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Be You, Be Happy, BE FREE Spirituality Enlightenment Online Course

Stevie Levar Coard, Founder, Coach Me Stevie

Be You, Be Happy, BE FREE Spirituality Enlightenment Online Course

Stevie Levar Coard, Founder, Coach Me Stevie

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8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome Message

    • 2. Starting Over

    • 3. Fear Vs Intuition

    • 4. Faith

    • 5. Self Awareness & Self Expression

    • 6. Transformation Part 1

    • 7. Transformation Part 2

    • 8. Closing Message

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About This Class

Accelerate your journey to self-mastery. Self-Awareness is conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires

What you’ll learn

  • Self-awareness skills,
  • Recognize emotions, behaviors, beliefs, motivations and other characteristics such as strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and understand himself as a separate entity.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No

Who this course is for:

  • Spiritualist Enthusiast
  • Beginner Intuition Development Students

This course is about being spiritually enlightened using topics about starting over, Faith, Fear versus Intuition.


Meet Your Teacher

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Stevie Levar Coard

Founder, Coach Me Stevie



Looking To Tap into Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL And Overcome Any Obstacles Standing Between You And What You Truly Desire?


Energy Astrologer, Educator, Motivational Speaker,  Life Coach, Tarot Reader

One of the leading certified professional Atlanta Tarot readers & Tarot educators, Steven “ Stevie” Levar-Coard has built his career by creating content across multiple platforms to educate and empower people to take action in their lives. Stevie has helped to inspire and teach Tarot cards to millions of people on media distribution systems such as Amazon, BurnAlong, Skillshare, Vimeo OTT, and Udemy to coach individuals on accurate Tarot Readings, inner wisdom, Spiritual empowerment, and guidance th... See full profile

