Basic Programming Concepts - EXPLAINED! ✅ | Grant Klimaytys | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. What is programming

    • 2. What is a Class vs What is an Object in Programming

    • 3. What is encapsulation in programming

    • 4. What is inheritance in programming

    • 5. What is compiling in programming

    • 6. What is polymorphism in programming

    • 7. What is abstraction in programming

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About This Class

No more confusion over programming concepts! Understand the main pillars of object oriented programming without pulling out your hair!





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Grant Klimaytys

Super iOS and Android App Developer and Professor

My very first software program was the artificial intelligence brain of an underwater robot in the early 2000's, still the coolest project I have ever worked on!

Since then I have designed and built websites, software and apps using all manner of languages and frameworks. Javascript, Bootstrap, .Net, Python, PHP - you name it, I've probably used it.

These days I focus on building quality cross platform apps using Xamarin studio in C#, Xcode and Swift 2 and Android Studio.

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