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Basic PCB Design in Altium Designer

teacher avatar Bargunan Ponnusamy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. 01. INTRODUCTION


    • 3. 03. PCB Design Flow

    • 4. 04. Library Creation

    • 5. 05. Library Creation In Altium

    • 6. 06. Schematic Design

    • 7. 07. PCB Layout Design

    • 8. 08. Non Electrical Layers

    • 9. 09.0. New Project in Altium

    • 10. 09.1. Resistor Creation in Altium Designer

    • 11. 09.2. LED Creation in Altium Designer

    • 12. 09.3.Connector Creation in Altium Designer

    • 13. 10. Schematic Design

    • 14. 11. Layout Design in Altium

    • 15. 12. Advanced Features

    • 16. 13. Manufacturing Outputs

    • 17. 14. Bill of Materials

    • 18. 15. Assembly Drawing

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About This Class

Hi Everyone, Welcome to new video of PCB Design Tutorial. I hope, you are doing well and in this tutorial video, I will show you how to make PCB design by using Altium designer in basic level.

I am going to show you the PCB design. So How this course is going to work. In this, I am going to make you a step by step and how to design the Advanced PCB layout by using Altium designer.

Altium Designer is one of the most popular and frequently used CAD software for schematic design and PCB Layout. If you are planning to become a professional hardware design engineer, if you are moving to Altium Designer from different software or if you have never designed any board before and you would like to learn it, this course will help you.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Bargunan.