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1. Welcome Message : hi, everyone to Stephen Barker and I'm here Augusta Dog and I wanted to bring to you a new course that I created, and this course is going to help you. It's starting over how big you get courage and is going to help you to realize your potential, right, because I know what it's like to change your life around. Trust me, I went to a big major change leave in corporate America, going into entrepreneurship from myself, and it's been tough. It wasn't the easy journey. But you know what? I am blessed every day and grateful that I had the opportunity to learn more about myself because learning about yourself just doesn't stop overnight. This human experience that we have, we have to continue to learn because it helps us grow. And that's what I love doing. I helped people connect to the real them, and with this course I want to help you connect to the rail. You. A lot of people are scared to start over. A lot of people don't realize that they have everything they need inside of them. It doesn't come from me. It comes from you standing in your strength and your power and I help you with that. In this course, I hope you toe find that you inside who is strong, who was a fighter who will get and the the battlefield that the front lines and fight for what you believe it, That's what discourses. And I'm so excited that you could take it. And also, I'm gonna have some some exercises that you can use, uh, outside of the course that help you daily. Okay, So what? That I will see you in the course room by hi, everyone to Stephen Bark. Or And I'm here Augusta Dog. And I wanted to bring to you a new course that I created. And this course is going to help you. It's starting over. How big you get courage and is going to help you to realize your potential, right? Because I know what it's like to change your life around. Trust me. I went to a big major change, leaving corporate America going into entrepreneurship from myself, and it's been tough. It wasn't the easy journey. But you know what? I am blessed every day and grateful that I had the opportunity to learn more about myself because learning about yourself just doesn't stop overnight. This human experience that we have, we have to continue to learn because it helps us grow. And that's what I love doing. I helped people connect to the real them. And with this course, I want to help you connect to the rail. You. A lot of people are scared to start over. A lot of people don't realize that they have everything they need inside of them. It doesn't come from me. It comes from you standing in your strength and your power. And I help you with that. In this course, I help you to find that you inside who is strong, who was a fighter who will get and the the battlefield that the front lines and fight for what you believe it. That's what this courses. And I'm so excited that you could take it. And also, I'm gonna have some some exercises that you can use, uh, outside of the course that help you daily. Okay. So what? That I will see you in the course room by 2. Starting Over : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen a war court and I'm coming to you with the video today on starting over now starting over. Let's talk about this. It's about having courage, right? It's about taking the transformation that your life took from one state to the next. So remembers something. Had the guy for something new to be born out of it, right? I think about your old life, your old identity, everything you do or you know, everything you thought you wanted has changed your friendships. Probably change. Your career has changed your family's changes. A major big, big change. I think about that. I gave an example in the last video about how I came to a land. Uh, so I came here $400 in my name. It's a year later. Unveil minutes on three, 3 2020 And, um, you know, it has been easy journey from the moment I got off the bus like I got on the bus in North Carolina and I'll never forgive the morning it was row early in the morning when I say like , 9 10 and I got hit like an afternoon. So from there I walked around I came here, I was a Buford Highway and I was walking up and down trying to find where to go, what to do. You know, I've only been to Atlanta on business, So coming here was really like, Oh, my God, this shit just got real. What am I going to do? So I found the hotel and I stayed there for 30 days, right? While I was waiting on my potential new roommate, Teoh, have a space available for me right now. And that time I was at a hotel, and it was really crazy stuff. I had people next door screaming. I had ran out of money, so I had to find ways to do terror readings and mediumship readings. I was doing mostly at the time. And, you know, online clients saved my life. And also, I had someone who followed me a YouTube. I had a youtube channel. Um, and he followed me from when I had my film Korean. I changes in a transition into spiritually side on my YouTube general, in a sense, to lead at that channel and have Stevie's old readings. But, um, and that somebody used to watch me and they saw my transition from New York, New Jersey to North Carolina down to Atlanta. So getting on a bus, well, we'll get to that. But that person, you know, donated and help me out, and I'm thankful to them and a banquet to the clients. I'm thankful for the strength I had to endure that because it was tough and there were nights when I was cursing God and that my faith was wavering. We'll talk about that faith video. So from there what happened? I was still at the hotel, and, you know, I had to check out in the morning, walk around with a heavy bag at night. I think one week I had where I had the whole week. So I believe my baggage there. But I had to carry the heavy bags with me. I had only light two big bags. I had a book bag and I had a big old duffel bag, led the bag and it was heavy and her shoulder and probably have to have soldiers sold jerk sold their show surgery. I can't even talk and you know it was happy. It was it was tough, and then I have a car. So I had to walk a lot and it was a strain of my body and And that my mind set waas. Okay, Steven, you've been through the worst of works. This is going to be something amazing for you because you believe in this thing. And I don't know, it was like a calling I had in the middle of the night that