Basics of Hatha Yoga- Ground and Balance (Part 1) | Sacha Heath | Skillshare

Basics of Hatha Yoga- Ground and Balance (Part 1)

Sacha Heath,

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About This Class


Welcome to Part 1 of Hatha Yoga Basics- Here you will find a gentle sequence perfect for beginners and those wanting a gentle yet powerful sequence; to look a little deeper at some common grounding poses. 

In this session we can look at standing poses as well as 'The Salute to the Sun' Sequence and a Savasna (rest pose) meditation at the end.

This class is Part 1 of Hatha Yoga Basics- a 7 part series. Each 20-30 min video explores a different aspect of yoga

I hope you enjoy!


Sacha :) 

Disclaimer: As with all exercise programs, when using our yoga videos, you need to use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Sacha will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this yoga program, DVD, online fitness videos, or information shared online. This includes emails, videos and text. Thanks for your understanding.


1. Basicsofyogapartoneintroo: Hi. Welcome. Today we're gonna be working through a sequence that was well grounded and more bands were getting playing. Since standing poses and rehabbing house get into great energy for the day, So grab Yocum. 2. Hathayogabasicsone: Hi. Welcome to you Today we're gonna be working through a sequence that was well grounded and more bands were getting playing since sounding poses and breathing opened the house. Get into a great energy for the day. So grab Yocum. So let's start by coming up towards the front diplomats. We can lift our toes up on that. She found them out, pressing the big toe down first and then following with the other toes so we can take a moment here to create an intention. This is essentially setting a goal or a wish for the session ahead, focusing your energies that you can take something out of this practice and really bring it into a life. No on an inhalation, raising the arms up over the head, reaching them up towards the sky and old vast as PNA then bending forwards to Putin as PNA forward bend so we can play with There is this idea of keeping the spine long. We can bring the hands either side of the feet and step the right foot up and back. This poses called ash was San Chalon Asner a very long name for it. She a beautiful and generally good pose for beginners. What we're gonna aim to do here is to roll the shoulder blades toe with the back of the spine, creating some length and opening the heart. We can walk the left leg back, we find us. So here you're welcome to bend both knees and place him upon the matter. This is too intense, or you can keep the knees lifted. If this was like a good challenge for you thing coming out of it. Knees, chest and chin Come down to the mutt. We about onto the earth and then we peel the upper party off the mat into a cobra pose really important here to listen to your back, only come up as far as feels comfortable for you. Then we compress through the hands lengthening into a downward facing dog. The full name is add Homolka's fine as PNA. So what we can do here is peddled through the feet here, creating the much length as we can through the back and just warming up the hamstrings. Then we pressed down through the knuckles of all the fingers, creating as much length as we can through our spine and then after all of that repressed the heels back. We can walk the right foot up and forwards between the hands, bringing the left knee down to the ground again, making sure that the knees days on top off the ankle to protect the knee joint. The shoulders roll back in that beautiful heart open pose on As we exhale, we step the left leg forwards forward fold. We can inhale up halfway with a flat back, exhaling, folding all the way down, feeding that beautiful stretch through the hamstrings, inhaling, reaching up hands come back towards the sky and we're back in. Herve has does Nha. The palms come down through the center line of the body to the heart center. So here we can go straight into the round on the other side, reaching the arms up on the inhale, exhaling, folding over into a brutal lesson, a forward bend. As we inhale, we come up halfway with a flat back. As we exhale, we fall down a well, the way forward fold. We stepped up and back with the left leg, making sure the knees on top of the ankle coming toe are actual Santa. And as PNA feeling that beautiful art through the spine. We walk the right foot up and back to join the left, and we find ourselves again in our plank pose, coming all the way down to the mat, rooting through the hands, taking the elbows into the body and breathing into your co proposed Bujang Jasna exhaling the forehead bows down to the earth. We tuck the toes under, press through the hands and find ourselves again in our downward facing dog again, peddling those feet. So now we can allow this to be still. If that feels good for us, if it's too much for you to hold this post and bend the knees. Hey, we walked the left leg forwards and we stay for a