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1. 01. INTRODUCTION: Tiger is this background. Welcome to new video precipitous and tutorial. I hope you are doing them on in this tutorial video. I will show you how to make PCV designed by using our team designer in basically level. So how this court is going toe in this, I'm goingto make you step by step on how to design PCB layout by using Ardian design. All of team designer is one of the most popular and frequently used the carts off four schematic design and PCB layer. If you are planning to become your professional hold of a design engineer, if you are moving toe all time designer from different cuts off or if you have never designed any board before and you would like to learn it in this course will help you. So without wasting any further time, let's get started. In this tutorial, you will learn basic peaceable is in concept, as unless you are going to design your simple PCB board in art and design. The main goal of this course is go through a complete facilities in process. Like a piece of it is a concept library creations schematic busy bee layout design on output documentations on this way to show the Martin rate on practice all the essential Ardian designer purchased, which are also used to create more complex and our guns the boats if you like. You can follow this video because it is a step by step video when you follow everything. What is inside this tutorial? But you adopt this video, you will design your simple PCB board this video for everyone who never designed any board in RTM designer. So what exactly I'm going to teach you in this video in the direction we are going to learn about God Borders Spc White Busy bees record and what are the units using in dpz next year's hardware? The same for before getting into the busy with design, we need to understand the water. All hardware design flow on various, busy with his in part position in the complete system design process. Next, Tony's PCB design. For in this you learn step by step overall PC with design flow from input to manufacturing outputs. Next, Tony's Lab Recreation in this eagle, create the new integrated library inside out in Director library. You will learn how to create schematic symbols which are used in this committee on you will learn how to create PCB Footprint Library which we are used in the PC and also you will learn how to campaign in the little library in idea Designer next door in the schematic disease. In this, you will learn about standard procedure to follow on. Draw this thematic Then you will learn how to create busy bee layer. After that we will create required non electrical layers and also we will create the new project in RTM Designer inside out this project even draw the schematic so you will learn how to draw the schematic and then you will learn how to create the variant off your board . This is the way how to specific which competence are fitted on which are not fit it on your bowl. Then you will learn how to create PCB layout on we will go through some advances futures in Altea Designer on we will learn how to generate the output from our book, for example, how to generate pdf schematic on. We will also generate a three D model off your boat. You will learn how to create different kind off or puts from busy bee, they'll be Velarde's or know how to create The dark ones which can be useful are which are used in the professional documents like Fab Drawing on. We will gender the kerber and files. These are the files which we need to send a peace agreement. A factual to manufacturing off, busy bee on. We will also learn how to create professional, beloved material assembly, drawing all those we are going to learn from this tutorial video what you will live during this course, you will design a simple board. After you finish this course, you will be able to continue. We explore our team designer by reversal are you can continue to learn through more advanced RTM presenter courses and in this basic tutorial, we are going to cover 20% of advanced busy being designed and you will get advanced. Piecing with ST Tutorial as always positive to get more are some PC because in tutorials, make sure you like on subscribe this channel on Brussels Bell icon to get time to time notifications from this channel. Who these courses for college or university students student who like to learn idea because they would like to find a good job in future. In this course, you will learn all the ocean shield which is off our team. Design on you will be able to continue using this software by yourself. Junior senior hardware design engineer who are new in item even for experience of the hardware busy, an engineer may find this video useful. This course will help you to speed up learning process. You will go through a complete design process off board and after this course you will know all the most important futures, which you need to start using the software. This video. It's also far hobbyist would like to learn how to design boarding RTM designer, usually simple board, but somehow the design complex book You will be surprised. This is a step by step calls. You can simply follow the videos even if you have never designed any board before. Once you finish this course, you will be able tow design. Your own simple boards in this video is also for everyone who may be used to work in different software who need to move oil TM and also for everyone used to work in previous RTM designers, Russia would like Toa do in this new question. This course will help you find the world just located in new places. Andi explains how some changes in Aldean locks, so check it out now on without wasting any father time. No, it's good stock bread borders. Excuse me before proceeding to the actual software tutorial. It is important to understand when it is necessary to use a PC rather than designed with the bread book. For many electronic designs on you as a child's to build a secure on a very bread board are on you printed some football. Most off the stories have your southern comfort soon working with bread bowls. But there comes your time with the complicity off the project. Are physical requirements required Electronic design through cat bred bull advantage is very quick to prototype. Using standard components can easily make changes to systematic Are the functional working off this attitude Easy to connect to electronic equipment such as function generator oscilloscope of us a place except bread board Deserve one ages unprofessional appear Ian's difficult toe troubleshoot due to human error on poor connections. What's very poorly for high speed design? Difficult to modify a complex assembly conference who are prototyping after a few capacitance. Difficult to replicate printers that good board advantages professional appear. Ian's repeatable on controllable stay in decadence and capacitance can handle most power requirements. We can make very compact, excellent, high speed capabilities. Easy to assemble and replicate PCB deserved. Want ages increased the design time increased, systematic to finish the product time frame. Development cost difficult to modify. Once borders, fabricator must learn at least a basic form. Off cards off. Quality off busy bee can be affected by limited knowledge. Off software packages capabilities very greatly with different software packages. High end cares off. Very, very expensive. White Easy be designed. Require small packages such as a BG and my love we have. We are practically impossible to prototype onion bread boat due to their small size and must be designed on your printers. A boat just dealing with the sheer number off pins on moral practical design. Recorded Busy bee, it is common to see single competence containing up 2500 pigs. High speed design cannot be performed using traditional proper typing methods. PCB design tools. There are many PCB designs. Offers are available on the market. A few off which are three where sharp. Where are limited competent full versions. Professional Use the expand to high yield Windows based packages such as Al Diem, designer mental grab experts, mental graphics explanation. Busy bee, Karen's Alley grew and brutal except PCB design units. Three units are generally followed in the PCB. Designing inches mills Yemma one in cheek or 2000 mills. One inch equals 25 point for Emma. Copper foil thickness. Expert. Xylene wounds. Weight of the copper is per square foot off My Lady How Phone sequel toe. 17 fine. Five micron thickness On one known sequel, Toe 35 micro one non sequitur to 0.135 inches and 1.35 Mills on 0.34 to 9 AM I hope now you have an idea about this tutorial on what are the models we have? Yes, this waas An indirection video. I have just showed one leader Warren use if you have any conclusions right now, don't worry about it, because in our upcoming videos we will talk more in detail to eat stopping. So I hope to see you in the next session. And thanks for watching 2. 02. HARDWARE DESIGN FLOW: we'll come back to win another video here. In this particular video, you will get to know about basic overall hardware design. Fill the first thing before getting into the PC. With design. We need to understand the overall hardware design flow various disease. It is important position in the complete system is in process. Hardware design for is nothing but rough dates are steps that you need to follow toe. Tell the concept in Dorial working system. Let us understand of the simple example. Say you get an inspiration one day to control all appliances in your home with the remote control. This is just an idea or we can call it is your problem statement. Now you need to follow the steps to convert this idea into functional system like this one . This is called S Hardware Design, for there are a lot of different design flow are available in our industry, but all are depends on more or less same process. This one is very simply for divisional Harder. There's a probe for clear basic understanding. These are the states to convert the concept into functional system. Let us discuss one state at the time. Now you have an idea in your hand like you want to control the home appliances with the remote country. This is young input to the requirement. Analyse stage our brainstorm state The argent you here is generating as many design concept possible to aren't you what you want to do? Like we can control the appliances with the higher level remote are design are off Basically remote are even can be used wife A and controlled by using our bright phones, we have to decide ideally with a group of experts at least the hard, different prospect on each concept. These concepts are evaluate in the next states using requirement Andi constructs this requirement and constraints addresses the important details that the system was satisfied like system should have range of 15 meters It should be called to lock us The world can be manufacturer within the budget should have independently more control or etcetera the object you here is selective vested candidate from the concept generator In the brainstorming states Now you can consider the constraints higher can't go across the world . We cannot use the android phones as the Niedere independent remote. So this based on to select our off remote for controlling the princes. They may be situations where things will spoil. In that case, we would later go back to the brainstorming stage or readjusting the requirements. Now the selected concept is translated into a block diagram in the next stage on the block , diagram is further translated. Toe compliments under the bone grease off requirement on Can Spence. When you start building the block on Do Increase the integrator for complex system, you might have used the combination off pulls. These stages will produce the system architectures. In some cases, you have to go back previous stage to return to the things this system architectures, which is currently in the form off blobs, is translated into logics that cute in the next two states. The standards and the reference designs actors again in deposits off, creating logic circles. This stage will produce different design documents such as schematic, net list and beloved material. And again, you might hit. It didn't during this process and might want to go back to your stage to reconsider something. Now, these design documents are used to be in excess state and transformed the files in tow PC design process This process. The Net list is imported into the PCB tool and busy with that is done under the standards and constraints are put out. The state's PCB layout files on all other open files. Record for manufacturing off. Busy bee. One species made it is populated with all the compliments Toe how the functional system on until this we are in the prototype stage Once prototype balls are completed. Now these words are used by next state for testing the functional systems. And again always go back to the previous state You few reconsider required to meet standards and constraints. Once testings are you gave it your constraints and standards You Our final product is ready and transform the files into better require production process. So they're time from in this video. I hope you see in the next decision. And thanks for watching 3. 