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Basic Watercolor RESIST & Additive/Subtractive Techniques

Liza Sayre, Igniting the creative spark!

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7 Videos (19m)
    • Resist Intro

    • Resist Tape

    • Resist Masking Fluid

    • Resist Rubber Cement

    • Resist Wax

    • Resist Stencil & Blotting

    • Resist Sand Paper


About This Class


Learn resist and subtractive/additive techniques.  Learn ways to "Undo".... areas you want to rework. Create your own project working in the techniques shown and share with the class. Everyone has their own beautiful way of expressing themselves with their work.  We all learn from seeing each others work so please share your creation with the class. After 20 plus years of working in watercolor I still get excited every time I sit down to paint. Look forward to seeing that spark in you!


Recommended materials are listed below.



-Watercolor 140 lbs. or higher (my favorite is 200-300 lbs.) for lighter weights using a watercolor paper block (the paper comes already attached to a pad and you peel off the sheets after the piece has dried) may help your piece not warp. I suggest cold press texture for this class, but later try the rough and hot press paper textures. I typically buy a large sheet and rip it down to smaller pieces in a stack. Recommended Brands: Arches and Fabriano. One large 20”x30” sheet or a smaller block pad 6”x 9” should work well.



-Watercolor tubes or cakes.  Easy way to start is get a kit that has a nice variety of colors. Recommended brands: Winsor & Newton (my go to),QOR,Lukas and Daniel Smith

Color suggestions: these are my favorites (pick what appeals to you).

Black (can use darker blues as your black)

White (do not use this a lot but it is nice to try out and help with mixing colors)

Blues: Indigo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Colbalt Blue,Ultramarine

Reds: Anything Cadium Red,Crimson,

Orange (some reds look like orange)

Greens: Yellow Green, Forest Green, Emerald

Browns: Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Ochra,

Yellows: Lemon Yellow, Napels Yellow



Recommended Brand Names: Royal, Polar Flo,(next are new to me) Mimik, and Silver Brush.  Just be sure not to by camel hair.

-¾” or 1”  Flat Brush

-¼” or #8 Flat Brush

-#12 Round Brush

-#8   Round Brush

-#2   Round Brush

-cheap brush for watercolor masking (for Resist Class)


Other Items:

-Paper towels

-Plastic Wrap

-Elmer’s White Glue

-Painter’s Tape

-Hair Dryer (optional)

-Painting Knife (optional)







-Pencil & Eraser

-Watercolor Palette (can use Ice Tray)

-Candle Wax(for Resist Class)

-Natural Sponge (Resist Class) (man made sponge is fine)

-Elmer’s Rubber Cement (Resist Class)

-Watercolor Masking Fluid (Resist Class)

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Liza's watercolor resist class gives fun and interesting ideas. She speaks and clearly and her demos make the techniques understandable. I plan to use these resists with acrylic inks too. Thanks Liza!





Liza Sayre

Igniting the creative spark!

Growing up my house was always filled with music and art. I had a love for materials and different mediums at a very early age. Part of my Christmas holiday every year from five to when I started college was dedicated to doing inventory for my families small hardware and lumber store. Nothing like sitting on the dusty floor counting products to get your mind dreaming up projects you could make out of these crazy looking widgets. My degrees are in Associate of Arts, Product Design, and a Min...

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