moment in ash was San Shaalan as PNA enjoying this stretch bring in the shoulder blades towards the back of the body. Way woke the right leg up and forwards to meet the left in forward fold, inhaling, lengthening, exhaling, folding deeper And as he inhale, we can come up halfway with a flat back as we exhale week unfold over away inhaling, reaching all the way up to the sky. Bring the palms together down through the center line of the body, and now we're gonna go through one more full round of sun salutations a little faster inhaling the arms come up exhaling. We fold over inhaling, coming up halfway with a flat back, exhaling, folding all the way, rooting the hands, walking back with the right foot. The right knee comes to the ground. We're in ash with San Shell, and that's know horse riders pose exhaling. We come back into our plank pose, holding this for 54 three to one. Knees, chest, chin, come down to the mat. Eight point pose. We reach up into our cobra pose now, folding the toes under pressing through the hands, downward facing dog, taking a few deep breaths here, using the full capacity of the lungs, we walked the right leg up and forwards between the hands. Horse riders pose as we exhale. We walked the left leg forwards back to forward fold, breathing in deeply here, lengthening the spine, exhaling, folding over, inhaling away up to standing. The palms come down through the center line of the body final half round, inhaling the arms up, exhaling, folding over, inhaling, halfway, exhaling deep bend planting the hands left leg comes back, left knee comes to the ground exhaling right foot comes to meet the left leg in plank pose Fallen Gassner we come to eight point pose before the toes under and reach up into our cobra pose exhaling make away up until downward facing dog breathing in as we exhale Walking the right foot forwards inhaling deeply rolling the shoulder blades back exhaling the right foot comes to meet the left were in forward fold inhaling away up palms together and Anjali moved through one last time And now we can take a moment You might wish to close your eyes Maybe you feel warmer Maybe you can feel the energy moving around your body And if you had an intention at the start of the clause, then you can bring that to mind again. So now we're gonna come to another pose We can play with tree pose Brit Jasna. The first option is that we bring the right toes to the outside of the left foot. That might be enough or we can bring the right foot up towards the calf or the top of the leg. So you choose whichever variation your balance feels good with today. You can also help the wall if you need a bit more stability. Otherwise, bringing your hands your heart center or lifting the hands over the head, reaching up. Taking a few brats here, finding a focus point for your gaze. You keep the hands together or have them shoulder with the park. Keep your eyes on that focus point. Keep breathing, bringing their hands back down the center line of the body and coming out off the pose. Taking a moment if a stable on both feet again and then switching sides this time, lifting the left leg can come to the outside of the right foot for option one, the calf option to all the way up to the top of the left leg. Option three. Making sure to turn the knee out towards the side of the room, really opening through the hip. The hands can come together at the heart of Anjali Mudra, or we can raise their arms up over the head or have the hands shoulder with the part so you can really choose what kind of tree pose works for you today. Finding your breath finding that focus point for your gaze that that is D and giving yourself a moment here. I'm ready to come out exhaling the hands down, helping their legs. It comes back down to the ground, taking a moment even to shake it out. Maybe your legs feel a little bit stiff. We can come into our next pose, So this one's called Good Katarzyna. This literally translates as the awkward pose, so even yogis of old clearly knew that this could be a bit of a tricky one. It starts simply enough. We inhale, lifting the arms up overhead. We exhale and sit down as if we were sitting in an imaginary chair. So the key thing here is you really want to be feeling the way on top of your legs, not in your knee joint. So reaching the arms up, we can maybe even sit a little bit deeper, and then we can try and straight in the back, so making sure that you're feeding this on your thighs and taking a few breaths here, so this could be a tricky one, so don't overdo it, but challenge yourself. See what works for you coming out on an exhalation, pressing through the feet, enjoying just being stable on both feet up right. We're gonna try and come into that one more time. So inhaling, lifting the arms up over head, exhaling, sitting back into that really comfortable imaginary chair. We can straighten up the spine a little bit, sit down a little bit deeper. We compress the legs into one another. So the feet and next to each other, the legs are pressing into each other for support. We're going