Be a Travelling Entrepreneur: How to Live and Work from Anywhere | Libby Tucker | Skillshare

Be a Travelling Entrepreneur: How to Live and Work from Anywhere

Libby Tucker, Traveling Entrepreneur

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. My Story

    • 2. Introduction to LiveWorkAnywhere

    • 3. First step - your destination

    • 4. Begin with End in Mind

    • 5. Using triggers to manipulate motivation

    • 6. Productivity & Routine

    • 7. Make your business, or life, more mobile

    • 8. Commit to 30 day action plan

    • 9. Final thoughts


About This Class

If I gave you a ticket to go anywhere in the world - right now - where would you go? 

What's stopping you?

Whether you're an avid traveler with no business, or a businessperson with the travel bug, you will get value from this class. 

Imagine being able to work from the beach in Costa Rica....

It used to be just a dream.  Not anymore.  I've done it, and I continue to be a nomadic entrepreneur.  I'll share with you many of the skills I've learned and empower you to do the same. 

In this online class, you'll receive tools and knowledge to run a startup, or just simply work, from anywhere in the world where there's Internet (and even when there's no Internet, or power!). 

This class will leave you with your first steps toward freedom and an action plan to get up and go! 

Previous students are emailing me now from Colombia, Bali, Brazil, and Panama - making each day count. 

From where will you be sending your next email?  Or writing your next blog post? 





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Libby Tucker

Traveling Entrepreneur

Libby Tucker, Anywhere Entrepreneur, has been running her startups Beer2Buds and PromoBomb from all over the world, and for several years. Her home base is in New York City but her team exists in the Phillipines, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe.

Libby has also been CMO and COO of 2 venture backed startups in Seattle and NYC. As C-Level startup executive, Libby brings in depth and firsthand knowledge of how to create, manage, and scale a remote workforce to grow your busin...

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