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Be a Travelling Entrepreneur: How to Live and Work from Anywhere

teacher avatar Libby Tucker, Traveling Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. My Story

    • 2. Introduction to LiveWorkAnywhere

    • 3. First step - your destination

    • 4. Begin with End in Mind

    • 5. Using triggers to manipulate motivation

    • 6. Productivity & Routine

    • 7. Make your business, or life, more mobile

    • 8. Commit to 30 day action plan

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

If I gave you a ticket to go anywhere in the world - right now - where would you go? 

What's stopping you?

Whether you're an avid traveler with no business, or a businessperson with the travel bug, you will get value from this class. 

Imagine being able to work from the beach in Costa Rica....

It used to be just a dream.  Not anymore.  I've done it, and I continue to be a nomadic entrepreneur.  I'll share with you many of the skills I've learned and empower you to do the same. 

In this online class, you'll receive tools and knowledge to run a startup, or just simply work, from anywhere in the world where there's Internet (and even when there's no Internet, or power!). 

This class will leave you with your first steps toward freedom and an action plan to get up and go! 

Previous students are emailing me now from Colombia, Bali, Brazil, and Panama - making each day count. 

From where will you be sending your next email?  Or writing your next blog post? 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Libby Tucker

Traveling Entrepreneur


Libby Tucker, Anywhere Entrepreneur, has been running her startups Beer2Buds and PromoBomb from all over the world, and for several years. Her home base is in New York City but her team exists in the Phillipines, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe.

Libby has also been CMO and COO of 2 venture backed startups in Seattle and NYC. As C-Level startup executive, Libby brings in depth and firsthand knowledge of how to create, manage, and scale a remote workforce to grow your business.

Libby teaches classes on living and working from anywhere, which coincidentially is her site name -

