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Be Creative - Exploring Watercolor Patterns to Holiday Card Making

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (4h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Exercises & Projects

    • 3. Materials Required

    • 4. Cutting a Hexagon

    • 5. Understanding your Brush

    • 6. Characteristics of Pigments

    • 7. Geometric Patterns Part 1 Washes

    • 8. Geometric Patterns Part 2 Lines

    • 9. Geometric Patterns Part 3 Circles

    • 10. Geometric Patterns Part 4 Wooden

    • 11. Geometric Patterns Part 5 Hearts

    • 12. Geometric Patterns Part 6 Misc

    • 13. Geometric Patterns Part 7 Pattern with a Pen

    • 14. Botanicals Part 1 Washes

    • 15. Botanicals Part 2 Type 1 Leaves

    • 16. Botanicals Part 3 Type 2 Leaves

    • 17. Botanicals Part 4 Type 3 Branches & Leaves

    • 18. Botanicals Part 5 Berries

    • 19. Botanicals Part 6 Misc

    • 20. Botanicals Part 7 Flowers

    • 21. Botanicals Part 8 Buds

    • 22. Botanicals Part 9 Flowers & Leaves

    • 23. Botanicals Part 10 Type 1 Fillers

    • 24. Botanicals Part 11 Type 2 Fillers

    • 25. Botanicals Part 12 Hollow Leaves

    • 26. Botanicals Last Part

    • 27. Project 1

    • 28. Project 2

    • 29. Project 3

    • 30. Project 4

    • 31. Project 5

    • 32. Project 6

    • 33. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


We will be exploring patterns in this class. Patterns are simple yet interesting, so much to play around and the class is structured in a way that you need zero watercolor knowledge, just let your creative juices flowing.

I would be guiding your through each step of the process starting with how to go about the course as it is broken into 3 parts majorly starting with the Geometric Pattern exercises which covers the basics from our childhood days like triangles, hearts, circles, lines, moving to botanical exercises like painting leaves, buds, flowers, fillers & more. Finally making the 6 beautiful Holiday Cards with each one of them based on the learning from the practice exercises.

Though the class might seem long enough but the beauty lies in all the lessons as they are broken into very small subparts that ranges from 2 to 10 minutes and provides you all, the flexibility to take the class at your own speed.Finally an add on for all watercolor beginners you start by learning the basics of watercolor like background washes, how to work with values, how to create textures, understanding the material used and adding more bling for the Holiday with metallic colors.

