Be Happy Now: Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis; Effortless Manifestation [Part 1] | Chris Spink | Skillshare

Be Happy Now: Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis; Effortless Manifestation [Part 1]

Chris Spink, Master Manifestor

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learn a Simple Breathing Meditation

    • 3. Feeling Good Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself

    • 4. Do you want change the condition or do you want to feel better now

    • 5. The Law of Attraction

    • 6. Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

    • 7. Love yourself as you are

    • 8. Three Steps to Creation

    • 9. Feeling Good Unconditionally

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About This Class

“At last, an EFFORTLESS breakthrough system that eliminates your toxic thinking and ATTRACTS your Magical life…NOW”

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Now you can fulfill your dreams such as increased prosperity, vibrant health and loving relationships. 



Hi, my name is Chris and I am a Bestselling Author. My courses are also Bestseller's. 

Here is what my wonderful students are saying about this course….

"The BEST!!!!!!! -- Definitely the best course of LOA -- Excellently well explained and simple -- Very well designed with specific themes -- Scientific support of the LOA -- PDF of each lesson to facilitate the translation to other languages (Google Traslator) -- Excellent teacher -- Definitely 100 rating -- The teacher answers the questions that same day Very good person and human quality, is a teacher who is there for you. Thank you very much Chris for your passion to help others improve their lives!"

Erika Kings

"As a Master Hypnotherapist and LOA Expert; I have learned a great deal from Chris and this course. I am always a student in this world, and was guided to this course for a reason, just like everyone reading this review. You are here for a reason. The true value of this course could not be put into numbers; just to say that it has been designed to change lives all over the world, for those ready to take that leap. I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone! It is easier to direct my clients here, and then work with them on building the new foundation, and healing/clearing whatever stands in the way of it."

Joshua Weightman

"Thank you, Chris, for this course. This is easily one of the best courses in Law of Attraction I have ever taken. I have been following Abraham Hicks for years and I find that this course puts everything so clearly. For me, the Guided Self Hypnosis/Changing Limited Beliefs is a game changer. I have never been able to visualise so clearly before. As Abraham puts it, I now feel like a Deliberate Creator!"

Michelle Louw


>>> I have published the overall program as a series and split it up into bite-size chunks so that you can get the full benefit in easy to learn short sections with practical exercises to help you integrate the knowledge. The classes can stand alone or be part of the complete program. Please continue with each part of this course to gain the full benefit to change your negative and toxic thinking into positive using the powerful mind tools provided.


This course is for anybody who is aware of the Law of Attraction or has seen “The Secret” and who would like a simple and effective tool to improve what they think and therefore what they attract into their lives.

This course is for you if you are aware that you have negative thinking and negative limiting beliefs and want to replace these beliefs with positive empowering thoughts and beliefs.

You will learn how to finally identify the dis-empowering subconscious beliefs that are running your current life by default and start designing your exciting life; the life you dream of having where anything is possible.


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why most of the self-improvement programs or books on the market or even on your bookshelf never work?

Have you noticed that there are some tools that might seem to work for a few people but not for you?

Have you watched the movies “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, “The Secret”, studied the “Law of Attraction”? Have you attended numerous seminars on self-help and positive thinking? Yet, have you been able to achieve permanent & radical transformation in your life?

The Self-Development field is a multi-billion dollar industry and bookshelves are loaded with self-help books. Then why is it that there are millions of people struggling with health problems, financial insecurity, unfulfilled relationships, etc?

Breakthrough your struggle!

Have you wondered why you have worked so hard to make your life work, and strive so hard to make more money to pay your bills, to make your relationships more harmonious, and to gain better health, but you just can’t make that breakthrough?

Is there always something missing?

You wonder why, but never find the answer!

Let me make something very clear for you right now:

Here is why…

The majority of popular books or programs on self-improvement only touch the surface of your challenges or frustrations, NOT the subconscious toxic beliefs that cause the problem to begin with!

For example, if you have financial problems, you will be advised to take the expensive wealth building seminars that teach you a bunch of money making strategies. BUT, the fact of the matter is that your financial problems are not solved by tools or techniques to make money, but by something deeper and more fundamental.

If you have relationship problems, people will advise you to go to relationship experts who can give you tons of tips and strategies to improve your relationship. BUT you will find that the fulfilling loving relationship that you have dreamed of is still out of your reach.

That’s because your relationship problems are only symptoms, not the fundamental causes.

