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Be More Confident In-Front of Camera - 5 Real Life Tips

teacher avatar Peter Johnson, YouTuber, IT Student

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Camera & You

    • 4. Personalize

    • 5. Speed

    • 6. Observe and Implement

    • 7. Passion

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Want to be Confident, Natural and Comfortable In-Front of the camera ??  Here's 5 Tips that I have Knowingly and Unknowingly implemented in my Life and helped me overcome my fear of camera and moreover molded me to be More Confident, Natural and Comfortable In-Front of the camera..

I'm sure that these tips can help you in some or the other way to gain some value that can make you more comfortable speaking In-Front of the camera.

In this Era most of the valuable Information is conveyed through the visual median, hence its really important to face the camera more comfortably moreover convey the information non artificially, so here are some Tips that can help you build a strong Foundation. 

I'm Excited to see you guys.. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Johnson

YouTuber, IT Student


Hello, my name is Peter and I'm an IT student, Youtuber and Online Video Editor with 6 years of experience editing short videos for commercials and social media skilled in Final Cut Pro. Received unsolicited positive comments on my work from 97% of clients. I'm really excited to Share my Skills.. 



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1. Introduction : Hi guys. My name is Peter on a mutable. For the past six years on in this particular media class, I'm going to share five tips that I really benefitted me in my life are to get more comfort beam unnatural on. Moreover, be more confident in front of the camera. Onda, these tips are not in strategies. These are the things that I implemented in my life, knowingly and unknowingly. In fact, all the steps help me overcome my fear of camera on guys. I have indicated all these five tips into five different topics on that the title off are the topics Might feel a bit awkward because I named myself and trust me guys, all these things that makes more sense. Often I talk about Obama indeed it on talking about the topic stopping number one This camera and you. Topic number two is personalize topping. Number three is Speed four is up, sir. And implement topic number five is passion on all of these topics. Assisted before makes more sense when I talk about them. Indeed one of the most important factory started. You just need to start out. Once you start, you start to progress on progression is much better than perfection on guys. Getting more comfortable, more natural and more confident in front of the camera is not an overnight dream. It takes more practice time and patients on when all these things combined together can make you a far better person than what you're right now. So let's get started. 2. Project Overview: on guys. Here is a project for you. Once you have gone through the media class, just try implementing all these steps in yourself. The camera recorded video on one of your favorite topic and against the other video, the project and its or center. Or else you can share a link doing off your YouTube videos so that a lot of people can watch the video sadism. Correction Onda. Moreover, let's go to view the Onda. Let's move on. 3. Camera & You: topic, number one camera and you. When you start out talking in front of the camera, it might feel a lot uncomfortable, and you might feel that the situation to be awkward andare in this video, I'm gonna share basically how I goto adjusted to this awkward situation when they start out , it is really important to play around with camera. Make multiple videos on various topics on get adjusted, mingling with her camera On more importantly, when you are about to make a important or main video, it is really important to have a well organized and well structured script on. The first thing that you need to do is go for the first rehearsal, and when you play back the first rehearsal, it is really important to not for mistakes On. More importantly, you notifying different sports in your video, it's you think could have been done better could have been presented in a more engaging manner, andare different sports that you think could have been a done in a different base so that he can make more engaging video andare combined. All these information like our mistakes positions on the implement that in your second herself, I played back the second to herself on Do the same thing. Find for mistakes and solutions on Do that for a couple of time, and I'm sure that you guys will feel more confident making the next video on a the new thing that you have made a decent video. It is important to share your video with your family on your friends. They are the people who know you better on day are the people who can provide you with some really valuable sedition. Grab old tradition on in culprit all solutions on mistakes that you have ah obtained through this rehearsal process. Onda implement or dosa onto your main video before making the main video. And just as I said before in mind direction, it is really important to start out once you have made a decent video just published that you don't do social media platform, and definitely you will be having about the positive and negative comments on. More importantly, there are a bunch of people who can provide you with some really valuable traditions. Make note off of those additions and, uh, keep on growing. Keep on improving your video andare. Trust me, guys, you will have a sturdy Onda reviving growth in the long run on guys. All of these things cannot take a lot of time. Basically, it's a lengthy process. Definitely. You need to have a lot of patients, but in the long run, you are building a really strong foundation for yourself on can really benefit you in the long run, making your perfect, more confident, more comfortable person in front of the camera. On that is topic number one camera and you. Now let's move to topping number two that Issa personalize and I'll see you there. 4. Personalize : don't big number to personalize. I happen to attend a class on entrepreneurship Public speaking on the importance offer confidence. Andi, I really like to share or not for the toppy that really strike me. Andi, I have made something just to make it more sensible. Basically what they said, what you need to consider the cameras a person. More specifically, they said that are you need to pace the photo off your loved one or the person who you can freely talkto right being the camera symbol based a photo for your loved one, or whom you can freely and more comfortably talkto right in the camera on what this like. Article said dot When you speak to persons who you really like are speaking toe, you will be automatically more natural, more comfortable on, more confident on that can directly reflect in you making a more engaging a natural video. Basically, I did not implement that this park list this particle started you that it's a basing four door beneath the camera. I basically considered my camera as a person. So when I'm talking to a person that I really like, when I'm talking, the person who has same in process like me, I will be more free, more comfortable, more natural. Moreover, if it's a topic that I'm interested in, I'm more confident in talking about that dopey on it is really beneficial can have see using backed on you, making more engaging on more natural videos off your own on. That is a really good tip that you can implement in next week, one off your next videos on. But I'm sure that you would be more comfortable talking in front of the camera on Do give this particular tipper try on. Do let me know what you guys think. Now let's move to the next topic. 