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Basic Thai Conversation

teacher avatar Nanapad Sitthisedkoon

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Unit 1 greeting males

    • 3. Unit 1 greeting females

    • 4. Unit 2 politeness vocabulary

    • 5. Unit 2 politeness dialog

    • 6. Unit 3 directions vocabulary

    • 7. Unit 3 directions dialog

    • 8. Unit 4 transportation vocabulary

    • 9. Unit 4 transportation dialog

    • 10. Unit 5 places vocabulary

    • 11. Unit 5 places dialog

    • 12. Unit 6 food vocabulary

    • 13. Unit 6 food dialog

    • 14. Unit 7 drinks vocabulary

    • 15. Unit 7 drinks dialog

    • 16. Unit 8 numbers vocabulary

    • 17. Unit 8 numbers dialog

    • 18. Unit 9 questions vocabulary

    • 19. Unit 9 questions dialog

    • 20. Unit 10 time vocabulary

    • 21. Unit 10 time dialog

    • 22. Thank you

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About This Class

The lesson has made from daily used in basis including vocabulary and dialog which are easy to understand. If you plan to visit Thailand, this lesson is very useful for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nanapad. I am a language teacher in Thailand, mainly teaching Thai and English as an Additional Language in an international school in Bangkok. Also, I set up a Thai course for teaching Thai conversation for foreigners who live and work in Thailand. Regarding I have found the way to make you communication in Thai easily. All your feedback will make another lessons better. Thank you.

