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Basic Russian - Learn Russian Fast - Russian for traveling

teacher avatar Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1. All Greetings

    • 3. Lesson 2. How to say "How are you" in russian

    • 4. Lesson 3. How to answer 'how are you' in Russian

    • 5. Lesson 4. Time expressions in Russian

    • 6. Lesson 5. Days of the week. Months

    • 7. Lesson 6. Question Words

    • 8. Lesson 7. Family. Vocabulary

    • 9. Lesson 8. Colors in Russian

    • 10. Lesson 9. Telling time in Russian

    • 11. Lesson 10. лет vs. год vs. года

    • 12. Lesson 11. я могу OR я умею. The difference

    • 13. Lesson 11. 19 ways to say "Goodbye"

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About This Class

There are lots of great reasons for learning Russian in addition to wanting to talk to russian native speakers.

Luckily, Russian isn’t that hard to learn, and it’s a really fun language. Plus, there are a variety of ways to go about learning Russian.

This course consists of 6 lessons:

1) Russian greetings

2) How to say "how are you" in Russian

3) How to respond to ""how are you"

4) Question words

5) Telling the time

6) Countries, languages, nationalities

Meet Your Teacher

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Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Introduction: Today we are going to have a look at the basics of Russian, like Russian greetings. You will be familiar with all greetings that native Russian speakers use. Then we will be dealing with different ways of saying, How are you interaction. After that, we will learn how to respond to how are you international. Besides, we will study question words telling him the time and how to say countries, languages, and nationalities in Russian. Let's get started with the course. 2. Lesson 1. All Greetings: Hi. Our first lesson will be about a Russian greetings. If you study Russian before, you probably know to come on Russian Greetings. So the first one is yet. But he Viet. But EVF, its colloquial and its informal way of greeting people. We can say for our friends, relatives, or people younger than you. So this greeting corresponds to the word hi in English. The next one is, isn't that asks the root tip that I asked him. If we speak about the pronunciation of this word, we don't pronounce the first letter. So that as the Vulli cm. So this greeting is quite formal and we use these with people you are not familiar with, or you meet people for the first time, you should say, thus the wheelchair. The third one is that asked, we we the same rule with this word. We don't pronounce the first letter. That asked UI. So does three. It's between formal and informal. And for example, if you meet your teacher at school, you should see that asked VT0, which is formal. But she can say that last worry because she's older than you. And it's like she cannot say abbreviate because it's super informal. And that's why she can say is it drastically or just the biggest feature? Is that rover on that row one? It is informal, so it's called Rockville. And we say that 01, when we haven't seen each other for a long time. And it is used mostly between best friends. That'll One that I stamp that ice jam. It's an abbreviated form of the word the last 3101 talking to older people. It's slightly impolite to say's digestion and it's just informal way of greeting. You can also hear the greeting as solute. Solute may be it came from French, but it's less used in the Russian language. If you are in a party, you can say Cm, Cmb. Yet in order not to greet each person. Sim. And let's take other formal greetings. Do Breyer? Do Bria, who tromp? Dobry. Debris. Deem debris the debris. That's it for this lesson, keep watching my next videos to learn more. 3. Lesson 2. How to say "How are you" in russian: This lesson is about how to say, how are you, how was it going? How are you doing? In Russian? The very common way of saying how are you interruption is GSC della GSC deal law? The next one is GSC was doula. Gsc was Zola. The difference between COG Dylan and GSC was doula is that cognitive law we use with friends or relatives. So it's informal. Gsc was Dylan is formal and we use that with older people and with people who are older than us. Or in some meetings events. Guck the cock, the or cock. Cock. The difference between cacti and GSC is that cacti is informal, chlorophyll and GGAC We is formal. And X1 is CAG, deletion. Guck, the scale. It's super in form model. I would say it's mostly used between teenagers. Gsc, deletion, cock, budge revised god OK. Or formal way is GSC by God. Budget provides him. The next