Bead Weaving 101 - Class One - Ladder Stitch Basics | Detrina Kofroth | Skillshare

Bead Weaving 101 - Class One - Ladder Stitch Basics

Detrina Kofroth, Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

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About This Class

Welcome to Bead Weaving 101

Class 1 - Ladder Stitch 

In this class you will learn one of the most basic of bead weaving stitches. Ladder Stitch is used as a base or foundation stitch in many bead weaving jewelry projects. It can also be used to combine design elements and components in Jewelry Designing. 

Watch for more Free Informative and Beginner Classes along with more Premium Tutorials from The Alluring Bead Boutique this year. 





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Detrina Kofroth

Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics

Welcome to My Skillshare Channel.

It is now 2019 and I am very excited to bring a lot of changes to The Alluring Bead Boutique. 

This year, I will be devoting much of my time to new classes and tutorials here on Skillshare, on YouTube and my website

Classes here will focus not only on Jewelry Making, but also on Home Based Jewelry Business Development for aspiring Jewelers. 

The Alluring Bead Boutique is now a F...

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