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Basics of Ambigram in Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.

teacher avatar Mohammed Yousuf, Learning One Video at a Time.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ambigram Generators on Google

    • 3. 3 Steps technique to create Ambigrams

    • 4. Rotational Ambigram

    • 5. Vertical Ambigram

    • 6. Horizontal Ambigram

    • 7. Vertical and Horizontal Ambigram

    • 8. Summary

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About This Class

Learn the Secrets tips and tricks in creating the Ambigram. In this course you will learn the basics of Ambigram in Adobe Illustrator. This course can be taken up beginners as well. Hope you will enjoy the course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mohammed Yousuf

Learning One Video at a Time.


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1. Introduction: welcome toe and Bagram course in order of illustrator, we will see what we're gonna cover in this course, and I will make you familiarize with what mammograms are. So here is a mind map off this entire course which will explain, what is it? Therefore US intercourse. First, we'll see What are the different kinds off nd graham you can find on Google and we'll see the three techniques which we're gonna use to create the immigrant. Then there are different types off angry Andy Gramps like rotational amber grams vertical, Embry Grams. This are sort of the techniques used and we have similar to the horizontal AM programs. We'll talk more about that, and vertical and horizontal amber grams this kind of a combination of techniques. And finally, we'll summarize what we have learned in this course. So I hope you will enjoy this course. And it's a very short course which will teach you a lot. Hope it will be helpful to you. So see you or leather side 2. Ambigram Generators on Google: you will find many M Bagram generators on the Google, so I will encourage you to go to Google and just type the words which you are seeing here on this video and Bagram generator. There are many free and paid and Bagram generators, which you can explore yourself. And I will be showing you one AM Bagram generator, which is on the flip script. And again, see, you can give a word upright. They're in the tool and by clicking, make preview. You can see this MBA Graham gets generated. By the way, flip script you need to pay. We use this epigram how our on the Google you will find many freed resources as well. So please go ahead and check out for yourself and you may be finding some interesting stuff there. So incoming chapters we will see how we can do something similar in auto be illustrators and can have your own mammograms 3. 3 Steps technique to create Ambigrams: before getting in tow. This three steps technique. Let me give you an idea. What am beryllium If you're new to it MB, grams or kind often artwork especially used in tattoos, revered. If you upside down the image, you will be reading the same thing Quarrels. Sometimes it will be in in reflection type or sometimes it will be in in a traditional type fashion. So something similar will be exploring in this course. So if you want to take one thing from this course, I would recommend toe watch this three techniques carefully. So if you know these three techniques, you know, to create an emigrant really easily. So the first step is you can use our text, not only text. You can use an object which are in form off checks, as you know that in many cases you will not be able, tow, save or pass the forints. You have views, so you need to create it as an object. So in that context, you can also use objects. So the first thing is, you need to write or text. Then you need to draw a box on the art load. What do you mean by you need to draw a box. You just need to draw a box which covers the entire layered on which you have returned the text. And remember, the box should not have any stroke or any kind of film, which I will explain you incoming videos and later you need to go to layers panel and click the layers I called. That is about the Steptoe. Don't worry. If you're not getting it well, actually, do it. Incoming videos. And finally, as 1/3 step, you need to select distorting transform effect from the FX menu, which we will go and we'll show you. I'm saying it once again. If you're not clear what I said in this video, it is absolutely fine. We're gonna do it incoming videos. But this other three steps which we will use in this enter course to create the MP grams 4. Rotational Ambigram: Let's explored ward Traditional MBA grams are basically this is kind of her technique where will use rotational parameters in our effect to achieve their desired result, which we're going to create an angiogram. So let's open our order of Illustrator Goto file and create a new document. You're free to choose whatever size you want for your new document. Probably I will be selecting 1005 100 by 1000 written height to create a new document. There is nothing specific to this. This is something I am personally used to create an MBA Graham. Based on my projects. Let's go toe type tour and diaper text so I will be creating of word epigram called noon That's N O N. So I will be writing and half off the loan. That is a no to create the remaining half where an M Bagram traditional technique. So let's juice and desired size. For this, probably this looks little bits more to me. Let's increase it and, uh, see how it goes as I'm saying, there is no particular rule toe this. It's business what you're trying to achieve and here is my layers panel, which is, by the way, the next step after creating a box as we have seen our three techniques. So let's select the box and insured it. There is no stroke and Phil and