Basics of Software Testing and IT Workflow - 1 | Ozan İlhan | Skillshare

Basics of Software Testing and IT Workflow - 1

Ozan İlhan, Senior Software Tester & Teacher

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Software Testing Masterclass Intro

    • 2. Software Testing Overview

    • 3. Software Development Life Cycle

    • 4. Testing Activities

    • 5. Software Requirement Specifications

    • 6. Black Box Testing

    • 7. Introduction to Black Box Testing Techniques

    • 8. Black Box Testing vs White Box Testing

    • 9. Testing Mindset


About This Class

In this class we will start learning basics of software testing. With my classes you can learn software testing and become successful Software testers / Agile Tester. Obtain the core Mobile Testing, Backend testing, Web testing skills and learn JIRA, TestRail, TestLodge, Confluence and gitHub. At the end of the classes, you will have enough knowledge to get a job as a software tester or to start working as a freelancer! We will also explain many testing platforms, where you can start earning money as a BETA tester.


1. Software Testing Masterclass Intro: welcome. So for testing Masako's and thanks for investing, it's my mission teacher to become successful in Sofia testing. My name is posing and I have been a software tester and teacher for the past 10 years. I'm currently living in the Netherlands and working as a sea of soap. Your test engineer I love and passionate about testing and teaching. So in this course, I will share my experience with dear. Whether your brand new protesting or you get some passing experience. This course is made for you. Okay, thank you very much for enrolling. And let's start righting the testing. 2. Software Testing Overview: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to learn what is so pure testing different roles in ICT industry and importance of testing. Let's get stuff. What is so if you're testing so If you're testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the cult off, so for your product or service under test in other birds, So if you're testing is an activity which involves controlling the cult off the Sofaer and be sure that it matched with the Sofia garments and makes or custom happy. What are the rules in ICT industry? In technology companies, they're different roles, which collaborate and focus on delivering high. Called Sophia. When you start your career, it is important to understand different roles and responsibilities. After this course, you will have a solid understanding off. So for testing and its role in the software ecosystem, let's go through old Rose Sophia engineers, also known as application programmers. The work off a software engineer typically includes designing programming system that also fear operating systems, database systems, embedded systems and so on. They understand Hubble Sophia and hard perfection. The work can involve talking to clients and Calixto assess and define what solution or system is needed, which means there is a lot of interaction as well as full on technical work. Just honest, this is unleased. Our midfielders kill happy talking with technician people, presents majors and and users identify opportunities for improvement, took processes and business operations using information technology through this project based and begins with analyzing customer Snead's gathering and documenting requirements and creating a project plan to design the resulting techno-solutions just unleased the technician understanding but doesn't necessarily need a technical degree productive. The product owner is commonly elite user off the system or someone from marketing for that management or anyone with this would understand golf users, the marketplace, the competition and the future trance for the domain or type of system being developed. Project managers reject majors, organized people, time and resources to make sure that information take major projects, meets state requirements and are completed on time on budgets. They may manage the whole project from start to finish or manage part of a larger program. It isn't an entry level rolls. Project managers have to be pretty crude. This requires experience on a good foundational technology and so skills which are essential for working with take their Lachman things and higher level business measures, which are led by to the project leaders so that fixes can be made. This is can also be involved at the early stages off project in order. The unspent pitfalls before work begins can potentially get their high level as attested. This course focused on Sofia testing and that we will have a solid understanding about who is responsible from testing. This is my favorite interview question all team is responsible for Called off Sophia. The Mangle off the team is delivering a high quality product efficiently. In a short time, all team members should focus on quality with the guidance off the Sofia tester. So Fear Tester should lead the team in terms of quality and make sure that the project meets with customers need why? So if you're testing is important in light industry. So if you're testing was underestimated and its consequence. Many companies had lots off measure issues which caused millions off damage them itself. The example off the life issues Nice funded $14 million. One of the biggest American market makers for stocks struggled to stay afloat after a Sofia back triggered for under 40 million those in just 30 minutes. The firm's shares lost 75 person in two days. After the fault, Sophia polluted the market with unintended traits. Mesa, The Mars Climate Orbiter, the 125 million spacecraft. Presume the orbit of too close to Mars surface. And this integrated because the engine team failed to convert their measurements from your sins to metric one off. The main responsibility off software tester is finding defects as soon as possible. Imagine if you find the buck during the testing face. Coast will be the cost of testers retesting but fixes finding parts. But if you find an issue on final product, cost will be the coast off. Customers finding bucks plus Helpdesk plus escalations Plus but fixes plus retesting plus redeployment. That's it. It is technically impossible to create 100 person back three applications, but it is important to detect all measures shares early in the software development lifestyle. In this course, we will learn many different testing approaches and up companies to create grace affairs. Thank you very much for watching, and let's learn more about testing 3. Software Development Life Cycle: in this video we're going talk