one, cock. Cock. Della. Let's take the example. You are going to pass the exam and your friends wander. If you study something or not. Do you learn something or not and make an ask you. Gsc. Dylan. Gsc reason. Gsc, reason. How his life, God, treason. And the last two ways, GSC, Zola, UCI bam, in formal, and GSC, Jolla, move us. So we just add OTB or move us. 4. Lesson 3. How to answer 'how are you' in Russian: This lesson is about how you can answer to the question, how are you? I'll be giving you for it any ways to say, I'm fine international that Russian speakers using their daily conversation. So keep watching this video till the end. The very common way to say I'm phi in a Russian is narrow-minded, narrow mine. So it's not bad. It's not good. It's something neutral. And maybe 90% of Russians will say none of mine because it's too Calvin. The next one is how rational? Rational. Horatio. For example, Caligula currChar specimen. The next one is watching her ashore or chim her show. So we just add or gene, very, very good. Or chin shrunk. So Herschel saw harder SRL by the outcome. So by the outcome. And you blow how new blow from not bad. New blow home. By his yacht, by iot. So the meaning of BYOD is like narrow-minded none. So it's not bad, it's not good. So by joke is so, so by jot, GCG, sigdang, Chiraq. So this phrase can be negative or positive depending on the situation. So it can be toxic than in the meaning of x in the horror show or GCG, sigdang pillow hub. So it depends on the situation, on the context. Newman longer. Whose Stahl? Who Stahl? Newman longer. Style. Mug a law. Reads, loot sram, Mangalore, we wait, loot Schramm. My global wheat root Shun saw, saw. How rational we provide, provide below hm, polo below home. That's it for this lesson. And if you have an opportunity to practice Russian with Russian native speakers, I would recommend to practice all of these phrases and words. So it would be your active vocabulary. 5. Lesson 4. Time expressions in Russian: This video will be about time expressions in Russian. Let's first start with the word seaweed Mia. Today. See avoid neon. Anion. Chimera. Yesterday. Chiara, Zafar. Zarathustra. Pause of chara. Pause of chimera. Pauses after Pausanias AFTRA. For example, children, belie, BI Knudsen, Kiran will lie. Dead. Knutson. Pause of children will should work. We'll cheat via OK. C void Mia, seawater. Seawater, seawater. Zafar tran Zafar was creasing both Leah soft run by needing mostly Assaf drum, by needing so C void area for children. Pause of children. Zoloft run both this afternoon. In the morning. Drum, drum, drum. In the afternoon. The known the gnome in the evening. Vh or I'm VHS from Vietnam. For example. Would drum yeah. For shape-based, just saw of drum. Yeah, style you choose solve VHDL. If those bytes or to solve VH around. Yeah. You do spikes, reduces the neon. Yeah, he drew magazine, the neuron through Magazine. National Aboriginal. Justin. Justin Charleston. At the outcome. Outcome. Outcome. Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Your task will be to make examples with new words you learned in this lesson. 6. Lesson 5. Days of the week. Months: This video will be about days of the week and months of the year, and which preposition we use with these words. Let's start with days of the week. So Monday will be unique. Unique. Choosing store Nick. Nick. Then sit down, chip the IRC chips. It should work. That needed some guidance on what was create saying you must carry CGA. Nick Nick street, that should be here soon. Thus Chris senior, months. Say yellow fever, fear variety, upgrade. My my u0, u1. U0, u1. Ghost. Ghost. Seen Tsingtao but act. Ok. So but yeah, but but and Jacob but marked up my act. But yeah. What I want to say, on Friday, on one day, on Wednesday, we use the preposition, for example, by Neijing than Vfb door Nick, Nick, Nick stria DO, DO. Chip, chip, the lyric. The bad news. Xu Su Voto sued Bordeaux. Senior. Senior. We often pronounced prepositions and words together as it's one word. So for example, on Wednesday, three at all. So we don't pronounce we pronounce them together. Three, I do. The same with months. For example, Vienna, viremia, Vn viremia, leah. Leah, reunion. We union. We reuse of Christian love, wisdom. Wisdom. Since you seem to Bria, Brian Bria, and the Zika area. With Zika. 7. Lesson 6. Question Words: This lesson, I'll be giving you a question words, MB examples as well. For example. The second one is stop. Not being near an ideal, it still stood the yeast nozzle F drag the loop ish, nasdaq. Calculate cap coil as you see, store and are translated as what. So in universal language, these are two