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1. My Story : - I was a sheltered kid from the Midwest. - I was a cheesehead. - I used to live in Iowa and my parents would let me go back to my friends because they said - that I would be too afraid to tell the bus driver if he had passed my stop to go back to - the stop. - And they were right. - I couldn't even think of the phone to order pizza. - I ended up going to college just an hour and 1/2 outside of where my parents live. - I want to be my comfort zone. - I played basketball, - I was in a sorority and I didn't venture out too far. - In college, - I studied international business in Spanish. - My degree required that I had to go abroad my junior year. - I had to go to Spain. - I was super excited at the idea of traveling abroad, - but I was terrified the moment had arrived. - It was time to go to Spain. - I have never taken a bus, - train, - play or taxi, - and I had to do it all in 24 hours and in Spanish. - I'm pretty sure that I was the only person on the plane actually paying attention when the - flight attendant was talking about floatation devices and oxygen masks. - I remember. - Do you one of these looking up looking get was reading is magazine by not paying any - attention to me. - But I was like, - You want me to put what? - On this? - You want me to do what? - So day one had made it to Spain, - couldn't understand what the taxi driver was saying But I finally made it. - And in the very next day, - I had no idea what it was. - Carnival. - I didn't even know what Carnival Waas and my host mom and her friends. - They brought me into the room. - They were laughing, - giggling and they dressed me up. - They wrapped me in purple and yellow fabric and put it over my head, - couldn't see anything but my eyes and basically threw me on the streets with my host, - my friend, - and we're walking around. - I was lost. - I didn't know the language. - I was confused and I was dressed in purple and yellow from head to toe. - Day two, - I was hanging out with my host mom friends again, - and one of them asked me about her skin color and whether or not she looked dark and I said - , - I think he was a compliment. - I said, - Yeah, - gorgeous olive colored skin And she picked him banana off the football table. - She said, - I throw this out. - You and I was terrified. - I jumped back. - I didn't realize that I had offended her. - I couldn't quite understand still what was going on. - And I was making a mess the first day, - feeling lost and confused, - scared and almost had a banana thrown at me. - Day three, - my host brother Jorge, - was sold to walk me to the school, - the language school where I was gonna be learning whereas we learning Spanish. - So all I could see was the back of his head as he as he gestured for me to follow him and - we walked through all the winding streets. - This wasn't a grid system. - It was all wrapped around the cathedral and old old streets. - And about 45 minutes later, - as I'm trying to keep pace with Jorge, - he turns around and he said by and that was it. - I had no idea how to get home. - I forgot to leave. - I guess I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs because I had no idea where Iwas nor how - to get back. - So again I felt lost, - confused, - scared. - And here was my third day in Spain. - I heard that when you dream another language or thinking another language, - it's the moment that you start really picking up that language. - And I remember one night I woke up and I was in my bed bedroom in Spain and I was talking - to my lamp shade. - It didn't talk back to me, - but I was talking. - My lamp stayed in Spanish. - At that moment, - I started realizing that I was becoming more familiar with the language. - I was growing into the culture beforehand. - I became great friends. - He was a single kid and I was a foreign kid. - The big Ah ha moment came when I was crossing the field on my way to the university, - not the language school, - but a university where I was taking classes for my major and it's crosses big, - wide open field, - and I was leading a cavalry. - Tokyo bar was my favorite candy bar, - and I remember I was in the candy bar and I was I was thinking, - and I just stopped dead in my tracks. - I realized that I wasn't just thinking in Spanish, - but I was actually processing subconsciously in Spanish. - And at that point I completely changed. - I transformed from being arriving in Spain to not knowing a single ward, - understanding anything, - actually processing in Spanish. - I realized that my entire life had changed. - Was one with significant turning points in my life. - I had transformed in the moments of some of our deepest challenges is where we find our - biggest strength. - This muster had ended and it was time to go back to Wisconsin. - I returned home, - transformed. - I went back to school and everything. - The world in front of it was different. - I was looking at with different eyes. - I left my sorority and all I could do from that moment on was trying to figure out how to - get back to Spain. - And I used to sit there, - and I used to research on the Internet for hours and hours and hours pretty much dial up. - I would research ways to find ways to get back. - I would restrict visas, - please, - to live jobs, - and I promised myself that I would do anything to get back even if it meant scrubbing - toilets with a toothbrush, - I was gonna get back. - So then life struck. - I came home from school, - I graduated school and I had $30,000 in student loans. - I had to get a job so I could pay off my student loans when I would also save up my money - and I would go in our travel and try and go back. - But then my money would run out. - I have to keep coming back. - And I had to keep every time I travel