Be Happy Now: Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis; Effortless Manifestation [Part 7 Final] | Chris Spink | Skillshare

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Be Happy Now: Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis; Effortless Manifestation [Part 7 Final]

teacher avatar Chris Spink, Master Manifestor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Momentum

    • 3. Inspired Action

    • 4. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 1

    • 5. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 2

    • 6. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 3

    • 7. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Explained

    • 8. Changing Limiting Beliefs

    • 9. Lessons Learned and Wrap Up

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About This Class

“At last, an EFFORTLESS breakthrough system that eliminates your toxic thinking and ATTRACTS your Magical life…NOW”

                                             The wait is over! 

Now you can fulfill your dreams such as increased prosperity, vibrant health and loving relationships. 


   Hi, my name is Chris and I am a Bestselling Author. My courses are also Bestseller's. 

Here is what my wonderful students are saying about this course….

"The BEST!!!!!!! -- Definitely the best course of LOA -- Excellently well explained and simple -- Very well designed with specific themes -- Scientific support of the LOA -- PDF of each lesson to facilitate the translation to other languages (Google Traslator) -- Excellent teacher -- Definitely 100 rating -- The teacher answers the questions that same day Very good person and human quality, is a teacher who is there for you. Thank you very much Chris for your passion to help others improve their lives!"

Erika Kings

"As a Master Hypnotherapist and LOA Expert; I have learned a great deal from Chris and this course. I am always a student in this world, and was guided to this course for a reason, just like everyone reading this review. You are here for a reason. The true value of this course could not be put into numbers; just to say that it has been designed to change lives all over the world, for those ready to take that leap. I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone! It is easier to direct my clients here, and then work with them on building the new foundation, and healing/clearing whatever stands in the way of it."

Joshua Weightman

"Thank you, Chris, for this course. This is easily one of the best courses in Law of Attraction I have ever taken. I have been following Abraham Hicks for years and I find that this course puts everything so clearly. For me, the Guided Self Hypnosis/Changing Limited Beliefs is a game changer. I have never been able to visualise so clearly before. As Abraham puts it, I now feel like a Deliberate Creator!"

Michelle Louw


>>> I have published the overall program as a series and split it up into bite-size chunks so that you can get the full benefit in easy to learn short sections with practical exercises to help you integrate the knowledge. The classes can stand alone or be part of the complete program. Please continue with each part of this course to gain the full benefit to change your negative and toxic thinking into positive using the powerful mind tools provided.


This course is for anybody who is aware of the Law of Attraction or has seen “The Secret” and who would like a simple and effective tool to improve what they think and therefore what they attract into their lives.

This course is for you if you are aware that you have negative thinking and negative limiting beliefs and want to replace these beliefs with positive empowering thoughts and beliefs.

You will learn how to finally identify the dis-empowering subconscious beliefs that are running your current life by default and start designing your exciting life; the life you dream of having where anything is possible.


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why most of the self-improvement programs or books on the market or even on your bookshelf never work?

Have you noticed that there are some tools that might seem to work for a few people but not for you?

Have you watched the movies “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, “The Secret”, studied the “Law of Attraction”? Have you attended numerous seminars on self-help and positive thinking? Yet, have you been able to achieve permanent & radical transformation in your life?

The Self-Development field is a multi-billion dollar industry and bookshelves are loaded with self-help books. Then why is it that there are millions of people struggling with health problems, financial insecurity, unfulfilled relationships, etc?

Breakthrough your struggle!

Have you wondered why you have worked so hard to make your life work, and strive so hard to make more money to pay your bills, to make your relationships more harmonious, and to gain better health, but you just can’t make that breakthrough?

Is there always something missing?

You wonder why, but never find the answer!

Let me make something very clear for you right now:

Here is why…

The majority of popular books or programs on self-improvement only touch the surface of your challenges or frustrations, NOT the subconscious toxic beliefs that cause the problem to begin with!

For example, if you have financial problems, you will be advised to take the expensive wealth building seminars that teach you a bunch of money making strategies. BUT, the fact of the matter is that your financial problems are not solved by tools or techniques to make money, but by something deeper and more fundamental.

If you have relationship problems, people will advise you to go to relationship experts who can give you tons of tips and strategies to improve your relationship. BUT you will find that the fulfilling loving relationship that you have dreamed of is still out of your reach.

That’s because your relationship problems are only symptoms, not the fundamental causes.

Spread your wings and fly …. Effortlessly

When those fundamental issues are resolved, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

  • Your financial situation starts to change; you start attracting money and abundance into your life.
  • Things that you’ve always wanted start to show up in your life EFFORTLESSLY.
  • You start to feel true joy from your work.
  • You start to attract the right and fulfilling relationships.
  • You find yourself more energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic.
  • Life will seem so easy and effortless; everything will flow naturally.

If you wonder how you can align yourself to live an amazing life, you have come to the right place.

Make magic happen!

This program is the result of over 30 years studying mind science and consciousness-expanding practices. You will learn how to finally identify the dis-empowering subconscious beliefs that are running your current life by default and start designing your exciting life; the life you dream of having where anything is possible. Join me on this journey of exploration and manifestation. 

“I reviewed my statement/affirmation at the end of the year. I am reminded how much has manifested since I completed my personalized affirmations. I am in a loving relationship. We have purchased a home together. I am no longer working full time which has given me much freedom to pursue the things I want to do. I highly recommend working with Chris.”


"This course is a great blend of spirituality, science, and practical experience. At its heart is the law of attraction.... Chris has enriched our experience of the law of attraction by bringing self-hypnosis into the mix. This practice allows us to create affirmations at a very deep level and manifest our desires much more easily. He gives us effective tools that we can use in our daily lives....."