to stay here for another couple of counts and then inhaling to come back up, learn hands to come back down while asides and giving yourself a moment again to shake it out and relax. We can bring the feet to avoid his hip distance apart, folding over into a final, slightly wider leg. Forward bend. We can clasp the hands together at the base of the spine, dropping them over the head and just enjoy having this stretch, allowing the head to be really relaxed. The neck just complete. Let go. We can bring the hands back down to the base of the spine and switch which fingers on top. We don't have a bit. Chul Patton's habitual ways of doing things. And one of the beautiful things about yoga is that officers a playful way to challenge up some of those patterns. If you can change a pattern in your body, you can change a pattern in your life inhaling coming up all the way to standing. So let's get down to the floor for a couple of seated poses. We can sit without legs out in front of us, lifting our heart, placing our hands by our hips, balancing on our fingers. Taking a few deep breaths in here was repressed down through the heels and the hips in donde SNA or staff pose. So you might be feeling this in your legs. By now. That's absolutely normal. If it's too much, you can always take a break. Otherwise, breathe deep, noticing all the muscles that are engaged. Noticing your body is it strengthens, breathing right down to the base of the lungs and then relaxing. You can shake out the legs a little bit, taking on any tension before we head back him for another round. So again, finding out position, pressing down through the heels, pressing down through the hits, awakening the tops of the legs breathing, using the full capacity of the lungs, staying in for just a few more counts. And then it's reacts. Hail coming out of it again, giving the legs out of a vehicle. So from here we can in our lifting the arms up overhead and exhale, hinging at the hips to come into a seated forward fold. So again, I'm going to invite you here to play with folding forwards while keeping the spine long really doesn't matter, actually, how far the hands come down. It's all about the internal stretch that you're getting. So in an ideal world, we can play with every inhalation, lengthening the spine as much as possible. And with every exhalation folding over a little bit deeper, so really hinging over the hips, the whole body is engaged in the post. So Ford Ben's are the most relaxing of all the poses we can do in terms of the effect they have on the nervous system. So this is a great one. If you've had a little bit of a stressful day, or maybe you've got a lot of things to do in the day ahead than a seated forward bend is a great way to help prepare you for that. So coming out of it as we inhale, beginning to lift the head coming back up towards our staff. Pose taking a couple of breast to enjoy the upright spine before heading back in for another round, folding over again, again feeling that hinge from the hips with every exhalation allowing gravity to pull you down a little bit deeper, really feeling the pose? Has he inhale beginning again to make a way back up? Right? So we've now done all of the active poses we're going to be doing this class so making away down to the mat to lie down in Shiva's Nha we can lie with the knees bent in the feet amount with the party all you might want to lie down with the legs right in front of you for full shit bosner. So I invite you here to just focus on your breath. Play with using the full capacity of your lungs as you breathe in feeling the belly button moving away from the spine as you exhale, feeling the belly button moving towards the spine with every cycle of breath with every exhalation I invite you to just let go, allowing your muscles to relax fully and all of the energy that you've just generated through that practice could be absorbed into your body. So allowing every new cycle to take your little bit deeper. And if your mind wonders and just bring it back to your breath. Most of us lead very busy lives, so just taking out a few minutes just a few minutes to just breathe, come fully into this experience of being right here right now. Such a beneficial practice. - So taking three more breaths in this practice and after your third breath, bringing your awareness back to the whole space that you're in back to your whole body, letting your breathing return to normal, maybe wiggling the fingers or toes, starting to make these movements a little bit bigger, gradually beginning to move in any way that feels comfortable for you. Slowly rolling over in tow one side. You can give yourself a heart care. Thank yourself is showing up today for giving yourself this practice, and I invite you to think of three more things that you feel grateful for in your life, whether they're big or small, keeping your eyes close, coming up to sitting with this gratitude in your heart. So I thank you so much for joining me for this practice today. I hope that you have a beautiful day ahead of you. No. Must a