money run out, - come back. - And I realized that the only way that I was gonna be able continue to travel is if I found - a way to live and work from anywhere so that my funds never ran out so that I could - continue to travel and continue to live that dream of having unforgettable experiences - daily right where I was challenged and I'm overcoming these challenges and where I was - living among different cultures and having different experiences. - That was my true passion. - And I realized at that moment that I needed to find a way to live and work from anywhere. - As I got further into my my job. - I ended up meeting someone. - I got stuck in a long term relationship, - had a house, - I had a cat, - had car things and I moved to Seattle and my life had started taking a different direction - . - But I realized that I never let go, - that passion not feeling inside of me and that I always wanted to live and work from - anywhere. - And I wanted to continue to travel. - I wanted to continue to get back to that feeling. - And I remember someone had said to me Look at the mentors, - people that we're following, - And if those people are who you want to be and where you want to end up, - then keep on going. - But if they're not, - it's time to do something about it. - Time to make a change. - And I realized that where I was going, - where was gonna end up wasn't where I wanted to be. - I wanted to get back to where I had been, - and it it took me some time to realize that I need Teoh draw a line in the sand. - I need to make a decision that I wasn't going to end up where I was headed and I needed to - simplify my life. - I needed to get rid of things and start basically start over, - start fresh. - So I drew a line in the sand and I decided that I was gonna figure out, - no matter what, - how it was gonna be able to live and work from anywhere and continue building income - building revenue without having to come back and out having stuff. - So now I want to take you on your journey and we want to walk through your steps, - you drawing on the sand and how you can start living and working. 2. Introduction to LiveWorkAnywhere: - live work anywhere is about being free to live anywhere in the world. - Still bring any not about going on vacation about making money. - It's about rearranging your life, - about creating a new lifestyle, - a lifestyle that's less material, - and that's connecting you with your purpose. - This is about re shifting your priorities to manifest your vocation from Argentina. - Still work several hours a day, - but the difference? - I would be out at night eating steak. - And why listening to tango and having experience in a lifetime speaking Spanish, - learning new culture, - having unforgettable experiences that I couldn't have if I were to stay in one place. - This isn't intercourse to help you get started and to get you motivated. - But continue stick with you on your journey and give you war advice and practical tips from - my personal experience from living and working from anywhere. - So welcome to class. - Welcome to live work anywhere 3. First step - your destination: - I asked you if I give you ticket to go anywhere in the world right now, - Where would you go? - Keep that thought. - Keep that place in your mind. - As we walk through this class, - Every journey begins with a single step. 4. Begin with End in Mind: - one of my favorite authors, - Steven Covey, - says. - Begin with the end in mind. - Imagine yourself at your funeral. - There you are, - lying your casket and you're there as an observer, - like a flying ball. - And as you buzz around the room, - there are other people there and they're talking. - Listen to them toe what they're saying. - They're talking about you. - What did they say? - Now the question is, - What do you want them to say? - Vocation is where your dick desire and the world's deep hunger meet. - What's your purpose? - What's your journey? - Pretend you're on a beach right now and you have a book in your hand. - What are you reading? - What you choosing to read? - Look around you question why things exist. - What would you do if money wonder necessity? - What are things that have bugged you about the world? - What are the things that you'd like to change? - Begin with the end in mind 5. Using triggers to manipulate motivation: - B. - J. - Fogg talks about behavior and motivation and how we can set up triggers to trick ourselves - into taking action. - Let's take the gym, - for example. - Tell me if this has ever happened to you. - You say you're gonna go to the gym and you start going for a few days, - a few weeks and then you stop going to the gym. - What if you were to take, - let's say, - your gym bag, - fill it with your clothes the night before gym shoes and leave it by the door in the - morning When you get up and get ready to go, - you removed the barriers that were causing you, - perhaps not to go to the gym before where you have to do laundry. - You had to get your shoes together. - And he lost motivation, - right? - So what if he would put the gym bag next to the door? - And in the morning I agree with grab your bag and go right to the gym? - What are some things that are stopping you that you could trip that you could trigger - yourself to overcome barriers that could motivate you and take action? - I had accumulated all Tana stuff when I have gone on to Seattle and I'm narrow down and - minimized my lifetime to four boxes. - I took the stuff that was getting in my way and remove the barrier so that I could was able - to take action. - What are some of the barriers that are stopping? - You look at them one by one and see what you can dio and put in place to overcome each of - those obstacles. 