Sonja Kaleski

"Excellent course with the best exercise I have ever done to clarify my personal power affirmation. I am using Chris's guided audio which for me has been like a very deep meditation. The instructor is very kind and thoughtful. He responds to questions almost immediately. Highly recommended."

Susan Hara

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris Spink

Master Manifestor


Chris is a "Master Manifestor" and personal and spiritual growth explorer. He is an International bestselling author who has spent 3 decades studying mind science and consciousness-expanding practices.

He is a fully trained and qualified Registered Nurse, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Life Coach.

Chris is passionate about empowering others so they can STOP their toxic thinking and START creating a life of increased prosperity, loving relationships, vibrant health and blissful joy.

Through using the principles of the Law of Attraction, and what he teaches Chris and his wife Rhea have become financially free. They were living on a very small annual income and were only working part-time, but after 5 years they succeeded in building a mul... See full profile

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1. Introduction: good day and welcome to the law of attraction. Effortless manifestation Siri's live life by design, not default In it, you'll learn how to stop resisting your ultimate success and start attracting your big dreams and abundance in all areas of your life quickly and easily with simple tools and techniques that anyone can use. My name's Chris Spink and I'll be your instructor. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering others, and I've been learning and practicing how to deliberately create my own life and helping others create their dream life. For over 30 years now, before I discovered these tools and universal laws and learned how to implement them in my life successfully Ria, my wife and I were living on welfare and a very small annual income. But before long using the formula I teach, we've manifested enough abundance and wealth to become financially free and could choose whether to work again or not. We've managed to create a multi $1,000,000 property, Fort Folio in just five short years. I now choose to spend my time helping others manifest their dreams and desires. By the end of this seven part program, you will have rebooted your mind. Imagine having the power to create a new life for yourself on what that new life would look like when you have a life of increased prosperity, loving relationships, vibrant health and blissful joy. Inside the program, you'll learn that the number one obstacle to manifest in your hearts, dreams and desires is your subconscious limiting beliefs. Scientists have proven that one of the most powerful tools we have to change those limiting beliefs is hypnosis. And so I will be teaching you a powerful but simple toe learn self hypnosis technique I call the date mind system. I'll then teach you a fun process to turn your complete list of dreams and desires into a one sentence positive statement called Your Personal Power Affirmation. You'll use this unique, self created positive affirmation in conjunction with the powerful separate self hypnosis technique I teach you to help you replace your limiting beliefs and attract your ideal life after their or guide you through the changing your limiting beliefs process. To help you change those specific, hard to budge beliefs which are holding you back. The series is designed in small, easy to learn individual parts so you can learn and integrate what you've learned before. You move on to the next part, but please make sure you enroll in the next part of the series to get the full benefit from this complete program. Throughout the program, I'll give you a clear step by step, process toe, learn all you need to master these tools and techniques. I designed the program for anyone who wants ultimate success in their life, and also for anyone who's been struggling with the law of attraction, wanting to manifest all their dreams and desires. There are no prerequisites necessary, only an open mind and enthusiasm to learn bye for now. And if you enjoy this class, please leave. A positive review above this will help more people be able to transform their lives. Please, also don't forget to complete the project at the end of each class. Thes are essential for you to be able to build up the mo mentum to change your limiting beliefs and create your ideal life. Thanks for your time, and I'll see you in the rest of the program. 2. Momentum: What is Momenta? Um, in regards to the law of attraction and creating your reality, momentum is the law of attraction in action. Momentum is your habits of thought around a particular topic and is continually built up by thinking thoughts over and over again. What seems like a deep rooted belief that you cannot get rid off is simply a thought that you've kept thinking and so has a lot of momentum to it. Our beliefs aren't fax. They had just practiced thoughts with momentum which have made them appear to be really. For example, most people have a particular moment, um, either positive or negative around money. You've built up this mo mentum over the years of your life, and it probably started in your childhood in regards to what your parents thought about money. Then you've built on that by continually thinking about money in the way that you do. The more that you believe a particular thing, the more that it will prove itself through the law of attraction to manifest into your life . So when you have particularly strong negative mo mentum around a particular topic, it continues to move in the same direction until you stop it. If you can stop negative mo mentum before it builds up to strongly, then you can change its direction. For example, imagine a spherical bola perched at the top of a hill. You could easily push it to start rolling down the hill, but before it had moved very far, you decided you wanted to stop it. At this point, you could step out in front of it and stop it with very little effort. But once it gets going and building up speed, you definitely don't want to be at the bottom of the hill trying to stop that boulder. And the same is true for you. When you start thinking something that doesn't feel good before it's built up momentum and speed, you need to get out in front of it and change the subject to focus on things that do feel good. What can you do when the mo mentum on a certain thought or belief gets going strongly? Well, you can start by using your self hypnosis techniques. This will quiet your chattering mind and thereby stopped the negative mo mentum. Then you can use your personal power affirmation to build up positive momentum and allow the law of attraction to bring you the things you want. Also in the same way after you've slipped when you wake up, you can start again with a different, more positive mo mentum. Once you've stopped the moment, um, with your self hypnosis techniques and use your personal power information when you're in hypnosis, this will help you to create a new positive momentum and new empowering beliefs. You can also start to look for different, more positive general thoughts like things are always working out for me, or things are getting better and better and choose thoughts that feel good to you. If you're like me, then you've tried many ways and many techniques to change your thinking in your beliefs. I realized that the biggest obstacle to creating whatever I desired was my subconscious limiting beliefs. But no matter how hard I tried with my conscious mind, thes subconscious limiting beliefs wouldn't budge. It wasn't until I discovered self hypnosis that things really began to change for me, knowing that the law of