Basics of Photography - Photography Terms and Types of Cameras - Digital/Film | Derek Huang | Skillshare

Basics of Photography - Photography Terms and Types of Cameras - Digital/Film

Derek Huang, Polyglot & Amateur Photographer

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction to Basics of Photography

    • Photography Terms Part 1

    • Photography Terms Part 2

    • Digital Camera

    • Digital vs Film

    • Why People Still Shoot Film

    • Digital/Film Pros&Cons


About This Class

When I first started with photography, I found myself constantly confused by the terms used in camera descriptions and those thrown around by photographers. As I devote more time to photography, I taught myself a lot of those concepts. 

I thought a lot of people would be in the same boat as me when first starting out. So I create this class on basics of photography. In this 30-minute class, I cover some of the important and common terms, as well as the differences and functionality of different cameras available on the market. 

Hope you enjoy my class!





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Derek Huang

Polyglot & Amateur Photographer

Hello, I'm Derek.

I enjoy shooting street and portrait. I have an ongoing project on Instagram.

Besides photography, another passion of mine is language. I speak 5 at the moment (Chinese/English/French/Spanish/Russian). I enjoy the process of learning foreign languages and cultures around the world.

I have a website where I share tips on language learning.

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