Spread your wings and fly …. Effortlessly

When those fundamental issues are resolved, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

  • Your financial situation starts to change; you start attracting money and abundance into your life.
  • Things that you’ve always wanted start to show up in your life EFFORTLESSLY.
  • You start to feel true joy from your work.
  • You start to attract the right and fulfilling relationships.
  • You find yourself more energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic.
  • Life will seem so easy and effortless; everything will flow naturally.

If you wonder how you can align yourself to live an amazing life, you have come to the right place.

Make magic happen!

This program is the result of over 30 years studying mind science and consciousness-expanding practices. You will learn how to finally identify the dis-empowering subconscious beliefs that are running your current life by default and start designing your exciting life; the life you dream of having where anything is possible. Join me on this journey of exploration and manifestation. 

“I reviewed my statement/affirmation at the end of the year. I am reminded how much has manifested since I completed my personalized affirmations. I am in a loving relationship. We have purchased a home together. I am no longer working full time which has given me much freedom to pursue the things I want to do. I highly recommend working with Chris.”


"This course is a great blend of spirituality, science, and practical experience. At its heart is the law of attraction.... Chris has enriched our experience of the law of attraction by bringing self-hypnosis into the mix. This practice allows us to create affirmations at a very deep level and manifest our desires much more easily. He gives us effective tools that we can use in our daily lives....."

Sonja Kaleski

"Excellent course with the best exercise I have ever done to clarify my personal power affirmation. I am using Chris's guided audio which for me has been like a very deep meditation. The instructor is very kind and thoughtful. He responds to questions almost immediately. Highly recommended."