Attraction is always working in my life, I knew that changing my negative thinking and limiting beliefs was the only way that I would get a different outcome. In my experience, it's been scientifically proven that self hypnosis is one of the most effective tools in changing your subconscious limiting beliefs and improving your life. You don't need to find the cause of your limiting beliefs or work at fixing your negative thinking. You just need to replace it with new positive thoughts and empowering beliefs. Usually when you try to take on something head on, it's like trying to stop the boulder. Once it's rolling down the hill, all you get is a great big headache or worse so, trying to fix a problem, which is typically what we've been trained to do, is a never ending process. You'll never get to the bottom of it because the lower of attraction just keeps attracting more and more about the problem. The solution is to stop talking about the problem. Stop focusing on it or thinking you can fix it, get off the subject, focus on something else and build up positive momentum in the direction that you want to go . Momentum is always working in your life. It just depends which way it is going. It's either positive or negative and it's up to you which way your mo mentum goes when you're aligned and you feel good, momentum will always bring you more good feelings, which feel wonderful when you and aligned momentum doesn't feel good, but it does create desire for better things and better feelings, which is why our lives are always getting better. So don't be hard on yourself if you find you've got negative momentum happening on a thought or belief. 3. Inspired Action: action, which is our physical response to an experience or thought, is the natural result of momentum and the law of attraction. You get what you think about, then you take action, depending on what type of thought it is. If it's a negative thought, you must likely take negative action. Negative action usually appears as trying to fix something or make it better, and it's hard work. On the other hand, if it's a positive thought, you'll take positive inspired action. Positive thought creates positive action that comes in the form of inspiration, which feels good. You act on the thoughts that are most in your mind at the moment, only act if the inspiration feels good to you. Inspiration, which feels good, is inspired from the larger non physical part of you. Your source. This is the part of you that contains infinite intelligence and knows the perfect way for you to gain all the wealth, health and happiness that you desire. If you follow this inspiration, then you'll be in the right place and meet the right people at the right time and will be led toe all that you desire. It will be easy and effortless it won't be hard work. Everything which happens to you and makes up your life. Experience is drawn to you by the powerful law of Attractions. Response to the thoughts you are thinking and the story you tell about your life, everything. The money that you were gonna want, your health and vitality, your loving relationships. Everything is happening because of the story. You tell yourself when you continue to tell the story of things that you don't want. You think you're saying no to them, but with a powerful law of attraction and momentum, you are actually saying to the universe come to me more of what I don't want. So you need to change that story. Tell a new story of what you do want. The more you find to appreciate, the more the universe will send you things to appreciate. Deep down, you know, this is true because there isn't anything in the universe that contradicts this simple truth. If you let your dominant intent be to revise and improve your story, your life will become an ever improving reality. 4. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 1: Now that you've created your personal power information and it feels really good to you, you can use any time you wish with your yoga, Nedra. Now I'd like to move on to an extremely important and exciting part of this course. It's called Changing your limiting Beliefs. You're outmoded, and limiting beliefs are, quite simply the biggest obstacle to deliberately creating your life. The way that you want these limiting beliefs are what stops you from creating your dreams and desires and is what makes you feel like the law of attraction isn't working for you. So in this process, I want to teach you how to change your outmoded and limiting beliefs. It's specifically designed for you to replace those limiting beliefs with positive and empowering beliefs. What often happens when you try to deliberately create your reality or use the law of attraction is your limiting beliefs contradict your dreams and desires. In other words, these beliefs, which continue to play out from your subconscious mind, are often in opposition to the things you want. Thoughts and beliefs such as I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough are in opposition to creating the abundance or attracting the relationships that you want, as I've stated before these beliefs and mostly formed when you're a child, when you readily accepted suggestions and thoughts from your environment, these accepted suggestions and thoughts form your beliefs. In your subconscious mind. Beliefs are subconscious states of being. They start with thoughts and feelings that you think and feel over and over again until they ultimately become habituated or automatic. So if you want to change your belief, you have to first change your state of being, and changing your state of being means changing your vibration. We change your state of being and your vibration by entering into hypnosis, either by the guided meditation provided or your own self hypnosis. We also want to do that with a clear combination off thought and emotion. The more that you get in touch with the emotion of the new thought and make it is powerful and experience as you can, the more you will begin to change your beliefs to more desired thoughts, and only one belief or thought can exist in your mind at any one time. And the present thought and feeling you're thinking right now is also your present point of attraction. What I mean by that? What I mean is what you will attract next into your life. With the law of attraction, you don't have to get rid of the old limiting belief. You just want to replace it with a new one. For example, you can't feel depressed and happy at the same time. Haven't you noticed that it's just not possible. So if you can feel good and be happy, you've achieved what you need for the law of attraction to begin bringing ume or good feeling, thoughts and experiences. So now I'd like you to ask yourself, what beliefs have you bean unconsciously agreeing to that you'd like to change in order to create this new state of being? This is a question that requires some thought, because with many of these beliefs, we aren't even aware that we believe them. Since beliefs and perceptions are based on past experiences, does this mean that they're true? It's a good question to ask yourself, even if they were true at some point in time, that doesn't necessarily mean that are true now, in fact, believes and neither true nor Fels. I had just thoughts that your subconscious mind has accepted as true and thought about over and over until they become a habit with the law of attraction drawing to you similar thoughts and experiences. You've seen the proof of these beliefs because you've been drawing to you what you believe for this process. I want you to find your core beliefs in the areas of money, career and abundance. Health, energy and body relationships, family and love and spirituality and self love. To help you decide on the belief that you want to change in this belief changing exercise, get