Basics of Alcohol Inks - Creating Abstract Art Part 1 | Riana Van Staden | Skillshare

Basics of Alcohol Inks - Creating Abstract Art Part 1

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

Basics of Alcohol Inks - Creating Abstract Art Part 1

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

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10 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Alcohol Inks Intro

    • 2. Part 1: Tools

    • 3. Part 2: Project 1

    • 4. Part 3: Project 2

    • 5. Part 4: Project 3

    • 6. Part 5: Project 3 Use Ink Pens

    • 7. Part 6: Project 3 Detail

    • 8. Part 7: Final Detail

    • 9. Part 8: Final Project 1

    • 10. Part 9: Final detail of last project

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About This Class

Learn the magic of Alcohol inks and how to create beautiful abstract pieces. 

This class will teach you the basics of alcohol inks. We going to look at tools you can use, ways of creating  beautiful abstracts as well as tips and tricks to help you creating your first basic abstract alcohol ink piece.

This is fun lessons, we going to play around and see the different effects we can create with alcohol inks to take this with us to the next classes (more advanced)  when we going to focus on specific effects and feelings we can create.

This class is for the beginner who wants to know more about alcohol inks and try new things. You will learn how to use alcohol ink undiluted and what you can do with it as well as diluted inks, washes, creating texture and patterns and also layering. This is the basics of alcohol inks. With this knowledge you will find the advanced courses easy. 

Please subscribe or follow me for more advance techniques coming in the next couple of months as well as classes on how to do surface patter design for clothes.


1. Tools you can use with alcohol inks - download page for easy reference.

2. Color wheel to help you with best color options - download and print for easy reference.

3. We look at different ways to use alcohol inks.

4. We going create small art pieces to show the differences.

5. Project where you going to try out the techniques. 





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Riana Van Staden

Artist, Surface Pattern designer


Hello, I'm Riana. I am an international artist, surface pattern designer and photographer. I am also a registered Art Clay Silver Instructor.  I love to be creative and love to share my knowledge with others.

I will cover a wide variety of interesting topics, like how to start creating art for clothes, abstract art and how to use it to create extra income and much more.

If you feel that you can learn something from me, please follow me to get updates as soon as I publish a new course.

All my classes will be fun and you can really relax and just enjoy your own creativity. I love to work by way of creating "intuitive art" - to me that is letting go of the fears to be "perfect" and to allow your art or painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and d... See full profile