This class is for everyone who want to make this Holiday season bit more special as it is a season of Joy, Peace, love, happiness & celebration. Lets send some magical Holiday Cards to our loved ones.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello guys, Siam, critical Anna, fan, artist, instructors, cache, teacher and educator from Delhi, India. Many of you might already know me and to the people who are joining me for the first time. I go by the name watercolor dot illustration dot lacto on Instagram. Most of my artworks and displayed over there. We will be exploring patterns and this class patterns are simple yet interesting, so much to play around. And the class is structured and obey that you need sudo watercolor, acknowledge, just let your creative juices flowing. I would be guiding you through each step of the process, starting with how to go about the course. Asset is broken into three parts, means it is starting with the geometric pattern exercise, which covers the basic from our childhood days, like triangles, hearts, circles, line. Moving onto botanical exercises like painting leaves, buds, flowers, fillers, and more. Finally, making the six beautiful holiday cards with each one of them based on their learning from the practice exercise. Though the class might seem long enough, but the beauty lies and all the lessons, as they are broken into way small subparts that ranges from o to ten minutes and provides you all the flexibility to take the class at your own speed. Finally, an add on for all the watercolor beginners, you'll start by learning the basics of watercolors. Light background washes, how to work with values, how to create textures, understanding the materials used, and adding more bling for the holiday season with metallic colours without any further ado, let's make the season, once again a season of joy, peace, happiness, and celebration by sending your loved ones some pretty handmade holiday cards. 2. Exercises & Projects: Let's first discuss what are top exercises as well as projects that we will be painting throughout this whole of the class. These are basically the geometric patterns that I'm showing you. It is the Lines, Circles, heart, textures, different washes that we have done. Washes are practically A-flat washed that we have done with the entire area, just reading the color of those washers. Then the next would be more about Bhutan Nichols. Now botanical are going to be again simple. We will be doing variegated wash. And then the leaves. But Betty's varying the sizes of the leaves, veiling the sizes of the flow roads vein the sizes of even the so-called or any kind of metallic patterns that we want to add while you paint a botanical. So it would be important to understand how we actually cut out each of these hexagon. Cutting out of hexagon, I will be actually teaching you later. So there is a lesson where I have actually taught how I made this hexagon and how you can also go about making each of these individual hexagon and ten tapered down around it, as well as pink inside it. So all of that is covered in this one. Then next week we'll have would be more about the projects that we are going to do. Projects are going to be really simple. These two exercises actually sets the base or the background for the projects that we will be going ahead and painting. It is again eradicated bush that we have done where you are altering the color from Docker green to lighter green. And then writing or any kind of sweep message that you want to send it over to your loved ones. Of course, these are small baton guards that we have made. Now since it is the holiday season, it is important to do some God making or roles. I think the whole point of remembering your near and dear ones so will not be fulfilled. Hence, go ahead and make this individual cards. You will see how I am actually using the individual hexagon, which we did paint the leaves, et cetera, and then adding it on the card. Then next that you see is a happy anniversary card. You can of course change the message. Discard has got so-called, though, I have changed those circles in coheres banner and that one of the reasons it looks like Pebble, how I paint in and around it. I will let you know there are to make Christmas and window wishes card where the first one is on the red and other one is the light green shape that we have added. It has a lot of metallic do blink, blink season is here. And hence, you would find a lot of illustrations as well as metallic splattered onto it. The last one is all about greetings and it is dandy Leon's that we have painted how we go about building these dandelions as explained in way more detail once you start attempting to projects. Overall, there are six projects that we will be doing and each of the projects in the ritually are different from each other. And hence, I hope that you do enjoy painting these gods the way I have enjoyed actually making these cards for you. 3. Materials Required : Let's discuss holding materials that we will be using for this class. Though you might see or quite a big spread of Materials. Part four, individual working. You do not need so many materials. No, not worry. Go ahead and see the brushes that I'm using. It's a vote black covert aid for and do along with the Copland's chimp-like Russia. No rigour, brush size CDO from rosemary. That so we will have from our brushes standpoint, we will go head and have one of our graphite pencils for are used. This is a monograph pencil which I have for myself. You can go for any harder. So that is available with you. Then will be an ADSR to take off any of the graphite marks. You can have only liberalism or you can have a normal eraser. Whichever is available with you, is good to go. Let's discuss the deep stack we will be using. I will be using mainly three kind of tapes, 1.250 inch and adult is wine five-inch under last year's one-inch. Now these are the three kind of tapes that we have to use for our painting, but whatever is available with you is good to go majorly. These are important though. Tryout. Although hexagon and all the other pieces that we would be doing my the way these are the normal carpenter tape San I just have one washy tape which I am using rest left staff called looked at these metallic colours. You can also go for metallic pins in case you do not have these metallic colours available with you. These are from the brand fine tech and I am using the Golden and swallows the silver one. Keep o scale always handy biocides. It really comes as an important tool whenever you want to ping door, even draw lines or understand how many, how many centimeters or how much the area you want to select that I'm even keeping one campus, which is important for checking how I actually create my hexagon. Keep a pair of scissors handy for yourself as well as some tissues. Tissues always come as a rescue in any of the places wherever you get gone ahead and created any kind of problems or issues. And keep these two kind of colors always handy for you. One is still quite quash if you have it with you. In case you do not have a white gosh, you can go for post two colors. The postal colors is more coarse and the greens are more larger. That's one of the reasons it is always stored in any kind of bottle or a jar. Whereas your gorgeous always stored in all tube. I am using a Windsor and Newton palette of 24 colors. You can go for any other pallet of your choice. I have been using this ballot for more than 1.5 years or two years now. And it has come really handy. You can go for even students read watercolors. There is no requirement of only aka scrapings or anything like that for this activity. Two jars of water always, always very, very important. One jar for washing your brushes and another chart or fresh supply of Watteau. Then now we will have a look at the kind of people we are using. Now. I will be going ahead and using arches. 300 GSM won 40 LB paper. But that is not the only people you can go ahead and use. Take any under 300 years and people, but do make sure that your tape does feel off easily from that people before you even start painting over it. That's the only criteria which I would ask you to maintain rest. I think you can go with any kind of supplies that is available with you. Though this looks vast number of supplies, but it is more about whatever is available with you going ahead with that. 4. Cutting a Hexagon: Let's understand how we can draw a hexagon and it's a very simple and easy process. Again, as I always tell you booster of the processes I've examined, sample and go ahead and check 3.6 centimeter, which I have taken for painting my hexagon and then make a so-called, But they have both your campus, you will actually get or small circle. And then once you complete the circle, go about and got these circles in equal, but there will be six equal bots that we will get with the help of the radius of this circle. And hence, once you are done with that, Mark individual points on those cuts which you are making right now. Once you have omit those points, we will start joining those points with the head Beaufort scale. You will absorb it how I am doing it. Now, again, this is based on real time that I have done c. Now I am marking and then adding a line for the help of the scheme. Similarly, I will again go ahead and do it for the second to the top point. Once you're done with the third, go head and do it from third to the fourth, and keep adding these lines. All the six sites that done. I will go ahead and cut out the so covert to help off my Sosa and then start cutting out these individual lines that I did all day mark with the help of my graphite pencil now got cut off cactus out to on a 300 year. Some people I always tell you to make to hit southern honor ticker paper because then it gives a lot of flexibility while you go about actually drawing in an amount that hexagon on the paper. Let's find donut one. So we take this out of this paper pad and then cut out these individual areas. And just the way I'm showing it to you right now, it is, I'm going to be a bit difficult if you are going with very, very small hexagons. If you are not going ahead with very small hexagon or it is going ahead with the size that either true you, I think that some perfectly fine. It would not actually create lot of problems for you to cut out this, even on the side says lines. So once are done, find, look, and then use it for the pedantic goals. 5. Understanding your Brush: Let us understand a bit more about the colors that we will be using, as well as the brushstrokes. Now this Scholars that I'm taking is artist grade paints, but you can go for any other pain status available with u minus i Winston and neutron palette. And I have just started one or two extra pins, which I do like from some of the brands. There is frankly no requirement of an artist grade paint. So go hit with anything status available with you. I have taken or 24 shade, you can go for 12 shade, thank shaped anything and everything will work in this case. Now, let's start painting or few lines. Why I'm painting lines? Because I want to just get the control of my brush. It is one after another that I need to paint these small, small straight lines. You can, again go ahead and try more of these lines if required. But according to me, you can just practice a few because there are more exercises coming up in the geometric patterns where we will be doing this kind of practice lines. Now I will be painting these kind of structures where I will add some of the pressure on my brush and release it again at some pressure, and release it again at some pressure and release it. That's how I'm going to actually continuously being these lines. Again, I will go ahead and repeat the same technique which I did apply earlier. They will look like one after another. You are applying some pressure and creating these kind of lines. Of course they are not even lines, but they are at some point more broader and some point more tener. You will continue doing this till you gain more confidence because this is very important to us. We will be actually doing a lot of botanical and botanical do require painting lot of leaves. And this particular exercise can help you to paint leaves in a better way. Once you are done with this kind of stroke, we will go ahead and try to paint. He won our more leaves with the help of strokes. We will apply a pressure and then again, release it on one side. I apply the pressure on the other side, and then again release it. Try doing this for more than once or twice because that would actually help you to build our muscle memory. Now, muscle memory is always very important while you are doing any kind of painting. The more you practice, the better you will get as a final outcome. Once we are done with this weekend, go ahead with another kind of leaf stroke where you can have a branch and then you will add more leaves to it. But it would be a single stroke leave. At some point you will have a broader single stroke leaves, and at some point you will have a shorter single stroke leave. While you might have been observing that I have actually placed my colors on the top. You can place it on the right or else you can even play set on the left depending on, if you're a right-handed person, it's always good to place it on the right or on the top. If you are left-handed person, it's always good to place it on the left or on the top. Always start with the one branch and then add two leaves. Then you can go ahead and try. Do I add one branch, further branching at out two or three leaves. That's how reverb be adding one hot dog leaves will be bit bigger compared to the other leaf, which can be smaller. Always order the size of these leaves. Which would actually give a lot of randomness to the painting, as well as it would look Raman natural compared to any other painting or any other nature's painting. If you do, you have to actually keep this randomness of nature in mind. And they are never similar or they'd have no symmetry at all. While you keep making these leaves, makes sure that you have about the four or five leaves on top of it and then check how you can actually make it not. You can also move around with the people doping these they use. I'd leave it up to you how you want to manage to paint these individual leaves. It is, of course, fine anytime to move around with the paper and understand how you can get a better pattern as well as once this leaves are over, we will go ahead and just check some basic geometric patterns like our triangle, square, rectangle, heart, circles, whatever you want to go ahead and paint. These will be the basis for our geometric patterns when we go ahead and paint them in our next exercise. So one of the exercises does imploded or involve a lot of these, as well as our finding guard of Christmas, Merry Christmas. We'll have our tree like this. If you can paint individual triangles, it would be really simple and easy for you. As well as very these triangles. You do not need to make triangles of similar size and shape. I have just shown you one of the triangles that I have painted. But you can go ahead and change the size of the triangles because we will be changing the size of the triangles while we will go ahead and paint that particular guard for this season's greeting. Let's make some random lines. Now these lines will be ticker at some position and thinner at some position. And these lines will again tell you how to actually draw the textures. Tech shows we would leave me think as a wooden texture, you would understand it more once we start with the exercise. But these kinds of varying patterns is very important somewhere. We'll be starting with o broader lying somewhere. Theta at nine. At some places it would become shorter, and at some places it would become longer. Those are the ways we will keep on painting these lines. If you are not very comfortable with round brush, you can always go ahead and paint with all the good brush. And particularly at this point in time, we are just trying to understand our brush and how our brush behaves. So that next time, whenever we are going ahead and attempting the final exercise, it is way more easier for us. Okay, let's now play with low values of the colour. How we play with the value of the color. Take some saturated value and make a so-called, once you are done with the so-called go head, wash your brush, and then again, faint and other circle just inner around it. The way the circle is touching the other saturated so-called, You will see that the colors will automatically flow from the saturated one to this one. Again, I'm going ahead and painting and all those logo, which has saturated values. Let's paint the heart. Now. Of course, you can always go ahead and keep experimenting with these kind of shapes and sizes. I have. Just try to keep it limited because we will be experimenting a lot during the exercise session. And these are just simple ones that we will be exploring. Nothing much difficult. Just to fill up the entire heart after washing your brush and you will see that the colors look very pretty visible. Even tried to use some simple patterns like small, small lines. You will see how I paint these lines, as well as smaller circles which can be added as fillers. You can always use these lines as velocity smaller circles, pillars with the metallic, metallic look very pretty in this case. And metallic TS will give that even that extra factor or that extra blink during this festive season. Okay, as I have told you, you will observe me painting these smaller circles now. Use the tip of your brush to paint these smaller circles go with any small-sized brush that wouldn't give you remote control and keeping them till you feel that. Ok, fine. Chaim Goodrich circuits. Now. And these are the kind of lines that I was telling you. I would love to add wet my mechanics. So there are 1010 lines. That's good. Let's go ahead and start with that exercise now. 6. Characteristics of Pigments: Let us understand what is the difference between the colors like postal colors, as well as wash. Why? I have been using gosh, Rotterdam posture colors and how much you can explore, even by using postal colors. Though, whenever you are starting your journey, it's good to go with the postal color. I have taken a jar of postal colors, which is really cheap, and it is a student grade post two colors that I have taken. You can also go ahead and purchase this one. I am mixing some of my yellow with the white posts to Color. And then I will show you how it is different compared to the quash. The first is basically the transparency. And you will observe that the opacity of the post to Carlos is not as great as the opacity of the white wash that I would be using. We have only painted the square if you see that all the places where you paint the square with the post to color, it's not having an equal consistency. If it doesn't have an equal consistency, it would be very difficult for you to paint with the same while you are onto your projects. Though. It can be done and they will not be much of a difference that you might observe if you go ahead with two layers of postal Carlo. Whereas when you observe Miguasha, i can go ahead with only one layer of wash and you get the same amount of consistency opacity while you paint. So next time we will discuss about the consistency. Consistency is a very important parameter while I paint wet my wash or any other white opaque postal Carlo. If I try to paint one after another line for my, the color, I will not get the same consistency in each one of them. While if I tried to paint it in guage, I would get the same kind of consistency with each and every line, which I'll go ahead and paint wet. While you keep exploring postal colors on your quash, I would like to take you through the differences between a student rate and artist grade watercolor pigment. The transparencies or semi transparency or opacity decides a lot about the pigment. The amount of light that can pass through a pigment and bounce back besides the glue of the pigments. The second part is if you dilute your opaque water colors a lot, it might lose its natural intensity. Stainless, if you wish to live the paints, then it's important to use a non-sustaining pink Permanent colors. If you are making projects just for your practice, you can always go ahead and use student drape pigments which might have more filler and binder, making it less durable compared to the artist create watercolors which might go beyond your own lifespan. Last is the flow, which is mainly the degree to which a pigment moves around on the wet surface. Generally, the more transparent of pigment is, the better it flows on a watercolor paper. Always by the new pigments are paints based on the characteristics rather than going ahead with TO create IT UP company offers, then you might end up building a better version of your own palette. 