Susan Hara


1. Introduction: good day and welcome to the law of attraction. Effortless manifestation Siri's live life by design, not default In it, you'll learn how to stop resisting your ultimate success and start attracting your big dreams and abundance in all areas of your life quickly and easily with simple tools and techniques that anyone can use. My name's Chris Spink and I'll be your instructor. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering others, and I've been learning and practicing how to deliberately create my own life and helping others create their dream life. For over 30 years now, before I discovered these tools and universal laws and learned how to implement them in my life successfully Ria, my wife and I were living on welfare and a very small annual income. But before long using the formula I teach, we've manifested enough abundance and wealth to become financially free and could choose whether to work again or not. We've managed to create a multi $1,000,000 property, Fort Folio in just five short years. I now choose to spend my time helping others manifest their dreams and desires. By the end of this seven part program, you will have rebooted your mind. Imagine having the power to create a new life for yourself on what that new life would look like when you have a life of increased prosperity, loving relationships, vibrant health and blissful joy. Inside the program, you'll learn that the number one obstacle to manifest in your hearts, dreams and desires is your subconscious limiting beliefs. Scientists have proven that one of the most powerful tools we have to change those limiting beliefs is hypnosis. And so I will be teaching you a powerful but simple toe learn self hypnosis technique I call the date mind system. I'll then teach you a fun process to turn your complete list of dreams and desires into a one sentence positive statement called Your Personal Power Affirmation. You'll use this unique, self created positive affirmation in conjunction with the powerful separate self hypnosis technique I teach you to help you replace your limiting beliefs and attract your ideal life after their or guide you through the changing your limiting beliefs process. To help you change those specific, hard to budge beliefs which are holding you back. The series is designed in small, easy to learn individual parts so you can learn and integrate what you've learned before. You move on to the next part, but please make sure you enroll in the next part of the series to get the full benefit from this complete program. Throughout the program, I'll give you a clear step by step, process toe, learn all you need to master these tools and techniques. I designed the program for anyone who wants ultimate success in their life, and also for anyone who's been struggling with the law of attraction, wanting to manifest all their dreams and desires. There are no prerequisites necessary, only an open mind and enthusiasm to learn bye for now. And if you enjoy this class, please leave. A positive review above this will help more people be able to transform their lives. Please, also don't forget to complete the project at the end of each class. Thes are essential for you to be able to build up the mo mentum to change your limiting beliefs and create your ideal life. Thanks for your time, and I'll see you in the rest of the program. 2. Learn a Simple Breathing Meditation: one of the simplest tools for relax, ation and meditation is focusing on your breath. So I want to do a quick and easy relax ation meditation with you now to give you the sensation of the level of relaxation you want to achieve in your self hypnosis, which you will learn later in the course. I also wanted to start you off with a practical session. So you get straight into using the practical tools that I am offering you, and so you can recognize for yourself how powerful these tools are and how simple and easy they are to learn. So in a moment, I'm gonna ask you to take a few slow, deep breaths to relax and release any tension you may have in your body or your mind. When I ask you to breathe in, I want you to tense your whole body and just hold the tension in your body for a short time while you hold your breath. Then, when I ask you to breathe out, breathe out and let all the tension go in your body and then repeat this process twice more . So just sitting comfortably in your chair or wherever you are at the moment. Gently close your eyes then won't you take a deep, slow breath in? Hold your breath, intense your whole body. Then breathe out and let go completely As you breathe out, let go of any tension in your body. Let your body and mind relax completely. No need to think about anything. Just take a rest from your responsibilities. Now another nice, slow, deep breath in Hold it then breathe out. Let go. Enjoying this feeling of deep relax, ation and peace And finally, one last breath in Hold it, then breathe out and let it all go. All is well in this moment in the course you're about to do will be fun and very helpful for you. You will understand and learn this course easily and effortlessly and practice the practical parts when necessary. So you become a master at them, which will enable you to master the lore of attraction. So you're feeling calm and refresh now and ready to learn and just gently bring your attention back to the room now and when you're ready opening your eyes This simple meditation will help you relax and release stress whenever you feel you needed. It will also help you to focus on whatever task is in front of you. Use it any time you're stressed or want to clearly focus on what you're doing. Practice it a few times, so you feel comfortable with doing it on your own. Enjoy and have fun. 3. Feeling Good Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself: did you know that the most important thing that you can do for yourself and the world is choosing to feel good? Feeling good is the key to whatever you want to be, do or have. You are the creator of your reality and the formula for creating everything you desire. It's simple, feel good. Plus, the lower attraction equals all your dreams and desires. Everyone wants to feel good, and if you can choose to feel good first, without conditions changing, you will become a master manifesto. Instead of needing the world and people around you to change before you feel good, you can feel good and watched the world change to match your good feeling. Throughout this course, I'm going to show you and prove to you that the most important thing that you can do it for yourself is to feel good. Like I said, I'll also be teaching your powerful tools to help you feel good consistently and unconditionally. So the old saying I will believe it when I see it is actually reversed. You will see it when you believe it, but I don't just want you to believe me. I want you to improve the way that you feel and see for yourself if this works or not. Either way, if you wind up feeling better, wouldn't that alone be worth it? In the course, you'll be learning the tools to help you to feel good and change your limiting beliefs. Beliefs