yeah, you can see I made a mistake. So I actually selected the text, which should not be the case. So let's undo it and select a box. And let's not choose any feel for this. So now letters draw a box on the text, which was selected So intruder you cover that entire art boat with the box. So now you can see the boxes created without any film and the stroke. No, let's go toe layer panel. So I just clicked the black arrow, ensuring that nothing else they're distorted. So after clicking layer panel goto effect, distort, transform and now click the transform. Not coming here. Don't use any other option except the angle. One. A directory and copies should be always one. So let's preview it. You can see it's already there looking Okay, let's minimize the layers. And no, if you can see I'm trying to drag up and down, which is actually a rotational reflection. So I'm not able to do that. By the way, if I do on the left hand side, you can observe that even that I turn side, it's moving and we are getting the world known. By the way you can change this text. Let me give bullet. So though it doesn't make sense work. This word is the point. Here is you can see the traditional reflection happening on the other side so you can move this up and move this down in whichever way you want. And even if you do this upside down, as I said, it will be all right. Same. So let's go to a loon. Same thing if you can upside down this, it will be exactly the same. You will be reading the same noon. So that is worth and mammogram is all about. So we have created an angiogram using the rotational technique that is, we're being named it as an traditional ambi crap. So try out yourself, come up with some more words similar to this and give it a try. So in your further up coming projects, you can use some similar techniques. So there are more at once concepts. If you can explore more, you'll get to know about it. As I said, this is a basic course. So here you go the traditional MP Graham 5. Vertical Ambigram: Let's look at the same technique which we have used in the previous video but by using a vertical pyramid of this time. So let's create the vertical am Bagram. Let's go toward of illustrator. Go to fight and select a new document as a seder. Earlier based on your artwork, select the document size. I'm going with the same 1500 ver one chosen and create a new document. No, select our text going toe type toe. So I will be using the same word which are used in the previous video and oh, trying to create the same noon. But here you will see the effect will be a little bit different. And let me increase the foreign size. No. So, as a set once Stefan is done, ensure you're not selecting it and select the square. And sure, there is no feeling the stroke. I drove a squared box around the art boot. Yeah, once you have created this, go to layer spinal select the target Lear area no goto effects and select, distort and transform and transform effect instead. Off changing the angle. We will select the reflect experimental this time and copies should be always one. Let's preview it. And there you go the desired effect, which is slightly different from the traditional. That is what I meant. So this is the technique which you will be using toe get this perfect. And as I said, you can a shift in Victoria direction you want and the other side will be responding to it . Let's change it, toe w w thing you can see here. Here we are not ableto see the reflection effect because w even after reflection it looks in. Let's give Bebe. So here you can see your exactly getting a vertical a mirror image off what you're typing on the left hand side Whether they as I said, you can even use the objects here. Have been using texts in this to just show you how this basic candygram works. So here we go. This is our technique vertically to create the MBA grams 6. Horizontal Ambigram: horizontal and be cramps as we have seen traditional MBA Graham and work to Calamba Graham horizontal am Bagram is also some similar technique will be changing and horizontal perimeter. So let's goto adobe illustrator and start doing it. You go to file new select your own are both sides I will stick 2500 by 1000 and create I'm thinking insert off using the same text technique which we have used Let's draw something as an object which also makes sense as a text and see how this effect works. So I'm tryingto think about a word probably we will use on heads evil Well, just draw the half part it and at a meeting half will try to get from the effect. So just go and select a line and draw the line. And ah, just ensure that you don't draw the complete heads E in this case insured it. You're drawing only the half part off it. So I'm just trying to figure out, like, watered with the best way to do this. Ah, probably Ah, I can just copy and paste 23 times so we can create half part if it so I have tasted it two times and uh, that's the one. And this is again let's rotated as a lower part off it's and, uh, let's more toe here. So this is if you can imagine this is the half part off the edge, which I was talking about. Let's great and e half part probably before going to the Lit combined this three so probably will goto Pathfinder and try to combine it. So for some reason, ah, illustrator is not allowing me to do this. So Norris Ah, I think we can use the direct solution to a lot of white Roky and just joined the North. So it's not a smooth finishing, but you will see that even even if when you're not getting this small, finishing their desired effect will be really good. Ah, as I have ah combined this. So let me copy it is by holding all key and dragging it and over treating it. So here, if you can imagine, this is an half part off e here. So let just adjust this and ah, just tryingto position it probably