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1. Alcohol Inks Intro : Hi, everyone. Israel? No. Here. I just want to welcome everyone that's going to do the schools with me. I really hope you're going to enjoy it. It's by sick Uncle Ng schools were going to do so. I'm going to show and share some info birth, you guys, I give you some tips on things you can do and, you know, try, um just quickly show you things were going to draw like this, playing around with girlish things like this. Yeah, just play around and have fun. Please. On the course part, you will see the superior forces actually, to pity falls if you can please download. Themed one is a list off tools we're going to use in the schools and the 2nd 1 is a color wheel. I'm now many people now the color wheel, but I just want people to now and see which colors work to get a well Andi not criticizing like marry college. So if you can please down at that or just save it when you fund, that will be right. So he's it's thought off the course and see you in the next video 2. Part 1: Tools : Welcome back. Let's quickly go through the list of tools we kind to use in the schools. The store was a Piper. You can use any size even if you cut this and hope that will be perfect. Any size both we would was inks. Got a key topic. Inks. I use a ranger, Uncle weeks and please with the schools. Don't go and buy a lot off things we are going to store for like, two or three of President go on board to my too many colors Right now you can do that. Lighter only uses 90 per scenes. Local. This is important. Um, going to use my paints. I use this for creating detail in my artworks. I also just underside that I hear is permanent ink or not Any other extra course. This is the beast. Looks for me Something else I used. It's like old find brushes. Do you know, created moving Inc around my thoughts. You know, you can see this is really not in a good shy, but you can use any old brush is perfect for this saying I use like my pickup's to put in my income My uncle, my comix So this is also important. Something else. I use these life little pieces of boots. You can like any piece goods, pieces like this. We're going to use this to Mike Marks on our bindings. So I will show you, like zone in the next schools how we do this. But you can take any off, cuts off wit and use this this side to Mike Mochis on your bike Things. Have you used this name? That was like Hopis this off in the shy plastic. Anything you can use for, uh, markings on your ask different shapes, circles, anything years for that. I also use life. This will be used for the biking. This is very nice shapes, circles. You're going to use this. I think I also use stain cells I got and design my aunt stencils. So we're also going to use that. But people go into detail showing you how to cut this and zone. You're on stances to use in the apple ing's other stuff. Use is other binds like acrylic bynes or your water color. You can also use that Andi. Yes. That's a small release. What? We're going to use stuff extras like a hair dryer to draw your point. Straws to blow in 80 moved the point. But this is the basic stuff. So if you got you thinks I got your piper, we really distort seeing the next video. 3. Part 2: Project 1: Hello. Everyone in this lecture river learned about views in Teradata SQL and we will also see the advantages off using views. So views in a stool and nothing but a saved escalate quickly revert. Normally complex are big school queries. Results are stored using views. So let's see an example in which we're going toe preparing a skill query and we're going toe stored. The result off school, Grady using views select static from die start imply this is my first table. So I'm going to use joints toe. Combine this table with another table, which is called department table select. So this is my department table in this table. I have this department I d through this department idea. I'm going to join this imply table, you know, join department. He be on condition Igor department I d equals to be dark department. I d. So let me quit this imply name. He don't imply name. E dark position, A dark facility. Be dark Department name for this is my SQL query. Let me executor discreetly. So the result off this escort, Grady, is not saved anywhere. So you think view, I can save the result off this Siskel quickie. So let's create of you create view then the name off you, Let's say employ underscore view. So this is my name. Name of you? Yes. This select execute disk Ready, Create view completed. So in order to retrieve the data from view, I will use select statement Select static from name off. You bitches imply underscore view. Look, data has been saved in this imply underscore view. So any time, if I'm required the information off this SQL Grady instead off running dish skulking Quaid e with joints. I will just execute this view, which is imply underscore view, you think Select statement. So in this Lee, I can avoid complex joins, aggregate functions and many other things. So let's say I don't want the salary column in my view. So in order to modify the result off view, I will use replace view statement. So lets you here in this result, I don't want this salary column, so I will just write, replace view, remove the salary column and from this Grady. So let's execute this replace you completed. So let me execute this escalate e look. Ah half modified this view using replace