6. Productivity & Routine: - time has an inverse relationship to productivity. - The more hours that you actually worked less productive that you really are, - we start to hit. - It's a point critical point where we can't be any more productive. - We start to spin our wheels, - so it's really important to focus those productive hours in the first part of your day and - during a finite period of time during the day, - you might have 20 items on your to do this. - In fact, - you probably have at least 20 items under to do this. - But are you realistically get those old down that day and if you do, - you get that them done well. - One of the things, - the best things that you could dio is start by narrowing down that list. - You have a list of 20. - Narrow it down to the 45 items you call will call milestones. - What are the milestones that you're gonna be able to achieve that day? - The milestones that create for yourself that day need to be just that they need to be - achievable and then you need to be able to accomplish Is that day. - If a project is taking longer than two hours to accomplish. - That's probably too big. - So if you have something that's a huge project, - what can you do to break that down into a two hour time period? - Also, - what are the things that are bugging you or that are on your mind that you really need to - accomplish? - But maybe you're putting off. - Put those on the list. - It might be something as simple as a dentist appointment, - but it's interrupting your normal workflow. - The point is to get something on paper, - get something that's achievable so that you don't interrupt your work. - You continue to get things done. - Those fortified milestones once you write those down and be able to achieve those and - success begets more success. - I used to take a sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper on my door with everything I needed to do that - day, - including Fee Jack, - my Cat, - 35 minute exercise, - meditation shower work from nine AM to two PM, - right from 23 p. - M. - Work for your five break for dinner, - etcetera. - That may sound silly, - but what I found is that when I came that discipline more flexible, - that I could be and the more actually opened myself up for creativity and productivity. - The most important part of the day is the morning. - Taking a walk or going to the gym while focusing on the day that lies ahead opened you up - to creation of focus before going to bed. - It's important to put the right thoughts into your head. - Read five minutes of a book. - Focus on what success means to you and be sure to end the day right as well. - Be sure to end the day right as well. - Begin the day with focus, - Inspiration to lead that will lead to create a productivity. - Success is found in your daily routine and your daily action habits in the morning as part - of your routine as you're putting together your creative time for the day, - as you have 35 minutes that your using in meditation and exercise and you're thinking about - or affirmations and you're thinking about as how the day is gonna come and you're creating - your day block off productivity time after about 445 hours of doing work, - that's when our body starts to you. - That's when we start to shut down. - So make that time your sacred time respect that time that you have those 4 to 5 hours. - And now that your working let's say you're working from home, - your friends are gonna come over and they're gonna say they're gonna ask you to take him to - the airport because they think that you're free. - Well, - one of things you could do is you can tell them that you're in a meeting, - and so you schedule off your 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. And that's your productivity time, - and you set your 45 milestones that you need to hit during that time period and someone - comes over and asks you to take him to the airport. - You can say no, - I'm in a meeting. - Well, - technically, - you're not meeting, - but that's your time that you dedicated you set aside, - carved out for yourself to hit. - Achieve those milestones. - It's very important that you achieve those and they hit those in that time is your time - respect your time? - Have you ever noticed that when you're taking a bike ride or when you're out on your - morning walk, - or when you're doing the dishes that your mind starts to think about the things that are - important to you Inspired thought. - I call that a noodle time. - A former boss said to me when he hired me on He said, - I want your shallot thyme. - I want your noodle time. - I want the time when you're thinking about what you're going to do to help the business - forward. - Those times that are inspired thought again Somebody comes knocking on your door and says, - Hey, - can I take you to the airport during that? - Time is when you need to respect your time because you never know when that thought's gonna - come or whether it's in the morning meditation or whether in the shower your bike that - noodle time is important for you to be able to move forward, - take action in your business. - So I want you to create your daily routine. - Write down what you're milestones are gonna be for the day. - You can start with writing. - Amount slows down for tomorrow, - right down your milestones. - Write down what you're gonna do, - Teoh force yourself to have that break time that noodle time. - What, - you're gonna dio Teoh exercise to do some sort of meditation to get creative, - to get part to get started for the day right down the 4 to 5 hours productivity time. - Actually, - put it, - Write it down, - put it in your schedule. - And also you need a de stressing time. - So whether it was 23 PM in the afternoon, - you're taking a walk. - Or maybe it's dinner time at night. - Whatever it is, - you also need to take a D structure time because remember that productivity graph well - effect. - So you need to take that time and create de stress time in your routine. 