5. Speed : topic number three speed Basically, in 2000 and 14. When I started out, you do. I used to make a lot off in front camera videos just like this on one of the most frequent Coleman that I was getting on the common section wasa I waas digging through diamond first on in the beginning, I used to ignore those comments, but when my channel started to grow, I was getting a lot more comments stating the same thing that I was talking to Diamond first on. At that point, I decided toe basically correct, that decided today that I had that is speaking to have been forced. But when I used to watch my own videos, I waas feeling all right. I was talking in the correct rate. I was able to understand what I was speaking more basically when everyone or a stranger what just for your video, they are not able to understand what is speaking. So all therefore or la the and for diarrhea, putting one day video is companies leaving. So I decided to correct myself to change the way I speak. So I decided to share my video with my friends and family Onda, basically friends and family of people who you talkto on a daily basis, and they might not feel a lot off a difference in nearly us feel. So basically, it is important to make Nordoff positions that are coming on the comment section on data from 2014. Even now, before making a video, my brain always reminds me that I need to talk slower or leading. One of us can understand what I'm speaking, So if you are a person who is start talking in there hi or fast rate, it's really important to many mice or slow down the way you are speaking so that your viewers can understand what is speaking. Because that is something important thing. They used me to understand what is speaking or leading you can provide value to be was only then you could make an end getting video. So it is really modern toe talk in the minimum grade so that everyone can understand Onda off course. That is really important in every social media platform in every video that you make. Because audio is one off the most important order. It is the key factor in Monsieur conveying your nor less to other people. It can be a lengthy and time consuming process to make or adapt yourself to that slow speaking should here it can have a really good and strong benefit in your long run. So that is stopping number three how you can adjust your speak so that everyone can understand what you are conveying. Now let's move it up in our for that is observe and implement. 6. Observe and Implement: topping Number four, observe and implement. And trust me, guys, we all have a social media influencer that we always follow up on that admired for their presentation skill, the way they speak on how appealing they are. Basically, it's really important to observe their way of speaking their fascination. Skill, how the present cordant I'm basically adapt that presentation style on that makes him twigs andare. Implement that on time, never asking you guys to copy anyone's a presentation or speaking skill or style. It is basically important to adapt a pattern on the for example. In my case, I happen to watch a video on YouTube on I felt like a department or the four man. They were four like must really affect you. And it was like a started or lieutenant indirection that had both features and Arkham. Basically, they talked about what they are going to do on what benefits that they are gonna provide. Do their viewers. If they watched their complete video, then they moved on to the self in election, provided the Kornman and can go to the video. And, if you don't know, asked for the report from Microsoft. Eight seconds is the time period that is named as golden time period in which everywhere what to say video on If you don't provide an engaging interaction in the 1st 8 seconds on that you father viewers don't feel like a You have a value in the video. They are going to skip to the next screen in the eight seconds so it is really important. Provide a valuable, engaging introduction in the 1st 8 seconds toe hold or who killed me was to watch her and die video. So it is really important to adapt on Altar de Popular are already adaptive or already effective our pattern on implement in your video so that again cats, or who killed us in the 1st 8 seconds and make them washer and die video. And that's what I was speaking about. You need to adapt a really effective pattern. Do you get a new alone, an emblem, it implement it in your video, and that can make a lot of difference in the long run on. That can make a really good foundation make you have a steady and consistent growth in the long run on guys Daddy stopping number four, observe and implement and I repeat, do not copy anyone presentation skills or person, Asian style, basically observed the pattern on. Make some tweaks on Implement that, and that can have a lot of him back or near eternal on engagement. Now let's move the top in number five. That is passion. 7. Passion: topic Number five fashion. Definitely you and I should have a passion, and I have seen a lot of beginning people sitting on Anthony for what they are passionate about on guys that don't obey. Finding your passion is really simple dusting about what makes you happy when you do it. For example, you really like cars. You really like Tokyo broadcast. Definitely that simple. That's your passion. And we are living in a golden age in which you can change or convert your passion to revenue. We're having such an amazing or liner social part platform in Michigan. Share your passion, and there's a lot of people around the world with as passionate as you about in a specific passion, and you can build a strong on getting community. If you are passionate about something, you will be more informative in that particular passion. Definitely, you'll be more confident present that passion on all this is combined along with your effort. You can make some really excelling video, but you can have a lot of reach, a lot of engagement on guys, how we need to start out, find your passion, find that what makes you happy when you do it there in that passion into a really engaging video by providing at most information at most excellence. Definitely you will be having a Lord more engagement on the Lord. More read. That's how you do it. Just think about what makes you happy that your passion converted passion in do a really beautiful and engaging video andare definitely just a said before passionate passion Along brings Lord more conference information along with that up. Put some afford. You can make a really excellent video on guys, just as I said before in mind. Election. You guys just new start art when to start out you guys make progress on progression is much better than perfection. Never waited for that perfect movement. Perfect video that you have to made to publish. Make a video that is decent enough are making you know that you have made by implementing all the steps that I said before on published that on guys, you will definitely have a lot of criticism. A lot of suggestions, mortify video accordingly. Make note of positions on keeping growing on. Keep going on. Definitely you will be better person, a better person in front of the camera in the longer and that's it. Now let's move to the conclusion video 8. Conclusion : That's it. Guys and regulations. You have completed the meter class and I really hope by hard you guys have got some value on Benefit out off for this media class on. I really share all the tapes that the iPhone beneficial in my life for to you guys on. I really hope you guys also find some benefit and value out off these steps in your life as well. Please let me know the resection. What you guys think about that? This particular leader, glass on your free to provide civilization. Chance fell on. That's it. I'll see you guys with another video. Until then, disputed zones and signing off by.