you statement the lecture. I don't find this view anymore. So I've used drop view statement to drop this year. So drop view, then the name off, you imply underscore view is my name. So let me execute this. Drove you completed de imply underscore view, local imply and a Scorpio doesn't exist So this has been dropped. So what are the advantages off using view? So these are the advantages. So user can be given access only to views instead off base tables. So instead of giving access to these imply in department tables, I can create a view and can only give access toe this particular table imply underscore view. So this is the benefit off using view. You can save the desire a school query result using views and later can be used if it requires. So so, these are some benefits off creating of youth 4. Part 3: Project 2: Welcome back to the next list to die. You're going to use the clean alcohol boy. They compete it on with a fresh. We can just throw it on your keeper. Piper, it's gonna find on this one. So a little bit, little bit of color on this, but that's fine. So was this Stickney you throws a Oh, cool. You put alcohol in your piper, Mike, It go but waits that these enough Oakland and they want to do is we're going to use, like in the previous one. We can Tages, but a little bit off our local leads on this wait background, you will see with this you can actually use the hay droid to, like, move the point. Look at that. Do it right now. I just want to show you quickly the difference. The local Mike's you see, it's like easily flowing because of the weight. Berber with background, you can also, if you want to, you can like pickets up and move for little bits. You see also nice buttons because off the weight background it's also much lighter. Is and, uh, previous 1 may be used ink like under looted. So this is a lot lighter if thank you, kid. And this is very nice when we kind to start using the you remember the with pieces that should you it was This type off background is still very weight. It's very nice to start adding your, um, with pieces and Inaki Isar patterns. So this one, this is what they really do. This hey, dry So you can start or even the straw weaken blood buttons and, you know, because it's so with its move, it's moving easily around the piper, and you can let it stand for a while. I'm thing at at more into it, but I think you get the idea there. Davis. This is that It's like washing out of color, so the colors, it's a lot lighter. It's very, very nice to Houston backgrounds on um, like you can add a little bit move off. This inks on this. Just agree. I'd now lovely, bright colors and, you know, movement, because this is also very, very nice. Um, what they also do going to use it now with this one just does show you is when it's a little bit drawing. We just put a little bit more India. And this is a city the biggest one. You can just move the ink around. If you want to close up the little gaps, you know, just covered up. Then it's fine. Not really going to create. Is something my zing of this I just want to show you. Um, So what also do is exact my brush in the local And I do this. I just but on the clean alcohol on this now it depends on hard drive this back around these . If it's dry, he will get a lot of detail. Course, it's still very weight. Um, we're not going to get that perfect little bubbles because it's still flowing. But, um, you can quickly draw it if your hair dry just to my little bit drier on, just leave it for, like, 5 14 minutes on. Then you can do this. You can see it's moving again. So you guys stood just It's on a little bit. See, It makes all this beautiful, killed bobbles and buttons and stuff she also could do is like you can, like, drop off you if you find brush just small from detail in. You know that this one miss it you can use, um, I like to call it like its weight in weight because the background is full off blind, local. So it is much the looters when you put on your outgoings on. The nice thing is, is that when it dries, you can put again like a sit in the previous one. You can put more ink on liar ing on this, but it gives you a really beautiful trying to share. It's still very weight, but look what a beautiful patterns. It's still moving around, so it's very, very Wait, this one. I just want to give you some feeling off, using the weight on weight, and you can still you can use it like moving the Toronto Or use a hair dryer and just plywood dry and get that defeat. It read the pains on you, but I mean live. Look at this purple bluish. Yeah, it is really it's awesome, but it's kind. What's happening, then also, look here. It's really you can do so much as ifit's going to be a little bit dry, just going to give it like second or didn't see what's going to happen, cause it thinks is still moving, still creating buttons. And Carlos, it's really, really not. You can just keep on this clean local in here. We can see if it's going to style at that. We can just keep an eye on it. And if you see okay, it's starting to get dry it on a lot driving congest. Why, it's a few minutes and then you can answer, Let's of it more. I like this cells. It makes you order very interesting when you do it like this is really a lot that you can do. But this is a technique that, if you want, for instance, a larger piece off work you want to do, you can start with this wash. He puts on local, and you don't have to put it on the whole piper all