7. Geometric Patterns Part 1 Washes: Oh, get onto our foster pattern-making design. And it is going to be a very simple one. This first part is especially simple because we are just trying to lose some basic washes. But before we do the washers, I want you to divide the people endosome equal house. So what I have taken as 3.5 centimeter and 1.5 centimeter in-between. This, i will continue till though four panels. I have or five panels you can keep four-year washes. I have taken on 0 to five and show what she did for applying it across though people, there will be about, I think eight washy tips that you will need on the borders. I have applied Article one, which is about one inch and I leave it up to you, whatever is available that you see. There is again, no particular rule that we have to go ahead with. This is primary wash that we will be doing as well as we will be developing part on, on top of read-only. You can also use it just for your practice, as well as this is the basic input that I would say you need for a watercolor painting. I'm taking basically two colours. One is the aqua green that I have, Dayton, and another is the lunar blue. And again, this is just the color choice that I'm making. You do not need to make this color choice. It's R dot value that I have chosen. You can also go for turquoise, the forced Washington most saturated wash on it's still flat wash that you need to do. Flat version means that all the pigments that you have on the Papal should be equally distributed. In a way, God, there is no gaps or no chances of having uneven distribution of pains. And you might get, are different saturation level or different areas of the paper. Fill up the entire idea of the people. And then you let this part of the people dry out, leave and go for the next TO bigger area which people be using or less saturated version. And again, we will paint that area on top of it. We will have all geometric, Martin, as I have told you. But let's go step-by-step. Fosters having on learning how to do a fat wash. And we should always go from top towards the bottom. You will see that I am doing wash across the paper. It's not that I am just moving from top to bottom or from bottom to top Street. It is a movement from left to right, and then again from right to left, again from left to right and right to left. You will add some more water now and start this process. While you go ahead and apply the forced wash, I'm going from top to bottom. But to me that even as I have told you, the brush movements need to be from left to right. And again, going from right to left. Talking to people. Keep on painting the last part of the area. And you will automatically see that once you are done with all good flat washer for the forced part, the second part becomes really simple. And if you follow the way I have actually told you to ion two colors, you will be in a position to get even amount of saturation at all the places. Again, this is one of the exercise which is where Don dry, you can always go for wet on wet, whichever you're more comfortable where there is no rule as such that we have to go wet on wet or wet and dry. It's just not my preferable method would be read on dry as it is more of a challenge to do where Don dry compared to get on with the unmoving on total taught part. And yes, I'm getting more unexcited. And because I can see this, the Cedar drastic movement of the colors, how they are becoming lighter in values. Values are very, very important aspect in watercolors. And I literally wanted to actually spend some time on values. That's one of the reasons this whole exercise, I did plan out. Because if you can understand the values well, then most of the paintings can be done. Even there are paintings like monochrome. They're the only paint with the one column and varying the value of that particular color. I'm starting with the final one. Now. I feel that the scholar that have applied right now is almost similar to the one that I have on the left. So be sure that the value that you are applying needs to be one shade lighter than what you have applied early. So you can always go ahead and add more water. Adding water will always like lambda value. That's the best part about what the goal is. That if you want lighter values and more water, and you will get a lighter value. Whereas if you have a darker value, it's very difficult to get any lighter value after that. And there is no way you can get back in water. Carlos. Always always go with a lighter value and then if you need go head and you can always make it more darker. 8. Geometric Patterns Part 2 Lines: This part is going to be simply easy and amazing at the same time, because it is the most easiest. Yet. It requires a lot of control in terms of brush, how you make the movements of the brush. And we will be ordering a lot in terms of how we apply the lines. The first line is ticker and the next line is thinner. I'm going ahead with my size to brush from silver black velvet to paying these. But if you want to try out any brush that is available with you, it is perfectly fine. You can go with anything that is available with you. For all the exercise that we are doing right now. You practically do not meet any artist great colors. You do not need any kind of go brush specific to what I'm using right now because there is nothing different or difficult that we are trying to attempt. It's simply very, very relaxing. And these are simply thinner and ticket lines that we are painting. Though I know you have already done the brush control its size. And there are other exercises which I did add on it. So you are quiet. Good to go right now on your own to paint all of these partons one after another. Still, a small guidance might always come for your rescue or help. I might go ahead and include some music while we go ahead with this exercise. As I do not have a lot to explain, its only or very simple relaxing, stress busting, as well as Brush control exercise, which we are doing right now. There should be an even flow in terms of when we are actually painting these lines. We should always remember that there should be an equal spacing between them. But whatever you can do is on needs to be handmade. And that's one of the reason we are not trying to actually go ahead and check how many centimeters or at which place we should. Pontius lines. You need to keep on painting the lines right now. And when you are painting any ticker line, what you can always do is go ahead and paint the upper part as well as lower part offered. Then just fill it in between. You can then make the tenor line after that. In a similar way, we will keep on painting the dough you not blue for this entire area. On most Jordan, but the first part of this exercise now vivo, go head and start making somewhat batons fault o. Second part, which is left in white, or you can say where we only have the white paper being seen. It's time to pin some slanting lines. Again, I'm using the color Luna two for painting these slanting lines. You can make even lines to bark for this one. Again, i'm going ahead with a ticker line under ten outline. Now, the ticker line that I'm painting is close to the teen online that I didn't think in my first part. While the tenor line is nothing but only the brush tip. And using the brush tip is very, very important. This would actually help you to gain a lot of confidence when you are applying any kind of strokes on the paper. Why are you being this? There have been a lot of questions about what people you should use, what brush you should use, what pains you should use for this particular exercise, what we are doing. You do not need any kind of markets. Great pains are desperate. Create brushes or aren't as great people. You can go for any paper that is available with you. Just make sure that the tape that you apply on top of it easily gets to the moved. That's the only thing which I would ask you to do. And sometimes people do have this opportunity of using great papal, like right now you might be seeing me using arches, 300 GSM paper, but it is one of the best papers which is available in the market. But the point is if you go ahead and ask me to let out your creativity, your need, any particular people or while you are stopping out when need or grid paper, my answer would be no. Menu are stopping out. Go ahead with the paper that is available with you. Go ahead with pain status available with you, go ahead with brushes that is available with you. All of them can be student grade pill. We are embarking on a journey where we want to actually keep learning watercolors, I should always say, do not invest if you like. And if you have this tendency to start laughing watercolors, then only I would ask you to slowly start investing in your people pains, rashes. And tau is the time to use the, most of the people will always ask you to use this particular excise as the first one. But I always take it as though toward or default one because using the tip of your brushes not so easy. And there are a lot of chances to go wrong in this case. Why we are doing though for spot, it was majorly filling up the broader spaces. When we were doing the next part, I introduced you to these tenor lines, as well as the thicker lines. Denote lines are not so easy. You have all great brush control. Therefore, always, always stride as the Toward or the full text size, I would say. Keep on painting these lines one after another and then try to maintain the same amount of gap. Of course, this might look a bit tough right now. But believe me, when you have this amount of paper available with you, you can always go ahead and try this. You can even try these kind of lines on any vertical rather than going horizontally way. It's only that I loved doing it go horizontal ray, so I did go ahead and make it horizontal. You can always go ahead and make it vertical on T-note place. So you get always what you can do is shift these tapes in all horizontally MyNode rather than doing it vertically. And that way you can also try though, vertical lines rather than the horizontal lines. All these exercises you can even do on a full paper rather than going with the small spaces that I have been dead right now as I wanted to do some pattern-making. That's why I did use these tenor areas to paint these lines. This part is more about creativity. I would say. We already have an understanding about how we need to paint the lines. How we need to alter the thickness of the lines, how we can actually being that slanting or you can go for horizontal, you can even go for vertical. All of this has been done and now you can't let out your creative juices. Paint might be three or four tenon lines and one broader light. Then again three or four tenon lines and one broader line, I'm going ahead with two and then one broader line like this. All these exercises can be done at any point in time. It's really relaxing and very helpful for these stressing yourself. I have had so many times where I was really stressed out and I needed to pick it out somewhere. Always looking out for options like going ahead with any inspiration from Benton dress store. You can go ahead with inspiration from other areas like Pixabay and splash and everything. But always in doesn't walk out. We have to look for photographs. We might have to look out for something else that we wanted to paint. That might not be the best option that we have in hand. And there are times where we do not have more than ten to 15 minutes in our day to paint when I'm having a coffee I might love too. Go ahead and paint something. Those other times where you can actually ease your watercolors skills are, and this is one of the ways I can tell you. You can always go head and A's on your watercolors skillset. It doesn't require much of photonic process. It is simple, easy, yet very interesting. 9. Geometric Patterns Part 3 Circles: How about the painting? Some circles? Yes, we have done a lot of lines. We have made our basic washes. And what I am going to do is really simple excites. Go ahead and choose any penny of your country and start making circles. Add-on that. You are frankly making some half circles. Some quarter circles because the space is really small. But you can use this kind of an idea for making any kind of other projects where you are more invested in terms of making a car law, you are making any kind of repetitive pattern. You are going ahead and making one specific project for any of your other business. You cannot seriously user. These are very small and simple, simple things which can come to your rescue at any point in time where you do not feel very motivated or you do not really, really creative. Once you have added the graphite monks in them around these small pennies, or you can say I have taken actually one rupee going from my own country. You can go for any quarter coin or whatever it is, okay with you. You can even go for a bottle caps or anything like that. And then we will go with the saturated makes of the color, that is our quad green. This aqueduct looks pretty similar to dacoits or any other shape from any blind that you have available. Or else even you can go for a mix of blue and the green that will give something similar. When you start painting these circles, they need to be of the same saturation level. Though you can always all the saturation level or the values of this so-called. But I would preferably ask you to keep it simple and make it with the same values. One small thing that you can do an experiment while you are in your creative lying or you want to let your creative juices flowing is go ahead and add some amount of salt on top of this. So great, saturated colors that you have applied on the circles. When you apply salt, what happens is so that your Kahlo just moves from the place where you have applied one auto soil grains. And then there is a different ingredient kind of look or different levels of saturation within a single circle only. Which means you had becoming more creative. And that's one place with or what you can always do. This is one of my ideas. You can always go ahead and even splatter water once your paper is a bit dry on these circles, but values Plateau water, what happens is that it might go to the places where we have all ready applied the colors. And they do not know. Sometimes I brush do have some amount of colour in it. And if the splatter has that color, it might spoil the background altogether. So be very careful. While you apply these waters platters do with these circles. Rest. I think we will go ahead and foster obeying the so-called sand then some smaller circles in between to make it look more expressive. This is a very simple exercise for relaxing our minds, for making you feel more acceptable in terms of if you want to try what the colors, these are the exercises which you should always try the pigment. I'm kind of done with this part completely. We will go ahead and just add colors on the last 2.5 circles that are left. And then we will start painting those smaller. So goods, as I have told you earlier, you might feel that why I did not go for a bigger brush and I did go for the smaller ten size to brush. I have big bin, bin width size toothbrush even formed my lines. So it was just that I am a bit more comfortable and I do feel that we can gain lot more control if we are going with a smaller brush in and around the circle when we are painting it what happens is there are chances that your brush might slip or it might go here and there. So those are the things which can be awarded if you are using size to brush just the way you saw like now that one of my lines went out and then had to again go over it to make it look more circular. So we are starting with the most exciting, but these are small, small things that we add to a painting, oddly are two apart. And it comes to life. That's what I have understood while IP in this geometric patterns, I don't know exactly how you would feed. But once you start the experiment technique, I am pretty sure about and that you would love to wing it even in your future. Creative journey. Go head and paint some smaller circles, go head and pain sum's bigger circles. Now the saturation level of the circles can also change. I'm using a very thin size to brush from my silver black velvet series. You can go for any branch that is available with you. Most of my brushes are from The Artist Creed dof. And that's one of the reasons you might be watching that there are so much of art as grade paints and brushes and not because usually what I do is more of heavy washes. Whereas this glass is only focused on people who want to start their water college journey somewhere and are lost or exactly don't know how to start it. A few years back when I started off, it was so difficult for me to actually know where and what I should do. That was the trigger point for me while I was launching this glass. I seriously did not know what whether techniques, what way the washes, what weirdo brushes, what type of watercolor paper I should use. Everything was so difficult for me to understand. You can always go for the best in line. But there should be something that when you were starting off to understand that whether you want to even continue with a particular hobby, you are not already, you want to even invest so much in this. So on an overall basis, you can go for anything that is available with you and start off. These will only help you do actually gain more confidence and understand what the colors in a better way. Now, I will go for more circles and smaller ones and bigger ones on the ideas which are left some of the areas I believe and leave just like that. We're done now with the Spark. And now you can just look forward to the next one. It's going to be again, an interesting painting that we will be doing. Painting or you can say geometric patterns, anything. 10. Geometric Patterns Part 4 Wooden: Vr onto hedonic Sparta. And it is going to be, again, a very simple exercise where we will be actually being thinks some textures, yes, it might look, are a bit difficult right now, but frankly, it would become more easy and coming when you go head and painted. They will be textures like this. It is more to do with a wooden Beck show. I did apply some graphite Mark's first term. Then only I will go ahead and apply the things over it as I am not very confident while I paint the four stored though second-line. And while I am going over this rarefied marks, I can actually gain a lot more confidence and then it would be easier for me to go over time paying anything on or darker lines. You need to place the lines and to send to each other. And the same meaning that some of the lines will be matter what? Some of the lines will be broader. And then you can go ahead and paint in between them. Once you obtain thing in between them, I know that some places you will not find much space in that place. You can go for a broader stroke. And reverted. This is actually something which is like a wooden texture. And these are more off M6 curvy lines that we are making. We have already painted straight lines, we have painted the circles. And now it's time where we experiment a bit more. If you see in some of the places I'm holding my brush at 90 degrees completely because I wanted to get tenure lines. And in some of the places I'm holding the brush in Muslim thing lately that I want to get to tickle lines. These are the small nuances that you can always follow to get these kind of similar around textures one after another. This would be a bit long process. I will not deny because if you see I'm painting on a realtime basis as well as I'm going ahead and painting some of the lines in Oslo manner, you do not need to hurry. This is the time where you need to focus on how you want to paint these lines. Some of them will have more spaces that you only need to decide. Because now you were on your own and you do not have much of a control as there is more off. Work with watercolors and watercolors, meaning that you will have lot lesser control compared to if you would have gone ahead and done it with a pencil. I'm starting with one broad line and then I am again dividing into Putin or lines. These are the kind of changes that you can always do why you weren't being done on these lines and coming up with a wooden part on like this. Time to start experimenting, experimenting, I would say at some point you will observe that I am leaving the line in between. And in some parts I would extended IDH, the bottom area. Sometimes I'm going from bottom to words that dog and some downtime going from the top towards the bottom. Again, in some of the places you will apply higher pressure. Don't make it more broader. And in some of the places you will apply your pressure to make it tenor. Finally, order three more lines that I am going ahead and adding again by let go from their dog. You can observe that I am making it a valid tick. And then next time, which is N2, S2, it is again 1000. Then I'm making a very short line. Who completed? This is how the Tech Shows and the patterns are going to be. Again, I'm repeating the same process over here. Now, I will show you something a bit different. We will go from left and we will extend these lines a bit more. Daughter current one that I did post a shorter one. And I'm standing One more just around it. But this one, then I start. I will go from my left and I will go to the extreme right. That's how, how you need to expand the stretch shows. If you do not expand these tech shows in this particular way, you will not be able to cover the entire eight years, as well as the look will not be wooden. Now it's time very V0 will be painting shorter lines compared to the longer lines which we did start off or hit off with. It would be one after another. And some of the lines, like you observe art more to good. Whereas some of the lines I am using only the tip of the brush so that they are a really thin, there is only a less space that we need to fill any folded. And while I go towards the bottom, I am trying to make these lines, again a bit more ticker, wash your brush, revel. It is required ghost law, no need to hurry and move one after another. You will observe the patterns are coming together on their own. We are not doing much to change the course. Only a few variation of takeover and ten outlines that it. And then moving from left to right or from right to left to make it more broader or narrower, that all you need to keep in mind while you meet this spot. Almost all VR done. Let's move on to the next part where we will go ahead and paint something different or a different geometric pattern. 