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Basic Russian 2 - Learn Russian - Russian grammar -Russian words, phrases

teacher avatar Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Genders. Consonants and vowels

    • 3. Genders in Russian

    • 4. Nouns with SOFT SIGN (What's the gender?)

    • 5. Я могу VS. Я умею (the difference and examples)

    • 6. Год VS Лет (the difference and examples)

    • 7. 50 Most Common Russian Verbs

    • 8. Numbers. Pronunciation

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About This Class

Hi everyone. This is Russian with Albina.

This course is for beginners. It includes new expressions, vocabulary, grammar structures, tips and so on.

1) Intro

2) Consonants and vowels to define the gender

3) Genders in Russian (masculine, feminine, neuter)

4) Nouns with soft sign

5) The difference between "Я могу" vs. "Я умею" (How to say 'I can' in russian)

6) The difference between "год" vs. "лет"

7) 50 Must-know russian verbs

8) Numbers in Russian

Meet Your Teacher

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Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Introduction: This is rational when they'll Bina. And this course is for beginners because it includes such basics like 50 common Russian verbs, numbers, erosion, some tips on how you can define the gender in Russian. The differences between yap and yap amu, and the differences between growth and lip and so on. So keep watching this course till the end. 2. Genders. Consonants and vowels: This lesson is about consonants and vowels. To determine the gender unit, to know which letters are vowels and which ones are consonants. Well, let's start with vowels. And all consonants. 3. Genders in Russian: One of the differences between Russian and English is the fact that every noun belongs to one of the three genders, masculine, feminine, or neuter. The gender can be recognized by its ending, that is the last letter of the noun. So let's have a look at the masculine gender. If you have consonant letters or semi-variable lecture, yet in the end, then you have masculine gender. For instance, the word magazine, mom, guys seem magazine ends with the letter none. And it's definitely masculine gender. Magazine. Next one, I learned me, me, me, me, me, me, me. And with semi vowel letter yet, and it's masculine as well. I leave me. Next one. Kluge could huge, huge ends with the letter chip and it's mescaline as well. If you have vowel letters or Yacht, then you have family and gender. For instance, root crop, Arusha, or which ends with a vowel letter r. And it's definitely feminine gender. Seem Yao. See me, young. Cmea ends with a vowel letter. Yeah. Seem ya. If you have vowel letters, all and year, then you have new term gender. For instance, Yann, LeCun. Yeah, block ends with letter. Oh, yeah, block. And cough. Cough. Cough. Ends with letter, yep. Kapha. If the noun has solved sign in the end, it may have masculine or feminine gender. And we'll have a look at these rules a little late turn. There are four notable exceptions to this hurdles. These occurs mainly because of the physical gender. And let's have a look at them. The word Diego Scrum. Scrum. Normally the ending belongs to feminine gender, but because of the physical gender, it's masculine. The other Scrum is masculine. Same with words, yada, yada, Machina, Machina, papa. But one. Now we're practicing all the genders. I'm giving you a list of nouns and your task is to determine the gender and the end. I'm giving you all the answers. 4. Nouns with SOFT SIGN (What's the gender?): As a mentioned in the previous video, words ending with letters selfed sign can be either masculine or feminine. First, we'll look at how you can define them. I'll give you some examples and endings. And then I'll give you advice on how you can easily remember all these genders. So keep watching this video till the end. So let's first have a look at the endings for a masculine gender. We use mass clean for all nouns endings with letter soft signs. For example, in the y and z. And with other endings. For example, the ending. Carolyn that secret tie. The ending. Besides the ending. For example. And family and gender. The endings at, for example, below sheds. Tip rights. Law shreds, provides the ending and the ending. Chip. Ship. And Deutsche leash. The ending. The ending score. I know you are all confused with all these endings and I wouldn't recommend to learn all of these endings because they are quite a lot of exceptions. My TPP will be every time when you see words ending with the latter soft sign, that would be much more effective to learn them with an adjective. Again, let's just take some examples. For example, Savoy, Hiroshi deem hardware she dean. So in this sentence, we can see that Hiroshi is masculine. So of course, Jenny will be masculine as well. And let's take another example. My name is feminine, wish is feminine as well. Mirrors do not rod me. His survival is masculine. See me leaving. Leaving Moscow in Moscow ski grimly. Kml is masculine. Guadalupe, mouse, Colleen. Krasnoyarsk, bullshit is feminine because charisma is feminine as well. 5. Я могу VS. Я умею (the difference and examples) : Do you say yell me, you should, that's borrow ski or Yamal Gou Chu, thats borrows care. Do they mean the same? Hi, welcome to Russia with