that. Once you can start with one side of the piper and then move along. I usually work like that, and then you put on your inks and let it flower and give it this very, very nice background. So when this is dry here, consort putting up more colors and that is really really, um be very nice, and that is where you get all these beautiful batons and shapes and self and all the beautiful colors. So that's this one technique that you can use like for bigger picking pieces off Piper, you see the cells distorting too three hides and study. And for this sides, I will put a lot more This really so, so, so beautiful. I'm always advice about colors and what is going on with butter Things when you start using the uncle on it are not. People sometimes use like a spray bottle, something I don't use a spray bottle. I just use my brush. I don't want Teoh around. The piece of too much off local is in creating this big may see only sells. I want to have, like the option Teoh, go in one place or move a little bit round. I don't want to Just sells every way. So this is for me. This is for me. But I had You can decide what you want to do. If you feel that spread bottle is easier for you, you can do that. You can practice. I mean, this is also again small piece, so you could just practice and see what's working for you, but this is really very, very nice. Just look at the look at the colors. It's really beautiful. Okay, so you're this so second project, I just want to ask everyone to give it to draw out a seat on the previous wanted. Um, just take a small fees off. Piper puts on your local on your piper, Andi Things thought of I just used to colors here. It was a green and the blue bluish green, green sea blue sea green type of cars on. I mean, look at the color is this is beings and purples on dog greens on liver the door, Purple Z. It's very, very nice, sir. Just for this project like a smoke peace within your local Wanna be a piece of piper like two colors? Any two colors, not more than two colors to colors is enough. Then you thank your local. Thank you. Local inks and you just drop a few drops can just move it around like this to live flow. What if you prefer you can use a hair dryer? I don't really use hair. Dry it. I mean the girl quickly they drive in the paint is really depends on what you want to do and how quickly you want it to dry. We can also do like that on the one with the hay drawer just to show you the difference. But, I mean, for this one is very small. I just moved around and the eggs flows, so it was fine for me. And then you just add a few drops. You can use a brush if you want to. Risky Noko. Just drop it over your piece and let's itself create and, you know, just play around with it. So no stress about this. We want this to happy fun. And, um, something nice did you create? So, if you if you finish with this video, uh, please create something like this, anything any color doesn't matter on just a player is actually really love to see what you're doing. Andi. Yes, this is project number two, and I hope you enjoyed looking at this watching me Blangger, Hunters of inks. And I see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 5. Part 4: Project 3: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the next project. In this project, we kind to Hughes the wooden pieces to create patterns or now or goings. So with this, we're going to start like the previous one. I'm going to pull some ink on the piper, just a mike. Its weight. You can use your brush to quickly moves toe local around the piper guy, and then I'm going to use, like, also gain to color some point, you just put some colors in here to Yeah, my background. Remember the previous one? We had this background, we it was really light. So we try to created something like that again. So you can just moving around. Or if you want to use the heat droid genus and said you can use a hey, drive for me. It's not that big piece of Piper. So I'm just going to use it like this and just let it move around. Gover, your background, the paint. If you want to cover the whole fight, you can do that. I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to cover like a scene therapies. Yeah, so you're that's is more release, uh, area. We're going to work on because this is a bit little bit load larger than the previous one so that I could put down the pieces off which, while it's still wait, you could say it's still moving around and see like this. I'm going to start using my wood blocks on. Stop putting it down on here so you can just But did they you can, like, really go? He could create something we don't after create something you can just, like, put it the I mean, we can't do anything with either right now, so that the only we'll see tomorrow off the air tonight that he drived what is going to happened here. So you could just it this out may be dry working on some button or there's create some dates are here. This is just another Miss it off. Okay, fighting patents on your okay. I think that will be enough for now. Okay, So you But you two years you put down your local, put down your things on the piper on the weight oak. Also, it's very weight on. It's like Macy. So if you moving around, it will move around. So it's very waited in. So what you can do is like give it a second to justice, settle the colors life. It's now because we're going to work on this one light on. There's a lot of things we can do with this. I