of just habits of thought or thoughts. You keep thinking the keys of feeling good is not waiting for good things toe happen in your life so that you can have a good feeling reaction to them but letting the emotion of feeling good. Be enough without having to see the manifestation first. What we usually do, which stops us from having everything we want is we focus on what is happening right now and allow that to show us how to feel rather than choosing to feel good without the condition being necessary. In other words, feeling good unconditionally. I want you to know that any moment you can feel better and it can be achieved in a very short time. Everything you want you want because you think it will make you feel good. Isn't that right? So why not just go straight to feeling good right now? Feeling good is a choice, not a reaction to circumstances like you might have thought. But you might ask, How do I feel good when I have a situation in front of me that makes me feel really bad? The answer to that question is that you can't look at a situation that feels bad and expect to feel good about it. Instead, you need to take your focus off the not so good stuff. I thinking more general positive thoughts like things that were always working out for me or I'm doing the best I can from where I am, and every day in every way I'm getting better and better. So, for example, say you have some sort of problem with your health or illness that is affecting your quality of life. It certainly doesn't make you feel good, but what do we usually do when faced with this sort of situation? We usually focus some what's going wrong. We usually talk about it to others or complain that you don't feel good, so the only way to feel good in this situation is to take your attention away from your health problem or illness and focus on something that does feel good. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. So if you achieve a good feeling about something else that is working in your life and you take your mind off the health problem, then you've achieved a better feeling. Experience the meditation and self hypnosis techniques that I'll be teaching. You can also take your mind off your problem and put you in a more receptive mode where the law of attraction can begin to bring you more good feeling, thoughts, experiences and better health. We often think we need to get to the bottom of a problem before we can feel good again. But the truth is, you'll never find the underlying cause, because as long as you continue to focus on the problem, it's gonna keep persisting. What you resist persists. So redirect your attention away from the problem and find a way to feel better. Let go of trying to change reality from the outside and start changing it from the inside. The result is that when you feel good most the time, I absolutely guarantee you that you'll attract everything that you want 4. Do you want change the condition or do you want to feel better now: The next thing I want to ask you is, Do you want to change the condition or manifestation, or do you want to feel better right now? What can you accomplish right now in the next five minutes? Is it likely that you'll get the dream job on new car off a new relationship for the abundance you desire? Or is there more possibility that you can create a feeling which feels better than where you are right now? Feeling better, of course. And that's why he want the new car dream job, perfect relationship or more money simply to feel better. Can you give yourself the permission to feel good before you get what you want? If you can, then you can have what you want before it manifests. And if you can achieve feeling better right now than you're on your way to manifesting everything that you want, how you feel. It's simply the best internal garden system that you have. How you feel tells you whether you're in alignment or out of alignment with your non physical source, a larger all knowing part of you. When you feel good within yourself, you are perfectly aligned, and when you don't feel good, then you're out of alignment with source in that moment. But this is not a bad thing, because what it's showing you is that source or your inner being does not agree with your negative feeling or thought if you feel unworthy or inferior, for example, in the bad feeling you have is because your inner being your source does not agree with that thought and knows you're completely worthy. How you feel is also showing you what your present point of attraction is, meaning what you will create next in your life. So if you feel good, you'll be attracting and creating all the good things that you want into your life. And if you don't feel good, you'll be attracting more of the same. Not so good feeling stuff. So in other words, if you feel anxious, frustrated, discouraged, inferior, worthless or afraid, that's your current point of attraction. But if you feel joyful, happy, healthy, loving and that's your point of attraction and is what will manifest more off next in your life, the easiest way I found to be happy and feel good is to wake up every day with the intention to feel good. The mo mentum of certain thoughts from the day before has stopped while you sleep. So this is the best time of day to set this intention. When you start your day feeling good, focusing on things that you appreciate the law of Attraction brings you more thoughts that feel good when you practice appreciation for what is what is working in your life and notice things around you that you appreciate. Everything begins to look brighter and more enjoyable every morning. Look for reasons to feel good. Find positive things from your past. Looks great. Positive things happening right now. Look for positive things that you want in the future. Smile a lot. It is your natural state to be a happy person. It's natural for you to love and to laugh. Your dreams and desires will manifest when you make how you feel. The most important thing in your life came, or about how you feel them. What is happening in your life and you'll see the results manifesting quickly. You can choose to feel better any time you wish. Just choose a thought that feels better. And here's some additional tips that will help you feel good, Meditate and relax. Find more things that please. You get outdoors more often. Breathe more consciously, walk or exercise more often have more fun paid time to pursue interests you feel passionate about. You'll only see the evidence you want when you actually put into practice the principles of the law of attraction in a way that changes your reality. And that is by choosing to feel good most of the time. Feeling good. Most of the time can be challenging for most of us. Shifting your mindset on reversing your negative self talk is not always easy. But I promise you that if you practice the things that I'll be teaching you throughout this course, they will help you to change your thinking and therefore change how you feel so you'll start to feel good through choice, not through reacting to circumstances, and you'll definitely start to see the results in your life. What could