about so fear development, life cycle. And what are the basic software processes in 80 companies? Let's start what is so far the lemon life's like so if your goal in life cycle is a terminology used to explain how Sophia is delivered to a customer in a Siri's off steps, this process helps us toe produce so fear with the highest quality and loves coast in the shortest time. Each organization can have their own process, but in general they are all using the same pattern. It consists off a detail plan describing half the day look, maintain, replace and altered or enhanced specific Sophia. The last cycle, defiance and methodology for improving the quality off Sophia and the overall development process. So, basically, Sophie Edelman life cycle is the very idea cos. Delivers a piece. Also, the main stages are planning, defining building, testing the blink and maintaining. As a Sofia tester, we will involve each steps off. So for a little Losec later, in this course, we will learn how we can involve and how we can improve the quality off the Sofaer for the plant stage. The team answers the question what they want. It helps the team to determine the coast and people required after that in defiance. Stage Team A Swiss equation. How well we get what we want in this step so far, design on all team have a clear well off what it will look like. It will be also revealed by customers. This part is the most important step off software that will open lifecycle. Imagine, before I started work. If you don't find it wrongly, you will produce something which is not expected by customers. Well, is the time for Let's create what we want This stage developers, right? The actual court. If the premise steps have been followed with attention to detail, this is actually the least complicated step test. In this stage. We answer the question. If we get what you want, we test the Sofaer to see if there any unexpected outcome. We fix those issues until the product meets the original expectations. Deploy the team. Us. Was the question. Let's start using what we got in this part. It will. The shirt with the customers and potential users is the most exciting part since you will see the result off your work and get feedback from really users. After that, the last step is maintained. The team answers the question. Let's get this closer toe what you want. The plan almost never turns out perfectly when it meets relative. Read the update and fix the software, which deployed in any website or mobile application that you see a new update. It means that the team behind it maintain it for their customers, which means it's you to give an example from the real world. Imagine you want to make a dinner for your family and your plan to cook something which you haven't right before. What did you do? First you have to plan what you will cook after define but ingredients unit. Then think about how we will put old ingredients together, which is designing stuff. After that, start cooking building, then check. The test is good, which is testing stage and at the end, so that your family and friends which you deployed and, as you know, sometimes the food can taste differently than we expected in the world. In other words, software he killed a foot at the end off the software, the little lifecycle activities you can deliver the end product to customers. Each part should be perfect. In order to receive a great final product. That's it. You will learn a lot more about. So for development life cycle in the future. Videos. In the next video, we'll talk about testing activities. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next tutorial. 4. Testing Activities: in this video, we're going to talk about testing activities. You will learn the basic test activities. No, a creature in this cars. We will have a deep knowledge off all testing activities. Let's third. Testing is engaged in each part off the software development lifecycle from planning to deploy main testing activities are planning specification execution. This completion. Let's have a better understanding off testing activities. We'll start with test planning before starting the controls. The tester should plan but and how to test the software? A test pilot is a document describing software testing scope and activities. This plan identifies teachers to protest it. Test husks. Who will do each task testing environments which designed testing will be used and entry and exit. Pretorius. You don't need to worry about this items now. We will learn all off them later in scores. The pass on the company test planning can take up the couple of horrors or even a couple of weeks. This specification it consists off to me incompetent. The first is designing to test case. It determines how the identified these conditions are going to be exercised. The second is building the test cases in this step the implement actual test cases test execution. In this activity, Test engineer runs the test and make sure that application matches with the expected results. Expect results means correct functioning off the application. The most important test cases should be executed first. For example, if you are testing a banking application first, you should check money transfers, which is the most important function for the bank. Or if you are testing a website like amazon dot com, you should check if the user can add an item to the basket, which is the most important function for this website. The protester will find an issue which is not expected. Is sure should be court toe back apart. But Mr Problem, which causing a program to crash or produced in world out there's completion in this face test engineer should become confident that all the testing activities completed successfully. Well, hi never bucks salt and the product is threatened. Television off the record click testing. It means that real users really was the application. All things must working on, That's it. You will learn a lot more about testing activities and roll off the software tester in the future. Videos in the next video, we'll talk about Sophia requirements. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next tutorial. 