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Batch Resize, Rename, And Watermark Photos In Seconds

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where And Which Files To Download

    • 3. Installing The Necessary Files

    • 4. Get Familiar With The Software. Resizing A Single Image

    • 5. How to Batch Resize A Set Of Photographs

    • 6. How To Watermark A Single Photograph

    • 7. How To Batch Watermark A Set Of Photographs

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About This Class


Photographs and images make a huge impact on your website, blog and social media to your audience. Most photographs straight from most cameras are not optimized for fast downloads, or for search engine results.

Resizing and renaming a large number of photographs is time consuming, and tedious. In this class, I'll show you how you can use a simple software to do batch resizing, renaming, and even add watermarks to your photos in one step.

This small piece of software also does resampling which maintains the quality of images, while reducing files sizes up to 3 times smaller. It will save you time and help you be more productive.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is James. This shot costs I will show you how to resize. Rename it either What amount to a better for those or in a very, very quick step. This will actually have you to be more productive if you use a lot of for those in your business. Now, I'm sure you really know the importance of having images or photos to post on your websites on your block or even on social media sites. Let me just just have grab and hold a person's attention. The saying Pick Europeans of 1000 words ring through ever more. Today, however, there are two problems. Photos from a digital camera or your smartphone. Today's are huge, usually few megabytes in size. It takes a long time for you to upload and worse for a visitor to your website, it takes even longer for that image. Download studies have shown that if a visitor just with a few seconds, they have, ah, large percentage would have clicked away. So you really need to resize your photos for the Internet. Now the second issue is about renaming your fouls, right? Most photos from a digital camera will have something like I am G or PG and E S C. Something with a string of numbers after that. Now, for such engine to find those images and for your site thesis are not really the right way . So you know that you need to rename your photos to have two such engine, find your articles and find photos. Now the issue here is to rename and re size. A set of photos actually is very time consuming. Imagine, you have said to indeed the deal even more for toast that you need to resize and rename. However, in this cost, I will teach you how to do is in a batch process. I would know any Australia how to resize, but actually to re simple your photos so that he maintains is quality. While the far size is more, you can batch process on a set of photos in just a few moments in one single step. So I look forward to seeing you in this course and to have you to be just a little bit more productive in your work. 2. Where And Which Files To Download: okay to get started with this class. What you need to do is to head on over to the website call or fund view dot com. That is spell I r f a N v i e w dot com. Now the website looks a little bit all and not really something that is new and slick. But don't worry. Or far you has actually been on lying for quite a long time. First, let's take a look at what is our fun view. I find release of fast, small and compact free, rare for non commercial use graphic. We were father Windows platform and he works on all versions off windows from leaving those as early has been those nine all the way to be in those 10. Okay, if you are using it at home or in school, then our family will be free to use. And you can do quite a lot of things, which we will cover in the future video. If you're using it for commercial use, then the developer off on school, John, request that you don't it or register by sending 10 U. S. Dollars or euro 10. Right? So what? I suggest is that you try this software first. And then if you're using a commercial, then please send him some money. That is just a one time fee. Okay, so let's hit on the word to double our fun of you. Now, there are several sex that you can download A fund. You one is in C net. Okay. And that does include forced hub and file for room. And this may change in the future. But for now, let's go over to force. Have to down a fine view. You will be taken to this, though, and then you're presented with a list off fund you to download. Now the first file that is presented, which is very small. About two megabytes. This is the fall, the basic software. Okay, we're going to click safe to save the foul. But I'm not going to download this file again because I already have downloaded the software. So I'm just going to click on cancel. The next thing you need to download is actually to Donald or Brian's for the 32 bit version and can be used. We have actually doubled that that two bit excitable foul, and then you need to download these bloody hints for the 30 to be as well. The main difference between the 32 64 bit is that the 64 bit version will be able to handle larger photographs. But for me, I found that is, haven't have any issues. Handling even falls up to 5 to 6 megabytes. I suggest that you used a 32 bit and that that the Doobie one will be able to have all the planes because there could be some clients they have not. Bean switched over to the 64 bit version. But if you want to use the 64 bit version, that is also fine as well. So let's click on to