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Battlefield 1 - Scout Class Overview - PC Gaming Tips & Tricks With John

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Course

    • 2. Battlefield 1 - Scout Class Overview & Gameplay

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About This Class

This class will be part of my PC Gaming Tips & Tricks Series.

Each class part of this series includes specific strategy and insight on how to play a game or a character/class type in the given game. 

This class is going to be focused on a game called Battlefield 1. 

I'm covering the scout class weapons, play style and various gadgets the scout can use. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction To The Course: on everyone. My name is John Shea, and this is going to be a unique class that I'm putting together here on skill share. What I'm actually doing is covering some tips and tricks for one of my favorite games, called Battlefield One. In this video, I just wanted to talk a little bit about Battlefield one. What it's all about weaken what you can actually expect from the SYRIZA classes. Essentially, what I've done is I've taken the idea. There's a lot of people online, especially on YouTube, and places like Twitch TV, where they like to actually share gameplay from some of their favorite games. So what I've decided to do is actually take a unique approach on this where I'm going to be playing games, but not just sort of casually playing them. I'm gonna talk a little bit about the games and actually how you can utilize some of the classes in the games in this particular game. This is a game based out of World War. It's a first person shooter, meaning that you're basically running around with teams of people and you're trying to complete objectives. So I thought I'd kind of give you a little bit of walk through the game, we could check out. Let's see if we go to their menu here we could do to do go to Battlefield one. There is a trailer. There's basically tons of information here if you go check out their website, but you've got various modes you can kind of see. This is sort of the gameplay clip here playing on the screen now, but you got all different kinds of weapons based around the World War era. Four different main classes, tons of different massive maps scaling from anywhere from like 24 upwards of 64 players. There's all different kinds of modes where you can play different variations of gameplay. You could be playing like Rush, for example, or you're trying to defend or defuse bombs. There's another mode called Conquest, where you actually are capturing flags and working together to try Teoh. Basically, maintain those flags and take them away from the enemy players, and you've got lots of different vehicles, anything from planes to tanks to They've even got some massive extended sort of vehicles and come out into some of the maps, like big airships and massive land ships things like that that you can get so beyond that. You can pick up this game on Xbox one PlayStation for his Wells PC, which is what I'm gonna be playing it on. And it's definitely one of my favorite games. The battlefield Siri's has been out for quite some time, and I'm hoping toe utilize the Siris on skill share to talk about some of my favorite games , and I'll be doing more of these videos covering other games. So if you like the Siri's feel free Teoh definitely subscribe and check out all my other videos here on Battlefield as well as other games. I'm gonna be putting out more classes on Thanks for watching and let's dive in. 2. Battlefield 1 - Scout Class Overview & Gameplay: Hey, what's going on? Everyone Today I am going to be doing a stream for Battlefield one covering the scout. So let's dive right into it, jump into a server and will cover the scout class. I already done another video on assault, also planning to do another on support and for the medic class, I think today jump into We'll do a rush server. See if we can get in the one here fairly quickly. Have been backing off a little bit on my battlefield one time because final fantasy, the Brandy Final Fancy game just came out and been playing that in that game. It's awesome. Fortunately, probably won't be streaming much of that because I don't have a game capture card or anything, but yeah, um, let's jump in. So for those of you who are unaware, this particular game mode is called Rush. Essentially, the idea is that one team is defending the points and the other team is attacking them. So let's talk a little bit about the scope class before I actually started the game play. When you jump into battlefield, you've got the choice to pick between the four classes. Assault medic support and scout in this video, I'm going to cover the scout a little bit more in depth and talk. You know, just about this class in general, what you can expect playing it different place styles, things like that. If I go to customize here, I've got a few different options. I can pick between my primary weapons side arm, two different gadgets, grenades in a melee weapon. So let's talk about the weapons. I have a good chunk of them unlocked. As you play this game, you learn not only ranks on the classes, but you also learn what's called war bonds. I've got about 50 of them here. You can see at the top, right? And if you look here, most of the weapons are generally about 200 War bonds. You can also unlock the better part of them once you reach rank three with each given class . And as you can see him rank five right now. So I've unlocked quite a few of them, but I don't have all of them unlocked. Generally, you've got a combination of a few different weapons. So, for