Basics of Blackletter Calligraphy - Fraktur | Ellie Heywood | Skillshare

Basics of Blackletter Calligraphy - Fraktur

Ellie Heywood, Calligraphy / Lettering / Design

Basics of Blackletter Calligraphy - Fraktur

Ellie Heywood, Calligraphy / Lettering / Design

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7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro / Tools / Aim

    • 2. Formation of Letters

    • 3. Setting Up (pen angle / guides)

    • 4. Drills (important!)

    • 5. Ascenders and Descenders

    • 6. Lowercase Fraktur Full Alphabet

    • 7. Write Your Name / Summary

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About This Class

Learn the basics of blackletter calligraphy - a modern fraktur. Students are guided through the lowercase fraktur alphabet using a broad edge pen of their choice. The class details the formation of each letter, setting up your own guides and how to hold the pen. We go through important drill practices and study the elements of fraktur letters.

Materials needed:

  • broad edge pen (or nib)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paper

Meet Your Teacher

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Ellie Heywood

Calligraphy / Lettering / Design


Hey I'm ellie, professional calligrapher and lettering artist, specialising in blackletter. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Leeds Arts University and several years of freelance experience.

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1. Intro / Tools / Aim: Hey, I'm l a the person behind the left instagram account. And so the first oil acid on we're gonna be let into the basics of Gothic calligraphy and specifically low case. Facto. Um, yeah. So I'm where I taught for the tools you gonna need. Stop fostered. A social need for this class include abroad as panel nib recommendations include pilots parallel pen. Well, there's a calligraphy markers, zik felt markers, often better practices Can. You can use cheaper off in a paper, djula, pencil on a roulette to create our guides on paper, if you use in a pen with ink, I suggest getting some heavier papers, such as cartridge or any liquid paper is great. If using, depend, make sure you've got some income, Candace. Well, the name of the lesson is to be able to use your newfound knowledge of the Gothic platforms to write your name forward of choice at the end 2. Formation of Letters: is a basic example of the latter formation and blocked lots of context. You can see the old lessons sit on a constant baseline with mostly within the outside. Between this line this the X height of a script typeface determines how it looks overall, ascended and descended. See that send or descend the Excite the script with stem of utter such A, B, H and L pitching the ascending guard, while G P and Q drop to the descending guard. Another elements take no off is the curling of the script, which have shown here this face in between each letter. This creates a parent's consistency within a tight Faso script with Gothic calligraphy. This may be easy today because of the problem primarily of that school, Stephens. 3. Setting Up (pen angle / guides): okay, lets start rights and fashioning Japan. It should be a broader Japan or borders neighbor. Using a dip pen. I'm gonna be working with the six million me, uh, pilot part of open today. And I do have since that thinks the moves against we run out or some parts of ink which I might be dipping in to show you the difference between san districts. One thing as well you should consider is your posture. Before you write, you hunched over, relax the shoulders, keep a straight buck, have a loose but controlled grip of your pen. Show me Griffin to tie it all. You got ground floor aside and you think is a wrist on the loose for control grip. Make sure move your wrist for this script will hold in the pan at 40 to 45 degree angles. The paper which is around this this a bit nine to Sarah 30 40 to 45. Can I get to? So if you do want to test out your pain beforehand, Big good idea to have a little play around. Hold at these angles and see what happens when you pull down. As you can see these line gets thicker of me close to 90 degrees. So this bond there are 40 to 45 degrees. So we're gonna be using today. Sweet. Now you are sorted with your tools that sell guards to work from take your chosen pan and draw up a zero degree angle, and I never with starless out of your page. This will be broken up into 25 and to form in the fall guidelines that we need. So five niblets will be the sizable X height and then the two for the Ascender and two for designers. Whatever pain you're using, the appetite should measure five inputs. This ratio varies depending on the calligraphy scripts and even for some Gothic scripts. A lot of them use ratio to and for them to, But I like to You don't get the left slightly used to five to that once the ink has dried. If use in dig marks, you don't need to wait for this and take you to let and draw the full hard on the guy lines show one of the top one after 215 and the last one after two. You can repeat this process as much as you like once. Get the hang of it and to so you can practice if you need to. Brought us ticks. Play around with a pencil block, piece of paper kind of hair. Just come loosen up, get the feel of the patterns before we start writing blotters. 