03. PCB Design Flow: Welcome back to another model of this tutorial. Here in this particular model, you will get to know about war. Our PCB design fruit created a set off busy bee diesel pro process that can use it as a day to step you through the development of the PCB Layup Young, efficient design floor will helps you to our white duplicate steps. Engineering department will provide you their systematic data beloved material, all competent data seats on mechanical. Let us like the accept our step files, which includes board outline, fixed the character location. Stooling holes indicated the layers take ups along with board thickness and mechanical constraints. So these are imports we are getting from the engineering team to start the busy bee layup. Once regard these inputs from the engineering department, we must move to the next to step in the next to step. We must study, are analysed with these inputs and make job presentation partly given design. Once complete the input on allies, we need to decide which car to we are going to use for the PCB design. After designing the car tool, we must start the build our world custom libraries for the design by using, given the comparable data seats. Once complete, the library, start and do the schematic designs. Once complete, the schematic design opened the layout fine on rather border playing. As for the requirement are we can import the given the Excel file to the layout and make the border plane along of it mounting on Dooling holes on other mechanical informations, which they have given the dxl fire. Once complete the mechanical data, we must import a net list from the schematic two days after around the borough plane. We need to decide in which technology we are going to build designs and manufacturing the boat. Want to desire that technology? We can set the design parameters according to that. Once complete this, we need to move to the next step. In the next step, we are going to the competent placement on. Before placing the competent, I need to set up some parameters for layout designs that is called pre Leo settings after our before importing the Net list from the systematic to the board, the actual land pattern off the compliments on disk a Matic connections will be designed in it before presenting the layout. Few sittings need to be done in the board toe a wide range. What very fair and update the drawing size units on decimal tolerance to fit all the designs. Contents. Very fair and important. The X self or groundball outlined mounting holes on keep out areas. As for the customer requirement fixed the board Arjun locations in the board center. Our pull out playing in our amounting whole asper The requirement. Once complete the pre layoff settings, we can start with critical component placement. After doing the critical corporate placements we can perform as, say, analyze if needed. If it is not required, we can continue on complete with the remaining competent placements. Once competent placement is done, need to send for customer a pool. After getting placement a pro, we'll start with critical voting on their side. Analyze, if required, otherwise, will complete the signal roping cleanup on DRC's once complete. All the voting can perform unless, if needed. If you face any issues in your safe place again, go back to the doping stage unmodified. They're voting aspen. The requirement. Then we can generate the planes Recommendations. Copper poor you frequent. Once a dented this plate plane moved to the next to step in these steps. We are going to concentrate now on electrical on manufacturing. Things like textile and maintenance is screen and are simply layers tab drawing creations. Exeter once complete all the above steps need to save for combat operations on publication process to fabricate the PCB boats. So that's all from in this model. I hope to see you on the next A model. Thanks for watching. 4. 04. Library Creation: welcome back to another model of this tutorial. Here, in this particular model, you will get my about common procedure off elaborate creations, which we need for Let's get started. One standard library exist for all the packages used on it is admin stated in the separate library folder. In each system, the required information to create the library like a part number customer, provided that our seats are other mechanical informations in other apartments are child designer. Each designer builds their land pattern uniformly. These libraries are always kept up to date before getting into the library creations. We need to understand about parent where definitions on their types. So these other steps that we are going to learn in this morning Fortunoff conduct you pattern on printer designed for the mounting our attachment off components. We help plated pats and neglected pads. Drill the holes that how copper covering inside our face off the whole, the parties and entity, which act as a source. Our destinations for the signal groaned and power. These bad stays are designed as per the dental seats are customer requirement. Your Paris defined on the basic off current rating off the signal ground our power. The operating frequency of the signal defined the true size on that baby parts size. Some of the park definitions are through whole parts and assembly pats. Trey segments are not hollow to run, much closer to the bad in orderto a wide as it drops in the case off through forbade minimum 20 mil, spacing is maintained between bad on drill. The first, been indicators are provided using special marking for both through a hole on SMD pads used in ICI's. We have a different type of pad. Steps are available. These are circular square rectangle, wobble, araba, donut and custom bats bats that are not re floor with disorder. Usually you deserve far mounting course for non plater through holies creator, much smaller than the drill and plane clear and south. More than 100 police provider. In this, we are having two types on these counter Sink and Rooney's counter board holds requiring special matching operations such as counter war and culture. Sins are provided proper size pads in outer layers on anti parts in internal plane. Your hole drilled in the board for a mechanical interfacing on center of the part toe bone . The components. Well, what is a way out of your hole? Drilled in the center of the bad throat, the board usually plater toe transmit the signals across different latest. These are not for competent moving. We are having different types off by us through a hole where blind away. But he did Y US 10 tearaway us like put away us and fill the wells to hold while you're through. Hold wire has access to both external lays Blame. Doyle's Blind Away are does not pass through the entire board and has access to only one external layer burrito. Us. Yeah, buried away as provided connections within in early. It's on and it has no access to the external layers, then turned away by our masked material. A player bridging over the way. There is no additional materials are in the hole. It may be a played toe. One are both sides black through US material. A played are lowing partial penetrations in it may be applied from either one. Our world sites fill the way you have IR material. A player in two years. Why are targeting your full penetrations on encapsulation before Carol, You're woken, being safe, relieved bad aging in the copper off the grown plane around the troll. It connects to the plane through one arm or narrow track across an opening in the plain bread and connecting directly to the plane so that he transferred to the playing is minimized during its ordering. Oversize Dip our toe. Get clearance in plain layer for through a hole parts that should not be collected playing . Check whether the require symbols are provided by the customer are available in the standard library. If they require. Symbols are not available in the library. Clear the symbols referenda that our seat pin numbers and being names incompetent symbol should be present as given. Indeed, at our seats, the schematic symbol must have all the beloved material information to gender. The beloved material directly from the schematic I'm toe a white man of countries in the beloved material. Thes symbols would have defined the necessary are tributes like a part of our type part number, value footprint, fact that size, spectral type description and competent details. What a razor dissemble should be used for polarized components. Riel Footprint name must be used for symbols. Proper pin spacing on texture faces for pin numbers and being names must be followed Used the required for pain from the standard library, if it is not available in standard liberally, create the footprint according to the data seat footprint used for big capacitor resistor on in. That must be according to the value off capacitors resistors on in that terrorist. My old should help or already more been. One indications would be present in the compliment or plain all Isis relates with how clearly more in one location functional representations will be percent in. This is green for the really drill faces should be. As for the aspect ratio off one released 10 if greater, should be confirmed by the customer. Bad spices should have 10 mil. Anna Loring as standard on seven Millie's minimum Competent drill sizes should be used, according Toa leaping ASAP. Rectal used combine out line should be present in these hills screen as police that as its competent outlines for psych, it should be present. Taking into consideration socket opening and closing assembly competent or planes must be percent one Lee on moving sites. Competent outline for trouble. Competent suit How doctored line representations in opposite side rial for print name must be used for PCB components. So that's all from in this video on. I hope to see you in the next two module. Thanks for watching this reading. 5. 05. Library Creation In Altium: we'll come back to in another model, this particular model. We are going to learn how to create library in idea. Designer. Let's get started If you are working on new projects using parts, those library parts are not available in the idea. This is the time that you quickly learn how to build your own custom libraries. In idea designer. It is better to create your wound, then set you all are as it is, very easy to create your own custom. Ribery's in RTM designer. In this tutorial, we will discuss the different materials to create a personal item libraries on how we can use some of the idea member tools to make the process. The parts perform the complex parts to create an ideal bribery file or any parts. These are the main steps that you need to follow. We will discuss each step one by one on what are all methods you can use. Things make foster step or needs to create a new integrated. Every five. An integrated library in Alteon Designer is the one where the source symbol for print and all other informations campaign. In your single file. You can add as many parts as you like in ice Dim integrator library. Let's see now how to create new integrated library file in RTF Open all defiantly file new project and select integrator liberal Once added right, click on the integrator library and save the project on Select the part where you want to save the integrator library. Notice that differ. Partof charting libraries You can say in the same part are if you want to save in the different parts you can select the part where you want to save on create one folder here I can call it these aldea briberies for that on Give your name to your library. I'll name it is our tutorial on then say an integrated library successfully other on sale once indicator library other on sale You can move toe next to stay in this step we will are disco Matic on PCV library files to the integrator library that we created. The schematic library file will have the symbols on busy bill every file how footprints are bill record parts. That is how to add schematic and busy delivery finds to the indirect library brightly ConEd in the greater library file on selected are new to project