Be More Productive: 3 Principles to Becoming a Happier YOU | Darlene Del Castillo | Skillshare

Be More Productive: 3 Principles to Becoming a Happier YOU

Darlene Del Castillo, Programmer, Web Designer/Developer, Author

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    • Conclusion


About This Class

Hi. I’m Darlene Del Castillo and this course is How to Become a Happier You. I thought I’d take a break on the technical classes I’ve been teaching to touch on some even more important topics like this one, because let’s face it: if you are down, sad, depressed, or negative, you can learn important skills all day long, but you won’t have the motivation necessary to do anything with them.

It makes me so angry when I hear someone say to another person, “You just don’t want to be happy.” Everybody wants to be happy, but maybe there is something in your past that holds you back even if it’s on a subconscious level. Or maybe you have been around negative, unhappy people for most of your life and simply don’t know how to be happy. Yes, it’s true. Many people simply don’t know what their mind and body need in order to set the stage for happiness.

Even people with mood disorders can benefit from the strategies I’m going to teach you in this class. If you suffer from depression or any other mental health disorder that makes it difficult for you to find happiness, you can still improve your level of happiness by following the principles I will teach in this course. Of course, if you are severely depressed, please see a mental health professional.

Learning is not enough; you have to take action! What you will learn in this course is, unfortunately, not a magic pill. It does, however, contain three proven ways that you can increase your happiness if you don’t just learn these principles, but also actually put them into action.

Too often, we spend our time learning great life-changing things, but then we don’t put them into practice. In order to change your life and become a happier you, you will have to take action.

Thankfully, these principles are not difficult to put into action. The first action you can take is to not deny yourself this opportunity. Take action and click the Enroll button now! I look forward to seeing you in the class!

Why am I qualified to teach this course? Because I have suffered from severe clinical depression my entire life. I have learned these skills from mental health professionals and years of research. I utilize the principles and strategies contained in this course on a daily basis, and they help me keep a mental balance that allows me to teach, blog, and run a successful home business!

Enroll now to learn these principles and then take action in order to be a happier you!





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Darlene Del Castillo

Programmer, Web Designer/Developer, Author

I have been programming apps and developing websites for over 16 years. I have over 10 years experience in graphic design. I have a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Criminal Justice. I am a full-out "geektress". I love everything computers, from building them to programming to gaming. Want to know more? Read my full bio at You can find all my social platform links there too!

I am enjoying the opportunity to create classes on Skillshare and teach my many skills to others...

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