4. Drills (important!): I was with all craft practices. K. So they're doing Repeat drill exercise helps to improve the studies. Have you hung the consistency, strokes and the control of your muscles? It's also a great way of what we know before practice in glasses. So first off we'll do some basic vertical strokes, a 40 to 45 degree angle. If you want to take ski that strikes Vasko. Try doing some vertical guidelines with a pencil to keep your stripes and check. So keep Japan are for a degree. Angle should look like that and start with this. End the right side point at the very top of the Excite that when you pull down the left hand point but with want to finish the baseline on and just pulled on. Batic, you know, so continue to do this using God's See how this point starts off the top line in the left. One point finishes the bottom line wobble as you go on. Hopefully you'll see Well, consistency. Ive Atticus tricks. New bells getting straight. Remember to maintain your posture. Keep back straight. Pull down the page using your arm and rest of well, a charmed tried to maintain a consistent with between the strokes. Well, this will powerfully. It will be stopped forming. Alexis tried to maintain a consistent with between the strokes as well. This will a pathway when we start forming the letters. - So what, You can see the strikes becoming well consistent in uniform. We could be run to the factor I the letter case and it's looking like to his foundation of almost the whole of that. So it's key that we have this down before moving on to more compassion tricks. I'm just gonna show you a quick example of how we're gonna form the I. So I go down to this one. This is one of my worksheets, which you are you can't buy from the link in the description. So for the I start off on the side and follow the directions, get up across down, flick out from left point of view bad, and we restart on top of the income body polled and pull the second line down to the right and again on to the left it pull up for a little serifis. So bringing back the worksheet I'm just using this purely because he's got the guidelines are printed, so we're gonna do some of the basic hi. We'll die 40 degrees still and then so maintain a consistency in between the strokes. So the show you pulled down for the stamp and flick out who left start to get on top, pulled out to the right. You do a little bit about this. Well, - today is a very edge point of your nips to create the pimp airline which can then transition into the whole name in the paper. So very thin staff with flat in the name onto paper pull across and then down, always pulled from the top down. So once you have mastered that, we can move on to the O watch how the fast road is the same as I down and out to the left can pull to the right. Not for this one. You knows there are actual triangle in the corner of that. This letter is also important components practice as it leaves on followers like a G and and and I'm all due to this top horizontal stroke, pull down from that to join up to the left you got here under the way you can do the o start off at the very top of the X height. Both of left in and down. I should do in the eye. Second stroke to the right, and then you cover that Stop it. But the horizontal bar keeping perhaps it until you feel confident that you struggle, have some sense of uniforms, see, and that you've developed control drills are its most important of blood and new school. 5. Ascenders and Descenders: pull it on philosophy. Here we can work on the senders and dissenters start higher up the Sanders finish. Lover Doll Descend is so let's wait for the author and pick out so of these to practice with so onto this. So these have different variations, such as the why under G, they have a few alternate dissenters. When you products in the script, they make sure you stick to the same center for both. Alternatively, hey, clavicle from center variations. I quite like pulling it down to within point. So show you with this stars, if you would on the I. And then when you pulled on this and, uh, lift the right side up and pulled our pressure on the left side to each of them point car rental, that's it. Now you know how to fall in the ascendant and descendant as we could in practice on one of the block drill sheets had, obviously, didn't you and she spent 10 years and so be so. It's just like the eye, but higher up flows down to the baseline. This is also the same thing that forms the h k l. So just do this one simple line. You hit the formation of full. Let's is there now we can move on Teoh Locust Day. So look at the example. Actions. If you bought them off, you get example online. I'll draw the default, you know. So this down, Stan. That's what we're really looking up. So if you want to practice curving around to the top of the X highline, pulling down dramatically on into the left to join up with what will be the rest of the shape, you're looking to get consistency right in uniform, across all the MOX still in preview control. And then finally, um, under the sender we can do is the F which actually some scripts can go. Should they send a lot on the descend alive. So see what I mean? Start for the very tough send alarm down by the your pasta Bayside. Finish it. Have a point of this. It's quite a long That's cool stroke. So the more practice only is about to keep a straight throughout. I can do the same thing that we did on the descended the pay for this one. So pull it down and then lift the rights out of the kind of seven comes very thin, Pointed again Share the full if you want you can know, say, pull across cycle the ones 6. Lowercase Fraktur Full Alphabet: great. So hopefully you've got an idea of Main Street to formal the letters of the fracture alphabet I'm gonna get for the full off. But in real time now, including a few variations of similar is to show you how you can mix up and feel free to rewind and play. Some lives get if she wants a grass, perform better. 7. Write Your Name / Summary: now for the final task. Write your name on if you'd rather write. What if you're in choice? Smiles his name? That's obviously fine. You come What? Towards a green carpet. Somebody? Yeah. Oh, to you. So this happened. You said guides and use allies will join this lesson for my name. So remember to leave the same model space between all the lessons. So you're taking something away from this lesson. He didn't know already. And every great see progress. So feel free is type me on Instagram or Facebook. But such a key is practice. Yeah, keep do your drills. And if you struggle that a lot has to do there's more often so yeah, thanks.