rows 2 3

    • Rhodonite Cabochon SKillshare Row 4 and Discussion

    • Rhodonite Cabochon Skillshare Finishing the Bezel part 1

    • Rhodonite Cabochon Skillshare Closing the Bead Work

    • Rhodonite Cabochon Skillshare Getting into position and Embellishing

    • Rhodonite Cabochon Skillshare Securing your Bead Work

    • Rhodonite Cabochon Bezel Skillshare The thread Path and Ending the Thread

    • Rhodonite Cab Skillshare Grand Finale


About This Class

In this class, you will learn to create a stunning embellished bezel for a gemstone cabochon using the right angle weave technique. This is an intermediate level course as it following an intricate thread path. I will demonstrate how to create a bezel with seed beads and Swarovski, how to embellish, how to secure the work and how to utilize half hitch knots to end the projecdt.

Below you will find the materials list necessary to create this lovely bezel but I want to encourage you to use your creativity during this project so feel free to change the color options of your beads if you prefer something different. Just keep in mind that changing the size or types of beads you are planning to use can alter the look of the finished project.

 If you have any questions or concerns make sure to leave comments so I can quickly address any needs that you may have.

Deliverables for this Class:

  • Upload a photo of your materials
  • Upload a photo of your finished project


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make these earrings using the following bead weaving techniques:

  1. Right Angle Weave
  2. Creating an oval cabochon bezel using seed beads and crystals
  3. Embellishment of the bezel set stone
  4. Reinforcing and securing the bead work
  5. Using half hitch knots to end a beaded project


Materials used in this demonstration:


1 - 25x18x6 mm Rhodonite Cabochon

10 - 4 mm Preciosa Valentinite Bicone Crystals

2 grams - 15/0 Pink Galvanized Toho Seed Beads

2 grams - 15/0 Jet Opaque Toho Seed Beads

2 grams - 11/0 Galvanized Silver Delica Seed Beads

1-2 yards 6 pound Fireline (Smoke Color)

1- Size 12 Beading Needle


Additional Tools – Thread burner or sharp scissors





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Detrina Kofroth

Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

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