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Battlefield 1 - Support Class Overview - PC Gaming Tips & Tricks With John

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Battlefield 1 Introduction

    • 2. Battlefield 1 - Support Class Overview & Tips

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About This Class

This class will be part of my PC Gaming Tips & Tricks Series.

Each class part of this series includes specific strategy and insight on how to play a game or a character/class type in the given game. 

This class is going to be focused on a game called Battlefield 1. 

I'm covering the support class weapons, play style and various gadgets assault can use.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Battlefield 1 Introduction: on everyone. My name is John Shea, and this is going to be a unique class that I'm putting together here on skill share. What I'm actually doing is covering some tips and tricks for one of my favorite games, called Battlefield One. In this video, I just wanted to talk a little bit about Battlefield one. What it's all about weaken what you can actually expect from the SYRIZA classes. Essentially, what I've done is I've taken the idea. There's a lot of people online, especially on YouTube, and places like Twitch TV, where they like to actually share gameplay from some of their favorite games. So what I've decided to do is actually take a unique approach on this where I'm going to be playing games, but not just sort of casually playing them. I'm gonna talk a little bit about the games and actually how you can utilize some of the classes in the games in this particular game. This is a game based out of World War. It's a first person shooter, meaning that you're basically running around with teams of people and you're trying to complete objectives. So I thought I'd kind of give you a little bit of walk through the game, we could check out. Let's see if we go to their menu here we could do to do go to Battlefield one. There is a trailer. There's basically tons of information here if you go check out their website, but you've got various modes you can kind of see. This is sort of the gameplay clip here playing on the screen now, but you got all different kinds of weapons based around the World War era. Four different main classes, tons of different massive maps scaling from anywhere from like 24 upwards of 64 players. There's all different kinds of modes where you can play different variations of gameplay. You could be playing like Rush, for example, or you're trying to defend or defuse bombs. There's another mode called Conquest, where you actually are capturing flags and working together to try Teoh. Basically, maintain those flags and take them away from the enemy players, and you've got lots of different vehicles, anything from planes to tanks to They've even got some massive extended sort of vehicles and come out into some of the maps, like big airships and massive land ships things like that that you can get so beyond that. You can pick up this game on Xbox one PlayStation for his Wells PC, which is what I'm gonna be playing it on. And it's definitely one of my favorite games. The battlefield Siri's has been out for quite some time, and I'm hoping toe utilize the Siris on skill share to talk about some of my favorite games , and I'll be doing more of these videos covering other games. So if you like the Siri's feel free Teoh definitely subscribe and check out all my other videos here on Battlefield as well as other games. I'm gonna be putting out more classes on Thanks for watching and let's dive in. 2. Battlefield 1 - Support Class Overview & Tips: what is going on? Everyone, I am, Ah, doing a battlefield. One support class overview today had to make some video setting changes here, so let's dive in. We'll see if we can find a server here with a few open slots. See, I don't want to do war pigeons mode. Let's do either. Rush wouldn't mind doing a domination, but there's probably not a lot of servers, maybe a conquest filter by players. This is kind of strange. Don't really have a lot of your most servers are full or most servers or empty. I wonder if they're doing some maintenance today. Let's see weaken again. Sinai Desert. Here, I got a new battle pack. Let's open this. So again, in this video, I'm gonna be covering one of the four classes in battle from one. If you have not checked it out yet, I do have a couple other videos where I talk about assault and Scout, and I will also be doing another one of these videos for the medic class, which I have not done yet. I played this game a ton over the last weekend here. I had a friend join me, who actually bought the game for the first time, and we've been playing the battlefield games really since, like Battlefield 1942. So this round hasn't actually started yet, But that's fine. I can still cover the class. We don't need to really have a full, legitimate game going. So again, within Battlefield One, you have four separate classes here. You've got the assault medic support in the scout class, which is more like a sniper. So support is mawr. You Generally, what you're gonna be finding is you've got very heavy weapons, like MG style machine guns, more slow feed in terms of how they work. And you have the capability of actually providing ammunition to the other team members on your team. And you have some other cool gadgets which I'll be covering here in a couple of minutes. So let's start off. We go to customize, you've got the ability to do lots of customization with support. I've unlocked a few of the weapons, but not a ton of them again. For those of you unfamiliar, you gain ranks as you play the different classes. So we see I