on. Then click on schematic library This Alaska Matic library to the project. This schematic library tab are the bottom will be activated by default. Click on Project Tap on again. Right. Click on the integrator library file in the project panel. Onda Selig, the our new project on click on PCB Library. This the last busy library to the project. This busy bee library tohave will be activated by default. We have to click on Project are schematic on busy bill. Every files add Erred on let us save those fights. Rightly con schematic library on click on save the pot. Should be same as that off integrator library on. Give it for proper name. In my case, I can name it. I'll damn tutorial under school. Symbol on Glick on. Say similarly right. Click on busy bee library file on Glick on safe They bought should be seen as that off integrator library and give it for proper may. I can call it is Altima tutorial. Underscore. Footprints on click on save the schematic and busy bee library fails. Are other successfully on sale. One systematic and busy bee library files are other. We can move. Hard toe disco Matic symbols off. What's the symbol will save in this dramatic library file, and you can have my people symbols off depart. That is medias way to create symbols in Idea Onda. We will discuss three different materials here. In the first matter, we will follow the regular procedure. This is very straightforward matter, but it can be very time consuming. For complex parts, the second metal. We will use some of the items tools to improve upon mature one and make be part in extremely small time. The pair matter will use automatic a symbol results in ideal. Check out all these methods and decide which one is better for you. Let us create symbols by using that one. Click on the systematic library file toe open by double click. You can also navigate on the top. Start drawing the rectangle. You can change the properties off rectangle by clicking DoubleClick so I can give the transparent on 1,000,000 border wit on click OK, you can just this ice. As for requirement now, you can select pins and place bits before you place the pins. Just press the tab on your cable to edit the properties have already copied the names from the debt. Are people in the Excellency These are opinions on. These are 15 members. Copy the faster ping name on basted in the pin property. Put the designators on one. Select the electrical type as I go on. Okay. Now left like toe. The place pins similarly, for being number two. For a stab, go to Excel seat and copy the second name basted in dipping property. And select the electrical type on click OK, and place it again for free. Number three on the press. The tab to addict properties. Copy that. The name they stick to select the discriminatory. Select the electrical type. Okay. And place it my left leg. I can skip and speed up the process for remaining pins to save house to sail sometimes. Now that you have look, Matt Matter Oneto creating the symbols you might have realized these time consuming to create symbol like that. Imagine symbol with the underpants. It can take for an hour to create your symbol By using this method last. It is wrong. You are copping beans one by one on looking at the data sits on. I think this can introduce on matters. Let's see matter to where we will make the symbols in this more in matter to We will start with the rectangle in Method one Select Please place the beans once after another note Here we are not changing the properties off. Been, this will be much faster. No click on schematic Select schematic liberalised on notice that there are no entries here I have adopted permanently at the top you might appear as separate window. These are the pins which we have ordered in the schematic symbol Select all the pins by passing 50 on down Aargh and then select systematic libellous delivery. Now notice that there are increase. You can edit the pin properties here on this two practices you can do it all together. This is the first seat I have added another column which indicate the electrical tape of beach pins. Just copy all the big names and based them here or together. Then copy all the electrical type on based them also here. No, There you go. You are symbol is already as you must have noticed that metal who is faster and smarter. We have created this same symbol in much shorter time lost. If you are looking toe, create symbol. Whether beans are not equally divided on the board size, it is easy to create such a custom symbols as well. Let us now look at Method three with our symbol will be created automatically by using symbols. Results from aldea mattered. Trees start the clicking on pool. Select the symbol resorts. Symbol results window will appear. You enter pin number as 32. Selig deep in Leo Stale Ondo. Open the excellent feet. Copy that being names based. All Lepine names here. The names are shown in the symbol. No copy. The electrical type on based them all together Here I have added another column in the Excel Seat, which indicates the groups the same numbers are given to the similar pins. Copy and paste the group's Once you click on Speak Tinto Group. The similar prints are the Red Erred in Penn State are as well s on the symbol. Click here to replace the compliments, and your symbol is already on double click to symbols to edit the properties here, transparent and select, be bordered with. Yes, you have seen that the metal trees, postal all among the methods, but I personally find less flexible as comfort toe my personal choices metal to for creating all kind of custom Cymbals. Until now, we have learned about different mothers. Toe create symbols in Al Tim. In the last session, we learned about how to create integrated library on How can our schematic and busy bee library files toe integrate the library and the friend matters to create schematic symbol Quickly. Now, in this section, we will learn three different matters to create for prints, just like we did for symbols. First own Inside PC Complaint for print results. Second on his competent results, their own is manageable method. We will discuss the first best Mattered, which is using IBC Complaint for paint deserts to create for paints. Then we will look at another tour called Competent Visit and compare it to get the first matter and lost. We will discuss the manimal matter letters. Now look at Method one for creating the footprint of which is using IBC Complaint for print results. This is the symbol which you have creator for microcontroller, no create toe the footprint publicly called a busy with library fight. You can also navigate on the top, create any footprint. We would need certain dimensions that can be except from out of the data seats. This is dust it off. Artman three toe AP Yes, you can see all the dimensions are indicated here. The value for each dimension these mentioned in the box. The box has minimal nominal and maximum values. The footprints that we are going to create. Take UFT to create the for pain. Click on Tool and select I PC complaint for paint results. The results will open like this. Just click on next. Now you have to select the right competent packages. Here you can see different packages, but we need to select right one from the debtors. It's being know that create tick you FP package, which is thin, quiet, flat package. And in the results, we can select peak U F B, which is plastic wire fat back its electorate and click on next. Now, just to see how to find out the value off different dimensions from the data sets on, put them in the results. As you can see, we need dimensions for the and the If you go to the datasets will find out the these years and years. Actually, do we have to be carefully about beasts references? Sometimes they would match. Sometimes they would not. Let's look at the value of the minimum is 8.75 a month maximum is 9.25 Emma, which viewed enter in the results and the value for the years same off deep. The same has to enter now for years, which is actually competent height. You look at that, are sits in there. Also mentioned as a on the maximum value is 1.20 Among the same has to enter in the results on for a one which is minimum standard height, the value is 0.15 and mom After that we have to select the position off dipping one. Is it on the side or center of the competent from the data as it we know it is on the top left Cartner, so we'll select side off be on purse. Next this window, we will enter depend letter dimensions like with off the been, which is indicator has be the length off the being, which is indicator as l, which between the pins as the body. Arrange the one on the U one and finally number off the pin switches. Eight. In our case, the maximum and the minimum value is for all the dimensions in the data sets. Just copy the value from the dead a seat on Endor in the result once already plus next. If you are competent required thermal pad, you can enter the dimensions here. If you're competent, does not require thermal part, so we will keep it in check and press. Next this window, you can enter the values for he'll spacing. You can see it is automatically calculated. You can change the well you if you have some special requirement. Once you have done for us next to better now in this window, you have to enter the value for solder for lead, which means how much bad should be extended. Words the dough off the lead under towards that, he'll onda also the world site. You can see it is automatically called later, but you can change the value you feel want. Once you are ready, click next. Now you can enter the competent little tolerance these ranges. Maybe I disturb, based on experience from the difference of players. You can change the value like this, or if you would like to keep it to calculator while you just keep your check on that click next year, we can add a PC later. Tolerance Like fabrication, tolerance It is depends on how accurate PC women of actuaries are. Placement tolerance That depends on how security Where are somebody's. We can also add courtyard process here, which depends on density off the board. You can also keep the automatically correlated where you and click next. These are the final footprint dimensions calculated by results. You can find you on them if you want, but normally it is perfect. You can also selectivity vin rectangle and drone type parts ship once you already click next, you can put this in screen dimensions here 0.2 AM I'm lying with these okay and go back The calculator values here we can have the mechanical informations say, for example, we can choose if you need Courtyard are incompetent, are not. If needed, we can select between automatically calculated values are we can add custom values. We can also indicate on which layer courtyard should be appear similarly for assembly informations and competent body informations we can A beer ad Custom values are can choose the automatically conflict of values. That's next. When you're ready, this is the last step. Just if we need to give your name and description toe the footprint and normally just to check And I'm take the sister while you and I got a tedious and here you can change the name here as you I would like just click there and type whatever you want. Once you are happy with the name and click next in this just click current busy delivery file This really are different. You creating toe the PC Bill Avery that we re created are just click on next on, then finish There you go for print is ready Now that you have seen toe creating another one for creating for bring, you must help realized it's very easy to create a cute for pink. Using this result, you just have to find out there right informations from the debt RC and put them in the results on that the results will create and accurate footprint for you. Let us look at matatu. Also, this method will use competent results to create the footprints. Click on tools. Select competent results in the competent results. Click next, select the unit as a metric and pattern type as Corp acts and click the next, then gives us Isis for the parts. In our case is 0.5. I am, um, across one point fireman, then click next. Then select the view on the rounder toe Wrangler plant on number one and click next. Then give the dimensions off sunscreen. And here we need to give the other informations for the packs layout. The picture would be 0.8 Emam. On this diamond ships would be 1.3 AM um, then click. Next, Select the positions off the pin number one on the whole. Do you want naming and click? Next Select. The number opens on each side's press next. Then give the proper name toe the four print Onda press. Next and click finish. There you go matter