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Be A Social Media Expert: Jumping Into Photography

teacher avatar Nanci Arvizu, Author, Artist, Dreamer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. BASME Jumping into Photography Intro

    • 2. BASME Jumping into Photography Setting Up For Success

    • 3. BASME Take The Shot

    • 4. BASME Jumping into Photography Editing with Snapseed

    • 5. BASME Jumping into Photography Canva

    • 6. BASME Photography Closing

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About This Class

Taking and using your own photographs for your social media campaigns isn't scary! Learn how easy and fun it is using your iPhone and two FREE and simple to use apps. Start today! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Nanci Arvizu

Author, Artist, Dreamer


Since Facebook was "The Facebook" I've been working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and authors to create social media profiles, pages, platforms, networks, websites, messaging, and marketing plans, measuring results and making adjustments along the way.

Having an online business means being able to work anywhere I have an internet connection. Being able to travel the world and do work I love - no matter where I am - has made life an adventure.

Now I want to help anyone else who is yearning for the open road to make their dreams of a laptop lifestyle come true.

Chase your dreams, change your life.

Start today. In a year you'll be glad you did.

Extra resources available on my website,

Visit my blog at www.N... See full profile

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1. BASME Jumping into Photography Intro: Hello and welcome. My name is Nancy or Visa, and I'd like to teach you how to become a social media expert in this class will talk about jumping into photography. First, we'll talk about setting you up for success and by passing things that don't work. I'll encourage you to take the shot, and I'll introduce you to some free editing and creative tools. You'll find fun and easy to use. You'll be making your own graphics in no time, and then you can share your class project with the class enroll. Now I look forward to seeing you inside the class and follow me on skill share and become a social media expert start today. 2. BASME Jumping into Photography Setting Up For Success: hi and thanks so much for joining the class. If you've never thought yourself to have a photographer's, I think again, With digital cameras always at hand and a growing number of editing tools at your fingertips, anyone can create amazing shots to use for social media. Let's get started first. You want to make sure your photography and all your other APS are up to date. This ensures your phone is working to the best of its ability. Updating will also help you manage the available space on your device. You should always make sure you have enough space on your phone for new photographs and videos. Using cloud services like iCloud Flicker, Google Drive and Dropbox can help free up storage on your device and keep your photos safe . But really, getting rid of unwanted and unused photos is the best way to keep from foot filling up your phone and updating. Make sure that you have all the latest bells and whistles, so to speak on your phone. Don't forget to clean your lens. This is an easy thing to do, and yet so many people don't take it into consideration before they start taking photos. Lenses get dirty, wipe them off with a soft cloth or even your T shirt before you start staying organized. It's probably the most important thing trying to find photos can get frustrating and become a time waster. Know where your photos are and where you're going to save them. Let's move on to the next lesson. Taking the shot. 3. BASME Take The Shot: Okay, you're ready to take the shot. But don't worry. The scary part isn't that scary. Digital photography makes taking five or six or even 20 of the same or very similar shots a breeze, and it doesn't cost you anything. Getting the right angle, light shadow and moment takes time to learn using your phone or digital camera, you can take many shots as you like, and then delete what you don't want later and make sure you do. Those unwanted photos and videos take up a lot of space. What to shoot? You should put some thought into this. It will make editing later. Easier. Think about telling a story from two perspectives, the first being the beginning, middle and end If you're going to shoot a series of photos, or if you could tell the story with just one shot, do that. But remember, just one shot doesn't mean taking one photograph. Remember, take the shot from different angles. Don't be afraid to move things around and use a tripod of possible. You can get a phone adapter for a regular tripod for just a few dollars and always used natural light when possible. Using the rule of thirds can help you take more interesting shots. Turn grid lines on by going to settings than photo and camera. Scroll down and swipe on grid. Place the object of your photo into one of the grids. As you get used to this, you could always turn the grid lines off using light. It's always better to take a darker shot than a light one, because it's easier to edit later, using the light adjustment tool on the iPhone. Tap and hold your finger on the screen, then slide it up and down. If you tap on a lighter area, it will dark in the photo. If you tap on a darker area, it will lighten it. Pay attention to the size and type options you have available. Taking the right kind and size of photo from the beginning will make editing later much easier if you'd like a quick lesson on each type of photo and how to use the feature, Check out my class using iPhone Photo features basic training. IPhone users have an option to use a filter while taking the photograph. While I'm sure there are many reasons while someone would want to take on original photo using a filter. I prefer to stick to the natural photo first and do my editing, including using a filter later. Make sure you're using the filter you want. I was on vacation in Venice, Italy, and didn't realize my iPhone settings were placing a filter on my originals until almost two days later. This was before I spent time every evening. Go that going through my days photos and I was so disappointed. So get ready for the class project. Take a picture of your desk, something indoors and take pay attention, delighting and angles. Take another photo using the flat play option and then take a picture outside setting a scene. And don't forget to have fun. See you in the next lesson. 