Beautiful DIYs with Polymer Clay – Basic Steps & Marble Pattern | Vera Koe | Skillshare

Beautiful DIYs with Polymer Clay – Basic Steps & Marble Pattern

Vera Koe, Love elegant jewellery? Craft with me!

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8 Videos (32m)
    • 1. Welcome to this Class!

    • 2. The Material: Polymer Clay

    • 3. The Tools

    • 4. Conditioning (= Preparing) the Clay

    • 5. Mixing Colours

    • 6. The Marbelling Technique & Creating Shapes

    • 7. Finishing: Baking and Perfecting Polymer Clay Objects

    • 8. The Class Project


About This Class

This class teaches you step-by-step how to craft jewellery or home decor objects from polymer clay using the marbelling technique. Oriented at a Scandinavian, minimalist style, I will walk you through the basics of working with polymer clay by showing you

  • the materials and tools you'll need,
  • how to mix colours and create shapes from the clay,
  • how to create a beautiful marble pattern,
  • and how to bake and finalise your polymer clay objects.

At the end of the class, it's time for ACTION! Get crafting yourself and share with me the pretty pieces that you created from marble-style polymer clay. Looking forward to seeing your results!

Once you have finished this class, why not apply what you've learned and craft your own statement necklace from polymer clay? To see how, check out my second Skillshare class here.





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Vera Koe

Love elegant jewellery? Craft with me!

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