Be a Travelling Entrepreneur: How to Live and Work from Anywhere

Libby Tucker, Traveling Entrepreneur

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. My Story

    • 2. Introduction to LiveWorkAnywhere

    • 3. First step - your destination

    • 4. Begin with End in Mind

    • 5. Using triggers to manipulate motivation

    • 6. Productivity & Routine

    • 7. Make your business, or life, more mobile

    • 8. Commit to 30 day action plan

    • 9. Final thoughts


Project Description

Mobilize your life and your business, create an action plan to take the leap

LiveWorkAnywhere - My Story

  1. Optional

    Listen to my story and start to create yours. 

LWA Intro

  1. Start Your Action Plan

    That ticket, that you have in your hand, what's the destination? Tell the class where you're longing to go. 

  2. Visualization Exercise

    Your story begins now.  Think of a promise you made to yourself that you have yet to keep, something that connects deep within you to your life's purpose. 

    Write down 2-5 things that you thought of when going through the visualization exercise that you want people to say.  Optionally share 1 of those items with the class.  

Productivity & Motivation

  1. Identify what's stopping you

    Gym example.  Identify what is stopping you.  The self-imposed barriers that we often tend to put in place.  What triggers can you put in place to overcome those obstacles?  

    Write down 3 things that are stopping you.  It might be your significant other, your job, your rental lease, your pet. 

    Whatever it is, come up with a solution for each one.  

    For example: 

    1) ask your boss if you can work from home (and actually create a "seamless entrepreneurship" experiment and work remotely - not from home) 

    2) tell your significant other that you are going to work remotely for a short period of time, and plan out your communication ahead of time. 

    3) search for family members and friends who will watch your pet while you are away.  Create a food & care schedule for your pet. 

    4) find out what it would take to break your lease, what are the repercussions, what are your options (subletting, etc)? 

    There are always options, we just have to focus on the barriers and come up with solutions. 

    Extra credit: 

    Buy a plane ticket.  Then work backwards on your triggers.  Firming up an ending point will help you identify those barriers. 

Routine & Schedule

  1. Daily Routine for Long Term Success

    Write down your new daily routine. Include 4-5 hours productivity. Also include 1 hour of meditation or exercise, 1 hour noodle time, 1 hour de-stress (these can overlap).

Mobile Business Criteria

  1. Identify at minimum 2 ways you can implement the mobility criteria into your life and/or business

    Study the "mobility criteria". Identify at least 2 of the mobility criteria and write down how you can make a change that will affect you and your business.

  2. Top 3 destinations for going mobile

    Research a place you want to go based again on the mobility criteria. Write down your top 3 places, with the no. 1 place being the one that makes your heart pound and creative juices flow.

Creating Your Plan

  1. Commit: Create, Date, and Sign 30 Day Action Plan

    Commit to a 30 day action plan to take the first step on your journey. Write down your 30 day action commitment and share it with the class. It can include one of the following examples: My 30 day action plan. Over the next 30 days, 1) "I commit to making the following change(s) to my routine:" (1-2 things you wrote down) 2) "One way in which I can make my business (or future business, or life) more mobile is by __________ and I commit to making this change within 30 days. " (at least 1 point from mobility criteria list) 3) "My top destination to begin my path as a global entrepreneur is _____________ " (your top location).

Additional Resources

  • Steven Covey's 2nd habit

  • Imagery for visualization


  • Productivity vs. Output

  • 30 Day Action Plan

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