Basics of Portfolio Design [2012] | Ethan Bodnar | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Content and Purpose

    • 2. Platforms and Tools

    • 3. Design and Themes

    • 4. Finishing Touches


About This Class


The Project
In this class you'll learn how to make your own portfolio website to showcase your work. We'll cover everything from the basics, to setting up your domain name, and installing themes.

How the Class Works
Throughout the class you'll be able to get feedback from your fellow classmates, ask questions, and join groups. Go at your own pace, you can either knock out your website during one weekend, or span it across several weeks.


What We'll Cover
This class is a begineer level class, and will cover the following:

  • Content and Purpose (projects, pages, and more)
  • Platforms (Virb, Behance, Cargo, Squarespace, etc)
  • Design (chosing a template or theme, thumbnails, personal branding)
  • Finishing Touches (domain names and promoting your site)

We won't be really covering any HTML, CSS, or coding in this class. You don't need to know HTML and CSS to create a great looking portfolio website.


Who This Class is For

Designers, photographers, illustrators, and anybody with a portfolio of creative work that they want to share. Perfect for students and recent graduates or are looking to create their portfolio wesbites.Anybody who already has a portfolio website, but is looking to refresh it and give it a new coat of paint





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Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.

Ethan Bodnar is an artist, designer, and gardener in Oakland, California. Previousily, he was an education designer at Skillshare. He served on national board of AIGA and graduated from the Hartford Art School.

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