11. Geometric Patterns Part 5 Hearts: Okay, this is the third pattern. Though. Thought baton is going to be, again, very simple. We are going to pink hearts. Yes, Hobbes is a symbol of love and it is very simple. Small, small hearts we would be printing. They can be equally distant from each other or they might be placed randomly. I have tried to make it equally distant from each other since we are making some handmade batons. But again, it is up to your discretion how you want to make it. This part of the exercise, of course, will have equally distant hearts. But there will be at some point in time, you might feel the proportions don't look similar or the heart don't look absolutely seam. That's okay. It's on handmade. And when things are handmade, you will not get exactly the same kind of hearts or any kind of circles or even lines when you weren't being ten? I have frankly drive, don't make three rows. What do I mean by that? As though first top hearts that I'm making is one after another, and then I am placing my heart's in an alternate way. You do not need to measure exactly where you want to place your hearts. One-off mattered like at every half an inch shorter, everyone mentioned that it's not required. But only you need to decide exactly how many lines you want to paint. This is a very, very small area. That's why you might only see a few lines. But if you are painting on a larger area like a project and all, they're, more patterns can be made, you can even, or the size of these hearts. Some can be bigger hearts and some can be smaller hearts. We are almost done with this fat on making. You have understood it well, you can always go ahead and pick that. Go for a smaller brush. As I always say, it gives a lot more control and there is less chance of going wrong. Again, heart shape is not very easy to paint, so you can try it on one or two of them in our paper and then go head and painted up to you. I'll leave it how you want to go about it. According to me, this is also a practice exercise. If you even go wrong over here, there is no problem. And it is just an idea. You can actually cut this piece and keep it as a bookmark if you want. All of this pieces which you are painting right now can be used as bookmarks. They will look fantastic if you want to give it or gifted to any of your friends. Let us go ahead and ping the last few hearts for finishing the spot. And then I will make some more half hot CRM to complete it. It is how you have to complete a project. Sometimes you might not get the whole of the space to complete a full heart or afford geometric pattern. Do not worry, may cough, offered and completed. It doesn't look out of place at all. 12. Geometric Patterns Part 6 Misc: I'm Lee the second last one. This is going to be more miscellaneous and we will be mixing and matching through different Barton's one from though wooden part and another from the Circles part. You will see how beautifully it turns out. Let us start with the lines first. Again for the wooden pattern you have absorbed. In some of the places, I will make narrowed lines and in some of the places I will make broader lines. In the similar way. I am painting the same pattern over here, but I'm using only two lines to extend that pattern. Then next part is how I paint the circles. The circles are done again in another way. We will start with o bigger circle and then go ahead and make it smaller in size. Once that is done, you have to again repeat the same pattern that we did paint earlier. This pattern making has to be in a way that they don't look absolutely similar to each other. What I mean by similarities, they should more look like a textual moving in different directions. The slanting lines we are not going to actually painted in, oh, very, very similar way. We can start broader. We can go narrower or we can go narrower and start broader as you want to take it forward. Again. Now go ahead and paint or two adjacent lines in the places where you have actually bigger circles, what you can do, you can broaden up the space more compared to when you have smaller circles. That is the place where you can play more with your creativity. And this is again, one of the bookmarks that you can paint and gifted to anyone. Not only your friends, your colleagues, your family members. You can keep it for yourself in case you are an ardent redo. Let us keep filling up more spaces and let us explore more slanting and coal reuse lines. Initially when we started, you would have observed that I did not make it very curvy, whereas now when I am doing it, I'm trying to make it more curvy as well as ticker from few of the areas, whereas I'm making it ten or from other areas, broadening it at some place and then making it smaller in the other places, one after another. You keep on just adding it and then add the smaller circles in and around it. While I was going to what's there, right. I do remember that some of these places on the left is still empty. I'm going ahead just adding the circles and then I will add two lines around it. Just the way we have done. This would be half of it because there is not much space that I had. Okay. Sometimes I do get carried away. And again, pink tone, the areas which are over the part, you do not need to do that. I think it was just a bit wet because of which my hand went over it and it did spoil it a bit. But you can wait for the time for it to dry and then go head and painters orders. What you can do is you can cut out small, small. So for your bookmarks and Daniel can individually beam them. I want to do some more experimentation. And once I am done with this part, which is more simpler, I mean, not despite these two lines, I would go ahead with to further lines, which will be to not do what's the top. Whereas when I go to what's the bottom, I will keep more space in-between them. Just observe how I am doing it. It's not the exact line one after another, which will have more space, whereas it would be the areas where we will be painting the dots which will have more space. Finally, I guess I'm quite happy with the outcome. You can go ahead and just completed towards the right. Again, this is a very small space. So go with two lines, one after another, and it would be only half. Then not one, not two dots pens, you are done with it. 13. Geometric Patterns Part 7 Pattern with a Pen: Okay, so the last one. For this one, I have equally divided the arts in dong for different halfs. And I am drawing one line first with my jelly rope. And you can also go ahead with your very thin brush and think with your white pasta column. Or if you have any other colors that is available, which is opaque and nature like died premium white or white gosh, go head. And painted. Once this is done, get rounded. I would be painting more lines. First important aspect is to divide the people that is available with you into four equal halves. That stone meeting. And then go ahead and blink three to 40 lines. Again. This time we are going ahead with the pen. Now, Ben always gives us more flexibility when we are drawing lines or doing any kind of pardon? This is just a one-off case which I wanted to show you that you can get we better results or you can get very easy results with the pen compared to what we drive down now with watercolors. I think drawing lines is really peaceful and we should go ahead and paint some more of them. What you can do is you can divide, again though, half of each of these blocks into further half of it, and then add some more lines. Again, the lines will be one broader, and other two would be tenor. This is just to let you know that how much more you can do if you are using append. But I would preferably asks you to go for what the colors in most of the paintings that we would be doing. Ask it helps you to gain a lot more confidence as well as gauge through the mistakes that they usually doing watercolors. Sometimes we are not using the correct paper or we are not using the correct brushes, we are not using the correct art supplies. All of those, if you want to try, I would say this is the time that you should go ahead and try them out. If you try them out right now, you would be in a position to understand what you like and what you don't like for these particular exercises, we all know that we do not need any expensive supplies, but when you will be going ahead and doing your own projects or you try and experimental with other heavy washes. Those are the times where you will mean good paper and. A 100% cotton paper is one of the most important aspects that you should have. If you are doing any heavy washes for your landscapes or for any kind of see painting or mountains, et cetera, where there are different amount of layers that you would be adding on. This is actually for future Bart venue are doing these exercises. I would say experimenting would be always a good idea. Go head and do it. Now we are painting the leaves for relief painting. Of course there would be too small semi-circles. Make a line in between. And then you have to again, fill up 1.5 of your leaf with the help of the Jelly Roll pen, again in the form of the lines. Now most of the work that you will observe right now is in the form of, of lines because we are using or Jelly Roll Band. I would have gone ahead and filled up one part completely if I would have been in a position to use more of my water colors, in this case, what the colors actually gives you less control. And therefore, making these smaller lines would require a lot of practice. You can even try it that way. I'm completely open in terms of what you want to try and how you want to try. But this is easier method that I wonder too late, you know. Why don't you go ahead painting these lines. You will observe that I am painting them realtime. Earlier. I was making these leaves going ahead, making the line in between as well as filling up one side of these leaves with the other smaller lines. Now, I wrote, preferably first made these leaves and then only fill up the spaces. It is up to you how you want to go about it. This would be easier, whereas the earlier one would have taken a bit more time. Make the last quadrant leaf. And then what I would say is go ahead and make these smaller and thinner lines, like you observe, mean doing right now. Always got through these leaves from inbetween and then start painting from the left. You will observe that whatever I am painting on the left, I'm replicating on the right, which is just like a mirror image. If you say, if you place a mirror in-between these two quadrants, you will feel that the leaves look similar to each other. All of these are real-time basis and you exactly know how much time it takes for me to paint each one of them. I do not want to rush in any of these cases that one of these, and you will always observe that I go slow because slow is the most important aspect. Or you can say keeping patients as one very, very important aspect of any watercolor painting. How much simple or how much AUC, or whatever you are doing in case you do not try to understand much, or you do not even understand much in a watercolor painting. Once you start doing it and observing it, you can learn way more. The second important aspect of watercolor says, keep experimenting. We cannot stop experimenting. You have to experiment. Whether it be your paypal, whether it be your precious, whether it be your designs, whether it be even any kind of landscape paintings or easy paintings that you were doing, the only best way to understand what the colors is. More and more practice, the more you practice, the more you will understand. Let's go ahead and remove the tape. Now this steepest 0.250 x you can go for any kind of half centimeter tape, or you can go for anything that is available with you. You can make these patterns on now bookmark. You can make these patterns on any other smaller paper. You can make these on Polaroid. Anything and everything is acceptable for pattern-making. There is no way you can go wrong. Also, in these kind of exercises, use your will and how you want to do it or use your creativity. But just make it work. I would say, try to practice it. Try to understand what the colors are. More. You will actually have an edge and you will understand how beautifully this medium works. These smart small exercises have actually been curated or I have actually made these because I want you guys to be more motivated while you approach watercolors. Watercolors as one of the most difficult mediums. People say that you can approach, but that is the, one of the most relaxing therapeutic, meditative mediums that I have come across till date, I'm removing the tape at an angle, even the bigger tapes, removal of the tape is also not a very easy process. Everytime when I actually do it, you have to go slow so that you do not ended up ripping up paper. That one more thing you should always keep in mind while you are doing any kind of water color painting, have a final look at your painting, and then we will go ahead and move to from geometric patterns to botanical patterns. Botanical patterns look more beautiful. And I will actually introduce you to many more kinds of Bhutan nickels that we can do an experiment. And finally, after that, we will be attempting a lot more projects, but the geometric and botanical patterns. 14. Botanicals Part 1 Washes: Let's take down, up APL. But before we take down up people, I want to tell you exactly how I did this hexagon. That is a separate video tutorial where you will know how I exactly cut out the sex organ. And then I did put one hexagon and I want an adult and just mark the areas with the help of my pencil. On top of it, I am applying this signal point took five inch deep and the, this is a very thin tape that I'm applying. You can always go for obliquity and the biggest space, dll, We will be actually learning a lot of methods by which you can actually draw these patterns. But the main projects will be done later on, where we will be actually making fewer of the holiday cards, as well as some of the other gods like time Q, Congratulations, birthday anniversaries. So all these patterns can be used for your own benefits in future. And as well as data at times where v are not very creative. And we want to actually go head with something that helps us to relax our minds. This is one of those exercises which you can always do whenever you are diode and you do not want to pick up your paints and brushes, but still want to have an edge over your water colors. What the color's not only requires a daily practice, but it also requires a lot of dedication. And patients, that's one of the reason I have created this class because you do not need to go with any kind of mindset for this class. You can go with anything that is available with you. I have just taken a ballot of the incident neutron and I am adding the colors in a random manner. I have always been thinking that what could be the Wooster big newfangled classes or what could be the most easiest way of actually applying colors are using watercolors. And ten, I came across this idea of making batons, or you can say applying all fabricated wash forced on the papal, and then making some patterns on top of it. It doesn't require much of an effort. It is very relaxing, calming, therapeutic. Asked Alaskan gives you a lot of opportunities to experiment. Experiment about. Do you want to do a botanical or do you want to do any of the geometric patterns? We have learned all of this during our school days, but when it comes to practically applying it, we hardly have been doing it. I'm going ahead and using our wet or dry method, but you can always go with a wet on wet method. We're not dry method gives me the opportunity to actually have only one wash for my background. If you are not very good with this variegated wash, which is majorly more than one column is being employed to create a seamless blending to walk the people. And I am using multiple colors. To be frank, I started with my lightest value, that is the yellow. Then I went with orange, red, car mine, purple, blue, green, everything I have applied. But just try to keep the harmony of the colors. If you aren't going red, yellow, you can have green around it. Corals even blew around it. But if you go with the purple as well as your black, that might not work very well. So be very sure while you are applying these colors. Again, color harmony is quite a huge, big topic to actually explore. So I will not go head and start telling you everything about it. But what you can now really check on a paper is that your green and your blues go together. You are yellow, Your oranges go together. Your carmine, your purple, as well as your carmine or your orange goes together. So these are the colors that you can actually use one often lander and create a seamless blending the best font while you chose your Carlos's, whatever is available on your ballot, you can go head with that. There is no hard and fast rule of going ahead with the same colors that I'm using. You need to keep only one thing in mind while you apply the colours on the paper is that any of these spaces wherever you are applying the colors should not get CLI. And that's because we do not want any hard edges. This is not just a one of the areas which I want you to keep in mind while looping. Any of those seamless blending techniques or apply this technique and any of your future projects. And I think I'm pretty happy, but they'll blend. Data's there right now. And you can stop right away or also just apply a bit of Docker don'ts as I would be doing for the finer touch-up, Latino people are dry off now. Usually don't try to dry off your people under the sun. Oral so you might get batch effects. So let it dry absolutely. In the normal way under the shade are in your house. 15. Botanicals Part 2 Type 1 Leaves: Once your people has dried off, it's important to start adding some smaller leaves. Now these smaller leaves would be with the dark green color. You can prepare this dark green color or else you can go for hookers green or any other grain like plateaus, green, leafy green that is available with you. This would be basically to lease in one branch and that's what we are going to paint. They will be at a distance and randomly placed. I'm not going ahead with any particular order in per say. And I will go for one smaller d, one bigger leaf. Painting leaves off this Mano signs usually helps me to come down a lot. You will also solve this because we are concentrating on just doing very small, small additions on this area. You will find it's used much more when we are going onto or moving to a final projects. This is only with watercolor that I'm painting right now. We will also use some amount of metallic, but it's perfectly fine if you do not have any metallic ps available with you. It's not a mandatory requirement. Again, you can vary the color of the leaves if you want. Part I am going ahead wept over one single color that is green. You can always go with differentiates or bring if you want to, and go for one of the DCIS, darker green and one of the deep says lighter shade of green. It's up to you how you want to actually finalize the project or how you want to actually paint in this half hexagon. Once you are done with the main strategy of the areas where you have painted these two leaves together, there will be only a few spaces here and there, which would be left. We do not want to overdo the place. So be very short, dark v1 naught. Actually painting leaves each and every place, only a few here and there and that soil we need for completing this part. I'm close to being done with this part of the hexagon, and I am just going ahead and painting over 30 sometimes. So what it helps us that I do get to know how much I need to pink. You find painting even over the tape rather than painting just on top of the page or the people which I have selected. Again, you do not need all 300 GSM order, a 100% cotton paper for doing this. Just makes sure that the teeth which you are applying is removable from the paper that you were using. That's the only requirement, which is there are only a few leaves, topography painting and it is for the final details, this spotter. So almost done. They are usually half-lives law that they are fully leaves on. I'm trying to do it in a full way. Go ahead and do it in real time. So the whole painting is actually run in real time. That's the best part you can follow along very easily and paint along with me. 16. Botanicals Part 3 Type 2 Leaves: Okay, now the system type to leaf that we would be painting, they are bigger and it is easy to paint them, just that I'm trying to analyze where I wanted to paint these leaves. So I'm making two branches for this DFS and then I would go ahead and start painting over it. I have taken my size for silver black velvet brush to complete the spot audio. I was using my size to brush for type one beef. And this is the type two, and hence may take more longer. These fainting is very simple process and it is really easy. Longer ones are even more easier if we can get her flight brush control, about which I have elaborated. While we were working on the brush shops. First, you would actually put your brush and then put some amount of pressure. Then go ahead and release the pressure. Again. You will do the same on a repetitive basis. Now when you're painting the leaves, they do not need to be on one single direction. They can go in any direction. So you will observe that few of my leaves are going towards the left. View of the leaves are going towards the right, few beliefs or one after another in a cemetery. Lastly, when you'll need to convert fatty very smaller areas and one of the major beef with branch you have work done, go head and make some kind of loose leaves, one or two here and there. That would actually give you the depth and the balance which you need to complete this part. 1-order Domo leaves here and there. Some of them will be longer and some of them will be shorter. One or two originating from one single 0.1 or two originating from another point. If you see right now my beef is really small, but I would go ahead and extend it a bit longer. Let's move on to the next texts again. This says it that we're doing for this one. 17. Botanicals Part 4 Type 3 Branches & Leaves: We are draw on dodo toward part. And this is majorly how you will go ahead and paint the leaves, the branches and leaves in this 1s together. If you see, I have taken my smallest brush to do this. If you want more confident with our tenor, round brush, go head and user, I'm using my regular brush for being, being this part. I have gone ahead with a very, very simple. We just make three to four lines and on fewer of them, pink TOPO three leaves lead the other branches. Then go ahead and again make another one. And the radiation which you can bring in is the color of the leaves. You can change, the size of the branches you can change, as well as where you want to place them also you can change. Therefore, they do not need to be particularly pleased him one particular direction. You can place them in as many ways, as many directions you want to. This is going to be continuous, repetitive process. And you have to keep on thinking them through, make sure that there is some good amount of gap while you being these kind of variations in your backbone. Because daughters glosses completely on add-on making Barto behalf to make sure that we are not going to overdo it at any place. The whole of the parties recorded on a real-time basis. And therefore, you might feel that why am I confused? Wireline placing these branches and leaves do not bow body while you keep actually adding these leaves and branches because there is no particular VA, you have to place them. That's the best part. You make these kinds of patterns. You do not need any kind of watercolor knowledge. You can go any way you want. It all depends on your creativity. There is no way you can go wrong value, do these patterns after making these three patterns. So I think I'm more confident. You can go ahead with the colors like Euler green or Sap Green or any other green data's available on your pilot. Frankly, you do not need to even have call artist grade watercolour painters. It is a very, very simple exercise that we are doing. There is more water control that we need to decide on. Go ahead and use any brush off your choice. So everything that we are doing right now is not dependent on the supplies that he have. Whatever is available with you, you are good to go. Another important aspect that I want to bring to your notices while you are being beamed towards the edge. Or you do not have some amount of specific space to paint this in time leaf and branch. Never Roddy. How much of whatever you can do, just do that much and move one. There can be one or two branches. There can be one or two leaves. We do not need to actually find lies or finish, are actually show all and everybody in each and every place. It is free-flowing, good logo, it's handmade. And hence, there is no hard and fast rule of completing each and every one of them. Finally, we are about to complete this part with some of the spaces so which are still remaining and I want to paint over it before I declared that this part is completed. One thing you might be observing is that every time I am actually taking some amount of green beans. And then again, if you want, you can always keep a board ready for yourself and then being from it. And that's up to you how you want to actually handle the whole of the pattern-making. But if you do not want to change the colors of the leaves, it's absolutely fine. Go ahead, use only one single color. You might not alter the colors or its intensity at all. Some more fine details. If you see that, I am not meeting all the DCS around naught, I am concentrating on how the shape of the leaf and just know head and being these leaves, they can be used in any of your future projects. We are not going to paint with all that we've done over your in the pattern-making for our future projects. And so Me will not walk them we will be using and some of them we would be learning new. Go head down, no, pinto, one more leaf, as well as one more Planche. That soil of evil be doing for the spot. And moving on to the next one where we will be experimenting more with markdowns. 