Bead Embroidery: Beading on the Edge | Nancy♛ Eha | Skillshare

Bead Embroidery: Beading on the Edge

Nancy♛ Eha, Beading teacher, author, and designer

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4 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction: DIY Beginner Beaders Welcome

    • Lessson 1: Supplies for Success

    • Lesson 2: Preparing the Fabric for Beading

    • Lesson 3: Beaded Fringe


About This Class


I will show you in this beading class, how to make beaded fringe. Have you wanted to learn how to make beaded fringe but were unsure of how to start? Do you enjoy creating DIY clothing projects? 

You can change a scarf lost in your closet, from drab into dazzling with beaded fringe in no time! All you need are a few beads, video coaching, and the know how to make beaded fringe on any garment or fabric edge.

In this class you will learn beading tips to make your beading time a pleasure. Then go on to know how to prepare a fabric edge for beaded fringe. And finally, all the skills you need to create beaded fringe on the edge. Although every student will learn the same beading stitch, each scarf will be unique as the person who creates it!

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Nancy♛ Eha

Beading teacher, author, and designer

I am a

Passionate Maker Insatiable Explorer Innovative Beader Expert Author Dedicated Teacher

Teaching has been my life-long passion! For more than 20 years I have been teaching in person beading classes with videos internationally. I love teaching online and the worldwide community of learners! It is so convenient for students,and with SkillShare you avoid the expenses of air fare, hotels, meals,and tuition, saving you mucho $$$$!

Come join me in class as you learn new skills...

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