to is very forced to create the footprints. It requires you to enter minimum informations on a lot. Ofpeople start with matter to when they are creating the footprints on the ones they have been at other required informations, like a courtyard assembly informations, except if you want to do everything automatically as method. One piece of desert is a better for for print creations. Let us quick look at matter. Three. For creating the footprint. We will make the fastest silkscreen block for that. You need to say the creed to warn Emam because you know that this is clean. Block is seven a month from the debt. Our seat. So select the rate. Lift top overly and Selig, Elaine and start drawing the block 47 a month. We need Toe County seven Block and turn to the right and complete the block like this. Once you have done start adding the pats for that again, we need to change the great toe 0.8 Emma because the pitch off the part 0.8 among that you know from the dead are seat we can select depart. Before that, we helped us select the right layer, which is Stop Player is working because we are making us and repaired. Now you can select depart and President tap before placing the we need to edit the property Vineyard Rectangular part on the dimensions would be 0.55 among the 1.5 them, um, on orientations, we need 90 degree. Next, we need to set the pin designator, which is one under the layer which layer Powell would be place disease. The top player in in our case there stuff that things are OK, you can press OK, now you can start placing the parts one by one by regular clicking the most for the next side. Either you can change the patient's pressing the top button. Or just you can press the space bar like this press space bar for other side space born again like this So all the parts are placed. No, we can. Are the indications off the pin number one we can use for lock for that. Before that, we need to select the right layer, which is stop over late. Then this elected full arc and place it. If you want, you can change the greater smaller value to place the pain indication and you can add it and for print is ready. Now you have seen all the materials for creating the footprint. You can decide yourself which one is better matter. Tree is a little time consuming on high chances to end using some errors while creating for print, correct symbol and for print once weapons. Already just we need to connect with the symbols of which we have created the earlier. It is extremely too easy to connect the footprint on the symbols in RTM Designer. This is a symbol that to be created earlier and if you want to connect the symbols of the footprint of it, we have created foot pain. Now just click here out for pin button and click on. Browse on, choose the foot pain to that you want to connect? Let's select one which we have created using I PC dessert. You can see the really body of the competent and press OK. No competent will appear in the life and press OK on. There you go. The footprint is connected with the symbol company Integrator LaBrie. This is the final step of the Integrity Library, which is compelling The integrator library that we have created whenever you make any changes to this library, do you remember the campaign library? Let us see hold to compel the library. No campaign. Just right. Click off the indicator library and select compelling director Library once you select heard the system will compel the library and show up. The Ribery panel wants that this complete pauses for creating interpreter robberies. So the tar from in this model I hope to see you next to model. And thanks for watching. 6. 06. Schematic Design: will come back to in another model of this tutorial. Here, in this particular model, you will get about common procedure for schematic design, which we need to for the schematics are the starting points for the busy bee Leo. These drawings, beer, the symbolic representation are graphical representation off this attitudes on their connections. The electrics attitude is created in the schematic seeds. Compliments on their interconnections are drawn in your simple and communion away in the schematic tool, which will be important to the peace, even nail. The arrangement of competence on the interconnections in schematics are not the actual locations. These other points that we need to follow to create disco Matic design. The initial schematic logic diagram represents the electrical functions on interconnectivity to be provided to the designer. The simple salt created using simple A litter on these symbols are used up in the schematic drawing. The symbols are placed according to this altitude function. The symbol property can be made visible on this committee as a leader required properties like value that is voltage wattage on the part numbers. Connections between these symbols are created. As for the logic diagram provider schematic must be drawn, using the proper reinserting toe a wide there's like Net getting on character. Un increased the what. Efficiency Very faded, polarized the capacitors. Di oats transistor for European connections. Schematic circles can be grouped on separated by using lines. Boxes are separate schematic seeds to make Disco Matic for validation. The night class clearance rules designed rules on relying with Simon for various needs out set up during this dramatic face off the design, if necessary, throwing a probably North years acute that has placement and routing constants. This schematic is compiled on very faded schematic to make sure the error sorry defy before importing the Net list from schematic to PCB layout. So that's all from in this video. I hope to see your next decision, and that's what 7. 07. PCB Layout Design: Welcome back to another model of this tutorial. Here in this particular module, you are going to learn about common procedure for PCB layout design. These other steps that we need to follow for PCB layout designs past own is really settings . 2nd 1 Competent placement thoroughness constrained settings for Tony's voting standards, 51 is tacked up configuration three layers settings after or before importing the Net list . From this schematic to the board, the actual land pattern all the components on the systematic connections will be designed in it before proceeding the layoff. A few settings need to be done in the board toe a wide rework, very fair and update the drawing size units and decimal tolerance toe. Fit all the design content very fair and imported the accept or draw the bowler plane mounting holes and keep out areas. As for the customer requirement, fixed the board Arjun location in the board center. Our board outlying in our amounting whole asper. The requirement Competent placement. Some important key points to be considered during the placement for stone is placing footprints we need to place the footprints are land pattern of the competence in the board where the physical competence will be placed in those locations after the board manufacturing second or needs group settings for competent placement before placing the competent, we need to save the proper grid settings for competent placement in the board preferred placement. Grady's 10 Kasten Midst ceremonies verified. Keep out restriction before placing the conference route K boat on all the placement people . Distractions to be verified Competence should be placed by considering the competent people areas like Stiffler, key ports, cycle kings, large areas, height restrictions and so on. And also, while placing the trouble competence, Theeighties side of key port area should be very fate. Also, the lead Lind should be very fade against the board thickness For Tony's placement priority . We need to follow some order off competent placements like first place the powers of place , then microcontroller our eye sees then the coupling capacitors. After that, by us, our termination resistors been executes on bulk. A pastor's must be followed unless specified. Fifth Tony's capacitors placements. A pastor should be placed according to their value on types of capacitors like lower Leica , Pastor should be placed near to the device Power pin on higher value. CA Pastor should be near to the power source. Speak, decoupling and bypassing. Capacitors are placed very closer to the active com parents. The decoupling capacitors are used to reduce the world age transient on the power supply connections and reducing their radiations. Formerly in the signal groups produced by deeper conjectures six Tonys maintained orientations, competent alignment and orientation should be maintained. Seven. Tony's maintained dear face specifications. Minimum spacing between the component must be maintained as mentioned in the D affaires specifications. Eight or knees critical competent placement. Political competence like microcontroller on fine pitch competence, placement locations and orientations. I need to be conformed with the customers before completing the placement. Nine point is assembly competent placement. The active SMT components are placed on the same side as far as possible in orderto a wider damage during the reproach. Solving the active SMD competence are placed on the same side as far as possible in orderto a wide images during the free flow process. Next to appointees through a hole compliment placement, the whole conference may use the Pinter spectres are cycles for their mounting, since their drill size depends on these mechanicals, these can be very fairly with the customers during the placement toe. A wire rework in roti next to find is on a lock. Digital on our off placements on a lot of digital and Arabs are must be eye so later during the placement X toniest traditions, basements bore finishes are placed in nearly assembly competence, toe aid in assembly and also we can base near the board. Carlos Constrain Manager sittings This is a worksheet based applications that Arlotto define view on. Validate the various constrain using your design. This is essential to implement their required settings in the board before proceeding with the layer toe a wired the errors occurring in the designs. Various type of constraints applicable for the design. Spacing constraints. Settings like the spacing between all the corporate entities, such as traced bean wire shape on hold can be done for whole design on for players can be done for region on knits, physical constraints, settings like a minimum maximum trace wit and why are definitions can be done for whole design layer region on for next electrical constraints. Electrical settings like a differential pair. Propagation delays, delays, X nets buses. Match group's little apology can be done for the Nets roading Standard practice. Once the competent placement is completed, all the com parents should be fixed. The next two faces is to achieve the connectivity between the SecuritEs compliments, using the places we need to be considered some points during the voting. First point is choosing their place with trays. It must be Susan ASP. Early influence are the current requirement, and also we need toe check The minimum trace with probabilities off the Fab Venter should be considered for the rock Second or nous maintain minimum stays minimum spacing like trace to press trace toe be traced. Toe yr. Spacing should be maintained and also need to check the capabilities off. A bender should be considered for the roping. Trace spacing is defined by the world stage. Andre Spacing is dependent on the courting on the board surface. Their point is maintained. Angle off roading traces should not. How 90 degree bends it should be 45 degree are one ratified agreements are rounder carnal that means are quoting are preferred fourth appointees imbalance Signal roping. The ambulance signals must help ground reference for the temp up and should not cross the plains. Built on wide area in the adjacent ground layer toe a wide reflections food. The point is critical, Signal wrote. Proper spacing between the races must be followed. As for the requirement, especially for the critical signals like it club places like that. Six appointees analogue digital are protein on a lot. Digital are off roading, and other places should be isolated in different liest. Seven appointees doings to plain protein induced to play. The traces should not run parallel to the adjacent layers. Faces enough obscenities. Record toe a wide cross stop. Eight point he's considered most clear. Its traces should not be percent in the mosque clearance area except the art of traces. Unless specified named bodies maintain equal species. The traces should run exactly between the by us. Our pads toe help were clearance on toe. A wide cross top 10 point is layer by layer by arcing should be followed. 