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Basic Piping Skills For Cake Decorating

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. 01 Intro video

    • 2. 02 Making The Royal Icing

    • 3. 03 The Tips And Basic Piping Techniques

    • 4. 04 Making Borders And Ruffles

    • 5. 05 Basket Weave

    • 6. 06 Scroll work and Cornelli Lace

    • 7. 07 Writing

    • 8. 08 Piping On A Cake

    • 9. 09 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Decorating a cake and be fun and easy.  In this class I will show you some basic piping skills for cake decorating.

We will start by making a royal icing to use for piping.

Next we will show you some basic decorating tips and what each tip can make.

Then we will then move on to showing borders and ruffles for cakes

Then we will show how to do other decorations on the cake

This class is for the student that wants to learn how to do basic piping on cakes.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nadine.

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1. 01 Intro video: way. Welcome to this class on basic piping techniques. In this class, I will teach you how to make royal icing. Next, I will show you some tips that we use for basic piping. I will show you how to use these tips to do different piping techniques. After we have learned the basic piping techniques, I will then show you how to do borders on cakes. We will then move on to ruffles. After we've gone over the borders of the cake and the ruffles on top, I will show you different decorations you could do on the cake like basket we'd and scrollwork and Cordelia lace. We will then finish up by showing you how to pipe writing on a cake. I am a self taught baker. I have loved baking most of my life. Many years ago, I decided I wanted to open up my own home bakery. To do this, I felt I needed to improve my skills. So I took a lot of classes, read a lot of books, watched a lot of videos and did lots and lots of practice. When I felt like my cake decorating skills were to the level that they needed to be. I opened up my home bakery. I make cakes for many different occasions birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements and many other occasions. My husband got a job offer in New York City and we decided that it was a good fit. So I close down my home bakery so that we could move across the country to New York City. Now, in New York, I don't want to open up another home business, but I still like baking. So I have decided that I would share my skills with you on skill ship. This class is aimed at the baker that wants to learn basic piping skills for cake decorating. The skills you learn in this class will help you as you decorate many cakes. By the end of this class, you will be able to do borders on cakes and put decorations on the cake. I'm excited to start this class. Let's move on toe less the number one making the royal icing 2. 02 Making The Royal Icing: way we're ready to start making the royal icing recipe that I gave you calls for the three ingredients. It wants vanilla and powdered sugar because I am making this just to teach you how to pipe with royal icing. And I'm not putting it on a cake that anyone's going to eat. I'm not gonna add the vanilla because I don't really care what it tastes like. No one's gonna eat it, But I wanted to give you the recipe so that if you wanted to make royal icing to put on a real cake, you could add the vanilla. We are just gonna add the two ingredients aid once and powdered sugar. I am going to start by adding the aid wives to the boat. If you were gonna add vanilla, you would add that now to the boat with the egg whites in the bowl. I want to beat this until frothy. There are eight wides. Look, frosty. Now we're gonna have the four cups of confectionerssugar. I don't like sifting confectioner's sugar because it has a tendency to fly out over the place what I am going to do, though with the risk I'm gonna lighten up the powdered sugar. Now I want to measure four cups off powdered sugar, and I don't have to be that accurate because as I'm making this, I may add a little bit more if it's to running. And I can always thin it down with a little bit of water. If it's too thick, art there's too. And for I do want to cover this so it doesn't spray out all over the place, and then I'm just gonna barely turn it. And I want to keep it on low until the powdered sugar is pretty much totally mixed into the egg whites. I'm going to try to just scrape down that egg, that powdered sugar that's still sticking to the side. Now that is incorporated and you can see it shiny. We're gonna turn this up to a high speed way. We want this to form stiff peaks, which should take 5 to 7 minutes. It's been a little over five minutes, so let's take a look. When you look at this, you can see it's not quite stiff. Peaks peaks are falling over, so that was about five minutes on mine. I'm going to stick this back on, and I'm gonna script this down, and we're going to give it another couple of minutes. We're going to give it because we wanted to be stiff peaks. So if it's stick, Steph peaks, those peaks are gonna pretty much stick straight up. And I only gave us six minutes, so I'm gonna give it that last minute. Here we have our royal icing. Royal icing dries really fast. So while get everything ready, I'm going to seal this up to keep it fresh. We're now ready to pipe with decorating tips and royal icing. 