a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle on the left side, right down all the beliefs you want to change over time. Then after you've done that, think for a minute if you don't want to believe these things anymore. And what do you want to believe about yourself and your life? And if you did believe those things, how would that make you feel? Then write down the new beliefs that you wanna have on the right side of the paper. You may already be aware of beliefs you want to change, but please also check out the list of beliefs File provided Where there's a few suggestions in H Area to help you find the limiting beliefs that you want to change, look over them and any that resonate for you. Write them down on the left side of piece of paper. The list of beliefs are a guide that will get you thinking about what your specific beliefs are in these areas. You could also look at your list of desires and desired changes that you made in the manifest your desires process and see if there any beliefs there that you want to change specifically your limiting beliefs and not unconscious. So you are aware that they exist, but because they've become subconscious and automatic, you don't always recognize that they're there, and they're stopping you from attaining your dreams and desires. But with some some thought and self discovery, you'll find these limiting beliefs and bring them into full consciousness so that you can change them. Once you've finished writing all of your limiting beliefs on the left side of your paper, then write the positive, empowering beliefs that you want to change them to on the right side. Please do this now 5. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 2: Once you've discovered the beliefs that you want to change and replace, will then be replacing these beliefs using self hypnosis and mental rehearsal to create an experience in your mind which your brain and body will experience as if it's actually happening. Mental rehearsal is more than just visualization or affirmation alone. Mental rehearsal is imagining as if something has already happened, So you want to make the experience as real as possible. See yourself living that life, feel the feelings that you would feel fill the appreciation you would feel. See yourself with all the money you need. What did you want to do with the newfound money in abundance? Feel the feelings that you will have once you've got that abundance. See the new relationships or friends or improved relationships that you want. What will you be doing with, um, feel the joy and love that you have for them and that they have for you? See the new, healthy body that you desire, See yourself doing all the things that you want to do with your new body. Feel everything that you will feel when you have this new, completely healthy and full of vitality. Body The main key to this process of actually changing your reality is to really feel how it will be when you have things that you want in your life. Feel your emotions is if you're already there, your brain and body and the lower of attraction don't know the difference between something actually happening and your mind experiencing something as if it's happening. If you can feel as if it is happening right now, you've already achieved what you wanted because everything you desire you want because you think it will make you feel good, right? So if you can create the feeling before the manifestation, you've already achieved your goal. And if that could be enough for now than the manifestation of whatever you want must manifest when you complete the process that I'll be guiding you through, you should get up feeling different from when you sat down. If you do, then you've changed your point of attraction. The law of Attraction will draw to you more thoughts and experiences like the ones you've created. You'll also began creating new neural pathways in your brain and even changing your epi genetics, switching off negative jeans and turning on positive health giving James remember, it's not your job to figure out when or where or how it's gonna happen. Your job is merely to move into a new state of being, then allow the new future that the law of attraction and the large and non physical part of you your inner being will create. For you. This is the key to a new life. To experience something in your mind as if it is happening. Right now, the brain and body knows no difference between what you feel in your imagination on what is actually happening in the moment, The Law of Attraction also acts on what you are feeling. Currently, it doesn't care about the past. This experience and feeling becomes your current point of attraction, which means that the law of attraction will bring to you thoughts, ideas and feelings that feel the same as what you're feeling right now. Then it will bring you the people and experiences that you desire. Consciousness gives form, toe all things, and the goal in this process is to lessen the awareness of your external world and become pure conscious awareness where infinite possibilities become possible. At that point, the past will no longer exists because that high amplitude experience we'll have just over written the program of the old experience. You'll be making an unknown possibility known, which takes you out of the past now and put you into the future. Now, where the event has already happened, I found a great example of how your imagination and perception can change your reality in a book I Love called You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenser. In 1981 a group of eight men in their seventies and eighties were taken to a monastery in New Hampshire, where they took part in a five day retreat. In the retreat, they were told to pretend that they were 22 years younger, just pretend. But when they arrived at the monastery, they were surrounded by all sorts of environmental cues to help them re create the appearance of an earlier age, things such as Old Issues of Life magazine and the Saturday Evening Post. And they watched movies and television shows popular in 1959 and also listen to recordings of period camo and necking Call on the radio, and they talked about current events which are happening at that time. All of these elements were cleverly designed to help the men imagine that they really were 22 years younger. They were mentally rehearsing their life as if it waas 22 years ago, and after the five day retreat, the researchers discovered that they had actually changed their bodies to reflect this new belief that they were 22 years younger. The bodies of the men were physiologically younger, structurally as well as functionally. The researchers discovered improvement in height, white how they moved and walked. The men grew taller as their posture straighten and their joints became more flexible. The things that fingers lengthened as the arthritis diminished that eyesight and hearing got Piter the grip. Strength improved, memory sharpened. They scored better on tests for mental cognition. The men literally became younger in those five days, right in front of the researchers eyes. They didn't just feel younger. They physically became younger, as evidenced by measurement after measurement. The change wasn't just in their minds. It waas in their bodies 6. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Part 3: If you can change the way you feel, you can change what shares up in your life. Do you believe that a certain desire whether it be a relationship, more money or a state of being will make you happy? What I want to ask you right now is, Do you want the desired condition, or do you want to feel better? What can you accomplish right now within the next five minutes? A better relationship, more money, better health or a better feeling? Feeling better, of course. And that's why you want to change the condition or manifest your desires in the first place to feel good. Nothing is necessary outside of you, for you to feel good. Now the desire to feel good is the most powerful and natural desire. Can you give yourself the permission to feel good before you've got the desired condition? If you can say yes to this, then you will have what you want even before the condition manifests, and then you will easily and effortlessly manifest the things you want. You will have achieved living life by design and not by default. You other designer, your the creator of your own reality, nobody else. Up until now, we've allowed the conditions and experiences of their life to control how we feel. It's now time to control how we feel by our own choice and so also being control of what manifests in our reality. The biggest mistake we make in trying to manifest our desires is thinking that we need the desire before we can be happy. And yet we know that we can make ourselves feel good no matter what is happening in the moment. I think the real key to creating your reality the way that you want is to feel good unconditionally. In other words, feel good before the conditions show up in your life. If you can achieve feeling good without the manifestation appearing first, then you've achieved the perfect mindset for manifesting everything you desire. But then it just won't be as important anymore as you've already got what you want that is feeling good. As I said in my introduction, I believe it was our feeling good unconditionally around money and abundance that allowed my wife and I to become financially free when we first met were living on a very small annual income until I mean small and we were both only working part time. We even needed welfare occasionally to get by. But the difference Waas We didn't need the condition of lots of money showing up in our life before we felt good about where we were. We never worried about how much money we had. We just lived a happy life during the things we could do on the little money we had. We didn't get into thoughts like a lot of people do that. We don't have enough or we needed more. And after we became financially free, we realized that this was the perfect mindset from which to attract wealth and well, being into our lives. We were not actually looking to become rich or wealthy. We would just living a comfortable and happy life. Feeling is, if we had everything we needed, we realized it was our feel good attitude and beliefs around money that attracted our newfound wealth. We're in the ideal emotional state to attract wealth and did so with relative ease 7. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Explained: So next I'll guide you through the changing your limiting beliefs. Meditation. This is an extremely powerful meditation which will change your limiting beliefs. So, firstly, after I take you through the yoga, need ra again. I'll guide you through a simple to learn deepening process called the staircase deepening, which will allow you to access an even deeper hypnotic state that is, you'll be creating deeper and more theater brainwaves, which will allow your belief changing to be even more powerful, simple and complete. And once you've done this a few times, you'll easily be able to add it to your own self itn ises so you can access a deeper level of hypnosis whenever you choose. Then I'll be guiding you through the changing your limiting beliefs process. Where before you sit down to do this meditation, I want you to look at the list of beliefs you've created and pick the one that resonates the strongest with you. And you think, well, make the most difference right now so you can bring it into the meditation, and I want you to continue to work with this belief and the guided meditation changing your limiting beliefs for at least a week, or until you clearly and fully feel the new feelings and experience that you want to feel before you choose a new belief to change. Change as many of your beliefs with this process as you feel necessary, and then sit back and watch your life improve. Once you've listened to the audio a few times, it will also be easier for you to do the whole meditation completely on your own. If you choose, you would first do yourself hypnosis, the yoga need ra. Then add the staircase deepening process, and then finally, bring the belief that you want to change into your awareness and mentally rehearsed the feelings and experience that this new belief will bring you. Then feel the appreciation for all the good things this new belief will attract into your life. After you've visualized unimagined your new belief and felt your energy change, then you count yourself back from 1 to 5 to D. Hypnotize yourself as you did in your yoga Nedra 8. Changing Limiting Beliefs: Before we start in a moment, I'd like you to take three deep breaths. When you breathe in with each breath, I want you to tense your whole body. Hold it for a moment. Then when you breathe out, wanted to release all of the tension in your body. Just let it all go. Thinks the type of relax ation I want you to feel when you are doing the yoga nature. So take a deep breath. Smell breathin Hold it, Breathe out on let go Breathe in a way that breathe out Let's go one more time Breathe in, hold it and breathe out on let go Let it all go Just relax When you're ready, I want you to gently close garages with young in a dra. Now, I want you to imagine a very clear mental image of the number five in your mind. And I want you to focus on the shape in the form of the number five. It might have a particular color or shape. Whatever you choose, just create a clear mental image off the number five in your mind. Then I want you to place your awareness and your focus into the muscles of your far it. I want you to sense become aware of the muscles in your fart way. Let for its muscles become warm and loose on live. You focus your attention into your for it all the while remaining aware of the number five in your mind. As you do this, begin to notice the tension floating away. Dazzled the muscles in your fart. Listen up. Relax now that your awareness moves slowly down your face, becoming aware of the muscles around your left eye, letting your awareness rest in the space muscles of your left and then moving your awareness to the muscles and space around your right, allowing all of the muscles to relax on. As you continue to move you awareness into each of these parts of your body. I want you to easily and effortlessly allow them to relax. Aziz Still focus on the image off the number five in your mind. Now moving your awareness placing it bridge of your nose with tip of your nose way in the muscles of your left cheek on your right cheek. Now moving your awareness to your bottom lip. Wait, can you sense the energy of your bottom lip relaxing. Now moving your awareness to your chin muscles along your left jaw from your chin to your here, then to your right job from your chin to your here. Wariness. Gently placing it when you left in and you're right in with relax ation. Want you to rest your awareness in space that your entire skull occupies in space, waiting. All the muscles in your skull Hang loose, Become relaxed. Aziz. You continue to focus on the image off the number five way down to number four. I wanted to create a new mental image Number four in your mind with the image of the number four in your mind. Allow your awareness now to travel down easily and effortlessly to the group of muscles in space, which the back of your neck occupies. Relaxing all the muscles from the back of your head to the tips of your shoulders, just allowing the muscles in the back of your neck. Listen up to go limp, releasing all of the attention. Still, having the awareness of the image number four wasting