down the order means okay. As you show just safe to fall somewhere. Like I mentioned, I've really safe the fall on my computer, so I am not going to save it again. So I suggest that you save it somewhere. I don't know that stop or in the directory that you can find and click to install later on 3. Installing The Necessary Files: in the previous video, We have Ready, download or funny real. And in this video, I'll show you how to install fund you. They're two fouls. One is the Means software, which is ideal for four to set up and the other one user planes. So let's install the means software first, and you're presented with options whether to great or find your shortcut on the desktop off on you, Tom meals, shortcut on the desktop and the shot cut in the start menu. I'm just gonna do it on the desktop, and the installation folder is this installation folder. Let me just browse to it to make sure that that's the folder that I want. Yes, just the one. So click on next, and you mean select for all users unless he next and click on Next Again. All right, Do you want to associate extension with the mean of fun view? I think we just leave it for the time being and just click on next and said that I and I found for the advance you can leave it as their Windows seven, right or just click on next. So let's, uh, done and find you will be installed. Okay, So now this is the basic of fund view that's going install the rest of the blinds. This click under planes. Yes. And just click on next, and it should be done. And this is for fun view. So that's all for insulation off fund view. 4. Get Familiar With The Software. Resizing A Single Image: this video, we will take a look at the Are fun Rio basics. Right. So there you have an idea how you books? Okay, so when you open up or fun you for the first time, this is what you will see on the screen. Basically, it is just a black screen. And let's go ahead and open up an image and click on far and or butter fire. Okay, This is some simple materials that I have. Okay? And you can actually see, like, the file types, for example, common graphic fouls like J pay or image files or PNG. Right? Or you can make it easily or fast as well. So I suggest that we just keep it as common graphic files, and you can actually look at your fault. Okay, So the first thing I'm gonna do is to show you how to resize and image individually. And in the next video, we will look at how do batch precise a set of images and how to also what am I So I'm just going to open up this image. This is the scene in the or fund. You is actually a car in the sky. Okay, So there are lots of settings. You find the ovation wouldn't cover because this really too many things there. But what I'm gonna do is head on over to image, and you're going to try to resize and re simple and image. Okay, So he under menu image and go down and look for the resize. And recent for the image the current image sizes 1536 by if I six pixels okay, and you can actually set the new size based on the pixels. Oh, said, uh, you miss size based on the percentage of the original. Okay, lets say I'm gonna set 70% so this will be the new size. Okay, you can know. So So, like, some of the dimensions here, and that is preset. So that is another method to do that. And when you click on preserves the aspect ratio, then we'll find your war preserves the aspect ratio off the photo. Okay. For example, if you want to set size based on the reef and when you click on aspect ratio, let's say we're going to set a bit off 800. Okay, so in proportion, the highway also following the same thing with adjusting the DP I based on the new size. If you study for 72 So all the outputs from our fund you will be 72 dots per inch, which is suitable for Web human. Just so. And here is the re simple method whereby if you select this method called lungs sauce, you will be the slowest and give the best quality Just he got in OK, all right. And the initial be reduced in size and click on file. And let's say we're gonna save you. That's another place, for example, less saving into my d drive. My document, my video, our fund view. And this is my process falls. And I'm going to rename it as What s there small. OK, here. You can also adjust the JP quality, whether you wanted to be higher or lower and less free about 90% and you have also options whether you want to keep the original exist data. Okay, the original I'd be my PTC data and other things as well and reset exist orientation and uncheck this and just click on safe and the foul would be saved. So if I were to open up my folder. All right, so here, you see this, Misha, which is the small size? What the? Okay, this is a small and let's look at the properties. So this photo now, I said Hamish off. You misread of 800 by 451 Right? The DP I, Steve 7 to 72 d p. I okay. And the other information is dead as well. And let me show you the original photo. Okay, so now the sizes and 101 100% is 100 pixels. My original is here, and this is the picture. Okay, it's much bigger. Okay, So this image properties is that 15 trees, ex pixels by 72 dots per inch. All right, so basically, that is how you resize and individual picture in our fund view. 5. How to Batch Resize A Set Of Photographs: in this video, I'm going to show you how to use the batch conversion, slash renamed function in our fund view to resize batch off photographs. So click on the word to foul and best conversion rename, and I'm going to use a different set of images. Thank you. They say we're gonna use this. No, we're gonna remove this more. Let's use this set of foot photos. Okay? I'm here to here, here at all this, and you can see the preview here. Okay, So at the moment, the size of