3. 03 The Tips And Basic Piping Techniques: to start practicing our piping. I have here the tips that are the basic tips we will use in different sizes. Let's get a closer look at the tip and see how we pipe with the tips. Here are the tips that we have a choice to use from today. We're going to start by using this round tip. It is a number 10 tip, but first we need to get our bag ready. I have a tall glass that I'm going to pit my bag in to fill it. I want to cut the tip off of this bag and I want to make the cut big enough that I can stick the cock lor into it. I'm gonna do a snip right about there, and then I'm going to stick this down in the back and I'm gonna push it all the way down. I want to make sure that the complex comes outside of the plastic bag with that copper in there. I'm going to now take that to buy, showed you the number 10 tip and stick it on the Koplan. I then need to take this part and screw it on with that ready? I'm now gonna pick the fan into a this way, I can easily put the royal icing in the bag. I have my realize, since I hadn't sent for a little while because I had to do a couple of things. So I want to make sure it's mixed well on, then I'm just going to pit it in the bag and I want to make sure that the bag does not get more than halfway full. And then I want to cover up the right. I said that I'm not using so it does not dry out with the royal icing in the bag. I'm now gonna take it out and I'm gonna take my back and I'm gonna squeeze it and twist, squeeze and twist until I have the royal icing coming out. When I'm not using this tip, I want to cover it so the royal icing doesn't dry. Let's get ready to pipe. I'm gonna use this board that I have. It opens up so that I can pitch patterns in there if I want to. But for this 1st 1 I'm going to show you I don't need anything in there to practice with what I want to dio we're gonna do the ball or the pearl that is seen on cakes and you're gonna take this and you're going to do at a 95 degree angle, and you're just gonna push town Stop pushing and lift up. So I want to show this one more time. I stuck so little posted notes in here so that when I pipe it, hopefully you can see it better. So I'm squeezing and letting go squeezing and lead and go. And I want to totally stop squeezing before I release. So for the ball one, you try several of these and you can make them different sizes. Let me change this tip foot. So if I take this 10 off and put my six on, you'll see that the ball will be a smaller ball. But it will still be up all so you have to decide how big you want your balls and you decide that by deciding what size opening you're going to have for your tip. Once this has try to get rid of that little point, you're just gonna push down with your finger and that flattens it out and gives it that lovely round. Look, go ahead and practice. And then when you're ready, start the video back up and I'll show you how to use the start. I have several star tips here. I have a very small one ranging up to the different sizes. I'm going to show you how to do the start tip with this one, which is a size 22 I just want to stick it on my bag and then tighten it up. Now to do the star tip again. I'm gonna hold it almost at a 95 degree angle. I know. Screams down. Stop Release bigger again. Screams down. Stop release screams down. Stop release. You're just gonna practice that until you feel comfortable with that motion. This tip is often use if you buy the cake pans that a different shapes and you feel it in with the frosting. What you would dio is you would just do like this and then right next to it on right next to it. And keep until you feel it in. So you can try them spaced out like this. Or you can try putting them together like this. And you may have seen cakes. They have that star tip look like that again. With this as it dries, you got to give it a minute to dry. You can push that tip down if it's sticking up Now with the start chip on, gonna go ahead and take this one off, trade it for a smaller one. I'm gonna use the smallest one that I have here and show you the difference. If I do the smallest one, I'm gonna make this same do the same thing straight down. Stop. This is probably if you're feeling in a small area is when you juice it because you'd want to have that same kind of look. But you're feeling in a small area. Go. I had in practice with the star tip. Until you feel comfortable