11 point is differential Roti differential more in one. See a pair off places between the driver and receiver. Two places are now just into each other in cm layer with same constraints. Spacey. Our two races run parallel to each other in adjustment layer with the same constraints. Spacey this is called Differential roti 12 appointees trays Tolerance tracelink tolerance for the group off signals on the face dollars off the friendship as should be confirmed before proceeding with the roping, are doing little matching steak up conflagration, PCB steak appease and important factors in determining the EMC performance off your product . You're good. Stack up can be very effective in reducing really is, um from the loop on the busy bee you poorly designed PCB Stecher Within now, probably selected materials can degrade the electrical performance off the signal transmission, power delivery, manufactur ability and longtime relabel ability off the product. These are the factors to designing the stack of configurations. Total number off layers number off planes on the types that means power are grown planes layer sequence copper thickness directed materials. I'm thickness between the layers. We have different types off steak ups, micro strip lane, strip plane doings to plain micros to plane with sealing strip plane with CNLee. So they're time from in this video. I hope you see in the next decision. And thanks for watching 8. 08. Non Electrical Layers: we'll come back to an another model. Love this tutorial here in this particular model you are going to learn about what is the non electrical ladies? What are the non electrical is available in PCV design? Let's get started first. Tony's silkscreen What is the sunscreen? Sunscreen is the common terms used for marking compliment legions manually by silk screening process. Using non conductive a poxy these processes not very accurate as far as registration under solution Ledge abilities depends on character size. Minimum character Height should be one name with 0.2 Emam spacing between characters. That means 40 mills on eight minutes phasing between characters. Optimum line with these 0.1 fireman. That means six minutes Legend should be clipper from all parts or face. Do not really on the PCB fabricator. To fix this competent polarity, marking should be outside the body. Be impossible toe alot inspection The legend for high density boats may not be able to identify all components as all legend marking have to be outside the body off the compliments. Second Oneness Assembly Drawing assembly drawing, on the other hand, has all competent legends inside the body of the competent and is used during the PCB assembly process. Assembly Drawing also has Assembly member on revisions and assembly notes, which indicate any assembly precautions on mechanical mounting aspects and also assembly drawing has easy will histories and exploded. Views are details were required, including hardware stocking requirements. Sort almost place what is the sort of mosque it is. An isolated productive. Quoting a played on the external lays. This is for preventive sort of bridge between two pads and also far product places from environmental damages. Sodom must personally green, but nobody is. It is available in many colors. Fast growing layer. These are the informations that we need to provide in the fab drawing. Lee Bordeaux Plane Drill Hole locations. Bruce Chart on the days dimensions layers taken days drawing ID identifications, then fabrication notes in this fabrication notes. These are informations that we need to provide. First, we need to mention i B C standards on BCB classifications, types and passes, then material specifications, then copper by dates Sora must be days power, Mr. Today it's finished the whole size plating thickness minimum conductor with silk screen color testing requirement drill chart by mentions lard on hold descriptions on much more days. So the time from in this model I hope to see your next toward you. Thanks for watching. 9. 09.0. New Project in Altium: Welcome back to another module in this module. We are going to create the new project in autumn Designer. So without wasting any father time, let's get started. Start Artim Designer now click on file New project PCV Project Now we can see our project filing project panel in the project panel Rightly Campisi be Project on Click Save s on finding locations From where you like to say I'm going to sell the drive All Tim tutorial on Project One. I like a name it Basic idea on glitzy. So we have created our new project. Now we are going to add some more files. So rightly card basic idea. You are new to project Click on schematic. This is like to be our schematic page. The feared steps will be activated by default. Now go down here. Can you see Project click on Project Rightly called Basic lt um, our new project click on PCB. This is going to be our PCB file. The busy bee taps will be activated by default. So next we are going to save the files which we are created rightly con schematic file on click Save us and check the directory under the location off project Save it like basic underscore idea. So no systematic finally sale. So go to next to one Rightly Campisi, define on Click Save s and take the directory under the location off our project. So I'm going to be called basic under School RTM and save it in the next video. We are going to learn how to create the schematic design in Aldean Designer. So that's all from in this video I hope to see in the next video. And thanks for watching. 10. 09.1. Resistor Creation in Altium Designer: Goto Dickie on search resistor and select this chip resistor and selecting manufacturer and play more filter Andi. Then select tolerance and chicken stock and through the more this is a resistant that we would like to use for our design on. Copy the part number here. And will that toe Alteon in I'll Tear Garden on click on and Select parts it's based. The part number here on a list of the competent will be displayed on click there right part and import into our library. Let's go into a systematic library. Click place on your toolbar and selecting on before placing the been president a button on your keyboard on Enter the Barometer, which would like toe enter after the place. The pins like this and place their lines before placing the lines. If you want toe, you can change the color here on brother lines like this. After finishing this Goto property tab on the probably the reference detonator and common. Now we are going to create the footprint for resistance. Selectable footprint. Bizarre, competent result window will appear in this competent results. Click next to butter on, then the select their sisters and select a unit as metric and click. Next hearing this, we need desire board technology. That means what I popped resistance. Who would you like? Toe desiccated trouble Mount our surface more. In our case, I can select surface move and click next in this definetely part dimensions asperity that does it so goto the debt our seats of which we have no loader from a player website in this city Dimensions value Andi, go back to footprint results on enter the value which we have seen in leaders heats and click next to butter. In this we need to enter the picture of the competent. So goto data seats and see the distance between the pads on go back toe footprint results and enter the value of pacto distance Onda click next to butter. In this we need to enter the value off whole plane height and without the height on didn't click next batter. In this stab, we need to enter the footprint name. As for the standard naming conventions, in my case, I can enter our 0805 on. Then click next to button and click finish Mother in this we need to do some modifications , so I can modify a the old plane as part of a requirement. Select place string to place their effort discriminator for this component before placing the reference desk in Ator, be need to select the proper layer in which layer you want to place the text Goto Property panel and daily 50 for text and select dart discriminator on enter the next decade. Text to type on text to wheat and place it where you want to place. Now go back to the Jiechi or Supplier website on Don't know really, really body off this competent on come back toe rdm on select place. Really body really modern type as gen drink choosy Ambulance model Select Really file which we held a loader from a supplier upside. Now we were really body has important goto view. Select really layer more our press three butter on your keyboard. Now you can able to see the relieve you off competent, but it is not a line next to step. We need toe aligned it really body with the creator Foot pain, select tool Really body placement. Alan faced with words to allay the treaty body with the footprint on Now you can click the really body pad on footprint part. I now go back toe to review by pressing the key to Andhra predatory everybody by pressing space bar on your keyboard on place on your foot pain asked for the that I see before rotating the three d body goto data seeds and make sure the polarity indications so for print is completed on now, save it. Don't forget to save it. 11. 09.2. LED Creation in Altium Designer: you really Symbol creation. Golden geeky on the search led 0603 And select this and select the manufacturer. I can select a Panasonic and click more filter, and I can select a little color green, then selecting stock on it really more. This is the lady that we would like to add in our project and copy the part number here on go back toe idiom in Alte, Um, go down on click panel and select parts. It's based the partner, but here on a list of the competent will be display here and click the right part number on import into our labour. Let's go into schematic level, select place or gone on Doubter shaped like this and change the properties like border size and fill color and select place line on brother lines like this and also draw. They really indications like this by using light and polygon and finally place the pigs and finally place the pits and change the properties. What do you like to change after finishing this goto property? Stab on, probably referent escalators and coming No, we are going to create the foot pain for this injury. Select tool for pill results in the footprint results. Click next to, but they click their resistance and select a unit Asthma drink and click next. So, like the competent, I'm a day early, Cindy are through hold and click next in this definetely part. Dimensions has particular seats, so go to the debtor states, reaching out downloaded from supplier website. In this seed apart dimensions value and go back to football results and enter the value which we have seen in that our seats and click next batter India's. We need to enter the pitch of the competent. So Goto let us eat and see the distance between the parts on go back toe results and enter the value off back to distance and click the next button in the center, the value off plane hate and applying it on, then click next butter. In this stab, we need to enter the footprint name as the standard naming conventions on, then click next button and click finish. But this is the foot pain on in this. If required, we need to adjust the sunscreen now plane before just the outline. Best practice to say the great value on just the old life This is the very footprint, So we need to mark on order and cattle marking before polarity marking. We need to go back to the simple library and conform their northern cattle in Member once you can. Formally and cattle indications again, go back to football library Andrabi marking which you want to do no selectee assembly drawing on draw. They are simply old planus, but the actual compliment body size so far that we need to go back to the interstates and make sure the body our plane and go back toe for pin library and how they are simply applying as leader seat. I don't really contento center dot com on downloaded released a model which you want to place on Go back toe all tm and we are going to place the really model or deported father Select place and really body and click gender type on both the step by which we have a motor from me. Supplier websites are really content center dot com and place the really modern to switch to relieve you press three on your keyboard. Now you can see that relieve you off your company for a reading. The daily body with the four point we need to select tools. Really volume placement Elaine face with both. Now you can click the really body part on a footprint toe alike. Now go back toe to review by pressing the key toe on your cable. Now protect that really body by pressing space bar on your keyboard on place on your foot pain as they that seat before taking the daily body called digital seats. And make sure the product indications select place, stream toe. Place the front desk in Ator for this competent. Before placing the from desk emitters, we need to select the proper layer in which there you want to place the text Goto properties panel and daily duty for text and select doubt designators and enter the text to fight text type next to it and place it where you want to place So led footprint is complete and save it 12. 