woke me up and said, Come to Atlanta and I came followed my intuition, faith, no reward, you know, not expecting a reward. I just I mean, what kind of expecting award? And we'll talk about that with eight in the faith video. But, you know, I kind of came here, you know, with the intent of getting my life on track in a different way. You know, on guy wanted to rebuild. And I love rebuilding. I love building. And when it comes to starting over, a lot of people were scared because of the courage it takes, right. It takes courage for you to step out there to follow your dream. Especially have people telling, you know that's not gonna work. No, you'll fell. Why do you want to do this? You know, like the terror of my family is like, Why do you want to just go do the terror? And I was like, because I believe in it, You know, I believe in myself. And I know that I could make work, so that was one part of it. But inside of me, I always had. Even when I was younger, I always had this thing about Yeah, life can get tough. But if I want something, I'm not going to stop until I put my mind to it. And then I have trained myself in that thinking that thinking of knowing that starting over it takes courage. It's not easy. And we, as humans we want to know living here in this three d world. We want to know that everything's gonna work out. We want to know we're gonna have that guarantee of the happy ever after at the end. But when you take a chance on yourself, it takes faith, strength and courage and wisdom because you have to have that street smart to know how to survive because it's tough out here. You have to protect yourself. When I felt times I was in danger, I went right into fast food restaurants and I stayed here for hours. I was smart about, um my belongings, my valuables, But inside of me, my mind's that was like, This is a new chapter, that old you has ended. This is a chance for you to have a better life. And that's what rock bottom is. When you hit the bottom, you come back even better. And during that time I was still on the rock. My face was still down there. You ever seen like the cartoon when you're just flat and you're just like that? I was like that. But then I slowly started picking myself up, and I knew that nothing was going to stop me. Even when I was younger and I wanted to get my license, I knew that I was in the best driver. But I had to practice and I was determined and I told my grandfather, I want this and before I leave college, I will have my license and I guarantee you, No, I failed the test. I'm lying. I felt the test and I was defeated and see, that's the thing, too. If you get knocked down starting over is the best thing, cause you could take the experience and bring it to help you get to next level been knocked down with that test. That was the first major disappointment I had that and going to college, you know, starting over, going to a new college, and I'll talk about that as well. So with the test, I felt the test in New York. But when I went to North Carolina, which was difficult, I passed it on the first chance. I got my license and I called my grandfather, and I say, You know what I got and my grandpas, I was proud of you because he said, Whenever you want some, do you get it? When I was a college, my grandmother wouldn't sign my find into it so I could go to the college of my dreams. But you know what? I didn't let that stop me. My passion for education, my passion to keep going. I found another way. I found the open enrollment at a school in another state and I applied on Wednesday, got accepted on Thursday, left on Friday because I had courage in me and I know that whatever the universe brings to me will be from the highest good and I'm open to it. And I take strength because a lot of times we wanted to come and look in a certain way. But it's not always going to look that way. So let me ask you a question. Starting over. Do you have the shrimp that start over? Can you endure the pain in the moment and realized? Have bathing yourself, knowing that the other side is gonna be so much better? And as I'm building my life unnoticed in different friends, different a lot of different things that, you know, my life has changed. I'm much more fulfilled, much more happier than I waas. But is that mindset of not giving up stop mindset of knowing that endings or only beginnings? So hold on. Well, that's a relationship, and you need to start over fresh. What did you learn from the last experience you went through? Who are you in this moment from that experience, what did a less ends that have brought you to who you are? So that's different from who you are and the lessons that brought you to who you are and your biggest failure. And you know what? Everyone sees failure and success differently. But your biggest failure. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want you to think about this. Your biggest failure. What is your biggest failure? And how did you bounce back? So what? That that is this video. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to connect to the real you, now is the time to believe in you because I believe in you. And I'll see you for part three by 3. Fear Vs Intuition : everyone This Stephen LeVar court and I wanted to bring you a video today on spirituality, and I wanted to bring you a video one self expression. And I also want to bring you a video on intuition versus Fear. Now let's talk about what is spirituality. Spirituality to me is the wholeness you have with inside of you is bringing that light side and that dark side together to make you whole. We can't just live on a light. And I get a lot of people in love and light, light, love and all the sudden crap and they get it right. That's the essence of spirituality because you want to get to that place of purity that place of you know, the good, because we all have good within us. We'll have love within us. But then you also have your shadow side, which is that dark, vile, nasty part of you. We all have it in this, but is being able to bring those two together. I'll tell you, for example, I have a dark side. I curse a lot, I say really inappropriate things that you can't say in polite conversations. And there were times when I am very down on myself. There are times when I get so impatient I get angry, I get you know, just the other day I got up and I had one of those days. It was like, um I'm in a bad