using the start to next. I'm going to show you the leaf and I've got three leaf tips here, so I'm just start with this one right here. It is the number 68. And just like with the other ones, I'm gonna stick it on there and then stick that Copley on their the leave tip can be very tricky. I find sometimes I have to do it more than once to get it to work. But you're gonna put out a 45 degree angle, and you're gonna squeeze kind of go back and forth, tell you culturally, and then bring it out. See if you could see that again. I'm gonna do it again. Squeeze. Go back and forth until you get the life you want and then bring it out. So if you want a shortly, if you just get it, just telling a bit. Then you get a credit squeezing before you pull it out. Let me show you again, please Back and forth and then quit. Okay. So just keep practicing with Billy. I'm gonna squeeze that come forth, and then I wanted that late. I'm not discreet. Just gonna let it go. And I'm using white, so it may not look that much like a leaf, but a few years, the green, it'll look likely. Okay, practice your leaves, and then we'll be back to show you the next one. Next, we're gonna pit for on. And after that, we'll do grass and we're going to use this tip. It's tip to 33 on my dad and for the for I wanted to have a 45 degree angle. When I get a squeeze it and let the for come like this. And if I were going to do like a dog, I'd want to keep moving so that I can get for So that's the for you want to have some length to it when it's the first now for the grass. You want it at a 95 degree angle and you just want it small bird bursts coming up. You don't want it going down. You want coming straight up and you can decide how long you want your grass room. If you make it too long, though, it's gonna fall like that, so it's better to make it a little bit shorter, but then you want a little bit of linked to it. So God, hat and practice the grass and the for those of the basic piping skills that I wanted to show you for this class. When you're done practicing those basic skills, come back and I'm gonna show you how to do some borders 4. 04 Making Borders And Ruffles: Hi and welcome to our next lesson. With this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to do some basic borders and some ruffles. Let's get started. The 1st 1 I want to show you ISS the Pearl Burke border. It is done on a lot of kicks, and this was just doing that ball pipe in that I showed you, but we're doing it next to each other. So I put it like this, and I want to make sure they're all is close to the same size as possible, and I want to make sure they're touching. So I would continue to do this along the take, and I don't want to touch it yet because it hasn't hardened enough, but once it's hard, just tiny, but I then go back and touch just enough to get the point. So that ISS, the pearl border that uses that ball piping that I showed you and you could decide how big the girls are by what tip you use the years A tip. This one's a eight. Let me show you what it looks like when I use it with the eight. So this one's the tan, and here's the exact same pipi within eight. You'll notice the balls are just a little bit smaller. So it really depends unhappier. You want your border to be on what size tip you use and you're gonna continue around your kick again. Remember, just very carefully touch to get that point to go down. And I probably did not let it sit enough yet. All right, practice up to your comfortable having them connect and making a border. And then once you've got a big, long line, you can come and just tap it to get rid of that point. Then come back and I will show you the star border. All right? For the starboard it. I'm using that star tip, and I'm gonna do the same thing. I want to make those pretty stars go straight down. Stop. And I want them to be touching. You want to try to make them? Is close to the same size as you can. Okay? So go ahead in practice until you're comfortable with star one, and you'll notice these ones on this line. I made smaller by stopping the pressure on the fresh earlier and again. Once it's dried, I can push down that point. Go ahead and try your starboard. When you're done with that, we will come back and do a teardrop border for the teardrop border. I am back with my number 10 tip. What? We're gonna dio we're gonna have this at a 45 degree angle and I'm gonna squeeze out that ball and then drag it down, squeeze out the ball and drag it down. Squeeze and drag, squeeze and drug. Just keep doing that. And a lex very similar to the pro. Except there's there's that little extension and you can even make sure that you're not that close so that you could really see the extension, squeeze and drag, squeeze and track. And you probably want to start closer to there so that you can see the tell, squeeze and drag. Go ahead in practice that so you are comfortable with that boy. Now we're gonna do this