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Basic Principles to Project Management

Linda St Mart, Business and Career Coach

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9 Videos (14m)
    • Intro: Basic Principles to Project Mgmt

    • Projects must support the strategy

    • Plan the work and work the plan

    • Identify the Critical Path

    • Set SMART Objectives

    • Build Team Spirit

    • Assemble the project team

    • Establish Two - Way Communication

    • Bonus: How to be super intelligent


About This Class

About You

Project Managers are essential to delivering change that transforms company fortunes. Senior management depend on the project manager throughout delivery which can make project managing an uncomfortable experience.

This class is designed to get back to basics and examine fundamental principles that coach project managers to smash through adversity and deliver great results. 

The Problem

For over 20 years, I coached project managers to deliver objectives. Throughout my experience, I noticed a fundamental shortage of training courses that provides advice that is practical, down to earth and relevant to the stresses of daily project management. 

The Solution

This class aims to cut through academic theories and text book scenarios and deliver targeted information that empowers project managers to overcome day to day challenges and manage projects with confidence.

This course is for any project manager whether a beginner or experienced.

I intend to create further project management classes so please follow me to receive the latest updates. 

I'm here to help you succeed.






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Linda St Mart

Business and Career Coach

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