Basic doodling: How to Draw a Botanical Wreath | Carla from Fox Bear & Me | Skillshare

Basic doodling: How to Draw a Botanical Wreath

Carla from Fox Bear & Me, Illustration and Design

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8 Videos (45m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies and Materials

    • Warm up excercises

    • Where to find inspiration

    • Elements of a botanical wreath

    • Doodling a Botanical wreath Part 1

    • Doodling a Botanical wreath Part 2

    • Final Remarks

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About This Class

Inside this class, I´ll be teaching you the basic steps so you can start doodling in your own style. We will have warm-up exercises, we will see where to look for inspiration, what are the elements of a botanical wreath and you will learn how to create one.

This doodling class is for absolute beginners, so if you ever wonder where do I start, materials you need and want to make those blank pages come to life this is the class for you! So let´s get started! 





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Carla from Fox Bear & Me

Illustration and Design

Hi there thanks for stopping by! My name is Carla and I´m a UK based illustration with a passion for nature and the outdoors. Here I will share with you all my knowledge and experience. All the tips and tricks I have learned during my creative journey!


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