example, with the Russian 1985 3 combinations of that same weapon, the enemies. And there's some slight differences between each. So, for example, if I pick the sniper one, this is gonna have a really long range scope. You could zero in hit people from extremely far away. Whereas if you use the trench, the damage is significantly reduced in, the damage drop is also reduced. You can see the difference between the dotted line and solid line in the example of the bottom right there. So with this, this is gonna be a little bit more of like you're running around your kind of fast action. You want to, you know, dive into battle and not really be playing so much with, like, a long range scope. But maybe more like quick action, just close up shots on the infantry is very similar, but it's gonna have a little bit mawr of a capability to do some like, you know, maybe maybe like, medium to long range sniping. And that's generally how most of these work the difference being you've got different naming. So, like the glare marksman is gonna be good for, like, medium to long range, where a sniper is gonna be like, really long range and infantry is going to be close quarters combat. Um, you know, the difference between most of these are going to be mainly bullet drop. And you also got different fire modes on some of them. In fact, I think with all the scout weapons, all these air all semi auto. So be more of the quickness and how quickly you can reload and fire between them. Um, you know what? The glare, for example. It's only a five rounds per clip. So you're basically going to be to be spending a lot more time reloading with a gun like that, versus maybe, like the S m l E m K three with the 10 per per clip. Um, all the classes have the same weapons I've been using. The Emily 1903 haven't unlocked all of them, But there is a couple of unique ones per class, so you can see here. If I got to rank 10 with the scout, I can unlock the coal Obree, which I'm only rank five right now, so it's gonna be a little bit until I can get that and then you have a few gadgets. Let's talk about those you can either go with nothing, which I don't know why you would or you have a choice between a whole bunch of different gadgets. You can use flare guns. Their full two versions is one that's made for spotting enemies in the vicinity. And you've also got a flash one that which can actually blind nearby players, make it harder for them to see you. So that can actually be really useful. I haven't unlocked that yet, so I'm not gonna build a demo. It unfortunate I'm just 10 War bonds short, but I know that that could be extremely useful in the right circumstances. In this game, cable, it's These are awesome because you can actually damage tanks like tanks. Things like that works really well on. You could probably take about 1/4 of its health only downfalls. You only start with about five of them. So unless you're near another support class, that can actually help you replenish ammo, you're gonna be kind of in a bind there. And then you've also got this periscope you can put down If you were behind like a bunker. They show there in the little video you could bring up this periscope and actually see with enemy units are and mark them and tag them for your squad mates or for yourself. You've also got this sniper shield. I've actually used it a little bit, Someone of my teammates. You put one down and I was using it, But I don't have this unlocked as well. It kind of provides a very small hole. And you, can you really help reduce the amount of bullet, bullet damage you would take and just capability for someone to kill you. It's almost like you're just putting down a bunker, and then you have this small hole you can snipe out of, and you've also got the decoy, which I will be able to show you. This is really cool. You put down kind of like a stick with a head, and enemies can actually tag it. And, you know, they'll think that it's a really enemy, and if you put it in the right place, it could work out really well where they're like shooting at the decoy instead of you. And it's just kind of distracting them. And then you have a combination of a few different on trip wires that you can also use right now I have one of them unlocked here, actually know I do. Have a couple of them unlocks You've got basically three different versions of the H E version where this will just detonate like an explosion. You got gas which will just, you know, release a gas clouds to be really good for putting on defense points or choke areas that you know people are going to be spending a lot of time in. And then same with the incendiary. It's going to just let off fire in a ring around the area and all the units will take, you know, kind of overtime burning damage again. All the classes have the same grenades, so any class can use thes. But you have gas impact in scenery. Many grenades, smoke grenades and light anti tank grenades. Many grenades air basically regular. They just do a little bit less damage, but you can throw them further. Impact is like instant explosion smoker need ways off smoke and then light anti tank. You could do some damage toe tanks and things like that. Reminder damage and again, melee weapons. Also the same for all the classes um, there's a couple here that you have to unlock with support class there. It looks like they're unique to the support class, but otherwise fairly similar. So it's dive in. I'm going to show you one of the long range snipers first, the 95 playing around with that. Right now we're playing a defense mission, so that should work pretty well. You can see the distance I can get off. This just really allows me a really nice long