18. Botanicals Part 5 Berries: We have already being paired. Long leaves, small leaves, leaves with branches, and now it's time to paint some berries. Again. The berries are circular. We will have one circle and leaves pour some space from the needed. And you can see that I am going ahead with two different colors. If one of the color is my carmine or read, then next column would be somewhere between orange. And I will like these two berries to bleed into each other. And that really gives all very nice effect though these are berries. Then next time taking some more Carmine and adding it. You can also go for red, violet, along with it. Orbitals mix some amount of red and orange and apply for the second bearing. Again, it's kind of way you paint. It has to be that they are adjacent to each other and somewhere or the other, colors bleed into each other. I'm using my Rosemary regard brush or any finder passionate you have. Go ahead and use those models. Use many, many retailer or tin brush matters availability or there is no hard and fast rule about what brushes were, pains were people, et cetera, that you need to use. It's whatever is available, go head and music. Now I am adding some more draw, violet or purple. If you see in my second Barry, and they are leading into each odd-odd deplete. Looks simply beautiful. I will not keep on painting somewhat petty still. I'm satisfied. As well as there is no rule as bird that you need to paint only three or four or two in a cluster. I am painting in a cluster. You can go for three, you can go for four. But since the space is really small, so if you try to go for four, it might be a bit difficult to accommodate a lot, therefore, or try to go for two more, one or three maximum. And tried to not specific also in a way that if all of them are facing towards the top or all of them are facing towards the bottom. Go absolutely random. And do not forget to please tau greens. So over these babies, they will have stem which will be attached to both of the berries. And you have to actually show that stem. You can now observe the way I'm adding these stem. You can go for a darker green collar or else you can even go for a light green color. There can be or sap green, all clean on who calls screen. Again, no rule for choosing your colors. Go as you like. The scholars should be lighter or else you will not be in a position to see these greens well, therefore, y you have painted the first veered. Be very sure that you are not been thinking too dark. Otherwise, this second layer of beautiful bodies or leaves or anything else that we tried to pink will not come up very well. And that is the only request I have. While you paint obese layer. I have started actually loving to being these botanical state are so simple, easy, relaxing as well as you get so much satisfaction after painting all of this, you really don't need any kind of knowledge and watercolors or we are not trying to do something absolutely different in these cases. Therefore, going ahead with whatever you have in mind, if you are having coffee in the morning, you can do these exercises. You can even do it for your greeting cards, et cetera. 19. Botanicals Part 6 Misc: I think this is a list of the all that we are going to paint. It is going to be one single leaf. I am going ahead and trying to bring to one leaf. At the time that soil, you need to go with a darker shade. What you can do is go with the hooker screen or the Nike Green oral mix, some blue with any kind of green that is available on your palate and start painting this leaf. Leaves us very simple. You just don't need to go with or vary light, brush and then just apply some pressure and again, lift up the pressure. That's how it you would be able to get. Or design like this. Do not go for a lot of them. Go for a few of them. And the last one, what we will be doing will be with absolute modalities. I love to paint with my italics actually, but not that each and every place we will be applying the modalities and nor it is available with all of us. Therefore, I do keep that in mind. But for adding some model or vaguely variety and changes, I'd love to add these dialects. You will see that there is a very, very small block given below where I will take some silver metallic paint. I'm just applying not randomly. That's all you need to do. It will give o very good shine on the people. 20. Botanicals Part 7 Flowers: From barry. So we will move on to some nice, beautiful flow rules. We have actually tried a lot of leaves. So let us now concentrate on any further leaves. Lever logo photo for Betty order three bracket floor. It is going to be really simple. I am leaving one small space in-between. And you will observe that randomly I'm applying some petals. Again. It is a very, very simple brush Movement. You all will be in a position to do it. You can change the colors while you are applying the petals on adored parts. You can not even change the colors. I mean, it all depends on you how you want to do it. I will draw preferably go for Carlos or like red car mine, then orange. These are my preferable colors. But you can also go for a peach, pink, whatever looks better on this kind of a background. Always go for that. I have been there, one flowered in the middle. And then I'm going ahead and painting all the fluids in and rounded dot muddled petals will not be complete. Always more that we are not your brochure. The complete pet builds kind of a structure. It is just some ballpark down within a hexagon that we are going to bring. And this is a model for relaxing exercise. Whenever you are not in a mood to try out something new, there is no inspiration that you are getting. Or they're saw real Block, Art block, which many of us to face in reality. So those other times, these all exercisers do come in really handy. And the model may help us to get over the situation, but also leaves us a lot of stress. Flowers are still wet. You can always go ahead and apply some amount of violet our roads. Any other deeper tones that you want to apply? Since my background layer has a violet, I would love to go for some violet or blue. Blue will also look very nice in case you want to go ahead and apply it. Simple, easy yet. It gives all very nice and beautiful bleed within the petals that you have more deeply into it. Sometime really deal sign we will want to do next texts again. 21. Botanicals Part 8 Buds: I always wanted this six sizes to be fun. And that's one of the reasons that we have made these hexagon. We are now going to extend it, or Lord, we're going to explore all lot, many more elements in these smaller hexagon. Rather than going for full size to potential paintings. Or you can say full-size potential bad on making. You can always do that. It's just the ideas that I want to explore with you right now. Anger you will observe this is the bards that I want to pink some of the ideas I am leaving blank as of now. But you will see that I will complete it from the top. Whereas there will be some spaces which you can see from below. And then attach it though with the stem or any kind of lines that you wanted to pink. That's all alone. You have to do for this, but it can be two bonds, it can be three bud, someplace I will be doing them. But, whereas some places I might R3, but some place I might go for even one bar delish. Again, no hard and fast rule. It's in church goers who like, whenever you feel like you are, loss of ideas, go head and being this kind of relaxing buds and deep would actually help you a lot. Do even concentrate and come up with something new or for your own. I'm using particularly cobalt blue to being these buds. But if you are orange, you can even go for Surrealism in case you want to change the intensity of the color and go head and even change that. If you want to change though saturation level or you want prove all Bird, some other things. Go ahead and do it. There is a lot of space to experiment in these kind of projects or in these kind of smaller places where we are just trying to understand or trying to make a backbone. Once you have already filled up the spaces so which are the good or larger, it's time to go ahead and see if you have any further smaller spaces where you don't pink one or two bugs and fill it up. So always make sure dark. You are checking on those ADR stew while you think, oh, project or while you are painting any small areas or experimental. I have started laughing. Do these kind of metallic known these paints are, again from fine deck. You do not need these pins. Go for any kind of Jelly Roll Band which has silver or golden. They can equally do this job because I'm not going to paint any kind of different leaves are branches or anything like that. These are only small, small dots as well as circles that I'm going to add. These golden circles actually add a lot more depth and a lot more variety to your painting. Rather than only very simple and watercolor kind of free-flowing painting, we are going for something more dramatic and nicer. I would say, go for a small, small circles with your silver on your butt area. And then even for the other leaves area, you can add in Golden orbitals, these silver bots, they are completely optional where there is no hard and fast rule as we are experimenting. So we work experiment a bit more. And hence, we are adding all of this. Some more gods, even on the ADR, so readily have fainted, leaves some conscious together. Again, a small, small dots. 22. Botanicals Part 9 Flowers & Leaves: So we're going to go for a very interesting composition. And the six, again, it is going to be a combination of leaves as well as floral. Floral is going to be very, very simple. Do not worry much. Again, it's a pattern, therefore we will have a few dots here, run depth, first term, make this dots and then we will start building around it. It is R3 petaled flower that I would beeping thing. And then I would be painting some leaves with metallic. Yes, I'm falling in love with metallic SS and that's one of the reason you are actually observing so much of metallic being added. But in case you do not have metallic, no need to worry. Do not paint that. And you can always go ahead and replicated with any of your gel pens which you have available with you. That is perfectly fine. It can walk as my italics, rather than going for a metallic water color altogether. And all these dots, you will observe that I am making 33 small petals that so what I will do for all of these dots that I have been debt than not. Okay. So you might have absorbed thought. Though, paintings that we are doing right now is going a bit slow because it is realtime basis. I loved to actually know realtime videos because it gives you more insight into how much time. Actually it stooping any small part or not even attempt any kind of a water color pattern in case it is handmade. And then always keep up whole aside for this violet color that we are adding. Or you can say bright violet, purple, any color that is available with you. You can even go for magenta or carmine, whatever suits you or whatever is available on your palette. There is, again, nothing like this is the only color which you can use R. This is the only kind of way which you camping. It's only a very, very simple way of painting three Petri flowers. I have actually chosen very simple and easy. Kind of excises. It is very relaxing for me how it gives so much of pleasure while we're keeping thing and adding these colors, do our small, small flowers. We have now reached the sites and to be frank vehicle have almost done Domingo part that had to be in the middle of this pattern-making. It's only those sides that I need to add right now. And on the sides and make sure that you are not overdoing it at any point in time, go forward or one. But in order to predict urine there wherever required. Again, there is no requirement of equal spacing that you need to make. It's just going with the flow. The way you want to apply the colors, go head and apply it. You can go for them. Darker mix. And even all daughters, though sheets in theory can be more saturated, they can be less saturated. Currently you will observe that I have on most scepter seeing shade for all the battles, keep piling now more of these in the places of very vertically it is required. And then keep some species amd also the way you are observing it, because I will paint with some silver metallic iron. There would be two leaf pattern that I would be painting guests, sam becoming more directed towards painting leaves, you can say, Before we begin these leaves, a Go head grit or jelly or open and just make the center of these three flowers a Brit in white color. That is, just to add a bit more depth, you can say you might even avoid this step a few, whatever's no requirement in particular to show this one. It's just adding some more creativity. And that's what I have done to this part. I'm using the affine thick metallic ps to add these silver leaves, but you can go head with all Jared open, as I told you earlier. And you can even go for any other metallic color of your choice. If you have something in golden, or if you have something in other colors like ping or rho one car, colors like red, et cetera, out. Go ahead with it. Some more raw finally deal sangha, then the Oliver Dunn. There is nothing more that I want to add on top of these small and beautiful leaves, which we have already added. Once a complete, you can have all final look at the spark. And I'm pretty sure about it that you will completely fall in love with it. This is one of my favorites from this botanical, which we have done now. 23. Botanicals Part 10 Type 1 Fillers: They do hexagon at the bottom as well as on the dog which are half. And I will go with already are simple baton for my hexagon batteries. At the bottom, I'm flipping three simple dots and imagine a rounder than going ahead and making these lines. This can also be done with all bald ban or, or any kind of black belt if you want. That is this particular loop back down which was in my mind. And since it is water colored, I'm going ahead and using my brushes, it not only helps me to give a lot more confidence rent Hi, I'm adding these brush strokes. It is also very relaxing that so one of the reasons that I have used brushes for each and every part that we are doing in this bar don't working. Keep adding now some more lines to the last one that does color light. And then Vivre me one or two small dots just to finish off these places. Wherever I feel that there is a need. You might even avoided. And just make three long lines from the top because of, and that's where these back down goofy connected. And this is the last one I'm Viva go head and paint some longer leaves on this case, go width of broader. Russian data's available with you. I'm using my silver black velvet, size_a plush. You can go for any other. A brush or nine brush, even more Brush evidence available with you. Do make sure that the color which you are adding is somewhere between the blue and the purple mix. Once are done later paper dry completely, and we will move on to our next hexagon. Not all be good. Hexagons are done. It's only those smaller, smaller parts which are left. 24. Botanicals Part 11 Type 2 Fillers: Okay, we are on to our second part and this is going to be failure leaves that we will be bringing thing. There will be four branches from each of the main branch, or you can say, and there will be leaves on each one of them. It's going to be very simple. You have to just being the smaller leaves VD building smaller lease actually takes a lot of time. So always keep that in mind while you start your painting that this might be a bit more time consuming. And making one or phi failure leaves status facing downwards, I would make one of my filler leaves, again facing upwards. It is absolutely placed in a random manner. And whenever you observe me placing these leaves, they have to be in all natural and random manner. If they are not done in a natural and random manner, it would look like it is more geometric impact on, and this part is not meant to be more geometric. It's meant to be more free-flowing compared to the force part where we did lot more geometric patterns including circles, triangles, heart, and lines, and so much more. Okay, founder, red looks really vibrant when you actually paint and fill up this area, you will observe it that if you replicated on a project, it would look really beautiful. We would be doing something close to this in one of our gods. And the, you can follow. It is going to be a bit time taking. Of course, as I told you, since all the elements of this leaves or branches dusted sometime and you cannot just rush in this case. In the last part, we have a few leaves and branches which we need to paint them. It's going to be quick because we have converted or major T of the ideas. If you see that I'm going downwards while I've been doing the leaf. And even now when I have four pair for branch, I will only go four leaves which are going downwards because I have made it leaves which are going upwards. And it has to be a combination of random leaves placement urine there. There could be one or two leaves which I wanted to place on the top and I will, I pick the last. 25. Botanicals Part 12 Hollow Leaves: There will be R, two smaller hexagon that we would be covering. One is half x again that you are observing right now. And the other one would be 1 fourth of the hexagon, which is down. You can also paint the 1 fourth of the hexagon in the way we did the audio part, that is just adding some random metallic. But that's not the exact idea. And I will tell you what I loved to do because I do not like to use the same patterns, each and every where. And I would like to explore a bit more than dome. So creativity. Here, what we are going for hollow leaves and we're taking just car mine for painting these hollow leaves, there will be three in one branch. You can also paint on one branch. You can paint one in one branch. Howsoever you want to move about. You can do that. There is nothing like you have to particularly go in this order. It's all about TO actually letting your creative minds drive how you want to add these leaves, whether you want to add these leaves towards the top already, you want to add these leads towards the border. How do you want them to fix it? Whether you want them to face it upwards or whether you want them to face it downwards. Now, after so many of these small, small learning sessions, I would like you to take initiative and understand how your creative minds have started working. And this exercise in particular can actually help you in terms of whether it be line-drawing, whether it be how you want to place your lives, whether it be about creativity. This part might look a bit I Iterative to you, but to be frank, this part is one of the most easiest as well as creative paths that I can tell you that you can attempt. After this, we will paint some small, small leaves in the lower area, and we will go ahead with violet or a particular column. I am under the best part of the excise Latin because I'm about to complete most Stata area for this whole exercise if you see, and then I see the waiters getting completed, each and everything looks unique. Each and everything looks beautiful. And if you actually attempted on our project are on a holiday card, you will see how beautifully it has turned out while we will be experimenting a lot more on the holiday card. But all these learnings will still remain a lot more relevant to you while you paint. 26. Botanicals Last Part: Yeah, and I'm beyond to the final part. You can go for anytime there for brown or burnt sienna color. For adding these longer hand free-flowing leaves. I call it the free-flowing lives because you do not need to think even twice before adding these kind of leaves. Just apply some pressure on your brush and you would be in a position to make these longer tenor and beautiful leaves. Now adding some more. Finally deals this finer details that we will be adding would be using on my italics. You can, of course, avoid this step completely. Orbitals. Go ahead. Use your Japan I'm using or find deck watercolors to add these lines that I am adding right now. So I have divided my leaf into two halves, 1.5, I am going ahead and making the line from the top and then event around the middle. As well as I will go ahead and please three lines in between that top part of the silver line, as well as the middle part of the silver line. This is just a design that I have added. You can, of course, avoid this step, as I have told earlier, our debt and all the tree leaves that you have. If you want to try it as a Python, go head and try it as a pattern because the bigger leaves doesn't need much time. So you will have some time to actually paint these back dawns on your bigger leaves. Finally, it's time to add some italics. Yes, you can see a lot of excitement when I talk about metallic. Some of them will be hollow circles and some of them will be smart small folds circuits, so warhead that added wherever it is necessary. While I have painted more of circles, you can always go head and now pinto more of squares or rectangles are triangles, heart, any kind of shape that you like that is no rule or pattern that we are following right now. Once done, let your people dry completely and then start removing the tape at an angle. All their deep should be removed, got an angle because we do not want any of the areas to be ripped off. This is the washy deep that is available anywhere. So I hope that you can also get it in any of the markets that is nearby to you or also go for or was she tape was 0.25 inch. That is majorly carpenter dip. But it does work well only on or 300 years and paper. So make sure before you start working. Always try there, Dave, that you want to put on the paper and check that it completely gets removed. And now I am going ahead and removing any pencil marks with the help of my AD desert. Time to have a final look at your painting once you remove all this is a monks, and I'm pretty sure about it. You will actually fall in love with these geometric as well as botanical patterns. This is more of botanical pattern, I would say, because of the flow roles and leaves that we have added and the addition of this metallic actually mix it, blink, blink. And it is all good during this holiday season. You can use it on your cards. You can use it on any kind of Christmas ornaments that you want to Pink. Go ahead and do it. 27. Project 1: Okay, we are onto our first project and the first project is going to be very simple. You have got a lot of options from where you can choose what you want to pink part, I want to go ahead and paint something in botanical. There are a lot of geometric options that we have selected. We can go ahead, put them, but the best partners, going with some leaves and longer lives would be more easier. So go ahead with this one that I am showing you right now. First important aspect of painting, this kind of fully refers to have one layer of wash. And for one layer of wash. You can take anytime of Sap Green and then apply some blue in it. And this is the color that I am getting. But you can go for any other color of your choice. I would be mixing and matching two different colors. One would be in the green, and it can be the aqua green that you can take or you can even take any kind of cobalt green that is available with you. I think green is perfectly fine, which has a bit of blue in it. Because that blue and green gives a very nice combination for this kind of background. This is going to be overallocated rush status, mostly we're done dry. You can also go for Vietnam. But now what happens in our where Don Dry kind of four washes that you get the colors where what you see on the paper. Whereas in wet onward, you will observe that the colors do dulled out or they are one shade lighter compared to what you see on the paper. But it is up to you way, whichever way you are more comfortable, go ahead and add the colors. And the similar way, I am adding some blue towards the bottom. And this bluest or cerium, dark blue that I am going ahead and adding. You can also go for any other turquoise like Kahlo and dark might also look very pretty when you complete this background wash, it has to be a seamless wash while you do, if you are having a great control over your flight wash in this wash will look really simple and easy. Once I will go from the top towards the bottom, and from bottom towards the top. You can use a flat brush for blending. You can use a round brush for blending. Whichever brush you are more comfortable with and go ahead and use it. I'm using are more tickle brush size eight to make this background wash. You let your paper dry completely. People driving completely is very important because we are going ahead with the second layer. For the second year, I will go with a very thin brush and start adding of fuel lines. And this has more to gain the confidence that I can actually being the correct leaves. If you are very happy with the way you can add these leaves with the help of only one single brush like size for brush as you absolving right now, go ahead and do it. I just wanted to be very precise and that's one of the reasons I tried to force two, draw these two lines. With the help of my bigger brush or very thin brush size one, size two, whatever is available with you. If I know it's the size for brush, silver black, well-read. And I am doing a very simple process. While I go from the branch towards the leaves, I apply less pressure and then I increase the pressure and again lifted off. That's how I am going ahead and adding these leaves one after another. You will add leaves in all the directions. We do not want it to be geometric or any kind of particular pattern. It has to be very ductile. Again, it's natured. You know, that nature has its own way of actually having the leaves or any kind of branches are floors, they will never have any particular pattern odd-even, not follow for new geometric way of representation. For the next leaf, again, it is a very, very simple pattern that I am following. I am going from the top towards the bottom. Therefore, the bottom leaves was facing from the bottom towards the top, whereas the top leaders from the top towards the bottom and tends to face each other. You will even observe that few of my leaves are intersecting each other. I have never tried to make the leaf in one single direction and that one of the best ways to actually execute the process of adding these leaves. I know you have already done it during the botanical session that we had. And I'm using the same part on for this particular project. It is the most simplest of the patterns that we can do. We will go for even easier patterns and future, but I'm just telling you that you can now vary the colors as well as the other leaves. Rallying the colored rho will be very important. Because if you change the saturation, you will find more depth Daddy, what are linked to any kind of botanical site you paint? Do might have absorbed or didn't know that. I do not mind going over there deep wildlife pink because I do consider this Hall of the People as o single page. And if I actually do not being too whether tip, it would takeaway, though, seamless beauty of our lingo leaves one after another variable. It is a necessity. Go head and added on top of 30 or the area which you did Moscow. I have mastered this area because I wanted to write the the greetings that I want to send to someone. And this is the time of the year where we are actually doing some or the other kind of celebration and this year and many of us might not be in a position to actually visit. Near and dear ones are simple card can do a lot in terms of staying connected and telling them that you are really special to us. That's the reason all of these projects have been really close and important. For me. This is the part where we are done with the major of branches that we needed to paint now is going for only thinner and smaller branches. One not believes it is not going to be difficult. This part is going to be more simple. It is only filling up the spaces. And these leaves actually looks like fillers. Only. So many people who want to go for even no more layers in leaves. But I would always tell you to go for two or three layers of leaves when you have a project where you are multiplying the background wash, that would look more beautiful compared to when you have all be applied above-ground wash. And in that case, what you can do is you can alter the colors go for or lighter colored wash for the fourth set of Python and go forward or darker wash Walden except of pattern. And even you can go for three set colors for having all pattern. Botanical partner Ramya, the pattern for yourself. We are close to being done. I want to tell you something about this project. In particular, most of my projects, there have been quite into landscapes, or they have been into complex subjects like expressive laurels. Or you can say some kind of cityscapes and some kinds of ocean waves. Orwell's replicated from or real photo and making mountains. All of this has been a difficult journey and it is not very easy when you start off as a big naught. Whereas this, this somewhere where you can start as a big knot and still have a great outcome. Because you can create anything and everything that you do not need to have a particular idea in your mind while you create these cards. I have removed or deep eigen angle. This is a very small card that I would be sending over. You can use it for your congratulations or anniversary, Happy Birthday. Whatever you feel is more suitable. Go head and use it. I'm going for all congratulations card and do not start judging me for my lettering skills. I have just added the way I want to go ahead and add my lettering on it. You can be very good with your latrine skill set, and therefore, you can go ahead and add any kind of lettering that you want on this card and you will see beautiful outcome. I always like to write the lettering part in pencil first and then go over it with the help of any kind of open here where I'm going with just a black pen and writing on top of it, and then I will erase these graphite marks. You can also go for any kind of brush pen. If you are more comfortable using those brush pens, it's absolutely up to you and whatever is available at that point in time with your case. I'm using my pen to go over this graphite Mark. As I have already mentioned, you can go for anything that is available with you. Even our blank gel pens fine or black ballpoint pen spying. Any thing which looks good. Or even you can go for metallic. If you have something in metallic, it's up to you. I have no reservations in terms of more do you want to use? Because it's absolutely creativity. And when it comes to creativity, you cannot bind yourself. Whatever you feel more comfortable would always go ahead and use it in your projects. This is quite simple, easy, and you can get a good outcome pretty easily. You do not need to think about how much water you need to use or how much paint, what kind of brushes? So everything is go as you like. 28. Project 2 : Okay guys, so we are starting with a flat wash for this project. And it is a color that you can use, which is between the orange and yellow. This is the Windsor orange that I'm using. You can go for any other orange that is available in your toilet in case you do not have an orange, go ahead and make some day then yellow and you will get a color which is similar to this. The flat wash probably is one of the most basic and important techniques that you should learn while you are starting out on your watercolor journey. A good wash. should be absolutely clear. It should be constant, constant in a way I wanted to say that the saturation level in all the places should be similar. There should not be any difference in terms of the saturation level from the top while we go towards the bottom. That's one of the reasons you will observe that while I paint, I mean, from the left to the right and from the right to the left, you keep on painting it. The similar way. If you are more inclined towards making it on our bigger paper, I will ask you to please or Beep under it and then start painting. Once the flat washes down, you need to decide which is the baton that you wanted to paint from the mechanicals. And right now we are using the same pattern we did already paint in our botanic goods practice exercise for these mean, do projects. And then you will observe how we can actually change a lot more and meet different projects. So I'm going ahead and making four branches, so for my leaves, and this is again very simple, the one that we have done earlier. You can use carmine, red, pink, red valid, any kind of bright color that is available on your ballot. Few author lines either make towards the right at few of the lines that will make towards the left. You can use your tennis brush or else you can even go for using any kind of a size one, size two, brush up to you what you want to decide and go ahead with. I am not thinking much in terms of which brushes all rich colors I'm using it, I will leave it up to your discretion. And most of the time, I have done the same for any kind of pattern-making that you are doing. Okay, so we are going ahead with our four leaf packed on in this. And again, it would be though for branches that we will paint and then start extending the leaves on the sides of it. If you see every time whenever painter leaf, I tried to make it smaller. It is a lot that I am going ahead and making all the leaves of similar size. It is not possible. Practically if you make any kind of design which is handmade, therefore, you should just see that all the leaves should be almost about the same size. That will help you to achieve or great balance in terms of pattern making for any holiday card or any kind of bookmarks that you are doing. One part that I always feel violently these patterns, it's, it's so relaxing. And I have been, I know I repeat repeatedly telling you about this, but it has been so relaxing for me each and every time and I go ahead with any of the patterns because we're just doing repeat patterns. There is nothing new that I think about it. I have such a beautiful outcome once I finish each of these patterns. And that's what makes this one important lesson that we always do not need to be very creative or we always do not need to look up to OK, where do I get inspiration? How will I get inspired? Your inspiration is available just around you. Go ahead and check the lawn of your house, or go ahead and check in case you are living in a society though, leaves that are fallen, it's autumn time. You can go for leaves which are the color of autumn. Anything that works for you or anything that motivates you, just go head and you start because Egypt, everything that nature provides you is like an inspiration. Okay, so now I did fast-forward this part because you have already seen how I am being. Think these leaves one after another and I really value your time. Therefore, painting these leaves would have taken me at least half an hour to cover this area. That's one of the reasons Once you are more pro art painting, I have just gone ahead and made it a bit more, grow faster in terms of the video, I take this is 2.5 x at which I am painting right now. You can always go ahead and adjust the speed of the video from the top or else just see how I am actually painting them and then painted on your paper. You can use this repeat patterns even as Bookmarks as I have told you. You can user as polaroid series, you can use it as any other larger paper or sofas pattern design in case you want to do with water colors. And then take it on a Photoshop files, you need to scan it, take it on a Photoshop and make gods out of it. Or you can actually get it printed as diabetes or direct covers, anything, anything and everything can be done. There is no limitation to your imagination and how you want to do it. While I keep adding these leaves, you might have absorbed that. I do paint them in all kinds of direction. They are not going ahead with only one direction. Keeping in mind, if I am painting one of them from bottom to top, another one I'm painting from top to bottom. And I don't want, I would be painting from left to right or from right to left. Because it is again nature. I follow this as one of the thumb rule for all my paintings till date. That nature is random. And if you can actually imbibe that randomness, you will get some awesome outcome in any of your paintings or in any of your patron designing or any work that you do, which is inspired from nature. It's time to finish off the left out spaces right now. And then you will move ahead and paint all the leaves that you want to do towards the bottom area. I want to show you that along with the randomness that watercolors have, there are times where we go head and sometimes even spoil our paintings as you see right now. What I usually do is that I go ahead with our damped brush and take off all the extra pins from dead. Then led that part dry completely. Once that part is dry, go over it once more and paint the leaves in case you are not happy with the atria which you did spoil, always. Take off those extrapolates. Maybe it would require two to three times. Let it dry. And again, the word, once it is done. You will be in a position to let it dry and paint over it. We will go ahead and paint this further branch, which has four leaves in different direction. And then I know that this has been repetitive and iterative quite a lot. But I'm pretty sure about it. When you are in this kind of a holiday season where you want to send something across to your loved ones. During this whole of pandemic where we haven't been in a position to go head and meet anyone. I feel that this can make it very special for them. You checked out colors or you paint the leaves on the right, makes sure that they are only half of them. They are not trying to paint the whole of the leaf area or the wall of the bronchus area that you have to make sure and always go over the deep value pink. That would give you a better perspective about how much space you will need. We are not going to just paint on top of the paper that we have. This going over the tape and painting really helps a lot while you were doing your practice sessions. While I did tell you a lot about the consistency while we paint off flat washes, but there is no exact consistency that you need while you paint these patterns, you can go for a signal column, makeup and temping to attack corals. You can have two to three colors for with a lighter version of of you and go with the darker version of a few. I leave it up to you how you want to paint each one of these patterns. But according to me, if you are starting out, you can go with a bowl of color, that variation, there'll be less. And once you are more confident, you can go for more variations and being more creative with how you want to actually see the pattern on your paper. I'm almost done with painting my leaves and now I'm just finishing off a few areas towards the bottom. You can always go head and make any kind of Any kind of leaves stack you want, few of them will not be full. Few of them will be how few of them? The lookup few of them will look down anything of your choice. And this whole exercise is actually focused on to let your creative juices flowing. It is not that you have to go by how I do it always. You can try anything and everything of your choice. C, again, need this holiday season is something where you can actually take your creativity to a different level. That's one of the reasons that this, the whole class has been designed. And then whenever you are sending these kind of cards to your loved ones, there would be like, oh, I think that this has to go on top of the board or it has to go on top of the fridge wherever they actually hang these holiday cards. Now it's time to letter. On top of these cards. I have taken off 30 from the lower half. And I'm going ahead with my pencil. I will write time Q. In this, you can go for any other message of your choice. There is nothing that you might not write. Dried, whoa, whoa, whoa, right. Festive seasons and season's greetings or Merry Christmas. This time of the year, you will have to make people feel special. And this is one of the ways I always prefer making them feel special. Finally, go over these graphite months and light with a black pen tank. You, you can always use any kind of glitter pen if you want. The glitter pens also look very beautiful, but since it is a whitespace, I preferred to use some black pen and it is usually available with anyone. Whereas the give their pens will make it look more festive and nice. Remove the marks of the graphite and just take off a day razor. Once done, take off everything that is including your tape and move it at an angle. Always, while you are taking off your tape. Have a final look at your painting and we are completely done. Just go a bit slower while you are removing their tape. That's my only request for each and every project and to check your tape on top of your paypal before you use it in any of your holiday cards, or for your bookmarks or for your Paul writes cities, anything that you want to do, always, always check it before using on top of the paper. It might report if your paper is not a 100% cotton. And that's though important aspect of actually using a dip. 29. Project 3: This is one of my favorite subjects, or you can say this is one of my favorite projects that we would be painting today. It is majorly with the help of triangles and geometric patterns. We would be doing it. But moreover, this is for your Christmas season and it's already kind of feel that I'm getting right now. I am situated in the northern side of India. And in northern side of India. Though temperature is RB Dropping each and every day, because of which we can feel the chill slowly and steadily. Again, I'm doing A-flat wash just the way we did earlier. It should be consistent and there should be equal saturation in all the areas. That's the thing that you need to keep in mind. And this is just a very light wash that I am doing. I will go over it and make it way more darker because I would be using my white squash as well as my golden color to add some kind of trees on top offered. Once these trees are made, you will see how beautifully touchstone doubt you do not need a lot of ideas or you do not need to be like really be creative or look at a lot of inspiration to gift are to actually paint something which you like. It's more about how you feel from the, then, if you feel good from there, then you can of course, go ahead and do it. Now I'm applying one more layer on top of my audio layer. This