think that the map is changing or what's going on here. Yeah, basically, you've got, um, what's called War Bonds. So as you play the game, you gain normal ranks. And you also get, um, rankings for that specific class you play. So if you see here, like if I changed two assault, you'll see him in rank five assault because I played assault quite a bit. Where its support. I'm only a rank one. I do not play support. Quite is often. Um, And basically, as you gain those ranks, you have the ability unlock new weapons. So anything with like a two is something that I have to reach rank to to be able to unlock where his rank three same thing rank three. And then each of the classes get something unlocked at rank 10. As you gain your normal ranks, you also earn what's called war bonds. I have 580 of them. I played a lot over the last weekend, so probably even pick up. Um, I think I'm even gonna pick up this mg 15 maybe pick this guy up and we can test that out here today in this video. Now, if you go through each of the weapons generally, what you're gonna find is that ah, lot of them are really gonna offer, you know, higher ammunition counts on the actual magazine. So here, like the Lewis gun suppressive, for example, 97 out of 97. A lot of the guns are gonna be very fast, like full auto. In terms of fire, eight damage isn't necessarily going to be is high, But you're gonna have a little bit more control, depending on you know, if you're prone. If you're ducking, if you're sitting still and you're not gonna have as much hip fire control with a lot of these weapons, whereas if you're running around with assault, it's more actively engaging in battle and running around quick kills with, you know, sort of sm G's. This class is more, you know, you want to be standing still doing things where you're kind of covering an area defending . You know, that's really where this class is gonna gonna shine. So if you kind of go through some of these, you'll see ah, lot of them have pretty significant bullet drop within like that 25 to 50 meter range. You're not really gonna find that any of these weapons are really going to allow you to have anything super long range. Um, again, you do have some very variations for each of these. Not all of them. Um, actually, no. Every single one does have a variation. My mistake. So, for example, here with Lewis, we've got, like, this oppressive obstacle and low weight. So to give some examples here we have with suppressive a lot more control, but lower damage and higher accuracy, things like that. If you go to like the optical, you're gonna have less of a feed for the ammunition. So this is really the suppressive is more of a weapon that you'd be using where you kind of , like, sit in a trench or something and just hang out and really just started blasting for a long period of time. Where is the optical? Probably is gonna have more accuracy, but you know more of the capability of just kind of movement, you know, mobility, I guess you could say And then you get the low weight with that high accuracy, and this one is equipped with a bipod. So if you're prone, you can actually bring out a bipod and you'll increase that accuracy significantly. So you can really just nail people in a kind of a defence position. You look at some of the others you've got, um, really more accuracy. With ones like this one, you get the telescopic. This is more of, ah, distance. This has got improved accuracy over long distances. So that's something if you're going to be doing like long range defense. Um, Madsen, this this one is actually almost more like an assault weapon. It's got 31 for the ammunition and you can fire in semi auto mode. So this is almost like more of, ah, kind of, I'd say somewhat of assault version of a weapon that you could compare compared to a lot of the assault weapons. And then you got the mg, um, again different variations with, like, accuracy, lower weight. This one reduced has reduced recoil when firing. Um, see, what the b a r. You've got again, you know, similar stats where the trenches going to beam or, um, hip fire accuracy kind of mobility. And then if you go into like this storm, you'll have more like vertical kind of combination, so your accuracy and control goes up. But your hip fire capability goes down. So you're kind of not really ableto have quite as much control and again with the B a r. It's Ah, 20 ammunition clips. So this is going to be more a weapon that you'll be able to kind of be moving around, having more of an assault feel to it. And then it looks like the Huat automatic low weight. Here, this has a bipod and again, another really high accuracy weapon. I won't be able to unlock this one for some time. Let's talk about some of the gadgets again. With all the pistols. You've got pretty much every pistol unlocked for each of the classes. Um, for the gadgets, we have a couple of really cool ones. You have both an ammo crate so you can actually drop ammo down for your teammates. And this was replenish, replenish ammo for anyone that's in the vicinity. In terms of other ammo capabilities, you also have this pouch, which you can actually throw directly at a specific player on. This will allow them to just get a bunch of ammo versus having something in the vicinity. I prefer to use the creates that's kind of how it's always been in the old battlefield games. So that's what I use. And then you've also got the mortar, two different variations of it. You have one that's more effective against infantry and then an H E version, which is also effective against infantry and vehicles. So it's likely not going to be, um, is widespread in terms of the damage. I have not used this one. In fact, let's unlock it, and we'll