shots go far away. I got some guys sneaking up behind us, but I'll use this sniper rifle a little bit more and it looks like this rounds actually about to end. So we'll probably jump into another round, depending on how this goes and then we can keep keep showing you some gadgets and some of the different things. The enemy sniping is awesome for being ableto todo there. Go. Wow. So I got killed with an 80 rocket gun, which is actually an assault weapon. We have defused objective butter, so it's not really gonna be very efficient for close quarter, especially this particular sniper rifle. My gas mask. I didn't need to put that on. Maybe I should put it on. Someone throws gas. Uh, the enemy has bombed Objective. Going to switch to another sniper rifle. Give me an idea of That's a really long distance one. So let's switch to an infantry one right now. This is kind of what we're dealing with with this very not performing all that. Well, it's kind of having all these guys really in your face, so to speak. We have to. You see, I don't really fast, and we can test out some of the other guns as we move into the next round here. But Scout has been one of my favorite classes to play in Battlefield. I've really been enjoying it quite a bit. I'd say. Overall, I have probably played Scout more than any other classes. It does take some practice. So, you know, I'm I'm kind of a a cross between, like playing very aggressively and just kind of leading back. Some people see them just sit there like laying back the entire time. It's a scout. They're not very aggressive, and I kind of mix it up. So I'll, depending on how I'm playing or the type of game modem playing, I may actually really just get in the battle and dive in, and that's one of the reasons I like being able to use some of the infantry based versions of those sniper rifles. I've only recently started using that Russian 1985 which has that incredible long range. So that is something that you know, depending on the circumstance, like you're defending these points, you're really far away. It's gonna work out really, really well for you. So next round here, starting in a few seconds. Another thing you can do in this game is you have metals, that you can actually track certain statistics based on getting achievements like you could get a X number of kills or headshots, things like that. So we'll stick with the infantry on, and I'll show you guys the flare gun spot as well as the trip wire bomb. I may not be ableto show this actually getting activated. Maybe if I can be aggressive and get to one of these points, I will be able to get up to maybe one of these. I could plant the bomb, or if a teammate plans that I could get the trip wire down in front of it in that way, if they go to defuse it, that fire lights up on them. And then now they're having a harder time trying to defuse the bomb. So I would kind of be the circumstance where I would use it in this particular case where I'm attacking the points as opposed to defending them, you could really do the same thing. You could just lay out that trip wire. And as the enemies are approaching, they don't notice that it's there. You know, you could put it in buildings like around corners. It works extremely effectively if you can put it in the right place, but, um yeah, it should be a little better. Now we get a fresh round here so I can give you guys better example stuff. So I'm gonna stick with the infantry for a little bit here. I don't know how how these teams are faring if we're gonna have a nisi time or not, have much of a distance still hit him. Guys like me, they have armed objective butter. So this would kind of be the example. I throw this trip wire out and now they come in here. All Russian in band that they're gonna light up. I don't know if they're going to get in here. You can see how well this is. Very effective is a close range weapon. The other thing is the scout. Which do you want to make sure you get used to is spotting the enemy's extremely important planes. You don't do that. See any spotting enemies? No chance here. The way this is going for them. You also have the capability. With these weapons you can charge in. You can use the end of the van and actually kill them with melee attack. We have armed objective again. I could throw this in here. There's a fire because they threw someone eager needs in their being deactivated. My trip on most likely did any explosions or other gunfire. Things like that are gonna kind of trip it up. So technically they could shoot the bottle if they have the opportunity. The enemy has diffused objective good Malay kill there. But I got killed right after all, right. Usually does like a really awesome animation. So as you're going to make the kill, it'll kind of do like this whole little mini cut scene of me, you know, really taken the guy out. We have armed objective apples. Unfortunately, most of these guys air in battle against one of them, but taken out by another sniper. He's actually really close. Some surprise. I didn't notice him. What? Switch to a medium range, and we can check that out. I know I haven't really had much of an opportunity to do a lot of sniping here. Our team is just sort of taken over, So let's do the glare. Car Bean. This has a little bit more of like a. I still have that like require capability, century cages available. Those guys in those 80 rocket guns better respond towards the bottom, really flank them around here and be wouldn't suspect as much. Big thing. That's very important about this game. This a lot of people just they don't really think Teoh go around, I guess. Do the same thing here. Go out that trip on next time I dial switch up