mood. Most people in society will see you like, Why are you sad? And it make you think that it's not OK to have problems. We all have problems, but they make it so like this world is so fake today with the you have to always be loving light. You can't show your vulnerability. You can't show you problems. Because what will people think of you? You can't show your your hurt pain because those things we sweep under the rock those things we put a mask on, right? That doesn't work for me. I know myself completely. I know my likes my dislikes. I also live my life in the way that I know when I'm around people or the people I have in my life those people or my soul mates. Now I'm not here with the whole love and you know Oh, my soul mate is here forever and ever known enough. My soulmate teaches me lessons. People come in when I have my dark tide, I will attract those dark people with dark characteristics. I had a best friend who at the time she was very, um negative, you know? And, you know, we all have our negative side, right? But it was just like, um how can I describe her? She was just very ready to fight at all times, right? And I had to realize, Well, why she liked that are, For instance, I went out to dinner the other day with a friend from work, and she brought a friend and we went to dinner. And a friend didn't get the waitress she wanted, and she didn't get the things she wanted. So she started having like, a tantrum at the restaurant I was looking at like Oh, my God. Now that was part judgment because I'm like, Well, why is she acting like this? But then I had to realize that there probably things in her life that caused her, you know, be like this. But I also realized that she was brought into my life to show me that part of me that I was reacting to that was dare that I tried to suppress. I don't try to suppress. But if it's dare, you know, do the healing, whatever are you know whenever it comes up and I see certain things and I know that that stay for reasons, everything serves as a message. Where had the other person who invited me was very calm, cool and collective, right? And that's what we get along because I attract that. So everything plays a part, shows you who mirrors you. But that's what spirituality is bringing two halves together that yang and yang that mask limp fire, passion and again positive, receptive, feminine energy. And you bring that together. And that's how you become complete. Now with that. Let's also talk about something else. I get questions all the time. What is fear first is and to wish you know what? No, I think I'm gonna bring that in part, Uh, four video. We're going to talk about that. All right. So what? That Yeah, I'll see you in the next video. 4. Faith: Hi, everyone. This Stephen Barker and I wanted to bring to you and that the video today. So what is video about this video is about having faith. And why Having faith this so important. Now what is faith? Faith is believing in the unknown and knowing that the universe will rise up to meet you, knowing that the universe will have your back being everything we want will be given to us , right? That's what faith this Now you think about church. Think about people saying, Oh, you gotta have faith in this visible person in the sky. You gotta just have faith because that person is going to bring your rewards if you do the right thing and that's what we live our lives doing. We sit there having fade because we want something from it. Now think about people who go to church, right? We're told. Oh, if you go in the world and you have this human existence that you do the right thing, then you will be given access to heaven, right? Eternal blessings. Now think about this. If you come here when you don't do the right thing that you can hear fire, you're gonna get brimstone. You're gonna get out every single thing thrown at you. You gonna burn for the rest of your life. Now, how is that possible? How can we come to a place where people tell us from a book that was written many, many years ago that we were going to burn? Now, when I first started my spiritual journey, I was scared. I was like, Oh, my God, I'm defying God, I'm questioning stuff. I'm gonna die. I'm not going to go to heaven. And I have blessings, but and I had to realize that you know why I'm on this journey. I see things clearly. I filled the weight out. The people ville, right? So that right there is me having faith in myself, knowing that there is something that resonates with me. That is me knowing that there is something more than meets the eye. There is something more than people giving me information. And that's what I think of the Bible, as I think of it as like Facebook are all these other places, right? There's no credible, like fact chat. People just go by what they get. People just go about what they get They don't fact check anything. We have no proof. Yes. Stories told from, you know, centuries before I was even thought off. So why is it that throughout all these years, people just like me filled the same way? And a lot of you say, Oh, well, you know, you work for the devil, You always you all that. You know what? You can have your opinion of me. But I know the truth. I'm a good person. I have faith that everything will be revealed to me. I think about that. That's not me looking for reward. Now, when people have faith and they say I'm a do the right thing because I know that this being in this guy's gonna bless me for the rest of my life. That's having faith because you know, you're gonna get something in machine in exchange for That's not faith. Now, I really want you to think about going on your path of the unknown, right? You have to say, cannot walk this path on faith. If everything was just dark, think of the moon card and the terror. The pipe's comes out of the water and you have your dog and your wolf, Your domesticated side You're under domesticated side. It's to fear telling, you know, Don't go on that path. Why would you go that way? You're gonna fell. It won't work, gal. All the things fears and doubts right now to stop you. And it keeps the pi ce stuck. Now the pie sees Think about it up world underworld to fish right to fish that underworld where your shadow Silas up a world where your high yourself lives come together Faith is trusting that internal part of you that emotional feeling that says I need to go there, not expecting a reward. And it