5. Software Requirement Specifications: in this video, we're going to talk about Sophia Requirements. Specifications. It is far off the most important face off the software development lifecycle. This face is used to transit coast or expectations it's and so for details in the complete , precise and formal specifications. Let's start software requirements. Is description off a software system? Toby There a lot. Sophia requirements. Specification lays out functional and nonfunctional requirements, and it may include a set off use cases that describe user interactions that the sow fear must provide. It is commonly defined by business on this or product homes shortly. So for Rick, armaments explain how application or software should work. When a software tester perform Testing activities at least basic requirements are necessary . Also, before development activities requirement should be Kalish. Example. Off Sophie requirements, a user can make a money transfers between econs. A user can make a money transfer to other accounts. A user can receive money from other accounts. A user can perform a search on previous transactions. This information gives basic knowledge about how the piece of software should work. Some companies these requirements enough to start development activities in some other. It should be more detailed, soft, important task off the software testers is to read that Sophie requirements collaborate with prisons on list or catching good application behavior in an early stage. Usually, when productive owner has first ideas off requirement, he or she in mice all team members to explain them in this meetings, you should always ask questions about the requirements to learn more and challenge the product on. This will help a lot to clarify requirements for the whole team. Did you know that most of the bucks and so fair are due to incomplete or inaccurate functional requirements? In the chart, you can see the fields requirement according integration system acceptance, testing and production. It shows the importance off early testing and its cost for your company. If you catch an issue during requirement or a potential step, it will cost 30 times less compared to finding the issue on production. That's it. You will learn a lot more about Sophia requirements in the future with those they're the best friends off. So protesters and the keystone off this consideration Thank you very much for watching. I will see you in the next tutorial. 6. Black Box Testing: in this video, we're going to talk about like box testing. Let's start like books. Testing is a software testing methods in which the internal implementation off the function is not known by the tester. This means that Tester doesn't know how the application code books imagine you start testing any website without the knowledge off the internal structures off the website. You taste the webpages by using a browser. Very you provide input clicks, case strokes, and we're fight output against the expected outcome. This method, named Black Box because of Sophia program in the ice off the tester is like a black box where the inside is not visible. Black box testing models at them to find errors in incorrect or missing functions. Interface, visual errors, behavior issues, neutralization and termination errors. In this course, we will master have to perform black box testing, and we will also start learning white box testing, which is more technical. There are many types off black box testing, but the followings are the most common types. Functional Testing. This black box testing type is related to the functional requirements off a software system . It is done by Sophia testers. It consists off testing the interface between the application on one side and the rest off the system and user on the other side. Second is not functional. Testing it is defined is a type of software testing to check non function suspects like are for months usable their liability off a software application. A great example off nonfunctional test will be to check how many people can simultaneously use the website. Thirties REGRESSION testing. Whenever developers change or modify their Sophia, even a small change can have unexpected consequences. Regression testing is very. We are testing existing software application to make sure that a change or addition hasn't broken any existing functional deal. Quite simply, functional testing looks at what Sophia is supposed to do and make sure it actually does that. So while functional testing looks at an applications ability to execute nonfunctional testing looks at its overall performance to a better understanding. Let's see what is differences between functional and nonfunctional testing in functional testing tester Test hovel. The system performs in non functional testing tester test How well the system response Functional testing is based on client requirements. Non functional testing is based on client expectations. Functional testing means testing the application as per the business requirements. Nonfunctional tastic means testing the application against clients and performance requirements. All testing types are apart off system testing, functional testing, validating the Baver off the application, um, functional testing, validating the performance off the application. Functional testing cowers. You need integration, smoke, sanity, regression testing and so on. Nonfunctional testing supports load performance stairs volume, security, installation, testing and soul. Functional testing always concentrates on customer requirements. However, none functional testing concentrates on expectations. Functional testing means How is your system is doing nonfunctional tastic means how value or system is doing. Example. Usability or for months on stress testing. On the picture, you gets a different functional and nonfunctional testing times Later. In this course, we will learn and practice more about clear process design, usability, regression or bile testing and many other times. You don't need to worry about them, but it is important to understand differences between them. It is also a common into real question. Could you tell me one functional and one non functional testing time? So now you can ask for this question as mobile testing is a functional and usable testing is non functional off course. There are more than one correct answers to this question. That's it. We will learn much more about black box testing later in the scores. In the next video, we'll talk about black box testing techniques. Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next tutorial. 