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6 Videos (35m)
    • Are You Ready to Be a Lover?

    • A Lover is as Love Is

    • How to Find the Right One (as a Lover)

    • Making Love For Real

    • A Lover is Abundant

    • Forming New Lover Habits


About This Class

A lover is as love is. 

It's true and now you know but living your truth takes a lifetime to master. Have you even begun to be a lover?

It is an act of will, to get up every day and honor your self with love, and to give it to another, without full expression, clear boundaries and fearless devotion.

This course provides the building blocks of your actions as a lover, one who is a source of love, pleasure and delights to all they touch. Profound intimacy is within your reach.

In this course,

- research by doing, the experiential learning way

- challenge your understanding of a true lover

- research the definition of love for yourself

- practice creating sexier intimacy than ever before

- create a complete lover's vision 

- build desire as only a true lover can

- practice finding the perfect lover of your own

This course is designed to provide a foundation for extraordinary connection, the kind that enhances love making and partnership. 


A lover isn't only great for your orgasms. Lovers also forge effective teams, heal families and most excitingly and create fulfilling careers. 







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Jaebi Inspired

Training for Lovers

I've been challenging students as an experiential learning facilitator for 14 years. Here's what I've learned:

The most valuable learning is a result of meaningful experience

Enjoyment in learning improves retention and motivation

Collaboration and creativity offer breakthrough performance

The mission of the Lover Institute is to create a more just, effective and pleasurable society by creating true lovers.

With an experiential learning and immersive educat...

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