won't stop you because you'll have that fire, that passion that goes and that will light up the darkness of the moon because think about it the pie sees goes for based on the moon The feeling, the intuition that's true faith walking that path on faith, knowing that what's up ahead that path is your path and you're open toe what comes along the path you're not going expecting something And that's what faith this So that's how I live my life and I want to end his video. Let me know If you have any comments or questions, please put them below. Thank you for watching this. And if you want to connect to the real you now is the time believing you because I believe and I'll see you all in the next video by 5. Self Awareness & Self Expression : Hi, everyone, this Stephen Bar chord and I wanted to bring to you a last video for this course. Well, this is a course on self authenticity. Self expression is about you being in a place of your highest potential and not being afraid to speak up for yourself, not being afraid to say the things that's on your mind. Not being afraid to say two things on your heart. I come from a family where I was raised that you say how you feel now I know it's a difference between saying how you feel and going out there being a complete jerk, right and offending people are some people disguised yourself expression as, oh, well, I'm doing this because I care or I'm being of service. But no, they come at you so hard and aggressive. That's them being a jerk and just saying anything right. That's like the night of sorts. Just say anything but having tact that set you apart. Self expression is being 100% complete within yourself that you say how you feel. You say your truth. You have that clarity. You're able to communicate who you are, and you don't mind sanded things that you feel. I was talking to a friend this morning and she was telling me about she's with this new guy and this new guy accepts her her all her behavior and in my, you know, to me, I'm just like, Well, you know what? You should be with someone that, except you're 100% behavior. But I have another friend was going to, you know, some situations. And his partner, Um, you know, they have two opposing truce, you know what I mean? So it's like a class, and then he can't really be his self 100%. I think now he's like coming to that place of authenticity. And I'm so thankful for that. You know me Because I only like to be around people to express how they really feel, no matter what the consequences are. You stand strong in your troop and know that you are going to face whatever comes your way because you're expressing from your truth. And you may ruffle some fat this and I'm gonna tell you right now not everyone's going to be your biggest cheerleader. Not everyone's gonna fuck with you, but it's about you believe in who you are, not sugar coating, who you are are putting on a character to please other people. When I first started doing readings, I was like putting on his character, trying to read the cards the way that I thought people would like. So they'll like my videos. But then I had to realize that no Steven, your dumbing down yourself just to try toe get with the masses for reasons, does not really authentic the money likes. That's not what you want. You want to be of service, you want to give messages, you want to help people. And when I do my messages now my reading style because I incorporate my own authenticity, I say it how it comes to me even, um, you know, a lot of people think being a spiritual person, you can't be ah, human being. We're here to have human experiences. So yes, I curse. Yes, I smoke weed. Yes, I drink because those things I enjoy doing them. But it's about how you present yourself to the world, what your heart is pure and what it's about that's standing in your truth, saying the things that's on your mind without worrying about what's gonna happen, and I get it cause we have a family, friends society telling us You have to be this or you have to do that. Who are you? What do you want to say? How do you feel? Express those things. Sometimes we hold those end, and then when you express it, that's when you get the clarity you need as well. A lot of times, you find your life purpose. I know I've had many great ideas by me, just really being vulnerable and honest with people getting to the core. What is vulnerability? It's when you're raw. It's when you're emotionally open and you allow people to see that purity within you. That light that shines that that that feeling of, Um, this is why I am like peeling back the onion, and then you get the little part of you like Oh, I see self expression is about being around your friends or your family and saying stuff and name not judging you. The name, your truth, which your sexuality living in your truth with into racial relationships, right. Taking those to your family. Some people hide their partners from their families when you can go out there in front of the world and say, Look, this is who I am. I think of the Aquarius. They weigh their freak flag. They go out there. Say, this is why this is what my truth is. This is what brings me hope. This is what I got to say. What they're writing a story doing poetry. It's the truth within you. And if you're an artist and you're trying to write stuff just for create stuff with the please people, it's not gonna work. It has to come from a true place up. This is me. This is how I'm presenting my internal thoughts, my passion, my drive, who I am within my work, my relationships being yourself 100% that self authenticity, that self expression when you're standing strong and as a mountain and no one can knock you down that speaking and being who you are There was a time where I was so dimming down my life to get people to like me. And then I got to the point. That's exhausting. People don't ask me. People don't see me and people don't clothe me so I don't care. And that includes family, too. They don't take care of me. I take care of myself. And even if they did take care, you take care of that. Worry about that. But me, You can't tell me who I am and it hurt Breaks my heart When people write me or people tell me I can't be myself and it's like, Well, why are you living for other people? What makes these people so important that you have to live your life according toe their opinions And I get it cause we care, right? But dont them