shell border. It's probably one of the most popular borders done on cakes Express. They're the ones you buy at the store to do the shell border. You're going to start by squeezing and then bring it down. Then I'm going to start there and squeeze and bring down, squeeze and bring them. And I'm just going to continue doing that around the cake. You go ahead and practice yours. When you're comfortable doing the shall one come back, I will show you the next border. Our next border is as exact border. So we're using the same tip that we use for the shell border. The only difference is when we start, I'm gonna squeeze and go up and down, up and down and up and down and up and down, up and down and just keep going back and forth. Now, if you stop, you gotta make sure you start exactly where you stopped. Show you again Over here. Funds exact where you pretty space. Now you do want to try to make sure that all of them are the same length and again where it's close together. 45 degree angle. Down you go. And right up and down, right next to where the last one waas. So go ahead and practice this exact When you're done, I'm gonna show you a rope border, and it uses the same for our rope one. We're gonna have this at a 45 degree angle and we're gonna make a U shape. Now, the next one's going to go inside that you shape and we're gonna make another U shape. Then we're gonna go inside and make another. We're just gonna keep going down and you'll see what looks like a braid. And that's our rope. Okay, so again, you show inside, come around side, come round inside, coming up, go ahead and make your you on finishing up by connecting. All right, I'm gonna show you some ruffles. I put in a paper that shows the ruffles. There's very simple ruffle like this. And then there's a back and forth one like that, but I'm going to show you the tip of giving years is the rose tip. So I'm gonna stick this wine part of the tip against the surface with the narrow part up, huh? And I'm going to just put it on and take it back and forth as I make my ruffle like that. So again, gonna put the wide part down and just go back and forth when I get that a tax. I turned my thing and I keep going. Go ahead and practice your ruffles. Now, if I want to do one like this. I'm gonna pick this the same way down. But I'm not gonna go back and forth. I'm just gonna go along. Just gonna go along where I want it up. I'm back down, So practice both of those types of ruffles. Why don't you practiced all the borders? Come back and we will show you how to do decorations for the top inside of the case. 5. 05 Basket Weave: way. We've done several borders and we've done the ruffles. Now we're gonna talk about decorations we can put on top and around the sides of the cake. We're going to start by showing you how to do a basket week. We're gonna do this basket weave right here. It's your basic basket basket, weak. And as you look at this, it shows to reduce straight down and then we do over, over, over Didn't use If I show you with the piping if you're looking this tip, it's got a jagged side and a spoon said I want the jagged side up because that's going to give me that basket weave that I'm looking for. Awful. You can see that kind of wavy part. We're now going to show you how to do the cross ones, so I'm gonna do straight line down, and I'm gonna do a straight line down. Then I'm going to do my cross. Once this way, I'm gonna go up and over and stop with that one, uh, and over and stop with that one on this one. I'm going to start with that one ends and go over, huh? So start with that one ends. Go over, start there and go. And so then I continue with this. I would do another line and I would do the same thing. Start with their come over. Start here. What's I don't have that one. Start with here and come over. Start with here. Come over. Do my straight line and then start here. Come over. Yeah, Come over. And I would just continue until I have done on my tip, huh? Go ahead and practice that basket week, and then we're gonna have fun with some. 6. 06 Scroll work and Cornelli Lace: show you how to do some scrollwork. I like to do these assets on kicks. And so I've got a number for round yet. And what we're gonna do, is it Sharjah? You're going to start 45 degree angle. I could get this so you can see it and you're gonna start and then just bring it around. You have to keep pushing until you're done with this group call. So again, key going around tell you done with this girl. Now, if you want to find her scroll than that I have to do is change the tip. Let me move to free tip and show you what it looks like with friends. I'm going to do it on top of the green so you can really see it again. I'm gonna start there and I'm keeping the tip just off of the board. I am not touching the board because I wanted to curve about and they don't have to be perfect, but you want to try to get him as perfect as you can. Now. Another thing