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Basic VFX with Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar VR Eye

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Stabilize the annoying shaky video

    • 3. Point tracking

    • 4. 3d camera tracking

    • 5. Green screen replacement (mobile or widescreen)

    • 6. Wide Screen replacement

    • 7. Logo removal

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About This Class

Content is king and attention is an empire of this new virtual, digital era.

Hack that attention with visuals effects which are generated in after effects.

When you learn the basics of visual effects then you could easily generate magic like zach king in your visuals.

The basic skills and basic rules of visual effects are covered in this course. After learning and enough practice you could easily understand the basic techniques which are used in popular videos like zack king’s illusions, science fiction movies etc. 

If you want to

Remove unwanted objects from your videos,

Add or replace something in your actual videos with no money, with no efforts.  

If you want to

Create viral tiktok, youtube short videos.


Unlock this course to learn the basic rules which are used in science fiction and horror movies.

Learn the secrets which are used in viral videos.

Grab people's attention with  visual effects  because vfx create attractive and magical looks in simple visuals. Learn motion tracking and transform your visuals for next level with simple & techniques. In this class, you will get Mastery over

  • Point tracking
  • Stabilization of shaky video
  • 3D camera tracking
  • Screen replacement
  • Green screen replacement 

Creativity comes by adding or removing things (Austin.Kleon)

  • So, you will also learn removal techniques

Unlock this course to create magics in your simple visuals!