different question words. In English, this is only one word. The difference between Store and Kaku is that Stowe is used in the formulation of some general questions of objects, phenomena, or is some actions. Cocoa is used when talking about adjectives, numbers, and so on. And let's take the examples. C void now, pagoda, Savoy, pagoda. See void now sewn each lab on Golda. Sewn each Maya pagoda. That's Viet Cong McCoy. Eta. Eta, crassly. Viet than severe. Where the rub waters. The VGA, the yours, the garden down down down. And the premier Dan Bu Gou Ban De could appeal to the Buddhist dharma. Dharma category. Category. Category premium. This yeast three, current Russia category CBS. This yeast three combustion category. In the Russian language, there are two question words that are translated as y. So these are Zangxiang and which you. And let's have a look at the examples to see the difference. Which is used to ask the reason. For example, which you move the pre show, which you move the British Royal. Put down Mustafa when you're near c. But our MOOC, mania Boolean near c and z chim shows the purpose. For example, GMT pre show. Who's night's sleep, apnea, novice GM. The GMT will still be knight's paths laid near novice t. Cock. Cock. How? Cag? Cag. Cag. Cag. Cag. Yeah, Mao Gu score, RCA score, Leica. No matter if it's countable or uncountable. We use score RCA for both. How much and how many. For example, score RCA, story it, Chappelle lot. Score, liquor store it, Chicago LOD. Score, UCA, Chu Lai, uj IDSA. Score, Luca, chill Ivy League, who just some Scala. 8. Lesson 7. Family. Vocabulary: Bush, but above bush, bush, babum, babum, babum. Its, ITS bop, bop, bop, bop. Might, might. Mamma, Mamma, Deutsche, Deutsche. Same. Systrom. Come on, come. Join me. Divide rapidly. The really believed man 10K, believed man Knutson. Look, look. Look. Look. Come. See me. Rods, thin. Rods. Rebuild, knock. Knock. Knock. Believes me at sea. Believes me at sea. Billy's need see. Polish. My cheek, my cheek. Biting. Dia, which come. Janie stamp. Mid doorway, micelles, missense. Mid-ocean Masons. Zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum. Then VS. 9. Lesson 8. Colors in Russian: In this lesson, we're focusing on how to say colors in Russian. I'll be giving you the names of colors and the examples. Let's get started. The first one, BLE, BLE, BLE. For example, BLA, route come, come. So this is root km. Roll the, pay attention that in this word we pronounce yo like, oh, royalties. For example, royalty. Gulls took rho t, Gauss 2K, R3. For example. Cavour, your crassly grass, the grass Maya Vasa. Grass Maya, Vasa. Rosa. Rose. For example. Rosa, we market Rosa marker. Aleatory. Phi. Phi. For example. Wall see him. Go, boy, girl, boy, girl warning. For example, Gallo boy, flung myself. Girl, boy, girl, boy, flow, Meister. See me. See me. For example. Can CAN Groucho. So gullible, light-blue. See me. Dark blue. Z only z. Z only Zillow, Nia, Bamaga. Reach new guy reached nearly near Vn. Vn Garan dashing, CRE series. For example. Food, Boca, Football, chore me, chore knee. For example. Chore Nia sukha. Chore Nia sukha. 10. Lesson 9. Telling time in Russian: This lesson we are going to tell time in Russian. But first, let's have a look at the questions that you can ask when talking about time. To ask what the time is. We say category. Just got Dory Chaz. School come very mini school, econ, very mimi. Or we just add the word CHS. Now. Chs, dreaming, you score Luca, dreaming. There's also one more which is free man. But it's only colloquial because it's not grammatically correct. Remember, if the clock is in the hour, we simply say ID, chess, the law to some degree, to some batch shapes to solve and so on. But pay attention to the word chess, which changes depending on the number. So with ID, when we use chars, idea, just with the three, should we use just some the watches, some breccia, she teaches some with bed traced, same and so on. We use just saw of debt to solve, Shays, to solve, seem to solve, voice u dv to solve in the AC, to finance it yourself, and so on. In the Russian language, we don't use AM and PM like in English because we have 24 hour clock system. So six PM will be 18 hours. Wisdom Nazi, just solve the somatic to solve. 08:00 PM. Divide, say, just solve the Watson, just solve for it instead of PM. Or AM, we just add a vignette? Vignette, VHDL, vhdl, notching, marching with VGA, VHS moiety. So for six PM, we can say to solve VHS shape-based, to solve VH. Or with some knots, it just solve with some acid to solve. Six AM, chaise, just solve. Shape-based. Choose Solve, will drown. 