09.3.Connector Creation in Altium Designer: in this, I will show you how toe create connector in our deal designer, which includes creating schematic symbol, basically footprint and in linking really moral. So let's get started. So first we need data. Seats were creating a require symbol on foreplay. So if you have customer provider better seats, you have to create the record symbol. As for given that our seats other ways getting better seats goto the Jiechi in the Jiechi you can search by using given part member are part types. In our case, I can search header toe 0.5 for M. I can selling this and we are going to use more. Lex and I can choose number of positions number off Rose style mounting type on a play filter disease, the connector. What we are going to use so you can copy the part number here and go back toe rt on. Go down here and click panel and select part search and paste here. The part number which we have a copier from Dickie and press enter No, we can get a list of the components and this is a look like collector, which we would like toa add into our flavor scrolled out on double. Check the praise and quantities. Whether you can buy this connector are not so disease. Okay, this is exactly the connector we would like to use in this part. So rightly called this character and select import to our labor. Let's go into our schematic library. Here you can. I report number if you want, but should not delete this part number. Click barometers on property panel. You can see all the informations has imported for this company. Now you can start with creating symbol for placing pins. Click place on your toolbar and selecting before placing the pins. Press the top button on your keyboard on change the parameters, whatever you want to place it. No Brother Tang Glor like this and cheese electrical type as per battle seat and click the rectangular on Select transparent. And also I can change the name like plus on minus. If you want, you can adjust the pin position on rectangle size. No, we are going to create the footprint for the character. Select tool footprint results. Competent results Window will appear in this competent results. Click next to Button, then click the dual in line package and selector as metric and click next in this definetely bad dimensions as validate our seat. So go to the data as its vici. We have a loader from supplier website in this seed apart dimensions while you on go back to the footmen results and enter the value which we have seen in the data sheets and click next butter. In this, we need to enter the pitch of the competent. So goto the debt our seat and see their disturbs between in the pats on. Go back to the football results on Enter the value off power to power distance and click next to butter in this needto until the value off our plane. Right on the with, then click next. But here, we need to enter total number off parts. If you have any dope Rafferty debt our seats on, make sure the daughter number off pins on come back toe. And indeed, according abroad parents, which we are going to use in this footprint and click next to butter in this stuff we need toe enter before print name as but the standard naming conversion in my case, I can enter has the header one cross to and then click next to butter and click finish butter. Now is we need to modify the connectors because we are having only two things for this connective so I can delete another paths. And now I'm going to change the Arjun location. So far, they go to indeed select reference Select center. So now you can see the Arjun. Now I'm going to draw the outline for this footprint. So goto datasets and make sure the outlying dimensions on the world so you can form the dimensions. Go back to the rt um on select place and select line. Enter the line. Weep I'm entering point toe Emma, select current layer as stop overly draw The outline asked for the data seat before drawing the whole plane. Best practice to say the greed while you are driving Go back to the Jiechi arse a player website and doll Early three d body of this compliment and come back toe idea and select plays three D body three D model type as Gen drink Tuesday and murdered Model Select really fight which we have our loader Now you are really body has important go to view select really lay off more our press three button on your cable. Now you can able to see relieve you off this competent but its not aligned next step. We need toe Aulenti everybody with Creator for select tools. Three D body placement are faced with board tow away, literally body. With that footprint, now you can click that really body bad on footprint bateau alike. Now we're back toe. Believe you by pressing the key to and pretend it really body by pressing space, bar your keyboard and place on your foot pain as party. Get a seat before rotating the three d body. Go to the data seats on. Make sure the polarity indications. Select please spring took place or a front desk emitters for this competent. Before placing the reference desk emitters, we need to select the proper layer in which layers you want to place. The text 13. 10. Schematic Design: will come back to win another model of this total you. And in this model we are going to create a systematic in RTM designer. So without wasting any father time, let's get started. Goto schematic fire which we have created already in this dramatic we need to place the required parts are symbols on the connections as given Schematic diagram are especially requirement So far this before placing the parts we need to connect the integrator library fire with this commodity. So go down here and click library If library tab is not available in your ideal goto panel and select library So library top Be a member in this library tab, click on libraries and our level library window will appear in this window. Go to install the tab in this stab, click install and select installed from file on Find your library folder, select and select the library files, which we have clear now You can see here in this you can directly drag and drop the parts from here or you can double click the parts. Here are if you help More live reports are here. You can search a part member here on place the parts are symbols where you want. If you want to rotate the place, the parts are symbols. You can use the space work in your keyboard and also you If you want to flip, general are vertically. You can use X are y keys on your keyboard so that symbols will be rotated our mirror. So I place the character on the same day. Now I'm going toe place The resistors and led is like this so all the required symbols are placed on Now I'm going to come in the Wales between those parts. As for the required my father Goto place slick wire are you can use shortcut controversies w on your keyboard are you can use this icon You are told about coming the required corrections between the symbols like this. Now we are going to place the power on ground pork So far that goto toolbar and click Please select power port are you can find Andi use thes icon in your toolbar on now you can rename the power poured as per your power requirement So far, dead doublet Lee called your power port on Goto property Stop on probably the power name as per your power required. So in my case, I can give 3.3 World. Next. I'm going to place the Net label so far that Goto bar on click place on Select Meat Label on a place where you want and after placing the net label on double Click on that. I'm goto property spanner to change the name What you want. In my case, I can provide innit names like Elliott. One led to what's you place the power Hold on a name always copy and paste wherever you want But you have a very fail on change the power and names now almost company de schematics Or now we can start their layout before going into the layout. We need to annotate this committee. That means we can replace this question more by the numbers on. If you want to do this manually, you can do like a selected compliment on you can provide the front desk emitters here in this property parent. So like this, you can do one by one. But in this material, you may do mistakes. For example, duplicating teams might come. That is why we have somewhat words futures toe. Undertake the schematic click card tools on your toolbar and select innovation. Now, on a date window will appear in this window. We need to select all the change list on click Update change list. And also now you can click. Accept change now. Engineering change orders. Window will appear in this window. We can click validate changes on executive changes. After clicking those options, you cannot close this window now all the disconnected is updated in us schematic now. Schematics already, Andi. Next we are going to learn how to create Are important list from schematic to PCB layout. So that's all from in the smart you're I hope to see in the next two model. Thanks for watching. 14. 11. Layout Design in Altium: welcome back to in another model of this tutorial, and in this model we are going to import in that list from schematic poop. Easy video on how to do the PCB layout, such as placement on a routing off the design. So without wasting any further time, let's get started. Now we are going to import the net list from schematic to PCB layout before importing the net list. From the schematic to PCB, we need to check the weather. All the footprints are connected with their respect to schematic symbols so far that click on tools on your toolbar on select Footprint Manager Now football manager we know will appear so in this window. Select all of components here on click Validate. So once you click this button, the footprint part will be appear here give footprint parties not appearing here Then footprint is not connecting with the symbol properly. In our case, all the footprints are connected properly. So next we are going to import a schematic Too busy to important list from systematic into PCB click design on us commode. Take toolbar on select update busy The documents This window will appear in this window. You can see what is going toe happening. These other com parents and these other needs going to import into player. So in this windows I liked what are you want? And click relative changes once you complete the validate So all the components are important here from schematic on this black area is our PCB area. After importing the net list into PCB, we need to really face. I'm update their drawing size you needs and accept up If you have customer provider dxl fight imported on very fade In our case, I'm going toe rather border claim as 20 and mom cross from TM so far that I'm going to change the great well you first. So Goto Properties panel in the property tab Go down here on you can find the units I can change it Toe Emam on in the grid Manager you can double click here and said degree value here what our you want And also you can change the great value by using D button on your keyboard I can provide 10 Emam Great after changing the grid through and you select the board outline layer that is mechanical One player on draw Libolo claim Jasper mechanical requirement are given the X off five. In my case, I'm going to brought on Tiemann crossed on the Emam size so far that take place on toolbar and select line on Rather line like this wherever you want. After creating the board outline, I'm going toe fits the board Arjun location. So I would like to fix the border Argenteuil board car so far that Goto toolbar and Click Edit menu and select set on Click the Cursor where you want to fix the board. Arjun. Now I would like to fix this border area for that. Select the border played on Goto Toolbar and Click Design World shapes defined from selected object. So now bowl shaped area has changed on. We can move these competent closer Now. I would like to create the stack up for this design. You can create the stack up as you are requirement. So far directly card design on click on Layers stack. Manager. I would like to build this busy be bored with 1.6 among thickness so far that