is just to make it a bit more tobacco. Otherwise, the other colors may not be seen as I have told you, where I see that A-flat wash has come out really nice. Now we either go head and let our paper dry. There is an in-between place which I did leave in the middle for writing the Merry Christmas. And you can either move the tape right now or remove it later on. I leave it up to you with the whitewash. I am picking up a small amount on my blush and it is quite saturated version that I'm picking up. You can also go for titanium white, which is an opaque white watercolor, or else you can even go for a postdoc Allah. The basic difference between a postdoc Allah and I'll Guassian, that your poster colors have bigger grains compared to your watch. And the watch has smaller grains because of which they are always in tubes, whereas poster colors are coming in kind of jars. You will actually, although the size and shape of the triangles that you paint right now. These are basically going to be my Christmas tree stack I wanted to paint on, my god. It is smaller, larger. All kind of Christmas trees that you can go head and think there is no one particular Christmas tree or shape and size that you want to actually do or you can do. It's every every client that you want to paint. And for me, I always alter the sizes and shaped because I love to do that in reality. And it gives us so much of randomness to the painting as well as it looks much more to life because things are handmade. You cannot always say that we will have a similar size and shape, each and every place wherever we are paying. Let's paint some more smaller Christmas trees on the left hand, on the right. Lisa, Christmas trees are really small and quick to paint and they look very nice. This is actually a realtime video. But at 1 in time, I might pause forward a little bit more because we are actually going ahead and repeating those same patterns again and again. Make some more drying goes towards your right. And you have to make sure that they're triangles are. Now, again with the golden color. We are not going to only paint with the white collar. There will be some Gordon and some byte. What you can do is keep some space MD in-between. And once you are done painting with the white color, you can start with the golden colour and our tag, Golden metallic color. If you do not have this Gordon metallic color, I always give you the option of using any other kind of Jelly Roll pen data's available with you or any kind of glitter pen that is available to you. It can be used as an ornamental. Ok, I have actually taken some golden color on my brush and I'm adding these trees over your, you, as I have already told you that you can first go ahead and paint the entire paper with the white present then only onto Gordon trees. I leave it up to you how you want to go ahead and work it out. For me. I just love to see how the things are turning out. And that's one of the reasons I love to balance it from the golden as well as from the. A perspective of using white as well as the red for the background. Then I get, boom, get to understand that how the whole project is turning out. Finally. And do I need to further add anything or I can leave it the way it is right now, are turning up. Even on the sides, you will observe that I am adding some smaller triangles. And right now, as I have told you that I did fast-forward a little bit, you can always adjust to the video from the top right hand corner or from the button left-hand corner, depending on where you are actually solving it. According to me, it's always good to watch these videos on a bigger screen like a laptop or an iPad or any kind of computers, creamy Tatas available with you rest. I would say that watching it on a smaller screen would make it a bit difficult to understand, OK, how I am placing these triangles or how I'm placing the botanical, send all of it. Again. You can always use whatever is available with you, even for watching the classes. I just tell you what is the preferred method for me and how I love to watch something. It does extend that. Now towards the top as well as two words, some metal, these small designs. While I made this design, they are kind of patterns. They are not regular patterns. If you exactly want regular patterns, you might have to do it on a Photoshop. And personally I do like handmade more compared to the computer or Photoshop part. But again, it is up to you how you want to do it. There is nothing like there is a set rule you have to do with the way I'm suggesting you. But all said and done and made has got a very, very personal touch. Random send anything I could 4s2 anyone. Both of these colors that I'm using is opaque in nature. If you do not have opaque watercolor, then it would be very difficult to actually get the similar kind of washes, other similar kinds of patterns that you see. The white which appears on the people will become a model, as well as the golden That is appearing on the paper will also become more done. Do make sure that you have that kind of opacity. For checking the opacity, what you usually do is take a black paper on top of that. Dry, this white as well as golden and see how much it can be seen if the capacity is good. And you can actually see the golden shining out of that as well as the white. Go completely to that rather than being a C2, it is opaque and you cannot see the surface of the white, then it's perfectly fine and surface of the black. And basically then it's perfectly fine. Go ahead and use it for these paintings are these kind of smaller projects. Here you will observe me making some small, small dots, are some small, small lines. These are for small lines that I'm making with my golden color. It just add that ONE factor. Are that special effect to the card that I'm painting right now. Go head at being somewhat trees. And it's just though, again triangle that I'm painting. You can go for painting the whole part that has the triangle or the tree completely up to you how you want to decide it. Do a combination of Moreland as well as the white. Finally, go ahead and add some more golden areas, as well as value we're towards the right or towards the left. New makes sure that there are only half trees or data, not full trees to show that it is a non-continuous on regular basis, we are making these patterns. Half of it always shows that it is going to end beyond the paper. And that's one of the randomness that you can always create when you are doing any kind of pattern-making with hand, or it is a handmade card or it is something like a handmade wrapping paper, whatever you want to do for going ahead and making it more special for your loved ones. Vr on most TO finishing this piece when you are in this last part, always made sure that you go slow, though this video might appear a really fast. Because I did actually scale up the video in terms of the speed. But always know that while we are towards the last, we need to make sure that all the details are there and we haven't actually left out anything. Now as time there, you have to actually write Merry Christmas for me writing Merry Christmas, I am not agreed with my lettering. I just go ahead and check how I can better. And if I don't like it, I might go for another font and you can decide your flaunts. For me. I think I will go ahead and make this card writing in the capital letters. You can go for small letters, capital letters, any way you want to actually do this. There is no particular way that I am following for writing it. I will just write Merry Christmas and make a small gift by its side, and then go ahead and make it more permanent with my black pen. I think that's the best way of what you can or right? Or else you can even go for something which is in italics. Because my italics looked really nice during this festive season. That's another way you can always go ahead and do the spot. Do remove all the graphite maths. Once you are done, finalizing the electric that you want to go ahead and add on top of it. Or else you can even use Stamps which has Merry Christmas written on it. I would leave it up to you how you want to do write it for your own people. Removed the tape at an angle. Always, always remember we have to remove the tape at an angle. And then you can have a look at this small piece of God, which looks really nice. The bling, bling effect, the holiday season. Everything is so good and it is so prominent. While you have a look at this card, do make sure that we are not leaving out any white or golden spaces where you needed to add that plane. And don't make sure that you can always go ahead with the jelly repaired or any kind of Japan that you'd reduce for the Golden part. 30. Project 4: We're on to our fourth project and again, we will be applying background wash. Yes, I have actually made you do so many of these background washes starting from validated wash, flag wash, anytime of watches. I think that is the base for any watercolor artist and that's where it all starts from. If you can actually do a good wash. I can tell you you will be in a position to start painting. Well, that's one of the reasons I have been stressing a lot about the wet or dry for dismantled. Though you can always go for wet on wet, it's way more easier compared to the wet and dry that we are applying now. But while you do this wet or dry, you get way more exposure in terms of understanding your colors and understanding how your people behaves, how much, what the unique to put on the paper, as well as how should be your brush movements so that the saturation level remains same in all the places of the papal. You will observe that I haven't gone with a very saturated version of this to acquire scholar. It is a very light version, or you can say this is the compost flew for many cases it can be cobalt dacoits or it can be compost blue. You have to literally have a look at the color shade as the brands of each. Like white knight, or you can say Magellan mission goal. Each one of them have a different name because of the pigments that they use, but sometimes they are even similar. So always keep that in mind before you go ahead and use it on your final painting. Check the color, check the pigments time checking out a piece of paper before you apply it on the final piece. Next step is to let your paper dry once your people is dry and you have to start being deemed these small, small circles, whereas these circles are not even now you will observe that while we were initially doing our geometric patterns, we had when what even so-called, whereas these look more like tables, what you can do is while you walk towards the top of this painting, you should go ahead and make it more bigger. And while you come towards the bottom of the painting, you would make it smaller. You must be thinking that why I always go head width or pencil first and then we'll go over it. And yet my watercolors, it gives me more confidence and it actually helps me do instill lot more understanding about how I want to actually color in an, around these pebbles are in and around these circles, et cetera. So do keep this in mind that when we are beginning our watercolor journey, it's important to use your paper. It's important to understand that how you want to actually use your colors, how you want to use your pencils. These are very, very important tools that is available to you. The better you use them, you would be in a position to actually get better results. Okay, you know, for us it is and make these graphite maxim brick lighter or else also go head and painting them around these circles which have been done now, these circles are not exactly circles and they are a big COPD or glucose that few parts. So make sure that you also do pink downward in the similar way. I'm going ahead and painting are the original speed. But after a while you will, or you might see that the video is a bit fast forward because we will be doing the same pattern that Leah attempting right now. Therefore, it is important for you to understand how the colors change from green to blue and from blue to green. Whichever way you want to go ahead when I'm taking the whole of this part a bit slowly because I do not want to get into these circles and make it look a bit smaller than what I did apply while I was doing my graphite marks. So do make sure that you always keep that in mind. When you are applying your watercolors. Use the tip off your brush. The tip off your brush is a very, very important, or you can say it's a very, very beautiful tool that is available with you because the more you use the tip of your brush, you can actually understand how much Tim brush can go or how much tick also your brush can grow when you apply pressure on it. There are places where you need to apply pressure where there will be more filling up, whereas there will be spaces when you need to be more precise and using the tip of your brushes the best. But I'm going ahead with my Cilla Black Velvet size for brush to paint this entire part. You can also go with any kind of a size four branch that is available with you in good size for brushless not available, but you just check any other size five or size three, whatever is available. Go head with that. I would not preferably use a mop brushes in this case because what mom branch does is that it holds a lot of water due to the high availability of water, there might be some spaces where you go ahead and apply. More of the spins. Whereas when you use a round brush and those kinds of mistakes can be really avoided. It is our motto for a particular night deliberative process, what I'm doing right now, It's more of blue and green data mining and then blending it as I have told you how to blend it with the background that all we are doing, we will go ahead and paint all the sides of these parables, whether it be left or whether it be light, fill up all the gaps wherever you feel is necessary. Some of the gaps are broader, whereas some of the gaps are really narrow. Some of these places might look more saturated with blue that you were applying, whereas some will look more green and bless saturated. Just blend it. There is no way you have to actually control the saturation since the areas where we are painting is really small. Mw keeping these patterns, I want to tell you a bit more about experimenting and about being creative Data. So many of you might be thinking that this might not turn out well, or this particular experimentation is not as great as what we did earlier. But to be frank, that I re always going to get the best out of what we try. No, not really. Everytime we try something, it's all about experimenting. It might turn out well, it might not turn out well, it is all up to you how you go ahead and accept. There will be failures, there will be times where you actually get a very good result out of it. And patterns is more about experimenting only the mod. You experiment about how you want to go about it, the better you will understand how many kind of patterns you can paint. This is just one of them which might not have been included even in unexcited section. But we are doing something different and doing something different or just trying to do something different is more than enough while you are actually starting your watercolor journey. Why do I go down? I wrote all go had with our darkest color of green. You can move for any dark color which is rich one you have applied. Of course, there's a transmission of color from blue to green, but the lower half has to be in the most saturated version of green that we are going to apply. The upper half has been blew most of the part and the lower half has to be doc is Green Bank as possible you can go for anything of your choice, aqua green or decoy screening or any other cobalt green, anything that is available with you on your ballot. I have never been critical about how I actually add these colors. You have to always make some mature Carlos capable, ready for yourself. And then go ahead and apply it on the paper up bowl of colors always help you do have those similar kind of colors being applied and the outcome is more raw. I would say organic in nature compared to it looking less organic in nature. You are down to watch the bottom just to make sure that you are adding the colors of big more carefully because the areas are small details more. And you have to go really slow in these cases though, you see, oh, very, I would say fastforward kind of painting process. But still you will see that I'm the most lower compared to what I did earlier. That's what you have to keep in mind while you were actually finishing this part off. And then remove the teeth from the middle of this painting. Let us even now to move critique from the sides. And then actually I can move my God in any direction I want to while I actually later over it, you would have seen that I constantly keep the card straight and then only let it over it. But you should always use it as per your convenience. Move your people as per your convenience. Those are the things you should always keep in mind while you paint because there is more way you have to always keep everything straight. I'm quite happy with clean edges that has come out. I will write the message for my loved ones. And this would be a body guard that I am making. You can go for writing any kind of message. Message is always up to you what you want to write. I will even Jakarta bed before I write it or with any lecturing style of your choice, there is nothing like you have to go ahead with the way that I am writing over it. You can pick and choose your hand lettering style and then write whatever message you want to put together. There are times where I cannot write the best store. I do not come up with the best in terms of lettering. And that's one of the reason you would see the diverse to write with a pencil and then go head and write it with my pen. Never think that. Ok, they will be judged for using a pencil. It doesn't matter because at the end of the day it's you who is learning. And learning is the most important aspect. We need to keep learning. And even getting the kind of knowledge that we need. The more you experiment, the more you learn, the more actually you understand how you have to give life to any kind of a watercolor painting or how you want to execute a particular task. Those are the realtime lessons which you understand. And directly after you do a painting, there can be only guidance by any kind of an instruct go. But the more you try it on your own, the better you will understand the things I have come now to the best or the most important part, which is basically we have almost finalized our project and we are going to have a final look at it. Those are the happy tags, I would say for me. Because this is what is our final aim or this is what we want to achieve through each of these projects. Go head and remoter extra glorified monks. Once you have removed the extra five months, have o find none? Look and you will observe that there is a beautiful outcome that is there. And you can send it over to your loved ones. 31. Project 5: We are now onto our second last project. This project is going to be very interesting because we will be doing on mix-and-match between a bit of wash and watercolors. Guassian Zan, opaque medium, as you all know, you can even use white postal Carlo or you can even go for opaque white watercolor, whichever is available with you. It would be really nice to actually walk around with it for our background wash. This one is specifically for our background wash. By the next project will have a few illustrations also that we would be painting or you can say the repeat batons that we would be printing with the help of wash. Everywhere, wherever I have used wash it is only the white opaque water Cairo orders the white postdoc Hello. There are some of the differences which I have already told you between opaque white watercolor or you can sink, wash, or any kind of opposed to color. Just to keep all those in mind while you go ahead and apply it on the paper. Ghosts always prepare your color. I have prepared my pool of blue color. It is indigo as well as the white wash. I have mixed and guard her color, something like this. Do you use it to cover the entire area? Before we start to write the message or the greetings. You have to always just secure ablaze on your people. I'm securing the leeward half with the help of my tip. It is always useful. You can even go for any other way of securing this place. You want to even write it before you go ahead and paint over it, you can write that greetings or one wishes with the help of masking Fluid. Though, I have not been using masking fluid in this particular exercise all together. That's why I have tried to avoid it, though. I do leave it up to you how you want to use your creativity to create anything of your choice. Before we started this project, I would like to show you how I exactly actually makes my colors. You would have seen that I have taken the colors from 2D 2B status, the philosophes Inigo Kahlo act of insulin Newton gosh, color. I will mix it up and then applied with the help of my Princeton now half an inch brush. And then you will see how evenly I'm distributing the colors. This is how you should always test your colors before you apply it on the final paper. You might not have seen much offered during all the earlier processes, but that's how I have been checking my colors before I apply it on the final Paypal. Even distribution of the exact color is very important and that's one of the reasons I have been asking you to always make a poll before you go head and being there. Finally, on the people, that gives a lot more control. And this project would be painting more of dandelions. I will be using metallic paint to paint this Danilo. Now you can also go for white opaque watercolor. They also will look very nice on, on background like this. Even golden color looks fine. You can go for any other metallic color that is available with you. If you do not have metallic watercolors, you can also go for any kind of metallic pen data's available with you. Or you can also go for Jelly Roll pens, which are metallic in nature. All, all of that can also help. But again, it is a watercolor pattern-making part. So we have to be very sure about it that while we are doing it with the pen, it gives us more control than when we actually do it with a pencil and going over it with our brush. Because there is a lot less control when we are going over it with a brush and you need to actually