you might want to do is maybe you want to do spirals or swirls again. You start in the center, and you're keeping it all for the board as you take it and make your swirl start in the center. It doesn't need to be perfect. I can do it totally different size. Maybe I want to dio much bigger one. The important thing ISS You want to be squeezing the whole time on? Well, that one's a tight one on. You want to have it just about the surface, Because, look, what happens if you touch the surface. That one does not look nearest nice. Let me show you him touching the surface is not gonna give me the roundness. You got to make sure that once that's on the surface, you keep the rest of it above the surface. All right, try some other scrollwork. Look at this one. Follow that line. Make a loop again. I'm not touching the surface. And you know the's papers can help you practice. I can't give you the papers because they're part they are Wilton's. I bought these long time to go when I was learning how to pipe, and I'm not even sure that they still sell them, but I think they probably do. But you can make your own lines. Okay, let's try the show. I'm gonna go. Yeah, Yeah. Meet in means out. Out, out. Okay. So just go ahead and practice different scrollwork when you're done. Come back here and I will share you. How did you the Cornelia lists. All right, this is Cornelia place. So where do Cornell? Your lace? You're just making lines a continuous line without crossing over. So this is good practice. If you want to take a piece of paper and draw some lines and then trace over it, you can getting out of 45 degree angle and you're just following the lines, not touching the surface. Now, I'll be honest with you. I have never done Cornelia replace this way. I like to do it free. Stop and let me show you how I usually do it. I will use you. Just go along the kick and do my own. Because there is no right way. As long as you make sure that you're not touching the cake And if you need a break, you just stop and then you can start again when you're ready. And you could make these as intricate as you want. So go ahead and have fun with your Cornelia lace, and then we're gonna come back. We're going to show you how to pipe words. 7. 07 Writing: I Donald life to pipe words that much because I don't feel like my handwriting. Is that good? So I like to make sure, but I'm just following lines that are already there. So I'm gonna practice on this one, and you'll notice I'm doing it upside down. I don't normally do it upside down, but I want to start there, and I'm keeping the tip above the cake. And then I stopped pressing. Then I want to do my line. Stop pressing on my last leg and you want to do even pressure as much as you can. So now I'm gonna do the A. I'm just going to follow it around. I think I have a bigger tip that should have let me switch this to a smaller Tim. You really want to use a one or two with this? And sometimes you need to thin down the royal icing. I've got a two. So let me take that off so I can show you what it looks like with the smaller tip. So, as you can see, it's not all running together when you have the smaller tip. I I hardly ever used the one because to me that once. Just a little bit too small again. I keep the flow going. I don't let the tip touch the cake. I keep it above and you're just going to keep going. Tell you have it done. Okay, so there I have the happy. You go ahead, write whatever you want. There's an easier one if you're not into the fancy. Well, you can just go down to cross down, um, and across. Okay, So you're just gonna practice now, Notice this one up here. If you're not really comfortable with the lines, you could actually do dot Docked dot dot Docked to me. This is more time consuming. I'm not sure I'd want to do this, but it is another way you could do it. So go ahead and practice all of you things. Let's say you want to do it freehand. I can't do it upside down freehand. So I'm gonna turn it right side up, and I'm just going to write high. So why we're gonna do this freehand? I would make my age and my I And there I have high Go ahead and practice riding words. When you have done with that, we're gonna be ready to go to our cake and print these things that we have learned onto our cake 8. 