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VR Eye


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1. Intro : Hello. My name is Abdul Rahman. In this class we are going to learn and practice mode Basic motion breaking in after effects. It created an amazing, fantastic look in our simple visuals. What is motion breaking? Well, motion tracking is all about fixing off objects on a special part of the video Will respect to environment in this class we are going to learn and practice vote like this. - If you are interested to create some medical looks in your simple illegals, then they're scared Started with unlocking this crack close. 2. Stabilize the annoying shaky video : in this class, we are going to stabilize checking video through rap stabilizer and civilization effect. Stabilization is clearly hit trial and error technique. It only works for videos with little jerks chicness back and forth movements off different parts off the video. Remember, you can utilize these effects according to your requirements and choices. I repeat once again my statement You can utilize the effect according to your requirements and choices are clustered. M I have symbolized this shaking will you through grab stabilizer. Just look at this video. Then we will practice to stabilize this shaky video. Enjoy it now. I done on my stabilizer effect, which I have used managed. Okay. At my second try, I have stabilized this shaky video with stablization effect. Now observe the stablization off this video way. Start out practiced to stabilize any video tab stabilizers but before going toe start our practice to discuss some verities about stabilization plan stabilization effect. Denard works that Stablization does not work then hotel with extreme cheapness for daily with low light stabilization affects Du Nord works well for David delivery effects Note we do not get stabilization off the shaky video through all off sparks. We get stablization off a shaky video through only some parts. Keep Remember that it is better to have Portage waited more friends for second. Because mawr FPs is equal to more stabilization. It is a separate and totally different topic. We are not going to discuss this topic here, but keep remember more at yes, it will do more stabilization and what it should have Higher quality At least four. They should have alleged equality to get better and maximum results. So we start our past try our videos should be selected. Then we are going toe apply stabilizer web stabilizer, our civilization motion. If you not the trigger on your affect, Grenell, then you board find that effect from box based motion tracking are you can call toe window and here click on Trekker. Then you will find regular on your perfect panel. Now we are applying. That's travelers on our video. Only click on Rab stabilizes. It will start initializing to stabilize some parts are chicken with you Now I am speeding up a little bit My video for you Now almost. We have got sterilization off shaky with you. There are different options. We can utilize according to our requirements and choices. Look at here. There is smooth motion effect and no motion of it. If we click on no motion, there will be no motion, no movement. It is best for that. We use there were utilized right board so you can fly any video that have hooted Dr Board. But now we are utilizing smooth motion. Look at her smoothness option. We can decrease our smoothness off. 25 2010% are even 5%. We reduce muteness according to our requirements and choices that stablizing methods. There is substance. Rep is default option perspective Option covers less parts, off ticket, video position, scale and rotation option covered only position to kill and rotation force off the chicken video position is very, very limited option to get civilization off any video. So in our dis practice, we are utilizing subspace script for option. But once again I repeat my statement. You can utilize these options according to your requirements and choices. Fatal scale. We are not realizing deception also you to our requirements Here. Four options are available. Stablize brought artist scale is default action. So it is best according to our choices for? Choose this. Here I am giving you a bonus tip. Get Stablization better and better check this mark. Retail analysis. It will start detailed analysis off our video. So this is Oliver. Stab stablizing practice part months again. I repeat this important note you can utilize these are all out. Other options according to your prices requirements. Everyone who does not get stabilization through Rep stabilizer. So now we start our second try to create a new composition at five seconds. No, stabilize this video with Stablization. Effect is a little bit jerky. Jedi. There's started select video click on Stablization Stablize Motion. Then see this sign off. Rectangles are scared. I still a little bit. I want to drag this pest point now. I clicked on petition also. Then then we fight another track. Quite just got back point to how I want to drag a con trustee Specific point getting on analyzed by words if you have like Okay, this is the middle drop. That ball sterilization effects is that we do not get actual side off our video after applying stablization effects way. Just our escape so that this'll kind off scale Met Get produced So we're just scaled up to 100 cranky. So see the defense. It is shaky video. Take your yourself our nice time and keep practicing after learning. 3. Point tracking : babbling who played this past right? Then we will create this. Her second level. This'd a little fancy. This is absolute beginning off motion tracking Percy Evans. I am already important by project video on my product panel. I have set my composition at 10 seconds. We goto our affect panel. There is record. If you do not find this kind off effect, then go to your window. Fuck Space motion tracking. Okay. It will become at this place. Remember, video should be selected. If you want to try motion on this video, click on track motion venue. Click on track motion. You'll find these kind off tangled. That is if. But every can really rectangle scale a little bit to get perfect tracking. This is our memory. The tangled with actually drag their specially quiet. We'd like these kind off through the tangled on our specific point which we want to track. Dead point should be contrasted with environment. Look at this. If we want toe prey on lee position, we check this. If we want toe rag rotation also, then click this check Mark. Now, another track point has been a beard. We will discuss this terminology Some upcoming plastic. Now we are only focusing on position tracking with drag our US dragon point Remember, you should follow every step Otherwise you will not find any kind off these results Kilic broke it now are dragging has been start on their specific point. How creates another object Once again we go to our extra layer on Video Planet. Here we click on target and we select null object one okay to apply what mean by y and X X is if you want to break motion Onley along excesses then press on Lee excessive if you want to regular motion along y axes then press on Lee y axes. But here we want to track our motion along both axes X and y it dress Okay, we could hear our text, for example. I love he just I want to track this text on this card. I make no object parent off this text Now this text will follow behind the guard seniors Very interesting. No, we could hear this kind off pence breaking. If you feel difficulty to create this kind off Kahlo then pass Try is is perfect for you Make tries and tries Then you could do this. Now we create a new composition off 10 seconds. Now we are making call out. It will be direct. Behind the card. We create the personal great, get our big pointing. I select it. Make the bill none. Okay. Stroke should be on at 10 p. X at frantic BX. Create a circle by pressing shift. I asked Brain path start around 0 200 At one second I make is this plant You could hear another ship clear with mental way air. Another thing. Part of this ship. Earlier we start and from 01 2nd way and at 100% 2 seconds now see? But we have a big now we career savior real our text with full pill and the North Slope How do not at any trim part we work with the scale points way unchecked this Now we can work separately along XX is and y axis most of all we're just our band behind how we create Then on this year most of all, we start from zero. No, we unchecked this. Now we make a duplicate off this layer three and change color. Leo. No! What? We have Mitch a week or you're next. I read parent shape, layer off this test. Now I drag this composition toe on composition, one height, other layers I also made there and no one or position to know We set position off this composition. Who on a specially point I see day care you said on I stand by. 4. 