the images they see was the size of the images. Here, The size of the mission is pretty big. Keeping busy, is it? 1536 by 1152 Okay, this is I also want 1536.1152 Okay, So most of them are at the size of 1536 by 1152 Okay, that's Hebei would toe fund you. There are three options here. Whether you want to do best conversion or battery name or best conversion renamed results falls. Okay, if you're just talking about bash conversion thence, the options would be grayed out or if he's just a battery name, then this option will be greater as well. Just click on the best conversion dash rename, and we're going to click on the advance option here about resizing. So clicker advance. And here you can actually have a lot of options. You can You're gonna use the Reese ice and you know the rest in one of my videos. I really shown how to enter. What? That my image. So in this video, I'm not going to select that. I'm just gonna select resize. Okay, now, here you can actually see resize using the setting a new size. Okay. For example, if you're using your images for block and your block image size, you want to have a standard beat off 900. You can actually just set the with. And if you click preserver aspect ratio that are fun, we will know how to adjust the height to fit your original for door accordingly. Okay, You can also set the long side to a certain amount of pixels are set the shot site. Okay, if you have images that are no in landscape, more than you can also use this option as well. So for the purpose off these for the purpose of this exercise, we're gonna set the reef to 900 okay? And preserved the aspect. Re sure and use the re simple function because he will result in better quality. All right, so basically, that's that if you want to resize based on the percentage you can do that as well. Let's click on that. And if you want to resize it said to 70% you can also with my percentage. So let's just go and do it by with at 900. Our original with is 1152 So let's said it is with 900 and preserve aspect ratio. If you're smaller images, you can actually click on don't and large Morley may just just to be safe. All right. And don't shrink. Beget me, just all right. So this is if you want to resize it bigger, Okay? We're gonna set this, and we will leave the rest here, but they're actually a lot of other options. For example, if you want to shop on your photo, you want to adjust the contrast. You can do all that. All right. And you can actually do it at the same time. You don't have to do it one step at a time. For example, if some of your photos are rotator left, you want to rotate the left? You can do that as well. So anyway, I'm not gonna cover this in the video and just going to click on, OK, And this is the battery names that thinks this is what the up with foul shit name. Okay, let's change the name to something else this time. And I'm just going to call this s foot resize smaller in 900. Okay, 900. And they're gonna put the hashtag because we want to have a number off the files. Okay, so the starting country was started. Number one and the increment will be one, Which means my photos were name of before res ice size 900. Let me just put a dash day or underscore just to be sure. Okay? And click on OK and upward directory will be document video training or fund your process. Okay. If you want to change your directory, just click on browse, then you can actually save you wherever you want to save you. Okay, So you want a preview of the mission? This is how you preview that. You may just And so once that's done, if you want to add other images, you can actually edit this. Well, just pull, drag you down, okay? Not you want to remove dead. All right. So the set of photos to all be food for doors. Okay, So start back. She would take just a few seconds to do this. And we are done. Okay? Just returned to Batch and let's open up our process photos and see what happens here. So, yes, you can see now the dimensions of the photo has changed, too. 900 by 675 Okay, All the images on 900 size is in the dimensions and same 900. Okay, so that's how you do your best conversion and renaming 6. How To Watermark A Single Photograph: in this video, I'm going to show you how to add a watermark to an individual picture in our fund view. Right? So I have my earlier for to open up in our fund view, not to add a watermark on your image on our farm. You just click on edit, okay? And you will find insert overlay or what I my image. So click on that and you can actually go to choose water. My image. There also locations whether you want to keep it to the left top left, right, tops and etcetera. So let's head on the wall and choose an image. Okay? I have a PNG transparent image that I've made earlier. And let me just show you what I mean. You can actually click on the preview and to preview there. What time are pointing to take notice that transparency and you put the zero actually, the bottom. I will show up back there. Right. So as I mentioned, this is a transparent image whereby there so need text and the rest of the image exactly transparent. If I increase the value to say 70 you will notice that the mission will be more faint Okay , So I'm just gonna put it at zero for this and play on preview. And if I click on OK, the image will be so called burnt into the photo. I can also move it to the bottom. Right? Preview. And you Mission would be day. Not so clear. So for this class, I'm just going to put it at the top because this is the writer section. So what? You're happy? Wherever you want to put it, you can just click on, OK, And there is also an X and Y could unit offset. If I put it as far five by here as well, you will actually move closer to the age. And this is actually the offset from the top h and H over here. If you put it at the center, there won't be any offset. Okay? But the mayor will be sent today for the purpose of this exercise. I'm just going to put it here and in Cleveland, okay. And once I'm done, I'm gonna safe the fall in my process directory. And I'm just gonna put that s what I'm a w Yes, watermark. Okay, so this is how you bottom are individual images in our fun view, 7. How To Batch Watermark A Set Of Photographs: in this video, I will show you how to use the batch conversion and renamed function in our fund view. Okay, Before we start, I'm just going to show you what other you may just have prepared in a directory. So this on my simple you may just that I have me for the purpose of this exercise. So I have a serious images or photos. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to put up what, tomorrow on the top left corner here, and we're gonna do it by batch. Creating this in the live video. I've shown you how to do this one by one. So this time we're gonna batch edit this on the word too far and click on batch conversion and rename. So you need to go to the folder that your images are located. And in order to go there, just click on this aero button and head on over to the directory where your for those are least you can actually see that you may just there whether you want to have lash icons or small No, you can have a list. You can actually preview the mission by clicking on this. So that s you have over your images. All right. You can have ah, preview off your photos so that you know where you want to put your watermark, right? For instance, if your watermark my mind, is kind of fiend and bright, then you may not show up at the sitting calmness. Anyway, I'm just going to put it at the left corner. And in order to do best conversion, the first thing that you need to do is actually to select your images. So I'm just going to choose this five photos and you can actually at and all the five photos will be added there. All right, so these are there for those that I've selected. All right, The next step is to select the output format. Okay, You can select Jamie Pack. I'm just gonna leave you that, j peg. But if you want to have PDF or PNG, you can do that as well. And they're also options here to the side on the quality of your J. Peg. I'm gonna leave you and 90 you can actually increase on the way. This way. Whether you want to keep the original exit data keep original. I BTC data and the rest I'm just going to leave it as it is. There is also option for you to set the file size toe suddenly, me if you want to. Okay, so there are actually a lot of options can be just gonna click OK for this and next, we're gonna use the advice option. Make sure this is checked and click on the advance option. So here you can actually do cropping resizing. You can also have options to change color depth. And I say, for instance, if you want to turn your photo into a black and white photo, you can do that as well. So we're gonna leave all these unchanged and for the purpose of this video, we're also not going to resize their You mentioned them. Leave it as it is. But what we're gonna do is just what the mark clear on what the mark here and click on the settings here as you can set the X and Y coordinates from the top left corner, you're gonna put it on the top left corner and you know, silica overly or them watermark, any mission or photo. So to choose that just click Choose and browse to the image that you want. I'm just going to use this image. And the only transparency is to be 00 means the initial show up if you put it to 100 means that transparency will be 100 and your emission show what one photo and for best results use up in a PNG in Michigan And how far the years watermark Imagine a piece off last thing that is transparent and you write something on it. You place that piece off plastic on a piece of white paper, you will see the text. But your plastic Leo, your tax is is actually transparent, right? So this is what it means by and powerful a year. So just click on. OK, then click on, OK, again. So now that you have all these false elected, the next thing to do is to see the name, the image I'm gonna change it to save brought trip, okay. And then you need to put some hash tax. So when you have a hash tax day means for fun viewable three days and named the first photo as number one and there some options here this is the name mean pattern? A road trip? The hashed A is a digit or a number. If you want to maintain the so far name, you can do that as well. And starting counter whether you understudy number as one and in creaminess one. Let me just clear. Okay? And then you see the resulting foul. You will know what I mean. In the open directory to browse to the output directory, you can just click on browse. I'm going to use our fine view and process. My photos are in the sample material. The original photos are here. I'm just gonna place in the new directory which is called Processed. Not once. All this is done. You just click on start batch and the betting process would just take a few seconds. And we are done. So just click and returned to batch. And I am going to go What? To my folder. So these are my simple images. Go to process. You can see that you Mission Day. You may just for the best far. See this road trip 001 road trip 002 Road trip 003 Because our father you have to actually rename the fall as well. So the watermarks here and let's move on to the next image. Oh, there you may just have been What? Time up. So that is how you use the batch conversion and rename function to put a what tomato All your images using a batch method.