to a tributary began position it at the middle as we're not seeing any reflection on the right time side, as we have seen in other videos. So let me move this part here in the middle. So you're perfect. We got the it's e half part. So no, our T step technique. Select a square and sure the stroke and fill our month and draw the square on the art port . So once it's done, go to layer, select the layer target area, minimize it goto effects, distort and transform and click transform. So in short, off angle or reflect X you guessed it right will be using reflect why and one copy of the previous hate. You can see that we already got it. So no, you can select which are element you want In this case, be selecting the boat on top of site and yeah, as you move the one side, the other side will respond. Let me bring it down and that you go. We created the h e he with just a simple lines. So this video, I was just trying to prove it. It's not only text it based on your creativity, you can also use are different objects and create this amber grams. So these are very basic course. I have said it earlier. It really based on your creativity, how you can use this and create complex mammograms. 7. Vertical and Horizontal Ambigram: vertical and horizontal AM program. By this time, you might have guessed what we are going to do in this video. Yes, we're going toe. Combine vertical and horizontal perimeters and create an AM Bagram by using both off this technique instead of using her text. Let us create an artwork here, though it would be based on our text. So what I meant? Let's go and explore in case if you didn't get what I said. So let's go to Illustrator and open a new document and you are free to select your own size . I will stick with 1005 100 by 1000 and create a document. So let's go to type told and by sea. So you will be knowing why I'm typing. See, just bear with me. So let's increase the foreign size. I think 300 will do so. No instruct. Fusing see directly will change this sea into an outline by going to type and create outline. So this is a normal text front. It is been created into an object. Let's transform this by right clicking, transform and reflect So vertical will do cross second with the preview and okay, so this is an object which we lose to create an ember Graham, where were tickling horizontal technique. So let's select the square and sure there is no stroke. And Phil, now great. This choir around the art board so which is the normal usual technique which were using And it is part off our three step technique. So after creating the square Goto target area in layers selected no goto effects distort and transform and transform. So you may be confused that I will be selecting X and y know at one time we'll be selecting only one in this case, X one copy and preview and let's click. OK, so this is in horizontal effect. Ah, which we got so no goto effects again and click, distort and transform. And again, Prince Woman, you will be getting in warning message just good. And I play the new effect because we want the other effect as well. Now you select the reflect why with one copy and select preview. There you go. So no regard both vertical and horizontal reflections here. So though I have created only one off this object If I move this object, you can see that all the other three are moving similarly, to be precise, the horizontal and a vertical reflections are working perfectly. So let me give finishing touch to this artwork. So so remember, whatever you do in one column, it will get reflected in all the other sides. So what I meant is just draw a line here and Ah yeah, let's give a black stroke. Now you are able to say it so desert I meant so. If you do a change in one quadrant, it is reflected in other areas. So with the similar text on vertical and horizontal am Bagram technique, we have created this artwork door to others. It looks like you have spent so much off time on creating this entire artwork. But the truth is you know that you just created a one part just waas taken care by this technique. So this is one of this morning example So you can create this Amber Grams, so keep exploring. So there are many other sources. You can find it on Google to take this knowledge to the next level. So here this was the final technique which every will to you to create an amber grams so good luck with your coming endure toe. Learn more advanced technique. You can share with us in the class. Like what you have learned and I would love to see you're projects. So I hope you have learned from this hard to create Amber Grams, I hope. And it was unuseful course for you. 8. Summary: Let's quickly summarize what we have learned in this course. So in this basic AM Bagram course, which we did on our job illustrator first we saw in the Google they're different. MBA, Graham, generator and envy saw one generator how it works. Then we emphasized on this three techniques which we have used across all the videos in this course. The first was a traditional MBA graham technique with or how it works. Then we saw the vertical M Bagram toe get the same effect, then followed by that the horizontal am Bagram and then vertical and horizontal M program very created a small piece off artwork followed by this summary. So this complete this small course on the AM Bagram hope you have enjoyed it and learn something from it would love to see the project and would love to hear from you any criticism, any appreciation about this course. So I will try to take it in a positive and improve this course. And maybe your comments may also help other students to gain more knowledge and get good understanding about this Amber Grams. I have once again thank you for your time, which you have invested to learn the am Bagram techniques. So Tilden taker