3d camera tracking: in this class way are going to practice about camera tracking just like this. As you know, motion tracking. It's all of those fixing off an object on unspecific Fine in duty are truly environment. So in this class we will fix the text on specific parts off this green pill. So let's get started. We create a new composition with five seconds 25 frame. Poletti, drag our video on our time night way. Goto affect panel and find trigger. If you do not find regular on your affect mental, then you could find it from toolbar window director. Then it will be a beer value of banner select no drag camera. It will start analyzing just like drag motions and that stabilize it. Now our really camera pregnant has been tricked all of specific bars. So we select one off the our favorite point where we want toe fix our object. For example, I collect this specific part off Green Field so I believe any off these cross sign. Then we find these kind off options three year text and camera three years solid and camera create no land camera. But now we are going to create text and camera Click on three text and camera. So now we put the keep screaming on a three D camera and text. What is the part of really camera? What is the role of really camera in washing? Trekking? Pretty camera regards all of the English in off the video in which we want to drag some rest with parts it can clear it. You could see when with select front view front camera view you could see easily this kind of breaking This is pure dragging off three D camera in which video camera is recording all out the portion off this Pacific video in which we want to drag some specific parts. No, I select my text. It is too large. I scale it down. Apu 100 How I want o status. I pressed art on my keyboard. I want to stand up to 90 Dignity way also rotated alarm Why active like this? A little about exit. You can also read it. Okay, we'll see what we have corrupted 5. Green screen replacement (mobile or widescreen): this is going to very interesting and easy technique. If you were a practice Paula previous techniques, we are going to practice about this technique. The five steps. Our first step said your composition according to your choices and drag your footage with green screens. Clear a solid and place it below the basically and that's fed Applied Tracker. But there are sub steps when we have, like dragger honor. Basically, first sub step is certain record type at perspective, been cardinal and second sub Step is certain targets for solid Third, some step off Trekker is frank. You're basically frame by frame and lost sub stepped off Trigger is to of life at four step Applied delight 1.2 affect on. Basically, there are also sub step, and we have, like this delight effect on basically there is first sub Step is obligated earlier, off briskly. On there is hardsub step is politically lies effect from duplicate Lear on 1/5 step recompose your solid. There are also substance than we re composed. Our solid double click on free composed layer. It will be open in new composition drag afforded on timeline, which is being used to replace the green screen off. Basically, come back to your original composition. Let's jump onto our pastor. We are going to drag our basic live on our time line. This is our basically with green screen. Now, at this step, we are going toe. Three years solid at second step. We applied tracker on this basically to of life drag motion. When we do it it open a new window on our new panel. Apply a perspective. Been cover from track points are just all of these prospective Godolphin's and the government off this vile. So sit back and enjoy We set target or solid. Now we drag the emotion off our basically frame by frame. Okay, our dragging has been completed. Now we hit to apply and all of dragging data has been settled on basically and solid. Now, at four step we have, like the light effect on the green screen. Off this move I so we goto effect and apply delight effect when violence for white areas and we agreed blackness for black areas on I also agreed the softness off this screen. Now we duplicate the let off. Basically, we delete the key light effect from this basically wait three composed this solid. Now we direct the portage, which is being to replace the greens Being are basically and we go back to our original air way said the best little at ultimate basically, and look what has been corrupted. 6. Wide Screen replacement: in this lesson, we are going to practice of old perspective. Been car tracking. Like this. Perspective been cornered. Dragging is very easy technique You'd similar the Three years Techniques Way are going toe practice about perspective in color tracking with these four steps. First of all, we will import two clips on our timeline at Steptoe. We will apply tracker at Step 34 Will Goto taking off Cornell's Framed by friend and at last step, Technol four, we will bring reference keying in earlier to the brunch. So this is going very easy. Let me explain to you basically and reckless King in lier, this is our basically It's a green screen on which we are going to replace our rep asking in little this is our basically This is our reference king and lead. I hope everything is great and now about based clip and rapturously. Now, our second step, we are going to apply tracker on are basically remember. Your best lip should be selected when you want toe place the screen off. You're basically and there is another important note for you when you are applying tracker for screen replacements, you should follow Applied Director from Windows backspace and hit the default option in other cases. Maybe could not find tracker type. I explained to you what is tracker type in some upcoming seconds. Now it to apply track motion. Another window will be appeared on your view panel. This is the option, but off tracker type there are flying dragger times, stabilized crossword, parallel carver pin perspective, formal pin and broad. But now we are going to practice Vote perspective, Carnal pin. Tow it to of life perspective. Cardinal pin. Poor track point will be a beer all you're basically So I am speeding up a little bit. I'm going to skill up all of port I point to drag correctly my court fines X Step three We are going to track basically frame by framed hit to analyze our burden on their scared Starting, pushing, breaking depend upon the chicness off your clift My system is dragging perspective. Been Bonner requirements easily because my basically has some little dirks. Your foot. It has hard darks. Then I recommend you stabilize your portage and then of life Perspective in color. Now our perspective been cornered. Tracking has been completed and we are going to apply all of better on a basically. No, there is no reference layer honored basically so well, Dad reason I'm selecting by reference to getting in there and I goto Lear range I hit bring layer to current auction way have spent the magic on the screen off this man This man is now beating up the movement off his most because he has become anxious about this phenomena . Take your yourself a nice time on bye bye. 7. Logo removal: Hello and welcome back. We are going to practice about another medical trade. I mean, waving a logo binom car like this. I do not have Engineer basics, attempts like dragging clip over, placeholder, applying tracker and creation of none. But let me explain to you, following trick works better pore to retype charts easily, duplicate our basically penalize tarp step. We will create a mosque on our best lift, which is totally hit trial and error technique. I mean, we are just laws so that we could get perfect results. We can parent briskly to our at anytime, at any step. And at last, we will freeze frame our base clip adult brain. Let's get started to create some medics. Now we apply trigger on our basically had to track motion which opens a new window in real pen and I drag this breakpoint or lower. Now I had to analyze the power button. It will start analyzing frame by frame. The seconds are enough for this class. We built our tagging data on this null object. I said Target at an L1 makes you are, you are dimensions should be selected along x and y axis of k. Now we duplicate our basically by pressing control D. Now we create a mask as a colonial tool. While this logo, I take the colour of this area match the place color up logo. Now we drag this cologne area. Who are Logo? You get better at basically, at any time, at any step, obligation of null and duplication. Obvious glimpse. At this time, i Right-click on this base clip and go to time. Please bring it to, please frame at passband. And yet, we look what it has been crafted. In Greece must better to reduce the harshness of bars. Now you can add your own logo and discard. And you can say it is your own product. Gear yourself. A nice time of i.