be better than that? 5. The Law of Attraction: we know from science that we live in an energy based universe with energy based laws. The lower of attraction is one such law which draws to you the essence of whatever you mostly focus your attention on. Some people believe that the law of attraction is only working when they actually get what they asked for when they don't, The law of attraction just mustn't be working. What they don't realize is that the law of attraction is like the law of gravity. Gravity never takes a break, Otherwise we'd float off to space. And neither does the law of Attraction. This is why they called laws because they're completely consistent. The law of attraction never stops responding to the vibration you express the most. It is common, though, for people to get stuck in wanting something where they constantly asked for what they want while continuing to feel frustrated because they don't have it. When this is the case, they unknowingly offer ah higher vibration of the lack of what they want and therefore continue to get mawr off the lack. So if the majority of your thoughts and feelings are focused on feeling good, then everything you want will manifest. Have you ever noticed when your others are feeling good and in the zone that everything seems to flow easily and everything works out? And in contrast, have you noticed when you are others don't feel good, frustrated or angry, and things continue to go wrong. In other words, whatever you focus on is what you get. For example, if you want to be pain free when you've got pain, it's important for you not to focus on warning that pain to go away because it feels bad but focused instead on feeling healthy, energetic and full of vitality. We can often get impatient or don't believe the law of attraction works and then complain that the universe is not bringing us what we want. We then become discouraged and assume that the law of Attraction doesn't work well, that it's all just too hard. But this is not about hard work. It's simply about offering a consistent vibration around what we truly want. The law of Attraction is a universal law, and science confirms its existence. In fact, there's nothing in the world that disproves the law of attraction. Quantum physics has confirmed that consciousness actively plays a part in how physical reality is perceived by us. Modern psychology and the latest brain research have also shown that how we think creates what we perceive and therefore our reality. 6. Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction: quantum physicists have proven that thoughts are what hold together this ever changing energy field into the objects that we see. Our thoughts are like the glue that holds this reality together. Science tells us that Adams, which are the building blocks of everything in our world on 99.9% empty space. But that space is not empty. It's filled with energy or information. So no matter how solid our world appears, it is actually almost pure energy and information. Through this understanding, they have studied how consciousness does change the world and our bodies at an energetic level. They discovered when they studied the small particles of subatomic matter that it was only when they were observed and focused on that these particles would even show up. Otherwise, they disappeared back into the energy information field. So, in essence, the scientists have discovered that physical matter only exists when it is observed and given our focus and attention. Therefore they have in fact, proven that our minds do have a powerful effect on physical matter. In other words, have consciousness, which is made up of our thoughts and emotions, does indeed create our reality. Everything you see in our physical world started as an idea, you literally become what you think about most. Your life becomes what you've imagined and believed in most the world is literally your mirror, enabling you to experience in the physical plane. What you hold is your truth until you change it, Quantum physics shows is that the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it might appear to be. Instead, it's a very fluid place, continuously built up, using our individual and collective thoughts and emotions. You and I am mostly pure energy energy that is constantly changing beneath the surface, and you control it all with your powerful mind from a quantum perspective, when we mentally and emotionally rehearse ah wanted future. It is not idle daydreaming. It is actually choosing a new future, which we can observe into reality and intentionally manifest a desired reality. What we usually do because we haven't understood this is we create by default, which means what we have been taught to think and believe by family and society, and also by observing what is which simply creates the same patterns and experiences to be repeated. Now we know we have the power, which creates worlds within our minds. We can now choose to create how we want to experience our lives, which means creating by design rather than by default our design. By focusing more on what you do want and less on what you don't want. You can observe into existence whatever you desire and reduce what you no longer want. So creating your reality the way you desire is not some fantasy but in fact, quantum reality. In this course, I'll show you scientifically proven methods and tools to be able to change your energy on the thoughts, your thinking. So rather than creating by default, you'll be creating everything you truly desire by your own design. 7. Love yourself as you are: The next thing that is helpful in manifesting everything you want is to know that you will never be complete or finished. And happily you never will be. Imagine getting everything you want. Right now I'm not wanting anything else. That would truly be the end of this wonderful journey. For you, it would be like eating all the excellent food you were meant to eat for the rest of your life. Hold it once. Now I wouldn't want that. I like the way a meal comes just the right time, and I can enjoy that meal in that moment. And no, the next one will come when I need and desire. Fortunately, we are eternal beings. That's why we will never get to a place where we're totally complete and so we can't get it wrong. Also remember that the true essence of who you are is an extension of the non physical expressing his form in physical reality, you are perfect and worthy as you are. All you're doing here is having an experience of physical reality where you get to create whatever you choose once you know how, when you get what you want, you'll simply want something more. Life continues to expand and grow. Your life is supposed to feel good to you because you have deliberately chosen to be here to create your dreams and desires. You are for ever growing and expanding, while at the same time you're perfect where you are at any given moment. In other words, wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be on your path to manifesting whatever you want. And when you get what you want, it will continue to want more and align with your continual