actually put this one to Maybe even if we just got a little bit of it. That's also fine. Remember I told you about the plastic? Or you can actually use anything. You can even use this close this cups anything to Mike patents. So just leave this fool, like want to minutes? Not too much. And if you see it's a little bit dry, you can start using another color. Um, you can just drop it in spices. Not much, just a little bit. And you're not going to worry too much of what's going on right now, because we can't do much now. People have to leave this to stand overnight on dry. Totally. We could we can't really do emission. Not right now. Um, and now we want to, like take it often see was going on beneath it. But we can't do it right, and we have to leave it like this. So you can start, but only adding one color. We can just add a little bit more because this is going to carry I something beautiful on this. Also way. We're going to use that. The pains, you know, main bottle you about, um, my posco pains on my short peas so often and night. Um, it will be the It will be dry tomorrow. That is the point. I want to, Mike. So we creating now patterns and shapes on our order. Work. Um, So if you want to, you can store doing this as as in the previous one. Use the local in the background. Ampoule, uncle Poor little bit off things around moving around that the inks Meeks on Dean. If you see our kids covered the area, you want to work on tennis thought using, like this Lupin pieces off woods or Piper Cups? Or can you even you so many things here we can really like. I just want to see you can actually put a few off this circles in you, too, just to see what's going to happen because we're not going to do anything right now. We're just going to let it dry. This way and you're here. Even though fly this is as a said, you can add a little bit more color just to bring out five prints. But you're We've gone through anything else. We have to leave it like this. Insult, Tamara, It's nothing. Nothing but we can do right now. Just leave it like this, and please don't are. Now, Um, we want to see what is going on beneath this, but if you're going to take it out or move it, that's that piece is going to fly together. And you're going to lose that beautiful spice we're going to use and work on tomorrow. So you're just leave it like this of a night, Andi people do it. Teresa Mora. So for this project, as I said, I just want to against Don't you to remember two types of local. Put it on your piper off. Take your brush and mike spices where you want to throw your inks. Um, then you drop in your links. You thank you. Which or plastic? Whatever shapes you want useful this project and you put it on the weight in it must be Wait, It's not Wait, It's not kind to work, so it must be Wait, um And then you leave it like this for overnight and please let it be in a place that no one's going to mace around, your cut on the table or your dog or the Children or anyone get close to this. Try to put it in the spice. We now it's Saiful, not because if you're going to pick it up or move, it is going to be a maze. And you don't want that. You want clear spices that weaken useful for the inks and the pains to create something beautiful. So you're for this project. I would love to see what you guys going to do. Um, be playful even with this one, I now it looks like what's going on here? I know it looks way very weird, but believe me, we're going to create something very nice here on your applauds. You can even apply this off the words, um, we withdraw the next die just to show me the potency put out or my partner's on your piece O. Otherwise, you can leave it on and when we finish it. But I would love to see the first steps like this. Um, when you do that, do this and take off everything tomorrow. I would love to see the first, the white pieces that is available for us to create something. So, yes, this is the It's the Knicks project. I know this is a quick one, but he can't do anything right now, so we must leave it like this until tomorrow. So, yes, I see you then. In the next video, they're going to take this off and create something beautiful inside. Thank you. See you in the next video. 6. Part 5: Project 3 Use Ink Pens: Hi, everyone. Welcome to board two off this project. We live this overnighted droid completely, so I'm I'm quite anxious and curious to see what is going on beneath. Yes, sir. Let's take it off and see what's going on here. Wow, Look at this. So So if you can see with this type off, Miss It Bakery, I'd like what spices you can see here. 38 wives. Prices. So what we're going to do is be going to add detail into this prices. Um, you can still add more ink on the outside that you feel like that and in more detail if you want it. But the meeting, But that try to do here is to create spice. We can actually go and use our showpiece or oppose campaigns on add Tito and start creating new things with this. So I really hope yours also looks good like this. I'm very happy with the outcome off this. It's a lot of spice we can work with. You can see also here looking to find details. You know, that's what's once a cookie. Michael is just a circle made more than one was a shot for the movie um, my could be used used today, so, yes, I'm really excited about this. It looks good. So now could be stored without pains and start adding detail. Um, let's go to over to the next video. I'm just going to clean up