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Beat the Clock with Scripts for Adobe InDesign

René Andritsch, Graphic and Motion Designer

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27 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Class Intro

    • Installing Scripts

    • Editing Scripts

    • Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Scripts

    • Adjusting Baseline Grid, Margins and Columns

    • Jumping to Master Pages

    • Applying Language Settings

    • Cleaning Your Documents of Unused Items

    • Saving and Closing Several Open Documents at Once

    • x-Height and Visual Character Size

    • Custom Kerning

    • Converting Text Columns to Text Frames

    • Controlling Text Wrap

    • Generating Numbers

    • Splitting Text

    • Swapping images

    • Replacing Pages of Placed Multi-Page Documents

    • Creating a Link for an Embedded Image

    • Renaming Images Inside InDesign

    • Creating an Image Catalogue

    • Sorting Tables

    • Transposing Tables

    • Batch-Setting the Width of Table Columns

    • Calculating Table Data

    • Creating Crop Marks

    • Export PDFs in Blocks

    • Good Bye

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About This Class


This class is about using free scripts for Adobe InDesign that will help you to streamline your workflow and to get your work done faster. No programming required. With this class I want to encourage you to use scripts in Adobe InDesign more often and enjoy the freed up time with the things you love. 

The content is geared towards InDesign users who want to expand their toolset and ramp up their efficiency in working with the app. Students should have a basic understanding of the core features of InDesign. This is not a course about learning how to use InDesign.

Scripts for InDesign are small programmes which can be run within InDesign to get certain tasks done automatically. InDesign already comes with some scripts preinstalled. There are many additional and useful scripts available for free from developers from all over the world.

What you will learn in this class

Category Getting Started

  • Installing scripts in InDesign
  • Editing scripts in the ExtendScript Toolkit
  • Adding keyboard shortcuts to execute scripts

Category Document

  • Adjusting baseline grid and margins in a unified UI
  • Jumping to Master pages
  • Automatically apply the correct language settings to all text frames in a document
  • Cleaning your document of unused items and styles
  • Creating Crop and Registration Marks the easy way
  • Saving and closing several documents at once

Category Typography

  • Calculating the x-height of a font
  • Automatically setting the visual character size of different fonts
  • Custom kerning for a typeface

Category Text

  • Controlling text wrap for a more balanced look
  • Splitting text the way you want
  • Generating numbers
  • Converting multicolumn text frames in separate threaded text frames

Category Images

  • Swapping images in frames
  • Replacing pages of placed multi-page files
  • Creating a link for an embedded image
  • Renaming images directly in InDesign
  • Easily creating an image catalogue

Category Tables

  • Sorting tables
  • Transposing tables
  • Batch-setting the width of table columns
  • Calculating table data

Category Export

  • Exporting PDFs in blocks

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This was truly an amazing course and the scripts that he supplied are a tremendous resource. That was very kind of him. I reviewed this course twice and found it fascinating! Thanks so much! A danka shein! :)
very useful
Very detailed and helpful! Thanks a lot René for these tips!
Vivian Edel

Events Manager from Munich, Bavaria





René Andritsch

Graphic and Motion Designer

I’m a self employed graphic designer with a focus on Editorial and Motion Design. I have successfully been running my design studio since 1999. I love to learn something new every day and I enjoy passing on my knowledge and to help improve other designers’ workflows.

I’m an Adobe Certified Expert for InDesign as well as a member of the InDesign PreRelease Programme. I teach InDesign in workshops in Vienna, Austria.

Below you see my first Skill...

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