yourself. Don't dim your life. Shine bright, be yourself knowing yourself. That's a big thing to who are you? What have you learned in your life? And don't tell me some. Oh, well, you know, say, for instance, people you say, Who are you and then say Well, I'm Steven. I'm ah, funny person. When I'm around people, I I love people. I love helping people. But then that becomes about people. Who are you? Are you ambitious? Are you motivated? Are you determined? Are you a goal setter? Are you just people pleasing? That's not living your life. So with that, I think you get the point? You have any questions? Please feel free to hit me up in the comment section below. I really enjoy making this course. If you I want to connect it to hire you Now is the time. Start believing in you because I believe you. And I'll see you on the next video by Well, there is no next day the next course home by 6. Transformation Part 1 : Hi, everyone. This Stephen Bar chord and I wanted to bring to your video today. So I'm putting the camera at a different angle because I wanted to talk to you and a different type of way, you know, Wanted to to kind of get close here in my vicinity. Now, what are we going to talk about today? We're going to talk about transformation, right? And why transformation? ISS so very important. Now think about transformation. Think of the devil. Energy in the terror, the devil, Energy and the terror which I'll probably put up here says something has to die. And in its place, something else is born. Now, let me give you an experience. I used to work at American Express. A lot of you know, my story some You're just getting familiar with me. I worked at American Express for 11 years. I know. I'm a very smart person. I know. I'm very qualified. Teoh, um be a great marketer. I know. I'm qualified to be a great, um, business person, right? Whatever. I put my energy into my focus. That fire inside of me burns right bright, and I will see it through to the end, right? It's like the nine of Want where you have the endurance and you will fight. And you will, uh, make a name for yourself. Um, being friendly competition, right? Driving results being focused, being disciplined. Those are the things that I bring, right? That's part of my character Now, I worked at this company for 11 years. Not once did I move up from an executive assistant now started in 2008 as executive assistant. Will 2007 issue did temp agency work. And then I got hired full time 2008. And in 2008 I started off as an executive assistant, and when I got into the company, I was very entitled. I expected everything to be given to me. I didn't know the value of working for it. And throughout the years I learned right, I learned how to, uh, become a professional and know the value of hard work. And I had a mentor who kind of helped me with that. My todd, Thank you so much of you having to see this video, but that mentor sat me down. He says, Stephen, you know, things are going come to you just like that you have to work for So I kind of clicked in me and from near I was like, OK, whatever I put my focus on, that's what I'm going to make work, right? So I did that for a few years. I want to see maybe, like, three years, And then I was ready to move on and I was interviewing, but nobody would give me a job. And, you know, I would show my qualifications, showed a project work I'm doing showing, uh, working for an executive vice president and having her office together. Well, organized all of that, right? And I came to the table with something amazing. Now this is within team. There is no opportunities for me or our interview. And then suddenly, the position with Terminate, which is a part of corporate, right, it would dissolve and, you know, whatever. But I tried to move to the next level, and it just was not working. So moved to another department. I think I moved department like five times. And then that each time I will go in there rocking, rolling, showing that I'm more than just an executive assistant, and I would try to, uh, move onto the next level like an analyst. And I was doing a lot of Internet work outside of myself. So I was bringing those skills and and I just kind of felt like I was not getting and the, um I wasn't moving forward like I wanted to, and I guess my life. I thought I wanted to be a marketer, right? Because the money was great working as an executive assistant. It was thankless. It was stressful. I was working around the clock. I had no work like balance. I was just so comfortable and miserable at the same time from there, cut to move. Was it about 2000 night? No, to thousands. 18. Two dozen? No. So I left 2070. Yeah, So I started they around like 2006 ish, working as a, um as they Any executive assistant attempt. And then I got high full time. So from near I left the end of no, sorry. I let the beginning of August 2018 and with that, I went to go start my own business because I just wasn't happy left there, started my own business and I wasn't really gonna attraction that I wanted had a, you know, start out with the acting business because I was teaching people acting because I wanted to have my acting school and build it up. And I wanted to become this big acting teacher because I had a film production company that WAAS, you know, at the time, give me a little traction. My subscribe account was growing up. I was, you know, getting the things that I want it from that career it felt that needed me, write it filled. That needed me. So I was like, OK, I'm gonna take this and run with it, but that didn't work out. So then I said, Okay, let me do yoga. Pilates because it was some other interested in I've always been someone tried to go after what I want, right? I've always been someone who gave it the college cry If I felt that go for And that's how I like to live my life I like to explore, do things, no challenges 7. Transformation Part 2: opportunities, right? And I see it as an opportunity. I will run with So from there what happened? Ah ah, My life started spiraling like I couldn't pay my bills. My clients was declining. Um, I hit rock bottom. Now, one thing in transformation, you hit rock bottom like, Boom. I had the rock and I was hope I lost faith in myself. I lost faith in the universe. I was just in my lowest of the low. Then I got evicted from my apartment. Uh, from they had to move to my sister. Uh, from near my father was passing, so