Be an Event Facilitator | TJ Walker | Skillshare
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14 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Reach Your Facilitating Goals

    • 3. Do Your Homework

    • 4. Be Like Disraeli

    • 5. Make the Right Introductions

    • 6. Stay In the Moment

    • 7. Ask the Right Questions

    • 8. Summarize and Synthesize What's Being Said

    • 9. Come Up with a Concensus

    • 10. Be Sure to Take Care of Housekeeping Matters

    • 11. Make Your 1st Video Rehearsal

    • 12. Keep Going with the 2nd Video Rehearsal

    • 13. Give and Get Feedback

    • 14. Course Conclusion

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6 of 6 students recommend this class
A well-structured guide to the role of a facilitator, and the skills involved. The suggested approach to practicing very sound. I actively took notes, as I find I need to back up video experiences with other modalities. Research on retention is clear that we remember best things *we do*, so perhaps one suggestion for improvement would be to also include some tasks for reinforcing the learning, e.g. capturing lead points and categorising them. Thank you, I've enjoyed the course, and will carry on working with the material to embed it into my practice.
Dimitry Chamy

design + code x loop