everything here. So we just have a pains with us and now in So anything else on the table. So I'll see you in the next video. Okay. My spices clear. I got my paints with me now, so it's just easier for me to work like ventricles. Otherwise, it gets Macy and I I want my spiced like, clean around working. Okay, So what we're going to do next is we're going to add detail. Um festival. I always try to see the spices. And is there anything that I can like Highlight with the beans or, I don't know, at this site, but it is, like, intuitive, I believe. Let go and check my pin and just start. It's not that I'm going Teoh like you must do this. They must do that. I really just sit and relax. But I usually do Is like blind nice music in the background, and I just sit down and talk my Penis toward working. I think it's easy when you just go with the flow and not really stop and think too much about this process. Because this process is very it's flowing. You could he did the back. He created something to work on. So the important bought that you already did is on the piper. Now you only go and use your pain and you start just could ID. It's very relaxing. So it's also scenes being heisted. Do if you if you feel like, like, stressed and you and just want to be a little bit of time out. You can easily make something quick like this. I mean, you can make more than one and let it dry overnight, and then you have a least two off this piece is and then you just sit in the new get back from work or just in front of the TV. I mean, this place is weaken. Sit and just relax a little bit. This is very, very relaxing. And very, I think a healing miss it in a wife to just calm you down and just forget everything around you. So this is for me we're fixing to do. I really laugh doing this because I don't have to stink about it. See if I can say like that. So OK, I'm going to use are going to use the black under wide for this because the sports that it's light and I don't know how bright the white will be on this are going to open, chancy and see how it would work in but will fit the base so there's no wrong. All right, Is this going to start with my why I'm really as a sigh. Just go, Andi. But you're pinned down on the piper and just thought miking Mok's don't seem too much about because once you start thinking too much about it, we kind you like, talk about out. This is the sport but wants to close with this one. I could do this or 10 calls. Just just go with it. Don't worry too much about what you're doing this process, it's really relaxing. You you will see. You can tell me afterwards. You can leave me a government just hum how it feels for you because I really loved this because I don't really need to think about anything. I just focus on this. That's all that's important. So I just go and maybe Mike a little bit. Malkin's around big circles. You see, I'm being I always move around with this stuff. Seen that you will see. I'm always moving around. I'm not sitting on one spot in just one day I will move around on my Bible. I work here. They never work a day. That is just for me. Easier because I think if you just sit on one sport you stole creating it can become too much detail in one sports. I just thought, with whose life moving around and just making my books and see what I can do this with this piece of old I'm busy with and you can really create anything here that is a beauty office . That's why I love it so much. I will Michael another video. I think I did post state or put it on the beachside. A country movement now. But I will show you that is, it tastes like another one was this black and reads It was so relaxing, sitting do that thing and it drinks beautiful. One of the things that guided also at the schools are not discourse. Guys do final project, and then I'm going to start with creating backgrounds for close because that is also something that I do. And then I will show you how you can use things like this. Do we hide patterns for bloody So there's a lot of things you can do. You even his dishonor. Actually, no limit for this. So you can see like this one. I just add a lot of details. Now I want to see we are. There's something else, um, maybe just this one too. Guy, I would see you can just move it around and see if we can find something to add. We're going to work on the SWAT. Peace is now larger wants and see what we can do. The I really love how this colors, but not you could see just like here how beautiful the colors is. That's one saying some things you can really go and at inks on the whole whole. Piper, you know he can weaken did that. It's no problem at all, But I like this feeling you get this Houthi things that you all the Oakley just four out in the middle of your piper. I'm Dean. Three eyes always shapes and things. If you put this in a in a in a frame, it really, really looks nice. But I also do the ones with full budge color up. It's isn't very nice to us if your choice is sufficient. Business choice. Um, I don't want to act too much here because this it's really a lot off beautiful colors. Together, you can see look at the deed, so it's really very nice. So I just want to keep up. Keep that a little bit of detail there because it's a little bit pink and brownish and softer. Pinks and blues, it's it's very it's very, very nice. So what are going to do? So I'm going to at this detail and are going to force forwarded for you because it's kind of attack