albinism. This lesson is about the words March and emits. Let's have a look at the examples. Once again, Yang Ma Bu took that bottle skill. Yeah, me too, thats bottles can both sentences means I can read international. There's almost no difference in Russian. However, much means physical ability, but omits is your skill. So young MCU, because I can do it. Yeah. I've learned how to do it. For example, if we are talking about breathing, it would be more correct to say, yeah, Mao Gu, the shunts rather than Jamil the shreds. Because these physical ability is given to us from birth. So it's correct to say, yeah, Margo defects and other examples, Yang Mao Gu or Gv I read about whose skin? And yeah, you got it. Autoscale. Yamal Googler. Each borrow scam means, I know the words, I know rules, so I'm able to speak Russian. But yeah, me, you go IDs, borrows can, means I've learned the words all the roles, and I have the Russian language skill. Now I give you two examples and your task is to choose the correct answer. The first Yang bomb watched CBA is zeolites, Dionaea. The second Yan. The word got Boy, which Bush. 6. Год VS Лет (the difference and examples): At the beginning of learning the Russian language, everyone has some struggles with the difference between lit and god or goddess. So today, I'll show you how you can remember and distinguish them. When we say one idea, we use, God. I've got to run the Gordon. Three Gautam should be there for them. But beds showcased, et cetera. So let's have a look at the examples. The, the, the Vance's, gordon. Yeah, a Kunshan lush colo, voicing. Nasa. We need three golden nasa, 25, divide sick beds. So any to devise a diva, gada, eight, voicing, LET 33, Golda. But if the sentence has a preposition, it becomes a little different. For example, let's take the preposition Boisselier. After bringing both Leah add now Vo, Golda. Here we use Golda. We don't use good. Both Leah. Yet. Now we use lip. Both lived both lives. Should 0. Yet. Mostly BT. Post-lunch, she's t, and so on. So after the preposition, we use Golda or leant. If it's one ideal. Fourthly, an adeno will go down. But mostly the Voc. 7. 50 Most Common Russian Verbs: This lesson we're going to be talking about 50 common verbs that you have probably already learned. You'll be given both aspects of verbs in the perfective and perfective. Daylight. Balance sheet that cheat. But on a chip bag. But I chipped smartly. Smartly H plus months. Basmati is beat, beat, beat, repeats. When you might find, you might find yet. Finance. Besides, Besides. Besides. Netbeans sites. Might do much. But do wins. But do much. Zap, Zap, Zap going cheats, zap coin sheets. But goo, goo, goo, goo. Softer goods are goods that are grids. And B, a and B. Via this, via this boundary and bright. Bright Gazette. Gazette. At the charge at the recharge, activities, activities, spreadsheets, spreadsheets, chin lines, niche in large. Night Chet, NetJets, yeast yeast ceased. Cst bus solutions, solutions that he got toilets. And the salvage. White spots. Spite, bus bytes plus bytes. Bom, bom, bom, bom. Beads. New beat, beat, beat. Add the hides. The hat. At 9090 XVI needs pleasant. I need to provide upgrades. Upgrades. Zachary, right? Zachary? Zach. Great. Zach creates for us to put us. Right. Bye. Bye. You. Grab both edge. And I bought it. But I bought it. Night. Night. Night was not. Slingshots. Sleeve shirts, will slowly shreds. He did choose the worldwide, choose 300 words, but choose to buy, choose to avoid steroid. Steroids. Steroids. We be rights. Law might slow, much slower, much podcast, which bug caused the witch? Because that's what causes that. Could be, right? Back. Hello, bot. Lou, cheat. Well would cheat. But he had 33. Says The White. Says, The White says that. Says that I need. So what I need. 8. Numbers. Pronunciation: In this video, we are going to learn numbers in Russian. Noise. Noise, noise. Igm. Igm. The 133. Should the beds. Beds traced. Same voicing. Voicing. This is let's repeat all of them. I should be the same voicing. This is great. At each numb. From 11 to 1911 will be ideal sets. Sets. Ideal size. The Nazis, the Vienna upset the Nazis. Three sets. Three sets should they are not sets. Should theorem outsides. Bit Nazis. With not such sets. Not saved. Symbol Nazi regime not sets, sets. Nazi's, Nazi's. As you probably noticed when speaking about numbers from 11 to 19, we have the ending, not size. If we say one, it will be IgM, but 11 will be IgM not set. So one eye gene, 11 hygiene lab set V naught sets the value 33 knots. It should be onsets, beds, bit Nazis. She's not sets. Seem similar. Voice with similar offsets. Ie, dv, it Nazis. Let's pronounce that compound numbers. Divide sets. The VAT says divide sets, three sets, three sets, three sets. Sock, sock. So unlike the sad, sad, sad, sad. Cmg set, voicing, voicing the set stamp, stamp, stone. Stone. Let's take the example. If you want to say 20 one in Russian, we would say the VOD set, ID I gene. 32 sets, three sets, 143, saw truck, 3354, BG sat, should be BG sad. 65. She's sad. She's the sad. Yet 76. Cmd Shift. Schist. Schist. 87, voicing, same voice. Same. 98. Even more stern voice him. Given loss than voicing. 109 store, David's store. So 100 will be still then 100 or 10 thousand pieces. Let's face it. Store store 100000010000000000000000000000001000000 million.