Basic Photographic Lighting

Dan Naylor, Photographic Lighting

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5 Videos (23m)
    • 1 Skillshare intro

    • 2 Lighting with reflector

    • 3 Using a snoot

    • 4 Soft box Umbrella

    • 5 Conclusion

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About This Class

This is a class on basic photographic studio lighting.  It will go over tools for lighting and how to use them to control light.  The set-up is kept simple, working on a table top with a single light source.  The equipment required is: A camera that can be set on manual, 1 light with a reflector ( continuous, or studio flash with a modeling light ), 1 light stand, 1 white card, 1 black or opaque card, 1 shaving mirror, 1 roll of tape,  1 welder type clamp, 1 snoot ( optional ), 1 roll of cinefoil, or aluminum foil painted black, 1 piece of cardboard about 18"x18" plus a mat knife to cut it, 1 small soft box ( optional ), or piece of white fabric about 20"x20" and your subject.  I used an orange in a small bowl.

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This is a short class that covers a lot. I am a newbie to still photography and this class has equipped me with the tools, and knowledge needed to kick start that process of diving into something new!
Lauren York

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Dan Naylor

Photographic Lighting

After graduating from the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA in 1975, I worked initially as a commercial artist and illustrator, and then a partner in Walker & Naylor, Inc., one of the first companies to adapt computer technology to the graphic arts. Along the way I developed an interest ( and later a passion ) for photography. I believe that my perspective as a designer and artist adds a creative dimension to the often technical challenges faced by professional photographers. Altho...

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