evolution. The basic understanding that is the foundation of this work is that well being is our inherent state of being. We don't have to create well being, and we don't have to fix ourselves or the world around us to experience it. We just need to stop the resistant thoughts that hold us back from experiencing our natural well being. Also remember that the true essence of who you are is pure conscious awareness, expressing itself as form in physical reality, and we are much more than we generally think we are. So in the broadest scheme of things, nothing has ever really gone wrong and nothing needs to be fixed within you. I know it might not always feel this way, but you are perfect and completely worry of all you want. We are here to help expand the universe and we're doing a great job. So relax and know that all is well. Embrace where you are now. Love who you are and who you are becoming source which is your inner being always accept who you are and loves you completely and unconditionally. That's why when you don't feel good, you're feeling guidance system is telling you that your inner being does not agree with that thought of feeling your inner being is always loving and accepting you no matter what . 8. Three Steps to Creation: there are three basic steps to manifesting or creating your reality, utilizing the law of attraction. Step one occurs as we live our everyday lives and a negative experience happens. The negative experience provides us with the contrast we need to help us recognize that this is an experience we don't want. This automatically tells us what we do want. It's not always easy to know exactly what we want until we experience what we don't want. For example, if someone's angry or mean, tow us how automatic desire is for that person to become and kind to us or if we face difficulty because we don't have enough money, love or happiness. This reveals to us we prefer allies to be more abundant in money, love and happiness. Step two happens after we experience what we don't want and acknowledge how true desire of what we do want your inner being the larger, all knowing part of you, instantly response to what you want. Your inner being holds everything you have ever wanted in a vibrational reality and is ready to bring it to you in the perfect way. This vibrational reality is waiting to become physical reality and manifested into your life as soon as you follow Step three and Step three is your only active role in creating what you want. It's your role toe a line vibrational e with your dreams and desires. In other words, you need to find a way to get happy and feel good, no matter what's happening. To attract what you desire into your life, you're in a being will. Then send your thoughts, feelings, situations and people at the perfect time for you to receive exactly what you want in the perfect way. So just to clarify what those three steps are to manifesting anything you want, Step one is automatic. When we come up against what we don't want, we asked for what we do want. Step two is taken care of by our inner being, and therefore we don't need to do anything. Alina being will sort it all out with the law of attraction. Step three requires us to feel good, no matter what is happening. And this is Theo essential Kato, manifesting your dreams and desires to feel good, no matter what condition is showing up for you. So we'll be concentrating on Step three and helping you to align with your dreams and desires so that you'll feel good. And I promise you that if you can achieve feeling good most of the time, your will manifest everything that you want. 9. Feeling Good Unconditionally: Everyone wants to feel good. And if you can choose to feel good first, without conditions changing, you will have attained manifesting mastery instead of needing the world people around you to change before you feel good. You can feel good on what's the world change? To match your good feeling. You can appreciate this moment right now without conditions having to change. Just feel good for no reason. We've been trained to react to situations. If the situation is something we want, then we react by feeling good. On the other hand, if what is happening isn't something we want, then we feel bad. What I'm suggesting is having complete control over the way you feel by choosing to feel good, no matter what condition is appearing. In other words, feeling good unconditionally. Feeling good is the key to everything that you want. The formula again is feeling good. Plus, the law of attraction equals everything you desire. The more you practice feeling good for no reason, the more you will realize feeling good is your choice. We're powerful beans, and the greatest power we have is how we feel in the moment. It's all about focus and attitude, we as human beings have the power to change our focus, our beliefs and our attitudes, and she's instead to be happy and feel good. We've let the conditions of reality where Matt away too much rather than knowing we can control how we feel unconditionally and if we feel good unconditionally, then we will get all the physical conditions we want. The biggest mistake we make in trying to manifest our desires is needing those desires to manifest first to make us happy. We think the condition will make everything right instead of feeling good, then letting conditions come to add to that. But not to be the reason we feel good. The truth is, we as human beings have the power to not react negatively in a negative situation. We've got the power to choose how we feel and we can choose to feel good and take control of our lives. One of the other major ways we slowed down the manifestation of what we want. It's because we jump into action too early before we feel good and focus on our vibrational energy. Most people believe that it's hard work and perseverance that will bring them their goals and desires. We've been taught this throughout our lives, at home and in society. But I'd like to suggest a different way that before we act, we align our thoughts and feelings with source and find a way to feel good. When you do this first, you'll find that inspired. The action will come to you first in the form of other good feeling, thoughts and emotions. Then you'll run into the right people that can help you at exactly the right time. And when you do choose to act, it will be because it is inspired action. It will not feel like hard work. It'll feel good and simply be the next logical part of the process. We often don't even realize the world being which is occurring in every moment just to be alive. I have a son, creates the light and warmth of our world for us to survive, how the evaporation of water then creates the clouds, which creates the rain, which creates the rivers which give us our water, which was what we mostly made up off the trillions of cells working together in our body to keep our heart beating and our brain working. We often take for granted everything that is working an ally so we can experience this wonderful world. So rather than focusing on what isn't working, focus on and appreciate everything that is working.