in terms of the gadgets. Good chance. We should have some activity. Enemy units, depending on how well they're doing, it looks like we're getting a as well way have armed objective. Oh, there's a guy up in that house there. The enemy has diffused objective apples. We have taken out objective butter. So be I'll show you the guy in here. There's a charging ability as well charged the enemy. Show you an example of it rolled down. Uh, actually do this. Charge, Move, dial. If you hit someone in that time, basically take him out, you didn't stand a chance. You can see it and I can still use. It is a very close range weapon, just like no, just is an enemy. Manage, right. Both objectives wait for the enemy artillery barrage to stop fire. Good. You can also see that there's a guy behind here utilizing the mini map, which is extremely important. They take any shots, they do anything that's that's basically revealed their position. And now I have the opportunity to take them out, which is great for any class. Really, A lot of people, I think you know the opportunity to really look at that many map and see that there's enemies nearby. Let's see if we can get I hit him did a lot of damage to him, but he was able to take me out really quickly. So one shot you'll see that took almost all his health. He was down to 11 health there, So let's switch up. Are you kind of have an idea of how the actual trip wires work? I didn't get to use the flare yet, so we'll keep that going and I'll switch to the M 1903 so you can check that out as well. If I could get into a decent vantage point, there's actually an area where you get up top here in this cold and objective. And generally, when running around in these close quarters areas, I don't really know where the enemies will be. See this? Another scout? It's going up here, too. The enemy has diffused. He really took advantage of those grenades. I should have chucked one back. I just didn't think that 2nd 1 was going to get me. But what I can do is Spawn. I think this guy's also still in the roof here. I can always go back up there, but you get the idea of how much advantage point that's gonna be. It's not gonna be as effective since we're attacking you know, I don't know would be worth me staying up here super long, especially since these two points are captured. It'll allow us to move up, but now I've got a little bit more range with this. So it's not super long range, You know, something that's not gonna be, like so far range that it's gonna be ridiculous either. So it really does depend on the scenario. What's going on in the battle? You kind of change it up. You have the ability to switch between three load outs of weapons what you're actually using. So even taking those shots to, like, finally hit, I get suppression. Hit him, man. There's so many of them down there kind of just fire. I don't really spend as much time as I probably trying to really take a lot of sniper. I'm kind of just relying on my team at this point. Have sort of vantage point here with a couple other teammates way have armed objective, but But I do get, like suppression assist points for player there. Let me help on, will you? Where being shot from just a minute. So as you can see two I got a spot assist, and I'm constantly trying Teoh hit queue to spot enemies. And if you do get one shot off, you'll get a massive. Now, if you don't do a certain percentage of damage, you get the full kill assist. You don't get many points. So I had 72 points for hitting him just then. The only sure the flare gun and also show you the So this is this is the decoys. So what will happen is you know, I have this up, and if they were down there, you know, they're kind of very quickly jumping into battle. They're basically gonna you know, your spot. I met excited. A shock trooper. It's a good hit. I just got an assist. Now, this is really where that Russian 19 5 sniper or any of the longer range sniper rifles could really come in because now shot a little bit long of a range. At least if I'm gonna stay here, only 15 damage and I could even get this out. This might help spot enemies. And then if I wanted to, I could throw the throw a couple of these down to distract them, maybe hide a little bit more back here, but just a little bit more further back than probably should be for this. I got a little bit closer. Sea view. It's more damage up. I'm getting some assists off those flares that they're actually helping. That means eyes on a damn shocked. And someone just shot one of the decoys. Got some points for that so that they assume that there was actually an enemy. So it actually works? Yes, I got too close, so I'll show you guys just a couple more gadgets and I'll wrap this up. I know this video's been a little bit longer than I'm probably typically going to do for most of my coverage videos here on Battlefield One. Um, I'll show you the cable. It's and we can also do. Yes. It doesn't really matter if I either trip wire bomb, you know, just the effects, but using it it's gonna be identical. So I get this down, maybe we can get a shot off armed objective butter way have objective. Now, another thing is that even though I've died, um, I still have the capability to get some kills from that trip wire. So that's another cool thing to he actually hit the trip wire. My objective was a lucky shot. I got it. Have taken both objectives. Who was a sniper behind me? Had no idea. Alright, guys. Well, that's a wrap up. I hope you enjoy this video. Learned some stuff about the scout class, and I'll be doing a couple others as well. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for those. Thanks again for watching. And no, I got revived.