7. Introduction to Black Box Testing Techniques: in this video, we're going talk about black box testing techniques. Let's start introduction to black box testing techniques, while so for Tester performs black box testing. There are several techniques, which makes testers life easy and which help to catch the nest box. Later in Advanced Testing Concept section, we will master these techniques. They see the most common black box testing techniques together, a coolness class testing a black box test technique in which test cases are designed to exercise one representative member off each partition. For example, if you think about numbers negative and positive is two different partition. By selecting minus one and plus fun, you will have one member from each part. It is used to minimize the number off possible test cases toe an optimum level by my intense, reasonable test coverage. Wonder Rivaldo Testing under another, testing is focused on the values at boundaries. This technique that reminds whether a certain range off values are accepted by the system or not, it is very useful in reducing the number of this case is it is most suitable for the systems where input is within certain ranges. Decision table testing. It's a visual representation for which actions to perform. Depending on given conditions, it creates all possible decisions for the user. So if the decisions can be successful and some can fail at the end, when you create your test case or checklist, you should concert these techniques and at cases to be able to sure you have sufficient test courage off your application. You don't need to know all the techniques by heart, but it's important to learn the common language to be able to discuss with other engineers . After practice, you will be able to write cases without even thinking about these techniques. This coverage means that you will spend a certain amount of time on the function to test and cover most critical parts. To be sure that no measure bucks will be delivered to customers, that's it. Later, in this course, we will learn much more about black box testing techniques and go through older off them to have a better understanding. For now, I just want to introduce you. But are the techniques you don't need to worry about them? In the next video, we'll talk about black box testing versus white box testing. Thank you very much for watching. I will see you in the next tutorial 8. Black Box Testing vs White Box Testing: in this video, we're going to talk about black box testing versus white box testing. Let's start black. Box testing is a software testing method in which the internal structure design implementation off The item being tested is not known to the tester. White box testing is a software testing methods in which the internal structure design implementation off the item being tested is known to the tester. White box testing and black box testing seemed to be complete, the opposite each other based on name alone. But what the terms really mean? The books part off this face includes everything that goes into making your product. Berg called, like shower and the compile jar files html CSS and JavaScript servers and computers. Discoveries on the database and files where data is stored and the tools you used to access the so fear. Today that mostly means of a process Black box means that you can't see or do not have access to any off the inner workings. Off the product you experience and test the product at the exact same level. Your customers, too, file using the interface. Black box testing is a lot like inspecting present on Christmas morning. You want up to the tree and see packages stuffed underneath the tree each rep and labeled a little different. You can pick them up and feel have light or heavy there or shake them and hear the insides rattle around. But you don't get to see what is inside until the little letter. At least your whole perception off. That package is based on information you get from Assad off the package. White box means you get a little or a lot more than that superficial wheel off the product . The focus off white box is what is inside. If Page fails when you click something button, you can open the chrome browser tools and see the of you can go to the database to see how much, if any, data made it in, or you can interact more closely with the courtroom unit tests. Basically, you can do anything you want. It's important no, the differences between those two techniques. It's also commonly asked as an interview question it This course we will learn black box testing, but it's important to know the basic knowledge off white box testing and testing types. You will not need to have a deeper knowledge about it. Elect books, techniques, a coolers, partitioning underwater analyzes, decision table, state transition, testing, use guys testing and some of the white books techniques. Are you testing statement testing? That's it. Later, in this course, we will learn much more about black box testing and a lot of practice to have a better understanding. As I say, you don't need to worry about white box testing, but it's important to know the meaning and the differences. The next video, we will talk about testing mindset. Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next tutorial. 9. Testing Mindset: the end of this section, I would like to talk about tastic mindset, which I believe is really important in order to become a successful software tester. What I believe is an experience tester for us or so skills are sometimes more important than or technical knowledge. Developers and testers often thing differently. The primary objective off development is to design and build their product. The objectives off testing include verifying and validating the product, finding the facts prior to release and so forth. These are different sets of objectives, which record different mindsets. Bringing these mindsets together help assure a higher level of product quality. A tester should be curious about everything, but it has an application you should think, but you would like to see if you were the customer. I never feel shy about telling her opinion. Brainstorming is the keeper and successful, So Fear Project and continuous feedback are. Part of your job is a software tester, so for test, they can test everything. Determine everything you can't this piece off requirement or an application screen before it's implemented. So all this threat involved in the process as early as possible. Your company will say big benefit from this. Don't forget of Lupus. Right court toe passed. The tests and testers try to fail them, or job is to find issues in a developed court or design. Sometimes it will be challenged to work against self to colleagues. But at the end, the old work for the same purpose. Creating an application which has high quality and service or customers. Well, that's it. I wanted to end this section with passing mindset, since I believe that correct mindset can lead you to a great success. I hope you enjoy this section. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next tutorial.