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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Four Stages of Learning

    • 3. Blind Drawing

    • 4. Frankenstein Frogs

    • 5. Design Your Poster

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About This Class

Fear can paralyze creativity. This class will help you understand the different stages of the learning process and how these stages can make you feel.

Together we will complete a fun exercise that encourages you to let go of perfectionism and embrace mistakes. For our class project we will create a motivational illustration, that reminds you that illustrations don’t have to be perfect to be fun.

This class is for anyone who finds themselves worried about getting things ‘right’.

Meet Your Teacher

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Katherine Lynas✎

Illustrator and Skillshare Teacher


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Captain Linus. Welcome to be inspired. Drawing without fear in this class, you'll learn to identify the fourth stage of learning on discover how they affect our confidence. I'll show you how to draw freely. Using a blind drawing technique which helps to develop your observational skills will produce some unusual results for the class project. You select a quote that inspires you and combine it with your drawing to create a motivational poster. These classes for anyone who's desire to create fantastic, outworked, loose and feeling stuck seeing class. 2. The Four Stages of Learning: I like to think of this stage is the blissful, ignorant stage in this stage. We don't know that we need to learn something all. We don't have a desire to learn a particular thing, so it doesn't have any impact on our emotional well being. In order to get past this stage, we have to first identify a skill that we want to actually work on when you were unconscious, incompetent stage. You know what you want to learn, But you also know that other people are a lot better than you are. An example would be a child trying to learn the times tables, aware that other people in the class of much better at it than they are this stage going particularly frustrating, especially if you're trying to learn something that takes a long time to master. Recognizing this and identifying strategies that work for you could maybe help keep you on track before we move on. We need to embrace the learning curve, practice our skills now unconscious competence. Things are starting to get a little bit easier. We're more familiar with the task, and our confidence is growing. It does still take quite a significant amount of effort, but this gets easier as time progresses. When you're in unconscious competence, you don't need to think too much about using her skill. Might not even think of it as a skill, such as walking or being able to read. You become confident in your abilities. However, if we don't identify something new to learn, we might find we get bored that things become quite stagnant when he comes strolling. It can help to be part of a critique group off to get feedback from industry professionals to help you identify which next steps to take. As I mentioned earlier, the conscious, incompetent state is the stage where most of us confine ourselves feeling a little bit stock in a little bit, lost at some points, just being able to identify the stage that can help. I'm making you understand the process a little bit more. When we're in the stage, you might find that were you self sabotage in the way of saving us from the trauma of learning, it might be that we can't do any work until the house is tidy. All that we decided we just simply don't have time by learning to identify these books. We can help ourselves by putting instructed, used to deal with them. I'm just like us a lot happier in the meantime, using informations that help us to recognize where we are when the learning journey can be really helpful. Often we can think negatively are speak negatively about the things we're trying to achieve . I noticing phrases we might use like everyone's best than may. We can think of ways of changing them and turn them around. This will help us to progress. Visualizing could be really useful as well. I've heard of people here use a treasure mapping technique who create mood bars too. My how where they would like to go and what they would like to achieve. And don't forget to celebrate progress celebrate the little things. It doesn't have to be that you've got a book deal. It could just be that you've learned how to draw hand better. You've improved a technique or you've tried something new. The poster that we're going to make will help remind us that it's okay to be alert that we don't have to get everything right 3. Blind Drawing: but this exercise will need a stack of white paper. Cheap printer paper will be fine on a black pen I'm using as it cartoonists. Mango flexible, fine pen, but it really doesn't matter what pennies next. We're going to create a saving of blind drawings of this problem. A blind drawing is where you look at your subject and not at what your hands doing, as well as being a fun activity to carry out. This helps to encourage you to develop your observational skills as you have to look really carefully at the object you're trying to drop. So the high Davis to keep your pen moving on. Don't allow yourself to stop and think too much. You can see here because I'm not looking. You end up with odd shapes and bits that overlap how we look at the picture really carefully. You have identified some key features, so for me it's the eyes that really stand out in the shape of the feet in the legs. I don't want at this stage about having anything that may be resembles a phone. You'll end up with some quite peculiar things you might find you need to take the occasional guns down. This just helps to make sure you're not drawing on top of the other folks that you've already drawn. Try to avoid it as much as possible, though, even though it could be really tempting. I've done this activity with Children and adults, and it's often the others that find it harder not to look. Hey, I'm just starting to draw a few extra body shapes focusing on some of the key areas that I really like. So in this case, the hands of the feet. I should draw him. Try and start thinking about the expression you're from. My, what have this one looks like? It a little bit worried. The more options you have, the better it will be when we move onto the next stage. You could try this exercise with different folks. I've added a link in the results. A section This will take you to one of my Pinterest bars, where there are a lot more pictures of frogs and toads that might give some interesting results in the next section. No, it's your turn, so get your paper and pens ready. The photograph of the Fogle appear on your screen for two minutes. See how many friends you can get done in that time. Feel free to try it More than once can help to have the time to make sure we don't slow down and we don't start to over. Think it. Here we go. Time's up. Please show you for expire. Uploading them. Teoh your project. I love to see what you've done. 4. Frankenstein Frogs: we're now going to combine different parts of the fox to create new creatures. I have done some more blind joins to give myself a few more options. If you used, then pay for like May should be able to see through toe. Trace your frogs. It can help if you got a light box hanging around that makes it a little bit easier. If no, you can hold your paper against a window and I'll do the same thing. Now I'm just picking out parts of frogs that I really like that I don't before. I'm modifying them a little bit just to tidy them up so they're not quite as rough. This one looks a little bit like he's been caught on a windscreen like a little spotted frog. Try a few different types of frogs, different body shapes, different positions from expressions. Aim for at least three, and that'll give you a few to choose from The when we move onto my next section, don't trying something with a slightly different body shape. This one's a bit. Looks more like a toad. It's a little bit going. Piece may be having a bit of a bad day searching for another leg phone. There we go. Yeah, he's definitely not happy. This one's got a little bit more of a worried expression. So I'm going to work with that and see what I could do. I think this one reminds me of the turtle moment welding a frog. Uh, but if you end up with the terrible, it doesn't mean that I mean, the key here is not really to get two full of about it. It's It's just for fun. He looks people folk, like Now we have it. Please take a photo of your frogs and share them in the project area. 5. Design Your Poster: choose one of your folks that you would like to use in your poster design. I've chosen this guy here. Next. One attitudes, a quote that inspires you. This could be something you've heard around. It could be a famous quote or just a saying you find really showing. Here's a few examples, if you would like some are quote ideas. I've put a link Thio. More contrast. Barred in the results is I've decided to design my post in photo shop. I'm using a really simple layout with this quote I found from moment in Monroe. I'm giving the colors very bold on adding texture to give it a little bit more dimension. Finally putting a shadow under the folk. Thank you for taking this class. I hope you've enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing your project