your awareness with muscles in space right side of your neck, allowing the muscles of the right side of your neck to relax, relax, relax, then moving to the muscles and space in front of your neck and the muscles and space left side of your neck way. Start up tension in the muscles of must. Repeat this process, releasing the tension in your neck, still focusing on the number four quietly, gently choosing to again Hello, the muscles of the back of your neck to relax and then moving your awareness muscles in space right side of your neck. Way to the front of unique thing, then resting your awareness muscles in space. On the left side of Munich, mind is quiet and still. Now you can have a short rest from your responsibilities, and as you release the tension, worries and anxieties, you notice your entire body becoming loose, supple. Your mind is free, and you allow the different sounds around you to help you relax even more. Now, moving deeper and deeper to the number three with image in the shape of the number three in your mind, you continue down your body, allowing the muscles to continue to relax. More and more is your. Let your attention travel further down your body become aware of your breathing way. Listen to the sound of your breath with filled the air as you breathe it in and the house, and as you follow your breath, follow it, tumbling gently down into your chest. You become aware of your breath rising and falling inside your chest. Coming aware of the powerful energy in the air you breathe as you continue watching Number three, you move your awareness into the muscles that space off your chest way. You allow the muscles in your chest to listen up. Be limp and relax. As your chest muscles relax, you'll notice that your breathing becomes a little easier. That in itself will help you relax even more A Z. You continue to watch the number three. Your attention moves now to your shoulders. Relaxing. I'm placing your awareness into the muscles in your left shoulder. Thin your right shoulder, getting them both. Loosen up and you find them relaxing, dropping way, allowing the energy now to flow from your shoulders down into your arms. Seen your awareness now in your homes, both left and right. Let them hang heavy by aside and moving on down. Todo pose the left and right elbows and your four homes continuing to move down your arms to your left and right. Rece thin your left and right hands left and right fingers falls. You don't feel like moving. There's nothing to bother about that last. You just be yourself. Mind is relaxed, free of care. Nothing. It's disturbing you, allowing yourself now to create a clear mental image of the number two in your mind and continuing to travel down your body, facing your attention into the top of your back. All of the muscles. Alot of the bones, all other joints between your shoulder Plays relax, become loose. I feel the nerves and the muscles around your shoulder plates relaxing. Feel your spine lengthening way down your back. Feel any knots in your muscles on widening, continuing to move your awareness slowly down your back in the middle of your back and spine and to the small of your back. Now down to your buttocks, relaxing all of the muscles in the back of your pelvis and in between your legs, then all of the muscles in the front of your pelvis, then moving your energy and your awareness up into your abdomen the way into the muscles on space, your stomach. And as you continue to focus on the image of the number two, you have the sensation that all of the body's organs, especially those in your abdomen, becoming more relaxed and smooth, healthy during these times of deep in a relax ation, there's no need to worry about anything. It's best just to enjoy yourself now continuing on down your body down the numbers to number one, allowing yourself to create a clear mental image of the number one. You allow your awareness to move to your hips, then two fronts of your thighs, letting them become loose living way, moving to the back of your thighs. Then the insides of your thighs become loose and lip. Relax, then let the knees feel free, focusing your awareness on the space that your knees occupy in space, allowing them to relax, moving down to your calf muscle, letting them become loose and limp. Relax. Place your awareness in front of machines still focusing on the number one Moving down to your ankles on the heels of your feet, the soles of your feet with a with little muscles across the tops of your feet, your big toes, your second and third toes. Then your 4th 5th down 20 creating a clear mental image of a zero in your mind. Zero could be a large circle encompasses your whole body. Your body is now totally relaxed, allowing the image of zero to float with you in your imagination. Hope body now to become quietly come and still peacefully. Still, you you are completely relaxed. Now. No matter how deeply you relax, you always remain in total control. Last, your mind is relaxed. Deepmind so relaxed, free of care. There's nothing to do. There's nothing to think about. You are completely in control, with nothing to decide, totally safe and secure. Now you're relaxed and comfortable. I want you to imagine a staircase, a state case that has 20 steps. Imagine that you're standing at the top of the state case. It might be a state case. You know, you may have imagined it. It might be in a house you visited. You might have seen it in a movie. It could be in a beautiful lush forest leading down to the ocean or outside in the open. Whatever you choose, just want you to create a sensation on the image of a lovely imaginary staircase in your mind. With 20 steps, it might be a spiral staircase. It might be a strange and wonderful state case. It may be a staircase that goes straight down, maybe a staircase that changes direction. You might have seen it in a hotel, or it could be in a house. You know, just imagine now that you're standing quietly, a two top of the state case, feeling very relaxed and at ease with yourself and allow your mind to unwind and let it create different sensations in any way it chooses. So now you're standing at the top of this state case, feeling very comfortable and very relaxed, and you notice the shape and the color of the staircase. Notice the color and the texture of the banisters, and as you stand on the top of the state case, you feel very free and relaxed and cheerful. You look down the state case, noticing the shapes of the stairs, whether there's any carpet, whether they're made of stone or wood. Did you prepare yourself to begin to descend the staircase? One step at a time the way you hold on to the banister, and in a moment we'll ask you to slowly begin. And as you slowly and deliberately send the state case, you'll have the sensation of your legs moving one at a time, and you'll feel as you stand on each step with your feet together for a moment even more relaxed. And as you descend slowly, you can feel your feet floating on the surface of each step. You'll notice that your relax ation well, almost double with each step you take as you relax mawr and more, you'll find that you're able to sense and imagine the stairs on the staircase in exactly the way you want to, and you'll have a strong, clear feeling of being now wants to imagine that you're quietly standing on the 20th step, looking down to the bottom step, feeling relaxed, refreshed and clearheaded and really looking forward to your relaxing journey down the steps. Now I want you to step down with one foot to the 19th step. Feel your legs floating A ziff you were dreaming. Shift your weight onto that foot, transfer your weight and then bring the other foot down as well, and allow yourself to have the sensation of silently standing on the 19th step both feet together just for a moment, allowing yourself to feel