I had to go see my father. My father died and I was in a bad space, right? I wasn't making any money. I had to go move back home with my family and just being re traumatized right with that And the healing had to be done. I was just in a bad, bad space last year, and this was back in 2000. Uh, night 18 4019. I left so I was like, 2018. I moved back home, and from there I was like, OK, what is going on? I didn't understand that my life was changing. But why was my life changing? Because I asked the universe for the change. Now the universe is going to hear you, and this is not tell people time. This is how you attract you. Think of it. The minus so powerful. You say I need this. It's there. It's like you had a restaurant. You want something? The waiter will bring it to you. Right? And that's what was happening. Like I was getting what I want it, Um, like, you know, getting what I wanted from the universe. Far as like the change. You know, I wanted to move to Atlanta because my film Korea at the time I went to move to Atlanta and turns out I end up moving toe $400 in my name. I took the big leap of faith. I got on the bus and we'll talk about faith and the last video of the Siri's and I got on the bus and from there I came here and I just been making it work. I got another job working with kids in the school system to cap county school system, which I didn't plan on a job and that I just got a substitute position from near. They like me. They hired me full time. And, um, now I'm working here and it gives me so much more fulfillment. I love the kids that I work with. Have fun, Uh, is like play all right, because that's what I wanted. I wanted something that was gonna bring me that balance where I'm just not working and it feels like fun. Because if I'm someone who feels like I have to put effort into something that becomes a job just like working out when I commit to something, if it becomes like a job, I will not do it. I don't want to be involved in it. And it just becomes that monkey on my back. So this is a place where I go every day and it's something new. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I'm open. And that's how I live my life. I'm open to what the universe sends me, right? So that change happened. Now I have my terror business, which I was getting. Client tells from that I was helping people, which I still do. I love helping you know I'm a hill and I started getting clients. I went on yelp and clients is coming back to back. Back, back, back. Right. Amazing. Amazing. This, like I was so blessed to get that excuse to truck. And I was blessed to get that. But I started feeling like I wanted to do more with my Terra, right? I wanted to take my terror in a different direction, so I said, Okay, well, let me implement life coaching into that. Let me put that life coaching element because people always coming to me because they trust me. You know, I give advice that you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I'm not Yes, person, just cause you my friend, and I'm all about self authenticity and self expression. And I'm also about helping people find their passion right. That's what I love helping people get back to that place of that fire inside of that drive . You know, that commitment itself discipline. That's what I love doing. So from there I incorporated my life. Coaching business with my clients is a big transition because, you know, they used to me only doing readings. But I don't want to sit at YouTube all day from morning tonight. Just doing video at the video at the video. I need to meet people. I need to go out there and do stuff, right? So my life changed in a way that I thought it was going to go down one direction, but the universe transformed. It brought me to the rock bottom and it's lapped heart. But then from there, the next step started happening. The next step, the next step, the next. That which brings me to flow. When you are in your most authentic expression, You could say this is who I am. That's when the universe will bring it to you. That's when you will get the flub. So with that, um, that's transformation. So right now, I'm sure a lot of you whenever you're watching this video, you probably transformed. You probably changed you, but I don't know what the hell is going on. You probably scared. Do you? Probably crying. Your mind is probably recent. Why is this happening to me? But why is it not happening to you? Think about what you asked for. The universe is going to bring it. But what Do you want a sacrifice, Teoh? Get that. What do you want to do? To sacrifice to get your dream. What do you see as an opportunity in order. A lot of people want change to happen, but they don't want to go through the scariest of the scary. The stripping of the soul, the ego on what we put on, um, self worth into. And when you get that clarity, you will see that the transformation has toe happen to bring you to the space. Okay, so what? That that is my video of number one. And I can't wait toe do video number two. And we're going to talk about something else. So I'll I'll talk about that. There. Thank you for watching. And, um, I'll see you next video by 8. Closing Message : Hi, everyone. I am so thankful that you could take this course I had so much from putting together. I know it's a short course, but I hope it was effective because this course and these tools are the things that I used daily in my life to help me go for one this journey. And I'm so grateful that every day I get to learn more about myself. I get to go out there and use these tools to meet new people, to take on new opportunities. Even in my love life, right? It's helping me in my love life, right? Starting over is Yeah, it's hard. But you know what? We have to hit the rock bottom and sometimes that hurts. But outside of that rock bottom and your world may seem crazy, but once you get past it, trust me from experience leaving corporate coming into entrepreneurship ups and downs, peaks and valleys. But I'm open to those because it helps me to grow up. And I hope that this course has helped you return to the real you. And with that I hope you can share this with a friend. Please comment. I like the feedback that you guys give me. And with that, if you want to connect to the real you now is the time. Start believing in you because I believe in you and Gus the dog. He believes in you too. So I'll see you said by