play around with that today. It might not be able to tell a difference, but ill equipped that. And you've also got a couple others here that you've got the repair tool, which you can use to repair enemy vehicle, not enemy vehicles. You could prepare friendly vehicles, and, uh, you can also use what's called a limpet charge, which I use quite often. I love using this when playing support. It's basically like a time mind, almost like in gold, and I on a Nintendo 64. If you remember the time minds, you could throw this time mind limpet charge. You could toss it on vehicles on buildings wherever, and that's gonna work really, really well taken objective. You've also got some grenades again. All the grenades of the same for every class. But just to walk through them quickly. You get the regular frag that Gascony, which will really nail people damage over time, kind of blind them impact this sort of instant detonation. And you've also got incinerated for, like, a flame of fact that will burn and damage enemies over time. Many grenades which could be thrown further and will not do quite as much damage smoke grenades also, you know, good for blocking visibility, things like that. And then again, a light anti tank grenade, which is good for doing some damage to enemy tanks. And, of course, all the melee weapons. Each class does have a unique melee weapon. In this case, you can see the trench. Mace is the, um, the one for the support class, which I won't be able to unlock yet until I reach ranked too. But each of these has got some variations, and whether or not you could actually do damage to light vehicles, break would orb requires that air in the map. So those are some things to keep an eye out for. I've been using the club which I really like for doing. Melee kills. So, yeah, let's jump in all start with M G 15 and will play around with some of the different gadgets and stuff here, So I have not really used this weapon yet again. I unlocked it, but I picked it up off of other people when they died again. You have the capability you can. Really. I don't have much of anything going on down here and see if I get a little closer. It doesn't look like we have many enemies here. You can see how much this really works. Like in a prone position. I just have the capability of really laying it on from a distance, and that was pretty far away. You know, they like I wasn't necessarily, like, really close. I guess you could say so. These these kinds of weapons that sport loss has are gonna be really awesome, for people have thrown out, just kind of hang out, taking off from a distance, comparably to say, like it's nice way have taken objective. I don't know if it's the way my computer's running with this class feels sort of gets the way to describe It just feels very heavy. So you can see I don't really have quite the of age to really get my gun up ready and kind of a close fight like that. I was able to do significant damage, but it's not gonna be the same as having, like a full on. Whatever the case there, this is really gonna be more if I could get high places, like into a building. I really you know, we have taken in other places, so it's almost sort of automatically gives me, like, a prune position here in the window. I could just sort of mountain here gives me really good accuracy. So much going on down here. Looks like where this team is completely dominating terrible with every single point except for one. So see if I can get down there. So I guess there was a guy straggler your left behind sniping me in the head. Of course. So I'm gonna respond there because clearly there, trying to take that back, I get up into one of these buildings. It gives me a little bit more advantage. What? Maybe this guy down there in the distance, but so we're just completely taken over these areas. They don't even stand a chance. If I could get a little bit closer, it looks like we're taking E. Maybe they're taking it back. Contestant there. I could try to get mortar shot off a little closer. Here's the actual mortar. So you get this big mini map and you have a range, so you can see I can't quite get to eat, See if we get a little bit closer. Maybe I could get up and eat over there. Oh, I guess another thing to keep in mind. I use the mortar so it actually stay there. I think I would have to pick it up. So it's my It's just we're doing so well. I can assure you guys much. We got something down here. I think it's a tape down here. I could really put on some like suppressive fire from here, but it's not gonna be effective more way, way down here. And I can really just lay it on. I'm gonna show you guys this even though this isn't video meant to be doing this. But this is a flame trooper kit. I picked it up because these are extremely rare. Um, this only spawns once in a while. It's basically an elite class that really I did not stand a chance. So I have enhanced armor and capability to use this flame trooper kids so potentially if I die here, go back to really diving more into the sport class. But I figured it's not really a simple occasion for me to just be able to grab this kid. So I thought I'd show you guys, you have four grenades that are all incinerating, no other weapons, and you also basically have to wear this mask limits visibility, and at the same time you also get kind of a slow movement. And if you diminish health, you cannot replenish. The people have to do for you. So those are some things to keep in mind. Probably is not the best area to be playing this class open area down here like this, but there's nothing else going on so way. This thing has immense distance. No, they're surrounding his points. I ideally want to play a little more aggressive with this