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1. Introduction: welcome to basic tie conversation, which you can learn easily. Vocab really used daily. There will be 10 units with dialogues and explanation made by Nana. 2. Unit 1 greeting males: Unit one greeting. So what the crap. So what? The crap. Home to road crap. Home to broad crap in de ti di roots crap in the T die route Crap. Please note that home stands for I using for mills. Crap is the ending word for Mills, for Linus. 3. Unit 1 greeting females: So what? The car. So what? The car 10 2 car it's had in two car in the T die roots back in Di di di roots. Please note that Chan stands for I using for females, huh? Is the any work for females politeness? 4. Unit 2 politeness vocabulary: you need to pull Linus to say thank you. Carb couldn carb Couldn to say Excuse me. Apologize and sorry to say, car toward car towed to say Please that Now that, uh to say you're welcome being gay in the 5. Unit 2 politeness dialog: here is the dialogue that you can practice for car towed cat car toward cat coun Karuna him Die maker Kundra Luna, you die. My car cop Coon Cat carb couldn't catch you IndyCar in the car. 6. Unit 3 directions vocabulary: unit. Three directions to tell Left Leo Sigh Leo Sigh to 10. Bright Leo. Why, Leo? Why? To stop you. You to u turn black Lord black to go straight thrown by from by 7. Unit 3 directions dialog: here is the dialogue that you can practice for called Toured Crap car toward crap. By what? Emerald Young right? Crap. By what? Emma Road. Yeah, right. Crap from by Leo Sigh from by Really? Really Com turned on. Couldn't in what? One more time? Rome by Leo Sigh from by real day Com 10 own coun hidden. What car you can see from the map, Right? Start from Carson Center. You go straight from by and into left Leo Sigh I didn't keep going from by really? Really and then crossed the road Com 10 own. Then you can see the temple Coun Hian wah. Please note that the Emerald Temple is also called What? Pray gal More Akel. What? Krakow motor Good. 8. Unit 4 transportation vocabulary: unit for Transportacion. Don't, Don't Don't go. Taxi! A pack c brought five. Uh, wrote five, uh, brought fight by dean brought Fi die. Dean more, sire. Up, down, more beside Europe down. Uh, the, uh 9. Unit 4 transportation dialog: here is the dialogue that you can practice for route by what young right brow by what young Right wrote May wrote May. Please note that to get on a local bus you pay on the bus. Please prepare for the coins for the small banknote. To get on a coach, you buy a ticket at the court station. 10. Unit 5 places vocabulary: you need to five places. Rome. Pay a ban. Rome Pay a ban. Centanni Dumb go. Centanni Damrell Sanam being Sonam being roll Um Rome. Ram. What? What? Sat wine. Um, Seth wine. Um 11. Unit 5 places dialog: Let's practice image A brow U T 90 crap, man row you t nine Crap mad! Wow, You Tisa wine a row, You t sat winem. Imagine being route up by T nine Lung Jack Me crap route by thine eye lung. Dabney. Crap browed club room. Damn Route program. 12. Unit 6 food vocabulary: Unit six Food pat Pack Move. But that cow Pat Pat Move! Brad Cow Bankia one guy gang Keogh One guy pad Thai boom pat tie. Boom. So, um so, um Cow Neil My more how Neil My more How pop, How hot. Oh, that How die Got how die guys said they guy said they 13. Unit 6 food dialog: ready to order food couldn't out dry crap. Couldn't out. I crap. 10 l, Pac, Pac, Pac 10 l Pac Pac, Pac 10 0 how Pat Boone. 10 0 cow Pat, Do please note that Hey is spicy. My pit is not spicy. If you're worried that the food become spicy, just say my pick my pick. 14. Unit 7 drinks vocabulary: Unit seven Drinks. Teoh Teoh God! Gaffe. Um Um No. No. Why, Dan? Why, Dan? Why, cow? Why cow be, uh be, uh now. So Nam. So now how now? I'm proud. Please note that, bro. And it is hoped again Isco as well as eyes. 15. Unit 7 drinks dialog: Let's order some drinks. Couldn't out. Crean do Awright! Cath couldn't out Clinton. Right calf 10 0 in 10 0 yeah. Fair in. Wow! Cool Lakha now, couldn't 10 0 fair on 10 0 God, Faeroe! 16. Unit 8 numbers vocabulary: unit eight numbers. So? So No. No. So So it's, um Sam seeing See, uh uh huh. Home hope. Teoh. Jack. Bad, Bad Dow. Go see Sick Roy, bro I Pine Pine, my San San line nine. 17. Unit 8 numbers dialog: practice time all quantity in Thai We have classified each category. There will be in another listen which comes soon 10 me Grabau Don't time sob by chan Me Grabau Don't tan SAB by 10 My t o c one chan ma t 061 Chuy Whalen Doing time? See hope True. A mome Chuy. Well, I don't time seek true. Our moon. Please note that Thai currency is in barked. The smallest coy is called sat ban. 18. Unit 9 questions vocabulary: Unit nine w H and h Questions Who cry cry What I a dry where t ny teen I when Murai Mother I Why, Tom My Tom My how Yeah, I Yeah, but I how much I told. But I told, How long does it take? Chuy. Wayland Tower. Chuy. Wayland. How far is it? But I can I by Can I How many? Some new one told I damn new one towel. 19. Unit 9 questions dialog: Let's practice the Hula Brock Tower. Does Mullah Rock told I Nintendo? Barack High, Sick bod New dog back. I sit by a pack. 20. Unit 10 time vocabulary: you need 10 time. There are many ways to tell the time in Thai, which might be a bit complicated for Begin its Please follow the simple pattern as shown in o clock. Nah, Leak. Uh, no leak, uh, to tell the minute not t na t no. So, Sam saying, um Hope dead. God see? See Ed sip song sip. Sam. Sit. See? See? Huh? I see. Hope. Sit. Death. See bad. See bad. You see? Used it. Use it. Song used it. Sam. Use it. Seen Sam see? Seized, huh? 21. Unit 10 time dialog: it's practice de more Lau g More Lau. See it? Nolly guy Sam. Sit now t see it, Nolly guy Sam, sit the teen. 22. Thank you: Thank you for your interested on learning basic tie conversation. Please feel free to give me feedback and comments on my Lai. I d couldn't nook s t a or email in city said gooden at gmail dot com. I will be appreciated. See you for the next course by