time, this contact you at least on our to finish. And I don't think you I want to city and check me do every little bit off this because it's going to take a lot of time. What I'll do is I'm going to finish this and then I'll show you just on a how you speed the video that you can get the idea what I was doing and what I was trying to do. So, yes, If it's like this, you can start adding, I love the dots and we can create a lot of things inside. I will do another cause off this one way. We're going to focus on the marks, but thought off marks we can use on these over to compete in this Really a lot of things you can add in this picture. So, yes, I'm going to start with this on. Then I will like force forwarded for you that you can see quicker how I do it. I will against stop with this largest pieces. Then I can show you more detail in the slower speed that you can see what I'm doing. But for now, I'm just going to proceed with this and I will make a video short. It it's because it's a lot of time and your that's going to be too long for you. So yes, I will proceed here and sherry various later. Okay, 7. Part 6: Project 3 Detail : 8. Part 7: Final Detail: Look, I'm just adding good more Tito. I think this is almost finished now. I'm not going to too much. The watch is not going to look good, but this is really just playing around. Um, you'll see when you start working on your own piece is that if you refuse, like, not think about what you're doing, you just add in detail. It's very it's really relaxing, as I said before, and also, it's nice to just clear. I do not worry if it's wrong, all right, you know what I mean? So I think that's a small least what I'm going to do with this one. You can always get back later and add more detail if you feel like that classic status. Um, well, that's a small lace. What I'm going to do with this one. I'm not going to add too much, and I just tried to keep it simple. I use a lot off dots. He looked. It's off lines, not too much. I think this this, but I'm going to do just as well. I'm going to leave it for now. Just want to show you. You can see here that in the lighter areas, fighters. I also put in the dots. They if you look closer, it is really it's fine data. But it gives a nice look on your piece. You can see they to just softens. The feeling that it gives me is like it's really like girly. It is like now that explain gives you the I don't know about feeling. It is just It's just like girly. It feels girlie to me. I don't know if you into this type of thing, but I just love the fake it gives. It's really very nice. I think it was the colors to its. It works well. He's in the nudges from like on this one as in detail and then almost looks like a dream catcher. You can add more detail in stuff like this is the speaker. Once you can add stuff in the if you want to, added not because I felt that I want to keep some open spices so they all spices open day. They they have the votes to this to break the detail, you know? So you says a small release what I did justice. You can do the lines if you want. If you like it? There's just lines like that. You could also put in doubt. Say, if you want I did that float the so yes, you just play around. What I usually do is like I'm sit on liquid like colors. Likely would also put in more detail early. I just see the the mike morgues. And I just use that to put on the dots. Do like a little bit more detail issued A also just to highlights some things, you know. So, yes, this is our project. I would really appreciate if everyone can give me that, too. Stages off this project the one way we put a wig on oil cups or plastic. Whatever think going to use for markings? I would love to see the 1st 1 just after you took it off with the markings that this the 1st 1 And then after that, the one you finished like this and you can really use anymore if you're not likely that like to do doodles I mean those entangles or any of that markings or something. You can use anything in here. There's really nothing wrong. All right with this. So it just apply for why? Off working with a local ing's? Alright, guys, Something else. Um, as I said before, if you if it's relaxing for you and you feel like, um, it's something nice you can do, like in between working in the house of cooking or something just to take the time and sitting like the markets, You can really like my to Syria. One die and just let it dry. And then you got not full Toby to do, you know and is very tailored. Pity. You know why? Because it's really like relaxing and you don't really think about it. And that is what our oil off love. Doing this because you don't have to sink, is just sit and do the markings. So, yes, this is a project. Our next video. I'm going to do our final project for for this short course, the basic off goings on. I'm going to add all the elements that we went through now with this videos and do it in one piece and put it all together. I'm saying, I want to ask you to please subscribe or follow me, because from this school's I'm going to add more detail. You remember I told you about the state souls and hard to create the stain cells. I'm also going to make an extra course for that. So he is this a soul? A lot to come. Andi Pieced, Subscribe and follow me on are going now for the next video where we do the final piece in the short Ochoa in bicycles. Thanks a lot. 9. Part 8: Final Project 1: 10. Part 9: Final detail of last project: