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Basic and Advanced Google Searching

John Hesnan

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    • Basic Google Searching

    • Google Search Advanced V3


About This Class

Using the Basic and Advanced search features on Google greatly improves the speed, accuracy and relevance of the search process for all users. This course will demonstrate and give practical examples of how to use each tool. It will give you a clearer understanding of how Google Search works, why word order matters, how to read the Search Engine Results page, how to use operators and filters, how to add more to your search results with images, maps, news, video, search-by-image, and more...

You will also get a clear knowledge and understanding of how to use features such as conversions, calculators, and translation services. You will also see examples of how combining all of these techniques together will give you much more effective search results in a faster time.

This course will be of great interest to all users who use Google Search in a general or professional capacity as they will learn how to input more specific search queries and obtain more relevant search results in a faster time.





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