class. You like really close range. It's not at all effective. Here's the other class, right in front of me here. I mean, I'm just taking shots. Got killed by infantry guy with, you know, two of us got killed, so they kind of had the advantage there. But let's see if we can jump back and I'll use the mortar a little bit, and I'll show you that this is the perfect place for it. You get kind of a hideaway here. I throw this down. I want to make sure so if I see anything appear on the radar. I know there were some guys over here, so you kind of get an idea. I can see them kind of back there in the crevice area Way have taken objective, Freddie quite now, But you can kind of see you get a full action. Beautiful this, But at the same time, you're not gonna have full capability to hit everything you want. And at the same time, you do have limited capacity. How many mortars you can actually use? Enemy on the train has arrived. Would have been a potential Kildare. But somebody got it. If I jump out of this, you can actually enter it again. But it does not appear that you can actually pick it up, Freddie, Once you deploy it, there's an enemy army training. Now the enemies also get this armor training. Hit this a little bit, A little bit of damage. It actually does Do something way have. So I'm all out. That thing is just completely gonna devastate. This would be the time. Maybe I could try getting close enough to one of these charges. Stop. Probably probably not. There's people actually get to sit inside the train. They have the capability of really damage. I'm probably gonna get killed. It's gonna be really hard to sneak up on it because they're watching from every angle. Most objective, robust. Right on there. And it's gonna blow up on its own. They got me pretty quick, but I actually pulled it off where I was able to do some damage to it. Let's go on. We can switch to another MG weapon. I'll give you an example of some of the other. So I only have again I only have a few unlocked, but we'll switch to the Madison, and I'm gonna keep that charge. And I'm also going to switch to the, um, the air, even though this probably wouldn't be as effective against, say, the train, but it's gonna be more effective against infantry. Perfect. Using it against that train looked up, right. I hit him, but he killed me. Didn't do enough damage, but it did a little damage. So you kind of get the idea. I mean, it's not going unless you really get a direct hit. You're not gonna completely take him out, But that's gonna work pretty well in terms of that air mortar. Now, if I spawn a here, the gas is well, by the way, Generally have to use the gas mask if you're gonna be sitting and they let that train just die out really quick, Very surprised. A guy in a force here runs Calvary so you can tell there's enemy presence. That's kind of a dial right over the point. Either somewhat blue or somewhat red, which means they're still in the president's right. Probably one or two enemies here. So this guns pretty good. It's not quite is, you know, it's not really as designed to just sort of sit out, hang out, do damage. Where is her using like that? Mgr using it's gonna be more more for, you know, having the capability to kind of chill out and just have more of a defense. So let's try one of the other weapons and also show you some of the other tools as well. We are losing objective, Freddie. So we have not used the ammo Crete, and we have not used the ammo pouch. So I'll show you the difference is there and also switch the Lewis gun low weight. We can try that out. This is actually the default again for the annual packs. You have a few booty here is like the animal box. And you can also couch which this will, you know, If someone picks it up, then they'll get a big surplus. And so here I see this guy. Awesome, resupplying in the end. If I throw it on the box, yes, to stay in the vicinity and get quite as much, you can see this thing. It fires pretty slow with same time. There's recently really good for putting a lot of suppressive fire. I really just suppressed that guy a lot probably helps weight of it the same year. The cool thing about this I can throw down an animal pack and I could just replenish myself so I'll never run out of that was really barring killed. I was just able to wake him up. Sort of spamming bullets. That's a good way you can sort of play this class again. I could just keep giving myself ammo. Same thing with giving the team more ammo and everything. Have people like here's a scout glass just hanging out. Throw down this box. He's shooting ammo. I can make you replenish these guys. Almost so they pick up the ammo from my box, give me points pretty much consistently. Their figure. We might as well finish out of this game. It's pretty close here. We only need about a couple points to be in. Actually, finally taken some points on the other side. Really put some like suppressive fire on distance troops. You're not really gonna get much in terms of kills. I feel like I got lucky with a couple that was earlier shooting them from distances like that again. If I'm prone, I'm gonna have a much better chance of hitting. But I had a vehicle travel all the way back to even take me a bit of time to get over there without anything. Just do a straight run tank out here stuff. Well, I think I've covered the support glass pretty well. Um, I'm gonna kill this video. I know. It's probably a good 20 minutes. Here. Thanks for watching guys and stay tuned. I will be doing another one on the medical ass, and I already have another on assault and another scout, so be sure to check those out. If you're watching on YouTube, be sure to subscribe to my channel on. Thanks for watching.