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Basics of Russian Language

teacher avatar Igor Maleyko

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Me, you, he, she, it

    • 3. Greetings and goodbyes

    • 4. My name is ...

    • 5. How are you? + Answers

    • 6. I am from...

    • 7. Recap and Short Test-Conversation

    • 8. How can I get to...?

    • 9. What time is it? + Short Test-Conversation

    • 10. Asking for directions

    • 11. I'd like... + Food + Drink

    • 12. Places to eat out and Menu

    • 13. Recap + Self-Test

    • 14. Bonus phrases (Slang)

    • 15. I don't speak Russian + Asking for help

    • 16. Goodbyes

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About This Class

Learn the Basics of Russian language and get by in any Russian-speaking country!

Zdrastvuite! (Hello!)

Are you planning a trip to Russia or any Russian-speaking country but worried about the language? Have you always enjoyed Russian History and Revolution in school and now want to enjoy the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg or the Kremlin of Moscow? Or maybe you just always enjoyed saying "Nazdorovya!" before clinking your glasses! 

Dr Igor has produced a short simple video lesson on the Basics of Russian Language. Having the experience of teaching Russian before, as well as worked for a Russian newspaper, Dr Igor will jump straight into the teaching and deliver high quality material - just enough not to get lost in translation or tired of pronunciation. 

In this class you’ll learn: 

  • How to introduce yourself (both formally and informally)
  • How to approach someone on the street
  • How to order food in a cafe or a restaurant
  • How to find your way around the city or ask for directions
  • How to ask for help if you're lost
  • BONUS - learn Russian slang-words to sound like a true Tovarisch!

As we go along, you will have a chance to practice your newly learned skills in a conversation and try translating various words and phrases.

This lesson will teach you the very basics, therefore you do not need to have any previous experience of Russian language. Jump right in and you will find this lesson very interactive and fun!

Do Svidanya! (See you soon!)