a gentle wave off in a relax ation flowing over. Allow yourself to just stand there and enjoy the feelings you have now down to the 18th step. Your eyes are comfortable and relaxed. You're very confident askew. Go down to the 17 step as you do your drifting into an even deeper and deeper state of relaxation. Now going down another step to the 16th step. Sensing that your body is getting even more comfortable in your state of relaxation is getting even deeper on as you do your feeling very happy down now to the 15th step. Going deeper still, you continue to go deeper and deeper and more and more relaxed and mawr and more in control , free and powerful. With each step, you take the 14 step now more and more relaxed down to the 13th step. Your mind is fresh and bright and alert. Chest feels calm. Powerful 12 step feeling very still and quiet as you float down the 11th step, shoulders and back and neck. I feel strong and flexible and free and supple, and your hands and fingers feel free and relaxed. Your arms are comfortable and warm. 10. You've reached the tents stick. You're halfway down and you're finding that as you relax, and as you turn more of your attention inwards, your toes feel fresh loose and your legs relaxed. Abdomen feels gently comfortable with all of the organs inside are smooth and warm and relaxed and free. And as you drift and float further into a wonderfully comfortable and very pleasant state of mind, there's no need to pay any attention to your relax ation. It's best just to enjoy yourself on relax, even Mawr Aziz. You go deeper and deeper. Nine. Feeling happier, comma and much more confident. Way down to eight. Step. Notice your arms, Hands and fingers are free, relaxed, comfortable Asi float and drift even more deeply into the deeper, smarter part of your mind. Eight. On the eighth step, still going deeper and deeper and feeling Mawr and Mawr free and comfortable. Seven. On the seventh step. Now your legs and ankles feel strong and flexible, and you're confident free. You glide down to the 16th on the sixth step. Every part of your body is relaxed and URAS light a za feather. A zoo skim over the surface of the steps, going down to the fifth step. Relax. Ation in your body is changing in quality. It's drifting, getting warmer in heavier covering. You like a blanket. Your waist is calm and warm. Your safely secure. Has you noticed that your back, especially between your shoulders, is relaxed and free and flexible? Four. Down to 4/4 step still deepening steadily more relaxed on free and drifting further down into the deeper parts of your mind, feeling safer and more secure on mawr in control. Three. Third step. You're very calm and your minds relaxed and free and flexible in this wonderful, refreshing and deeply relaxed, calm state to your on the second step. Now feeling very relaxed and car on. Still comfortable and happy and confident. You're feeling very refreshed, little muscles in between your ribs relaxed and free as you breathe quietly as you glide down to step number one. You're now on the bottom step with your date. Mind so wonderfully independent, powerful, so carefree and more deeply and completely relaxed than you've ever seen before. Now down to zero. Now you're in the most relaxed place that you have ever been, and in this calm and relaxed place, you imagine yourself in the most comfortable chair you've ever seen. It supports every part of your body and allows you to remain fully and completely relaxed. What is the chair like? Just imagine every detail of it in your mind. It's so comfortable, so warm and relaxing, however you choose, it might be like a chair you've bean in before, or it might be completely different. Just imagine yourself in this country chair now feeling totally enveloped, supported and loved on a completely relaxed. Now, while you're in this deeply relaxed and calm state in your imaginary comfortable chair, you're in direct communication with your inner being larger, non physical and eternal part of you. You are an extension of source energy. You are pure conscious awareness. Nobody, nothing, nowhere, any. No time. You are pure quantum field of potential and infinite possibility. The more you become awareness in infinite possibility more you create possibility and opportunity in your life. While you're in this wonderful, relaxed state of being, you are open to all the infinite wisdom and inspiration that is flowing Teoh. In this magical state of mind, you have the ability to replace negative beliefs and thoughts with new and inspiring positive beliefs and thoughts. Thes new beliefs can change your biology. Rewire your brain with positive new program on even change your genetic makeup. Turning on good health Giving James most importantly, thes new beliefs will change your point of attraction so that the law of Attraction will bring to you whatever you desire. Way are eternal beings and come from the non physical to create whatever we desire. In the physical room, physical world is made up of energy and vibration. So by creating a new energy on vibration within yourself, you will create a new reality and be do and have anything you design. Now what is that new belief? The new belief that you have chosen to replace your old limiting belief, new belief that you want to believe and perceive about yourself and your life? I'd like you to begin to feel you'll feel when that new belief is part of your life. How will your new belief feel? Allow your brain to be rewired with new neural pathways programs in your subconscious that allow you to achieve all your dreams and desires. It's time to move on from your old outmoded beliefs and create new life. Giving police allow this new belief to carry a level of energy that's greater than the hardwired subconscious programs in your brain so powerful that you can feel it changed within you. Now I want you to give yourself a taste of the future by mentally rehearsing your new experience, experiencing how will feel to believe this way, way I want you to imagine to visualize and feel a Ziff. This new belief is already deeply embedded in your consciousness. Imagine how things will be here. Visualize your life as it will be supported by this new belief and feel all of the good feelings that you will feel when you have this belief. Working on your deep subconscious mind the way joy way bliss feel the happiness. Feel the off with vitality. Feel your worthiness. That is beyond question. I want you to imagine that this is how your life is now. Feel the freedom. No way fun that you're having no way clarity it creates feel the ease of life unfolding. Feel how peaceful your mind is, how contented you feel and feel the excitement enthusiasm you have for your life with this new state of mind, the way inspiration that will bring you see and feel your new body much how your new body moves with grace and vitality. Fall in love with the wonderful feeling that it gives you see and feel all the or inspiring things that this new state of being will create. When it is hard wired into your brain. Feel the increased energy which will help replace Theo old programs in your mind. I want you to mentally rehearse your new life on. I want you to imagine that this is exactly as if it was happening right now. Feel the emotions, powerful emotions that you feel see, and feel yourself with that healthy new body full of vitality. Imagine it doing all the things that you wanted to do, see and feel yourself with the abundance for all the money you need, doing all the things that you want to do that that might be a vacation travel experience with just the freedom to do whatever you want to do. see and feel yourself with relationships and friends that you want whether they are new or existing way. I see and feel the love enjoy that I give you. What are you doing with? Imagine how will look clearly. See yourself enjoying your new mind and all it will bring you How would you live from the state of being? What choices will you make? How will you behave? What experiences are in your future? How will you live? How will you love? What could you be do or half to be completely healed? To be free, to feel invincible, To be in love with life, feel unlimited to believe in yourself and possibility Let yourself imagine that this is how your life is now open your heart and believe in possibility be lifted to a new You fall in love with the moment and experience that future now thats new belief. A new state of mind replaces the old beliefs in your mind with pure intentions on pure power, it helps you move into a new state of being and changes your vibration to attract all the things that you desire allow this choice to become an experience that you never forget and let the experience produce an emotion with such energy that it rewrites the programs in your subconscious mind. Let this new experience produce an unforgettable emotion and energy in your body that rewrites the programs, changes your point of attraction so well. The joy that you want relationships, abundance, health and vitality will be yours. By combining this pure clear intention with powerful emotion feeling good, All that you want will be yours. You will become self empowered and you will be inspired to the perfect action and perfect behavior that is required for you to change your energy, your vibrations and your life. Now, I want you to surrender this creation to your source. Infinite intelligence that's around. You allow this infinite intelligence to bring to you in a way that is perfect for you. Everything that this new state of mind will bring because what you think and believe and truly feel with help of the lore of attraction and infinite intelligence will manifest in some future time from possibility and potential into physical reality from thought, feeling into energy and into reality. Finally, I want you to give thanks and appreciation for a new life before has become benefits so that your mind begins to experience that future Now for the emotional feeling of appreciation as far as the body understands means the event has already happened. Appreciation is the ultimate state of Receivership. Show appreciation for this new life that you've created through programming this new belief into your deepmind foreign appreciation. You will create what you want. Except this new belief is your new reality. Vibration of appreciation is the most powerful connection between the physical. You on the non physical appreciation will put you in a position to receive even clearer guidance from your inner being. The more you practice appreciation, less resistance you will have in your own vibration on the less resistance you have, the better your life will be. So appreciate your life now appreciate all the good things that we hear and appreciate all the good things that are coming in a moment. Gotta count from 1 to 5. As I count from 1 to 5, you'll be able to bring this calm. Peaceful state back with you as you drift back will be filled with confidence and hope for the future. You gradually become more alert and more aware of the things around you. When I reached number five, your eyes will open and you'll happily stretch. Feel bright, cheerful, refreshed and full of vitality. You always begin with control, so you always finish with control, powerful sense of purpose. So just count with me now in your mind as you begin floating gently back to the surface, one that your awareness begin to expand to feel the muscle tone returning, feeling calm, relaxed and confident. Three. Relaxed, refreshed. Feeling all of the powerful strength an energy in your body for letting your attention expand. You're alert and fresh, full of purpose as you listen to the sounds around you. Five. Taking a deep breath Feeling good. Never been in your eyes. Stretch. We're looking out through the body at the world around you Wasn't that wonderful. 9. Lessons Learned and Wrap Up : looking back on the course. Now I know you've learned and achieved so much, starting with learning how the law of attraction works. We then moved on to how to love yourself as you are. Then we learned about the three steps to creation and why feeling good is so important. And feeling good unconditionally is the key to everything you want. You've also discovered some of the amazing new science which is now discovering how powerful our minds are in creating our personal physical reality science such as epi genetics, quantum physics and the latest neuro psychology. We then moved on to learn and practice a powerful and easy way to connect with your subconscious mind, which controls the majority of the way you behave that waas your self hypnosis, the yoga Nedra and then, in the process, manifest your desires. You then created your own unique personal power affirmation that you can use and change if you want throughout your life. You then learn how to change your limiting beliefs to new positive and empowering beliefs chosen by you. You've also learned a simple but powerful deepening process called the staircase deepening , which will help you retain an even deeper level of self hypnosis whenever you wish. So now you have all the tools you need to help you, to feel good and to change your thinking and beliefs. You can use these tools again and again throughout your life as long as they continue to feel good to you. Use these tools whenever you choose and you will find the more you use them, the quicker you'll get to a deeper level of self hypnosis, which will enable your affirmations and visualizations to be placed into your deepmind, where they will continue to work to bring about your dreams and desires. And hopefully, the most important lesson you've learned is that by changing how you think and how you feel , you can change what shows up in your life. You create your reality by how you think, how you feel and your beliefs. So rather than focusing on what is happening in the moment, focus instead on how you feel and find the best feeling thoughts that you confined. With the help of the tools and techniques you've learned here, I know you can change your limiting beliefs and create a new life for yourself If you've got any questions about the course or how to use these new powerful tools? Please don't hesitate to contact me by email at Chris. At manifest your desires dot com. We'll lay the question here. I would also really appreciate if you haven't done already. If you could go now and leave a positive comment and rating, that would really help me in being able to get this information out to more people. And finally, I want to thank you and tell you that I really appreciate your being here, and I have so enjoyed presenting this course to you. Be playful and easy about this. Have fun with it and don't make hard work of what you've learned. I trust that you are completely worthy and have access to the infinite intelligence that does surround you with everything you've learned in this course. Let your dominant intent be to pay attention to how you feel and reach for that unconditional feeling of alignment. Well being and feeling good, and then watch what happens if you can ignore the reality of what is and put more emphasis on what you feel and feeling good, you will discover that you can be do and have anything you desire. I hope you've had many insights from this course and through the information learning your self hypnosis and the meditations provided I want you to know that you have improved your vibration, which is your point of attraction. You've created a new set point. You've rebooted your mind and so more good things will flow to you Goodbye for now and know that things are always working out for you.