Basics of Networking - TCP/IP Socket Programming | Attreya Bhatt | Skillshare

Basics of Networking - TCP/IP Socket Programming

Attreya Bhatt, Developer

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5 Videos (31m)
    • What are IP Addresses?

    • Ports

    • Sockets

    • Direct + Reverse connection

    • Creating a server on Digital Ocean

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About This Class

In this class you are going to be learning in a set of 5 videos the very basics of networking. After this you will have an idea of what computer networking and Socket programming are like.

Note - This is an absolute beginner class and if you have an practical knowledge please don't enroll in this class.





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Attreya Bhatt


When I was a kid I saw this YouTube video on how to make a folder invisible on Windows. I have never looked back since then. My love for technology has only grown.

I started with security since that was one of the areas that fascinated me. Then i went on to win the award for designing using Photoshop at Cofas '2012. On the destructive side, I always made scripts that used to mess up the systems at my school. I was almost suspended. I learned my lesson and vowed to do only constructive ...

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