Dr Igor

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Igor Maleyko


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1. Introduction: Hi guys. My name is Igor and I'm one of the doctors working in the northeast of England. Thank you very much for joining me today in this lesson about the basics of the Russian language. Let me talk a little bit about myself first. So I was born and brushes. So obviously, national language is my mother tongue. Then I taught Russian language when I was in school. And then when I moved on to uni, I was an editor in one of the Russian newspapers. So let me explain a little bit about what the lesson involves. It's split into short sections and each section is supposed to equip you with the basic Russian language. So the words and phrases that you can use in any Russian-speaking country to get by in different situations. For example, on the street asking for directions or in a cafe ordering food, or you're not sure how it gets you a hotel or a cinema, and many other situations. And there is also a bonus section in the end and the altitude, Russian language slang that you can use and make yourself sound really, really cool. And this lesson is created for absolute beginners. So there's absolutely no need to have any prior knowledge of the Russian language or any of the skills or anything like that. You're more than welcome to you, the translator as we go along, although you probably wouldn't want need it because I've translated everything for you. By all means, you're more than welcome to sort of go on the internet and search for different words and phrases yourself in your own free time. So what value will this bring to you? You can ask, Well, as I described before, I'm being honest with you, it's just the very basics of the Russian language to get by in Russian-speaking country. In no-brainer learn any sort of intricate sentences. We're not going to. And up fluently speaking Russian after watching this lesson, well, first of all, it will boost your confidence hopefully to, to go out there, to go out there and apply your skills and untried yourself out in Russian speaking countries when you travel. And secondly, as I've said, you learn some of the slang as well, which I think is really cool. But the main aim is for you to be able to sort of get by without any previous knowledge of the language. There is a small project at the end of the class as well. And that involves you imagining yourself in one of the situations described in lesson, for example, lost on the street, creating a simple conversation with a native Russian language speaker. By all means, you're more than welcome to share it, the chariot conversation with me or with other students. And I'll definitely have a look and feedback. And we can work together on improving your knowledge of the Russian language. So without further ado, guys, let's get started and I will see you very soon in your first lesson provides If I felt very bad, that just gotta Williamson. 2. Me, you, he, she, it: So first of all, how to say me or I am in Russian. Ya ya means me in Russian. Okay. Yeah. Try and repeat after me. Yeah. Me. You Ya De Yu he on the on He Xi are now little a Ageing at the end of on, on his He is she. So let's try again. Already getting difficult. Sorry. Yarn me. U t on he. She, they, I mean, let's try that one again. I need key on x0. And are they I mean, all right. Think about it. 3. Greetings and goodbyes: Now how to say hello? And all I previous event, I tried to repeat after me, but if you had, I Brilliant. How to say by buck. Buck our backup aka revealed high biochar. By what about official way of saying pivot and boycott? What if you were speaking to someone who doesn't know on the street, someone in the airports, or someone restaurant or a cafe. How to say hello. It's drastically Jim. Sorry, that's quite difficult, isn't it? Stress to hn means hello. How to say goodbye? This v Dionaea. Though, Sui Dynasty though means before to nine-year means three. Danny means meeting. So before. I'll see you again, basically, don't speed 9a. So again, when you don't know someone on the street in the cafe or any airport, you wouldn't say hi previous to them or buy a car. You would say, Hello, Draft WeChat, or goodbye. This anion. 4. My name is ...: Moving on, how to introduce yourself. My name is Igor Minya czar would eager for name was Jim mean Yaso, who? Jim. If your name is Hanna, my name is Hannah mania czar would Hannah. So the first two words always stay the same. Name changes obviously. So again, let's try that again. Mean Yaso vote eager. I, but you get, my name is Igor. We nasa would eager. But you get a good draft retain, meaning as it would be good. That's when I knew. Okay. So moving on. So far, we learn how to say hello and goodbye formally. How to say hi and bye informally. And you also touched on how to say he she they mean. 5. How are you? + Answers: Now, how would you ask someone, ally, you How are you cap the alarm? Meaning, how are things, how were your things? Gsc, Dillard. Okay. So desk Louisiana, cocktail on. Brilliant. Godzilla, eager. Eager. How are you eager to please about good height. I saw aerosol. So Kapila, how are you good at or Sean? You good. Caligula had a shot. Bad. Below him. Dmitri comes ELA. You good. Kgs ELA or Shoah? Virginia. Cogs ELA. Okay. So you've got to just blow hot bag or a show. Good. 6. I am from...: How to say, I'm from Russia. Say you are again in the airports on sort of the motor control. And they are asking you, where are you from? And let's say that you want to fascinate them with your Russian language skills. And you say, yeah, is risky. So Russia is CM, right? See, yeah, I'm from Russia. Yeah. Is this he lets try saying He Shi Fei on is receiving. One is you are now is received. She is from Russia. I mean, they are from Russia. I mean, is receiving yeah. Me. I am. Yeah. I see. 7. Recap and Short Test-Conversation: So let's imagine this sort of conversation and try to pause the lesson and translate as we go along. Previous come to LA. Yeah. Is risky. Or conversation number two, the draft evasion COGS alarm. Russia yeah. Is received. Now, let's move on to the next section. 