develop on your hand muscles a lot better compared to, well, you actually do it with urban wear. It is pretty much easier. You just need to have those Herpen marks on top of it. Just like we go with the pencil. Pencil is always easier compared to the watercolors or any other medium to be precise. But venue, go for watercolor. It actually, it gives you so much more in terms of experimenting, as well as you have to let go off your fear. You have to just go ahead and painted and see what you get. As a result. Let's focus on painting the dandy Leon's. Now, while you're painting the dandelions, what I would ask you is two phospho head and use your pencil. Do the one of the lines lattice the bigger one. And then you can go over it and paint one semi so-called non-disabled, so-called will be actually the left, that left one. And then it would even give the right one. In between. You can put two or 34 deadlines and they would be smaller and larger. So what you can do with it would be a mix and match between the smaller and the larger lights as well as Clausius Danny lawns with each other that would really meet. Very beautiful as well as the outcome will be very nice over your tape while you paying these medians. And there is no hard and fast rule that you can't paint or whether tape go head used to space and don't think twice before you paint over it. I will mix and match Majdanek Leon. Some of the non-linear ions would be smaller and some other dandelions would be larger than size. It is not that all the dandy Leon's will be of the same size type would actually again create the randomness which we have always talked about while we do any kind of miniature painting. You have also seen me that how I am inspired by nature and how much I love to pink nature, even in the pattern-making or any kind of pattern designing. It just helps me DO live nature with each and every painting that I am doing. These might not be though, paintings that we have to do part. They usually help us to understand nature in a better way compared to if we are not actually adding anything from nature to our painting, so to our design, designing or do a pattern-making. Can anything that you do always try to get inspired by nature because the kind of possibilities that major has more one or MATIN can actually inspire you more than that. While you walk in the park, while you walk on the street, while you just see a fall. Color of the trees, you should be inspired, new shall be there. And then thinking that how you can use that particular piece in your painting, how it can be actually done into something that is more beautiful. I think I am quite happy with the way we have even cross to a few of their dandy leon. So if you see, as well as I'm going really slow while I paint these dandelions, I do not have any intention of going fast. My OS current though we, of painting is pretty, pretty slow and I do not want to lose control over my brush. I'm using my rigor brush to paint these dandy Riyadh because they are really fine lines which I want to show. And you can go for any other mini detailer brush or if you have any kind of a size one or size 0 brush, button, check how you can use that brush or another paper before you go ahead and finalize any kind of painting or any kind of illustration, or any kind of design that you are doing. So move on to the next Tandy Leon. Now this standard area is really close to the ones that I've already painted. You have to be really short while you're paying the standard you on that we are not going to actually cross the other debris beyond which are around it. Again, the trick is to go slow because law will always help you to avoid any mistakes, as well as it would even help you to get perfect brush strokes, which is really, really important while you actually go about doing any kind of handmade cards or have made painting. So now I will go ahead and increase the speed of my video. You can always change the speed of your video from the top right-hand corner or from the bottom left-hand corner, depending on what device you are using to actually see the videos. I would always prefer you to use any kind of a larger screen to watch these videos because that really helps you to understand how any instructor is going about teaching any kind of Titans or any kind of watercolors or whatever subjects they have chosen. I will go ahead and paint now in across manner. You can always do this even earlier for other non-Indians, but audio wanted to show you individually how weeping. And now I have more control over my brush, so I am using it to my full potential. You should also gain the control of your brush and then use it to your full potential. That's usually the way we should always go about exploring even how we can use a brush. Some are all fine and dandy Lian stack I wanted to paint. And it is towards the right of the car that I am painting compared total left, which is called Marsden when I was doing the initial part. So you can also bring this part and Ben extended below. It's up to you how you want to take it forward. Again. I will go ahead and paint and other one, ghost law, always pick up the colors with the help of your brush. And it is the smallest pressure as I've already told you, that I am using whatever brush you are more comfortable with, are the tip of the Brush you're more comfortable with. Go ahead with that. And this one gives me remote control. And that's one of the reasons I'm using this brush. But again, it's up to you how you want to do it while you are at the bottom. Just make it a bit thicker. And then why not do more than Adrian's? Once that is done, I think we would be in a position to start writing our message. You should always think what you want to right? Now, since this isn't modality, of course, it will tell you more about the festive season and you can send this to your loved ones or even know dealing there times where you want to watch someone ON birthday or anything which is more bling, bling and your'e, happy to go head and wish them. So those kinds of occasions You can always represent with these kind of now stole few. Dan Leon saw left-hand. Let's just finish it off. We do not want to extend it any further. And as I've told you on this kind of an indigo color, not only silver, even white looks very pretty. So you can always go ahead and paint with white, opaque watercolor If you don't not have this walk, as well as you can try other colors too. If you have metallic ps available with you. Because many of you I know, do have all law firm at Alix and there might be other colors that are available. Do try that out on the other sheet where we did paint with the same background and then only apply it onto paper because still you dry out. Sometimes it is possible that we do not get to understand that whether that particular shade we'll be actually donning out into a good fat on, on not. When we directly painted on the final painting. We should always just go ahead and do a small tribe. That's it. And hence I am close to being done. Go slow, go ahead and finalize this part. That is not much of complex city, any folder that we will face. And hence, it is another way that you can pick these dandy leon. So I'm going ahead and making those small, smaller dots first and then connecting it with the middle area. That's again, another way you can go ahead and paint it. You will observe that right now whenever I was painting, I had some of the color which did seep and through the tape or do you can usually do is go ahead and cover it with the white wash. If you're covering it with the white wash Luke cover the entire area where you did paint or wherever? There was a tape on top of it. I do not want that the colors look different. And hence it is important to cover that area and let it dry complete. Go ahead and add some dots with the metallic silver open and the small, small dots, which I am not meaning just one or two here and their overall to pen dots are not stats the maximum that we are going to do over this kind of signs of a painting. And then now you have to write greetings on any other message that you have to actually send it over to your friends and family members. Accordingly, you can add it and then finalize it, put the help of a black pen or any other of your choice. As I did tell you that you can even mass the ADL beforehand and then remove the masking fluid from there and the greetings will appear. So up to you how you want to do it, how you wanted to paint into this mapping that can actually take over your creativity. You have to think, be creative, understanding better, and then move on. There will be times, there will be experiments where you might also feel it has happened to all of us. Do not averting that this video will bring any kind of difficulty. Always go ahead, try out whatever you want to. And there will be times where you will be very happy with the final outcome. Go ahead and remove the tape at an angle and then hand we'll find we looked at the painting. I'm pretty sure about that you will be very happy with the outcome. 32. Project 6: I'm so excited to teach you about the last project, because the last project is based on the Christmas theme. And this is that time of the year where I am seriously happy and satisfied and always thankful for everything that I have. That's the reason I actually created the project for this Christmas. You will go ahead, take some Guassian your palate, as I have told you, you can take wash or you can go ahead and take some post two colours we have already discussed. What is the difference between the postal color as well as squash. So whatever is available, but you go ahead with that, prepared the color first. That's always a good habit to prepare the color in a pool rather than going ahead and painting it directly. You will observe that I have taken and used my watercolors, that is from my Windsor and Newton palette. You can go ahead with any palette of 24 Sheets Status available with you. We seriously do not need more than 24 sheets. In fact, we do not need only 20 sheets. You can even go for 12 sheets. So go ahead and start the painting with that. When you are starting out for any designing patterns and all like this, I will just extend my brush strokes even towards the bottom and occupied all the space that is available on the paper. Or you can say, I will cover up all the space that is there on the paper. Once you are done with the background wash of the people, it is important to actually lead this background wash dry completely before you go ahead and print the second layer over it. So just take it slow, let it dry completely. And then we will go ahead and paint these designs on top of it by people, is completely dried off right now. And I will make some Christmas leaves and Christmas illustrations on top of it. It's going to be a very simple exercise. I'm going ahead and making these three corner kind of relief first-time, always making ME kind of design on my paper with the help of my pencil, because it always helps me to give a lot of confidence. And then I can go ahead and paint over it. It becomes really easy in that way. I am painting or two lives in one of the places and do leaves in another place. There are more than two leaves which you can also go ahead and paint. But I wanted to keep it really simple and easy for you guys. And therefore, I think these two leaves up perfectly fine. I've just to fast forward, speed u or pet because we're just repeating these patterns. You can actually use another trick which I always uses. Go ahead and paint the middle part of these leaves and then go around it to paint these three corners. It will become really easy for you in terms of how you execute the process of painting leaves. You will observe that I am right now only making them part of these leaves. And then finishing it off with the help of my pencil. It helps me to even understand where I want to place these leaves. It's not that I will be covering the entire paper because we will have some more set of illustrations which we want to make for this Christmas team card. Finally, go ahead and add some leaves towards the bottom of the painting, but make it look continuous. So even draw a router deep. That does help a lot to decide how the randomness can be maintained throughout the entire God that we are painting. Let's take some olive watercolor or you can even go for sapling watercolor. These colors come with different names or different pigment named skin. Every different companies, so do not think much why you are selecting these colors. You can go for any color that is available on your ballot, which looks similar, and then start painting the areas of the leaves. These areas of course, are very small. So go ahead with any size two or rigor brush because that would really help you to get the control. And I'm going ahead with my silver black velvet size to brush while I'm painting over these areas. You can go ahead and paint over the table so you can leave that space. It's up to you how you want to go about the project. Okay, the second is that you might be wondering while I am painting these leaves, I am going ahead and only painting one. Signed off the leaf YM got going ahead and painting the other part. The other part of the leaf. I would love to do it in a darker color of green. And that's one of the reasons I am right now not painting that part. First, I would go ahead and paint this area completely. And then only I would go ahead and paint the other area. One thing that I want to keep it to your notices that are bringing it to your notices. You might fill up the entire space right now. Orbitals have to poets of color. One is the gangrene and once the lightning. And then go ahead and paint with B2 greens qualitatively. But according to me, if you go ahead with the first set of colors that is Euler green, it would be easier for you to finalize that. And then only start with a darker shade of green. Okay, now let's go with the darker shade of green as you are already absolving. I have been dead four to five leaves. And right now you are observing me painting another leaf. Of course, these are leaves are really small and tiny. Therefore, I have told you go ahead with the TMS branch that is available with you. We do not want to actually any recreate any mistake right now because I background washes or the set. And once your background washes set, tried to actually avoid any kind of mistakes because watercolors or even the kind of layering with the wash that we are doing doesn't give us much of an opportunity to actually go back in a painting. Don't wash is again, a medium which can be used in all really dark or a tick manner. But right now we are not doing the same. We are going ahead and using a lighter wash because mixing it with more of white and then using it, I could have easily asks you to purchase the whole second worship was two colors, but that's not the idea of the class using whatever is available with us is the most important aspect when we start off our journey. Watercolors or any other medium to be frank, using cheaper options like student greatest also good to go for this particular class because we are not doing any kind of Hairy. Who are? These are all simple and easy washes that we have done till date. And you can use any kind of people also that is available. Just check that the tape that you are using can be removed from though on top of the paper and that check, you have to do it before you start painting these final class projects. Go ahead and use some white wash, mix it up with some yellow and just being dug in the middle of the leaves that we have. And finally, while you keeping things, these leaves and finishing it off completely, I would ask you to add the cuteness that we always want to paint in our holiday card. Because that cuteness is very, very important, I would say, for the happiness that we want to actually show to our loved ones. It is really simple. What we are doing is changing the shapes and sizes and pattern. Along with that varied the colors of the pattern. Right now what I have done is I have mixed some car mine with my white wash, and I'm going ahead and adding this color on the paper. But you can go ahead with red. Red is the next color that I will be adding. I like to vary the colors a bit because that really helps me do actually get a better pattern output compared to what I want. Since these are very small, small things that I am adding on. And therefore, it is not on a real-time basis that you will find it on race. Some of the places I did fast forwarded debate because it is iterative and I do not want you guys to waste a lot of time understanding or just observing me what I am doing. As it is very simple. I am adding some dots and lines, or I'm going ahead and adding toward three circles at the same place and fanning does size of those so-called. Similarly, I will go ahead. Now, you will observe where I would be going with smaller circles with the red and some larger circles within it, as well as a rounder leaves while you paint, just add one more red, so good. It can act like a baby or anything. It's really simple. I mean, since we are not trying to project any particular aspect or we are not trying to actually add anything in particular, like Oh leaf. Or you can say like Oh bard or like, or botanical, which we did paint initially. So those are the aspects that we are not adding enhance it is easier to go ahead with anything that you like, right? Like if I want to add some metallic so I can go ahead and add some italics which I will be doing in the next step. You want to add some funds, go ahead and add some funds. You want to add some triangles, go ahead and add some triangles. And those are the ways you can be creative. Those are the ways you can actually let your creative juices flowing. Time to add some overlies, Yes, so when leaves, I want to have more control and that's one of the reasons I am using my bigger brush. You can go ahead with any other ten brush. Firstly, designing our brushes, very important when you paint this. Smaller illustrations go head and mentees, oval leaves, one after another, and it is very simple, just make two branches. And then we will head over it. To me. These leaks, again, we will not go ahead and paint a lot of them. A lot of them is not the idea. And you'll see that the colors, I have changed a bit. Darker green, which we used earlier, is not exactly the green that I'm using now to paint these needs. I'm using one shade lighter than what I have used earlier. You can always call total colors with only one single shade of green by mixing or different amount of cosh. So everything depends on the amount of bytes that you plan to use in the water column mix. And hence, you will get beautiful output, a coordinating time, quite happy and satisfied with the addition of the leaves, I will add it in few more places towards the top of the card area. And then I will go ahead and add some metallic metallic gives that blink, blink kind of fulfilling as I always tell you during the holiday season, I'm making a small soccer with my golden metallic and then I'm just adding for small lines from the top and on the sides and top, bottom. And we'll decides that's how we will go ahead and add Andy, literally 34 of them that we are doing now is adding some phones. Now these phones you will always observe, Are there while you do any kind of Christmas. But we will just do it in a simplest of the way. That is go head mic one line from the middle and then extend to lines from the sites. So overall there will be four lights on the sides. And Amantadine line. That's how you go on bending it and make sure that you are not adding a lot of these illustrations, each and every red. It has to be kind of equidistance, but yet random. I always love to add these small, small metallic dots just vindictive off my brush. You would observe that I am not holding the brush at 90 degrees, but I'm holding the brush at 60 or 70 degrees. Adding it really helps me to fill up the space as well as it actually just shows that beautiful golden Gallo, Right? Warm window wishes if you want, or you can write any other message of your choice. But before you write these messages, you have to pick off or peel off the tape. Looping of the tape at a time loop because we are on to the final piece. And when you are making any kind of final outcome, always makes sure that we are not dealing of any sites. Go head with a black pen and just finalize this part. We have already added the glorified marks going over the graphite marks this way more easier compared to if you go ahead and start writing it directly. That's how I do it. But if you are very confident that you're lecturing style directly, you can go ahead and add this. Finally, I feel that it is all done. Ed's out, although areas which has these graphite ofs. And then add those small illustrations on the left as well as on the right. These are nothing but a tree leaves that I have added and then lead to further leaves. It is optional since I wanted to try some more aspect in illustration. And hence I went ahead and did it, removing the maths as I have done deal, and then go ahead and remove the tape at an angle. Removing the tape at an angle has always been really important and I have been stressing about it, threw out all my glasses that I have taken till date because I do not want to peel off the paper. Will finally look at the space. And I think you'll be very happy and satisfied that the final outcome. 33. Final Thoughts : I don't know who damped knew that love being taken. All of these botanical geometric patterns along with me in case you are new to watercolors, This is one of the glasses which you might like, as well as create repetitive patterns which can actually help you to understand watercolors better, as well as create six beautiful holiday guards which can be sent across to your loved ones. If you are on social media, do tag me on your projects has and I would love to share them back on my stories. Ask her last, applaud them in the project country, I would go head and give my valuable feedback on them. There are many other classes which might have produced to date overall 19. And you can actually go for many other beginner friendly classes, like beginner's guide to reflect in ourself up. Alright, series magical sunsets, exploring skies and clouds with watercolor, as well as many more to go. Lastly, let's enjoy FSR disease and by being a bit more time full frontal, blessed life we all have and making it more fulfilling as well as enjoying. See you soon guys.