7. Make your business, or life, more mobile: - I've learned that order. - Take your business or your life on the road. - There certain requirements that need to be met. - I call these the mobility criteria. - We talked about daily routine and milestones. - I cannot stress that enough when you need to be operating seamlessly. - The most important thing is that have a disciplined taste, - that you're most productive and that can have a schedule that allows you. - This type of freedom is the most important piece, - so I just want to stress that you need access to strong Internet. - This may seem really obvious, - but I was in Costa Rica and they said we have WiFi. - So was using WiFi operated from WiFi with WiFi they didn't tell me is that I was shared by - about eight or 12 other different lines. - So it's pretty much like being on dialogue. - So access to strong Internet is very important so that you're able to be productive, - consistent power again. - This may seem obvious, - but power isn't always available, - and even when it ISS, - it may not always that something something could happen. - For example, - I was in my apartment in window size and I was on a conference call using WiFi to make to - be on the conference call when, - all of a sudden, - out of nowhere, - someone starts jackhammering through the building through the brick wall of the building - and then proof. - A few minutes later, - the power goes out completely unexpectedly and my conference call has dropped. - So it's not always the case where you have strong power or something can go. - Something does happen. - So that leads me to one of my next point, - which is no your own strengths and weaknesses and also be willing to be flexible. - Things are gonna happen along your path, - knowing some of your weaknesses and strengths, - but also being flexible. - You in another country, - another culture, - and things aren't always gonna be the way that they operate that you're used to. - So be flexible, - uh, - managing your finances. - I was in Nicaragua when I tried to use my debit card to go and get money out of TM, - and it didn't work, - said Contact your bank. - So I was able to contact Bank of America, - and they said that there had been an attack of fraud. - The bank and they shut everybody's cards down. - So and they were sending out new ones, - but they were sent him to my Seattle address when I was in Nicaragua. - So fortunately, - fortunately, - I had a backup debit card, - but otherwise they would have sent it. - Teoh, - I don't know if you know, - but in Nicaragua, - the way that they talk about the way that they send a postal mail is, - they say, - two blocks down from San Miguel store and one block up the street near the post office and - by the the beach. - So that's basically the way they would give you directions. - So long story short, - I would never have got a new debit card. - So fortunately, - I had a back up with me. - We'll go into talking about finances, - among other topics, - in more courses. - But definitely having access to finance is my backup. - You will find yourself out of lots of sticky situations, - potential situations. - Even if you tell your bank that you are going at overseas or out of town and you have that - are prepared, - you just never know what's gonna happen. - So have a backup plan running, - running, - a virtual team having seamless operations? - Those were sections that we go into in different classes, - so just hiring workforce, - managing remote employees, - etcetera. - But it's very important to make sure that operations are completely seamless. - I found that having noise canceling headphones with microphone are very important also to - have, - because you might be in a a noisy restaurant or someone could be jackhammer wall. - You never know. - But having most canceling headphones very important again. - This missing obvious but having it access to a safe place, - a quiet place and having your own key so that you're not left out in the middle of the - night are also very important. - So you want to make sure that you have a space that you're able to be productive in your - teeth. - So your action items for this section studying the mobility criteria, - identify at least two of the mobility criteria and write down how you can make a change - that will affect your business or your life. - Second, - research your number one location where you have your ticket and how can fit in the - mobility criteria you won't remember. - It won't always be perfect right down your top three places that met that fit against - mobility criteria 8. Commit to 30 day action plan : - write down your 30 day actually commitment and share it with class. - You conclude one of the following examples. - First, - I commit to making the following changes to my routine. - These could be one of one to the things that you wrote down in the previous section to one - way in which I can make my business for future business or my life. - More mole is by doing what, - and I commit to making this change within 30 days. - Take a least one point from the mobility criteria list and fill in the blank third, - my top destination to begin my path as a global entrepreneur is tell us what ticket you had - in your hand and what destination you chose to go to to start your journey. 9. Final thoughts: - Joseph Campbell said. - The cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. - Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, - where you find your deepest challenges. - You also find your greatest strikes. - Good luck on your journey. - It's beginning to live work from anywhere, - and I look forward to hearing about your progress and your 30 day action plan.