8. How can I get to...?: Let's pretend that you are lost in the city and you're not sure how to get to your hotel. Quite a common situation in the Russian city. And of course no one speaks English around US. Number understands you. And what you're gonna do is you're only going to say, OK, when your day Yaphet. How can I get to cock? Is how menu is meaning. The Yaphet means get to cock near the year height. Door is two. So if you say, how can they get to McDonald's? That would be gotten into yet. Door to McDonald's on government. Guck the year heads door or tailor. How can I get to hotel company of the year for a door? I had an order. How can they get to the airport? Cochlea, the year Haidt's book, you know, how can I get to the cinema? How can they get to the hotel plaza company, the UFM DI data plaza? So you get the idea again. Next, we want to ask what time it is. 9. What time is it? + Short Test-Conversation: What time is it? So it's quite a company. I mean, you you can always say, Sorry, what time is it? Is Vineet in Saudi is we need him squat to cover them in you. What time is it? Square Luca, meaning how? How, how much, what money means, time, edema. So is we need to it's going to cover it in I'm sorry. What time is it? Is we need to mean yasser would eagerly Caligula, kind of shot clock near the breads and dop de la plaza. How can they get to hotel pricing? Oh, okay. Isn't needed scrolling of Riemannian. What time is it? Doing? Very well, guys, I don't know if you are keeping up with me or not. But no matter what you know, we go up to here, so well done. 10. Asking for directions: Um, let's continue. And let's now pretend that we are again lost in the city. We're not sure whether to go left, right, forward, backwards. Of course, there are annoying you signs with directions because why would they be any? So again, you stop someone and again, when you stop someone, you say sorry, is we need to sorry. Cochlea, the browser. Notice that Anna, how can they get to the restaurant? And the person you're asking, they might say piano, meaning forward or left, Mileva, liver. We left nearly ever going that. Now parabola going write that way backwards, meaning and Asad. Okay, so let's try that again. But gamma, Mileva, just realize I'm doing it my way. So your weight would be pgamma, nearly ever, Nebraska. And the ZAB. 11. I'd like... + Food + Drink: How to say, I want ya cartoon? I mean, yeah, I wasn't quite sure. Yeah, He Chu Chai You I want tea. Yeah. For Jue coffin. I want some coffee. Jaffa Chu Qu shit. I want some food. Yaphet, you spite. I went to sleep. Yeah. I want to smoke of Lenovo Ana's MOOC. Then moving on again, really well guys, we're nearly there. Few life's was left. Let's now quickly talk about food and the food places that you might encounter in Russian. 12. Places to eat out and Menu: Of course, you will encounter McDonald's, which is McDonald's coffee, caffeine. That is there on meaning restaurant. So it it is we need to cock near them. Grandson, notice there are no, how can they get to the restaurant company in the browser book affair? How we're gonna get to the cafe. Then specificly, T Chai Yang Chu Chai You, I want some tea. You have had to China. I want some coffee. Now. H2 coffee, Rwanda, water. What're Vada? Not vodka, but okay, I want water, Jaffa Chu, But the then let's pretend that you are in a cafe. We'll look at in the menu and all these slightly compilers and Cyrillic alphabet. And you're not sure what was going on and soul. And the P is letter R and E is Year and a is r, and n is a0. And knew, just so confused. Let's make things clear. Soup. Soup, soup. Orange, Catia. I want porridge. Yeah. Could you caution the F2 soup? I want soup. One thing I would recommend to try is Bush. Everyone knows the word bush was in reason. English-speaking people like to say Bush. It's not just bush. Nasa, meet your future nasa. I wouldn't meat vegetables or machine. Ye Fei Chu overshoot. I wouldn't vegetables. 13. Recap + Self-Test: Let's recap. Let's start from the beginning. Miasma would eagerly, My name is eagle. Is we need to, sorry, cut many of the brands at dawn Pavan. How can they get to the hotel? Is we need to kick me in the browser. There is Diana, how can they get to the restaurant? And wrestling? Tim, Cook, della. Hello, how are you going to LA? Hi. Are you okay? Comes along our u. How does show good? Cognitive low, block on bad. Okay. Then what time is it spoke of Lehman is being eaten. It's going to come in. Is we need to calculate the browser dot de la prima forward, nearly ever left. Now brava, write backwards the ZAB. 14. Bonus phrases (Slang): Now, let's talk about some of the things that we use to express our feelings. This things might, these words might not always be on the official vocabulary, is, are the words that we sort of come up with. With time. We use them to express our emotions, express how we feel. They're not swear words, and they are routinely used on a daily basis by all of us. So how to say cool clover? That's cool. Cordova. If you say that word, then Personally speaking to will definitely know that you are an amazing Russian speaker. So clever, cruder. Wow, that's really cool. That's really cool. Cruder. Kind of similar to clover, clover, Croton. How to say them? Short? Short meaning devil. But we don't go around the streets and say, devil. Chart. Chart is the word you can use when you forgotten something, when you made, when you're stuck in a traffic jam? Alright, chart. We can always say bling. Bling actually translates, if you want to translate the word literally, it means a pancake. So we do go around the streets and say, pancake, I'm laid. Pancake. Amount of money I can buy anything tonight. Pancake. I forgot to do that. Okay. Pancake and lost baleen. Okay. So baleen. Yeah. But it also I'm lost. Blinn Yarbus down. I'm late. So remember clover, cool, crawdad, also cool. Short, damn, baleen. Also similar lines, pancake. The other word you can say is f. Again, when you want to say R, this is really, really, really nice. Okay? So again, for example, I'm all for the next few weeks. If again, okay. 15. I don't speak Russian + Asking for help: Then last two things. Again, you guys are doing amazing smashing through these. I hope that you are remembering everything that we've talked about. I know it's not the easiest probably language or words to remember, especially if you've never heard these words before. So, well done guys. Last two phrases. This one is probably quite useful if you sort of to ask struggling with language and not sure how to, how to speak Russian, which means I don't speak Russian. And you go to Paros Qin Yang, me. Don't go by you speak Porto ski Russian? I don't speak Russian. Yeah. Yeah. Gvd, you borrow scheme, Janning, avoidable risk. Ok. So someone comes up to you in the street and asks you, carry the Law School shred quality in reverse from setColor to the quasars. That anyway, and you can just say, is V Nietzschean. Sorry, is you need to. And Hugo polis came this value. Goodbye or PPACA. And last one is Help, which means by my Gita. Never know. But just remember this. Omega e tin help. 16. Goodbyes: Or I go so I hope that you've enjoyed this lesson. You've hopefully made some notes. Remember some words to make sure that you come back to this lesson. If you forget something, you can always revisit and go with me through some of the phrases and words and synthesis that I've used before or through our little conversations that we did in this lesson. And hopefully you've learned something today. So thank you very much guys, and I'll see you later. Spy CBA, this we Danielle.