08 Piping On A Cake: now to take what we learned while doing it on a flat surface and put it on a cake. Here is our cake. We're going to start by showing you how to do the ball border on the cake. I want this we bought at the bottom when I put a dollar there. And I'm not gonna go all the way around the cake because I want to show you the different styles on the kick. But I am going to pret a few. There is the ball one. Now I'm going to start right here while I have this tip and show you the teardrop one so that I won't remember. I kind of do like a ball and drag it like a ball and drag it like a ball and drag it like a ball and dragons like a ball and dragons like a ball on Drac it. Now with this one, I don't have the little points with these ones. I'm gonna go back now that it's had a little bit and just tap those points so that I don't have kisses, but I have balls Now I'm going to switch my tent. I'm going to show you now the shell border. So what? That one I hot lips. That one was not big. Okay, I press and calm down for us. Come down, press, come down. Press condom press Come down. Now the thing with the borders as you want them to actually connect with the base. So if this was a cake I was actually doing I would want the cake on the cake board that is going to stay up. Remember? Next we have that zigzag one zigzag and just go up. Down, down, down, up, Dad, Up, down, up, down. And of course, you can put the border on the top two so I could go up. Down, down, down. Uh huh. Down. Now let's show you the ropes. Border. Remember, I make you and then go in. Make make you make you Thank you. Make you and I just continue about now. When you do the swag, you have to pick your starting point. So let's say I'm going to start here and your ending points the ruffle and you want to decide how far down you're gonna go. I'm just marking. No. So so that I have a guide, so I'm going to start. Remember the big part of the bottom at the touching? My I'm gonna go. I'm trying to go down to this point and then I want to come up to this point. Okay? I'm gonna show you again. I'm not gonna mark this one, but I want to show you again how to do that down. This time I'm gonna go down a little bit further and back up. If you're going around a cake, you want to make sure you market so that they're all equal. Okay, but that's the basis of the swear. Now let's go to the decorations on cake. Let's say you've done this swags, and you want to put little pearls on the West. You would need to, dio is you picked that number 10 and make a pearl the make a pearl. Make a pearl there. Okay? And maybe you want to put dots on your I would land. Use a smaller tip and but some dots on the cake. Don't. Whoops. Ducked stopped. You decide where the dots are gonna be. You could put him all over or you could just put him every once in a while. Let's look at the basket week. Now, if I'm doing the basket weave, I want to start pretty much at the top and go to the bomb. Go there. And I'm just gonna bring it down to the bus. Then I'm going to do my next one, and I need a little bit of a space between them. And you could actually do several of these lines. Okay, then on the K, remember? I'm gonna go. Yeah. To there. Yeah. To go from here to there from here to there from here to the okay. And you're just going to continue tell you have your basket. And of course, you would do it all along the cake. Okay, so there's your best. There's your basket week now. Scroll work. You could do scrollwork on the side of cake. That s that one did not turn out. Nice thing with royal icing on frosting is if you make a mistake, you can always erase it. So here we go again. I want to make that s I don't want to touch until I'm done. I'm going to go ahead now and go to the top of my cake. So on the top of the cake. Let's do some scrollwork. So I'm gonna make my ass just like I showed you on the flat slips. Okay, Make my ass and you commit them bag. Or you could make them small. Yes. Now let's dark, Cornelia lace. We're going to this spot right here. I'm just going to keep going around, okay? And then I can start another part, and you can see how fast you can start to get that decorated as you move it along. Now, I've left a little spot here to do some had some writing. When I do writing, I actually like to actually mark first where the violence is going to be. But this is not responding, so I can't really push down. There were fresh funding I could push down. Well, I'm kind of writing, and I could have where I'm going to write the word so that I made in h and then I can just tress. I do much better with my writing if I'm Tracy, but you can do a free hand. Happy now? Obviously, if I were going to write Happy Birthday, I would have measured it and put it on there. Um, a piece of paper that showed it to figure out where it was gonna fit. But since we're just practicing on this cake, I'm able to do it like that. I'm gonna do some little that's go ahead and decorate your cake the way you want, and then you can. 9. 09 Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class way had fun learning some of the basics of cake decorating . You learned how to make royal icing for piping way talked about some basic tips and how to use those tips. We moved on to learn how to pipe a border. We learned how to pipe decorations on kicks for your final project. I want you to decorate a cake. Your cake needs to have at least one border around it on some other decorations on the cake . Please be sure to post what you did on your cake on our class project page from my kitchen to your kitchen, happy baking.