4. BASME Jumping into Photography Editing with Snapseed: Okay, so here we go. We're going to do some quick editing in snap seed. I will assume that you've installed the APP. I use it on an iPad. So we go into snap stayed, and the first thing you do is open from device I usually use from device, but we go back real quick. What you can also do is open and you can scroll across. You are most recently taken photos there, but I'm gonna go into open from device to go into my favorites into a photo that I've just recently saved. And that will be my flat lay photo so real quick around the top, right? You have save, or you can say photos you could export. It will do that in a moment. Um, here, you can go back and do your edits. Review. Undo and redo. Here is where you can share open in a different app and then down here in your lower right hand corner Oh, I'm sorry. In the middle here, you have easy for steps where you can learn all sorts of things about how snap seed works. And it's a great tutorial right there in the app. So down here at the bottom push on a little edit tool. We're going to go to crop first because I always like to put things into perspective. And I know what I'm working with. So and I'm gonna do a square which, you can see is highlighted there. If I tap outside the frame, I can size and you can see it will stay in a square. So I'm going to make sure my middle grid gives me enough room and everything else is out to the center. So that looks good to me. Press the okay. The check mark go back into edits the ones I use the most at the top left here are tune, image and details. So I go into tune image. And if he swipe your finger up and down, you'll see the different, um, parameters that you'll be able to change. And if you go left and right, it's at the top. It changes my brightness, and I'm gonna get it really bright because a lot of photos that I see on Instagram lately have that really bright background so that I'm gonna go to contrast. You can see this gives it a little light and shadow. I'm not gonna come up too much saturation. You can see on the phone how it really brightens the around case that I have on the phone and the blue of the notebook believe that a little saturated immense gives it a little light and dark. Think I'm gonna take that to the negative side? There highlights. And you just go along with what you like, what looks good to you and remember that this is also going to be changed in one more up that will use next. So here's shadows. Lighten that a little bit. And then I'll go to warmth, which come on a blue that out a little. Okay, press the check mark and then in details is where you can do structure and sharpening. This is a very interesting tool to use, so I want to go a little, and especially when you use it on landscapes. It can really give your landscape a very fairy tale type. Look, it's how I like to describe it. That's pretty sharp There, Okay, and then one last tool that is very popular is the lens. Blur down here under filters, and you'll see that it's a blue dot and you could move it around. And that's your point. Point of focus. So wherever I move that daughters, where my point of focus is going to be, and I'm gonna move it up here around the command and option because of how I'm going to use the photo next and you can also spread it out with your fingers, you could make it different sizes. If you like different shapes and then down here in style, you can also pick from different styles to use. So there's all sorts of different things you can do, using the blur strength. Um, you can also do some adjustments here if you go up and down. And that, of course, side to side is how you make the adjustments and I'm gonna hit the check mark, and that looks good to me. So I am going to export with cotton. Export creates a copy with permanent changes, cause I don't necessarily want to be changing the photo anywhere else, and it has been exported. So now I can move on to using the next AP two Duce. More editing to make a social media image 5. BASME Jumping into Photography Canva: okay. And welcome back. Now we're going to use Thea up Can Va Canada is also a free app that is available on the iTunes store, Apple Macs APP store and I believe it is also available for Android and Google. It is free, but there are some things that you can pay for so we'll go into that will show you a few things. So here is our some of the designs I've made You can have up to 10 designs for free, and after that you need to upgrade your membership. Easy way around. That is Just delete some of your designs. The one I'm going to be using today will be the one over here to the left, where it says be a social media experts. Um but along the top of wanted to show you, there's all these different templates that you can use and makes it very simple to I'll show you go into like Instagram. There's all these layouts that you can use for free. It's very easy. Teoh Change The fallen changed the words move things around super simple and even has grid lines. So the one I'm going to be using today I'll get out of this is maybe a social media expert . And as you can see, I have this loaded in. Besides the themes that you can get within the app if you subscribe to the canvas lab, I believe it is. They will send you an email that will have all these different new themes that they make. Um, and you just click on it in the email and it downloads to your camera app, and then you're able to use it. So it's very cool. I really enjoy using the APP. I have not used any of the paid future jet and ah, but I probably will start because I'm getting more and more into the app, and I hope you do, too. So we'll start with this theme that I have template up here and I will go into my photos. Um, it sometimes takes a minute for things to come up. And here's the photo that we just did in the last, um, video. And I want to show you if I just tap on it, it puts the photo in. But you can see that it's not actually in the, um, whole frame and what I want is to be in the background. So what I'll do is all tap and hold it and drag it in and you can see it goes into the background. Now it's used the filter that came with the theme and you can see how my photos been edited in the background. I I personally like the way it looks, so I'm gonna leave it. But if you didn't like it, you can go in and use a different theme that will have a different filter on it. Okay, so if you want to change the fought, you just double tap it. I'm going to go over too far and change it to Sacramento because I like that font. Um, I will also change it to, uh, a different color. So I would pick pink and leave it there that I'll change this to a different color. As to the pink as well. It's undo that. Hurry. Because where you tap and something else I wanted to show you is text spacing so you can see how I can either squish thought up or make it larger, which is good. You can change your line height, um, different. All sorts of different kinds of settings options that you can use. So tap out of that. And then I'm going to download this because I had another version there. What I want to do is tap here to clear your download, so that'll clear it. And then when I Because if I didn't do that, if I just hit download an image, it would just download the image that I had previously. So this is like a clearing it out that I'm going to download this image and it will just take a moment. And now it I'm in my photo out, and now I can save it to save an image. I can save it. Teoh, iCloud Dropbox, which I'm gonna do So I just usually save it to Dropbox, upload their But I will show you there's other options as well. You can upload it directly to Instagram. I don't normally do that because I want to embed it on my website and put, make sure I have a link with it so you can see there's other ways you can save that photo and that'll do it for this lesson. 6. BASME Photography Closing: thanks so much for joining the class. I hope you were able to learn something new and are willing to take the plunge into photography in this class. We learned that digital photography isn't scary. We also went over using the free photo editing up snap seed. And then I showed you some basics using the design app Can Va Now it's time for you to share your creations with the class. You can upload your beginning shots or just sick share your final creations. Either way, I look forward to seeing your images. Thank you so much. I hope you'll take a moment to rate the class and leave a nice review.