5pm. Gets to solve VH around the eyes. To solve the EHR. Or similar Nazis to solve seem not set. To solve. The ending of the word mino that depends on the number as well. Like the word Charles for iodine will be Minolta, mimosa, Minnesota. The VA the VA minimality, the d mu, d mu luteum. But yes, I mean MOOC, mean mood, same Min node and so on. Let's take 21 minutes. It would be the wild sets are 22 minutes, divides it the middle D. 25 minutes, the beds, the vats it beds mingled. How would you say half in Russian? So it can be Paul II, Veena. Veena or shorter version is pole bowl. Paul IV or PO. For example. Paul II, vena cava. Well, I vena cava, well I Veena. Veena over one. Bowl ideals at the one. Pool ID not sativa. Bowl, should still have a bowl. Shows Tova. And other examples. B is good, not City, same. Bs bit not city CAN BE, is PET, PET traced. Bs. C should be eating. Bs, the city. Should the DC mean mood, vice, move on. By small one. Bit nazi ideals of the Nazis, Min node, ideal, etc. The easiest way to tell the time in Russian, just to say number of hours and number of minutes. For example. Yet to solve three massive MIMO. Yet to solve three Nazi mode shapes to solve the voltage, 3D Middleton shapes to solve the voltage, the middle of them. Voi. Your task will be to save the time that 11. Lesson 10. лет vs. год vs. года: With ideal, we use what I deem God. With GTD, we use Golda. So from two to four, we use gaga. Gaga, that ego, that should be the water. From five to 20, we use lay-up. For example, Shays led, renounce it lived and so on. But 21 will be ideal. That's because the last number is one, and we know that one is adding growth. And devices. Ideal got three plots. Each period will be Golda, because the last numbers are 2, 3, and 4, k. And for example, 25 will be live, divides it. Actually this rule works only if the sentence has no prepositions before the number. But let's say we have prepositions, good for the number, for example, though, or Boisselier. If the sentence has prepositions before the number, it becomes a little different. For example, the all or porcelain odd novel woulda, though, was live at novel. Now we have gotten, because we have the preposition. Then DO both lead, the MOOC, Iliad, or both lead. And same with other numbers. With one we use quarter, with other numbers we use. Now, I've got some practice for you. Let's choose God. Go down or up in the following sentences. 12. Lesson 11. я могу OR я умею. The difference: In the Russian language, we have two verbs that can be translated into one in English, and that's the verb can in Russian is March or meat. Let's take the difference between them. Let's take two examples. Young margot Plavix and yeah. So yeah, Mao Gu plowing, it shows your physical ability. But yeah, wow, it means your skills. Okay. So March means physical ability. Who meets, shows your skill. Now, I have some sentences for you to practice and your task will be to choose the appropriate word. 13. Lesson 11. 19 ways to say "Goodbye": In this video, we're learning lots of alternatives to Goodbye. I'll be giving you a casual and fun ways that you can use with your friends, families, and informal situations as well. The first one thus we then yeah. Goodbye. The sleep apnea. Those SVE than me. Yeah. The Sudan. Yeah. It's only used in formal settings like an interview or when saying goodbye to older people. Baca. Baca. This is the most common and informal way to say bye to someone. Ppaca. Would that would that change? If you say to someone you wish they will be successful in something they are trying to do. With that CI himself, himself, himself. The next one, movie Dimson, the cilia do Ishi himself see a boo she does. E show himself to show him some medium, some portion. Portion. Portion. Thus quarter 1. Thus score that score of a deaf stretching. Deaf striation, hat or Shiva, DGA, heart or Shiva. The yen. Haroche arrhythmia. Haroche Rava, VHS. Though bring your chin. Dobry LacI. You can say only if you are leaving to go home. And family members can also say that Oberyn, HE, if they are going to bed. Civil, Hiroshima civil. How? Cba? Cba. Vdc, BIM says, my name cell says My name is Sam. Since my name say implies that you make a phone call to them a little later. Says My name is Sam. But I Shea Shea. Pressure is a little erode because we use these when we assured that we will never see each other anymore. That's why it's really used to say goodbye. But I should say yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You just inform you are living the place and you don't specify way you are going. Yeah. Mania. Mania. Yeah. Partial. Partial. Will add legion of us. Will add v to us, will read will rat will read them.