Basics of Audio Editing with Aduacity | Syed Hassan Bukhari | Skillshare

Basics of Audio Editing with Aduacity

Syed Hassan Bukhari, Internet Marketer and SEO

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    • Basics of Audio Editing using Audacity


About This Class

Learn the basics of audio editing using Audacity.

This tutorial is for everyone. Even, if you don't know anything about audio editing. It is for people who're looking for a way to improve the quality of their recordings (audios) drastically.

I'll be taking you step by step from downloading the software, installing it, setting it up, basic usage of program, and then finally using it to edit a recording.

In little time, you'll learn a lot. So, go for it guys. The training is waiting for you!





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Syed Hassan Bukhari

Internet Marketer and SEO

I love to blog and technology is my passion. My life is all about Running, Reading & Writing.
After blogging for almost five year I intend to share my experience to help you build and engage your audience with less effort. I love to write about SEO, Internet Marketing and other related things. I was born with love for technology and computers. I spend most of my time on my computer and it is my best friend.
I've learned many things in my journey of Internet, I'm currently working a...

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