I can change the layer thickness here accordingly. After changing the thickness, click OK next to we need to place the competence on grouting. So before placing the competent and broking we need to set the design rule depends on manufacturing standards. Toe a widely what now? Here. I would like to save some basic rule for the busy bee so far that click on design and click rules, busy bee rules and constraints. A litter window will appear here. Click the clearance under the electrical constraint. Now I would like to enter 0.3 AM unclear and for this board next to click on it under routing Constrain. In this, we have to enter minimum maximum on preferred to a suite for this board. After said this, constraints are like the voting. Why are states for this board? For example, I would like to choose the way out with She's a 0.3 Emam drill on 0.6 on Monday Army before placing the compliments, we need to change the group setting for competent placement accordingly, toe place in the board area. Now I'm going to place the connector, so select the character the whole down the most button on move where you want to place. If you want to rotate the compliment, you can use stays bar on your keyboard to rotate the component. So I would like to place here so I can raise the button to place the connector. Here. This is the top layer. When you are importing the competent from schematic to PCB, all the conference will be imported into top layer by default. So you, if you want to place our move the competent bottom layer selecting competent on. You can use the key yell on your keyboard. It will move toe bottom layer. Same like this character I can place the release on bond Resistors depends on schematic floating and customer requirements we have to connect are wearing between the conference for that goto toolbar, Click road and select interactive voting are you can use control plus W on your keyboard Toe wrote the signal before roading. We need to follow the voting procedure, which we have already discussed in the seven morning love This tutorial, if you want you can prefer that video. So now I'm going toe around the signals like this. If you want to change the place, get when you are voting. Click tab on your keyboard on Goto Here, change the trace with which you want. For example, if I want to change the place, we toe one name for this signal. I can hit the tab button on my cable on Die can enter the one Emam here so you can see the trace with has changed and also, if you want to place the way out when you are voting, you can use key to on your keyboard in the finder. Why be placed automatically like this? Are you can click place? Why are on your toolbar? And I would like to place copper cardigan on Marta on top player for grown signal so far that goto toolbar and click place and select polygon poor and after select this, press on a button on your keyboard and selling the nickname here on after selecting the names you can start on, draw the polygon like this after rather polygon. In this layer, you can copy this partly gun and you can taste it to other layer. So so selling the polygon and take the reference point and press control. See on Goto other layer and goto toolbar and click Edit and select pays to special on Dhere . You have to select based on currently here and keep same nickname. After that, click OK and click reference point. Now, partly going places the same Nick name in the bottom layer. Also, after finishing the placement and routing, we have toe Elaine that sunscreen text. So goto silkscreen layer and salad Be text on hold on the most important on where you want to place. If you want to rotate the text, you can use space bar on your keyboard to rotate the text. If you want to add a listener text in this screen a year goto toolbar and click place and select stream on based it where you want to place. Before praising the text, you can press data button on your keyboard and enter. They text what you want to enter. So here I want to have a polarity mark for the character so I can enter, plus on the miners here. After this, I want to add this morning like this. Now we have to run the D Central Check Goto toolbar and click tools Selected designed roll check on designed roll Check Window Villa Piers Harding. This window click run design roll check Now report will be generated and it will show the number of errors and violations if you help. So that's all from in the smart. You're on. I hope to see in the next two model. Thanks for watching. 15. 12. Advanced Features: Welcome back to another more You love this tutorial on in this module. I would like to speak about a few things which you may find very useful. You are doing PC believed, for example. You may be doing the layout. Suddenly you find out you need to make some changes in this committee. So how to do it? How to make changes in schematic When you're start doing the layup our after finishing the later it is very simple. Goto schematic on you. If you would like Toa add one more resistor on led. I am going to copy this on. We can place it here on connect this resisters on Ellie like this. Now we need to change the name and reference desk emitters for affirm this Canada changes goto pools and select innovations and click on a date schematic In this window, you can see the question mark and click update changes and click OK after these click accept changes and click execute changes. Once you complete these changes or modifications, we need to update the PCB layout so we can follow the same procedure to import an interest from somatic into PCB click designed on your schematic pool bar on the select Update P C B doc. Once this window will appear in this window, you can see what is going to happen in. These are the components on, and these are the needs going to import into layout, so click validate changes. Once you complete the Validate click exhibit changes and close the window. So newly added compliments are important here from schematic. After this, you can follow the same procedure. Toe plays, the components and roti. If you want, you can refer the previous video. If you want to see both schematic and busy bee in one screen, you can rightly Campisi Andi click, split their tickle or select split courage. Or, if you are using two monitors, you can drag and drop this week. Goto toolbar and click tools and make sure cross select Mori's and ABG. If it is not an oblique, you can just click it, and it will admirable when you're enabling this more. What is going to happen? If you're selecting something in schematic automatically, it will select in the busy bee. For example, I'm going to select this company time this competent will be selecting automatically Indepent City and the same time, if you're selecting something in the busy bee, same thing will be selecting automatically in Disconnected also. So, for example, I'm going to select some other components in busy bee, and those compliments are selected Instamatic When you're doing competent placement, if you want to select and place my tipple, compliments this future will be useful. Let's see how it is going to work. Select multiple com parents in these dramatic by using 50 on your keyboard and goto busy be filed on Goto toolbar. Are you busy? Bee and click tools and selling competent placement and click reposition Selected competence Know what is going to happen, the first to complement which you have selected in this community first, that competent is going to pick up on. You can place on your PCB wherever you want. After placing this competent automatically, the second component which you have selected in this command stick is going to pick up on. You can place it wherever you want NPC be so like this one by or incompetent will be picking up automatically, which you have selected order in this committee on it is very useful to speed up your conference placement Goto toolbar on the systematic and select tools and click Cross probe on Know what is going to happen if you want to see any particular pin where you have placed in the PC, for example, I want to see this spin where it is placed. Just click this pain in this committee on what is going to happen in the PC and goto PCB and zoom out and you can see that you have placed on that particular pitch has violated on other objects are mosque. You cannot do anything with the mosque objects on one Lee you can do with the mosque objects. If you would like Toa Mosque, your book you can right click anywhere are busy bee and click clear filter are you can use shift plus key on your keyboard. It is very important, but because if something is not going to work in the busy bee, it may be some components are mosque are some filters are active, so if something does not work in the busy bee, you cannot move the compliment. Our connect somewhere and something just clicked this clear. But goto toolbar on schematic and select tools and click cross probe on click and net. On the whole, it is going to be select in the PCB with zoom out all the area either related conference are in Outside of the board are places instead of the board eight. Yeah, it doesn't matter. But if you want to select on highly the night only on inside people area you can goto pattern on the enable navigator there I'm Goto Navigator Tab Right click here and desirable are untech this zoom on object after this, go to systematic and goto pool bar Romantic and select tool and click Cross Probe on and click your Nate time. What is going to happen now? This is exactly what we want to do. No, you can see there than it is connecting on. We can see all these things and they can see all the tracks inside the boat area. You can use this information for better placement and this technique is going to use for placing the decoupling. Capacitors on microcontroller are placing the decoupling capacitors around the chip. So we have to highlight on see the power pins. Then we would like to select the decoupling capacitors Andi need to place nicely, too close to the power points. But in other schematic we are not using decoupling capacitors. But do you like to use something like this? We have to highlight the pins which are connected to the power port on now we have to select the decoupling capacitors which we don't have. So instead I can select these newly other resisters on led on. We need to place these three sisters close toe one off This character sold Citic e on selling the compliments which you like to select. In my case, I can't selling these compliments on goto PCB and place it close to the power beans off this character so I can place like this. Then you are placing You can protect by using space bar on your keyboard on If you want to place it opposite layer, you can use yell key on your keyboard on place it like this. After this, we have to connect are wearing believing the conference and select interactive voting are you can use control plus W on your cable to complete the voting for newly other competence Goto Properties panel here we have selection filter options in these options now in this moment all the objects are number, so I can work with all objects. If you click on, disable all objects, you cannot do anything. These are objects are if you want to do where with anyone, not those compliment out those objects. You can sell it the specific object and you can work with that object world. For example, I can select the drag on. I can work with praise when Li, like this on, apart from places you cannot work with competent are anything. If I un select this track, I'm selective y us. What is going to happen? I can work with wire on and I cannot work with traces on anything on now how this filter can be useful. For example, let's say you would like to delete all the places on all the way us go here and simply you can press all objects and select one Lee drag on the way. US. After selecting these option dragons select all like this but one Lee select races and whales and other all objects are not selecting, so press delete button toe daily traces on Why us? So you cannot work with something. Go on check here. Make sure whether these options are Annable are not. If it is not Annable used, clear but undeniable. Those options in your PC PC is completely finished. Goto Toolbar on the Select project on the click on Variance Variant Management's Window will appear on in this window. Go down on click add Variant on Guy can give their descriptions like tutorial underscore, not fitter on Click OK, and in this column we are going to sit. What are the competence are not going to be fitted for this variant here for showing You can choose these two compliments for not fitted so far that you have to click here on the select, not fitter after specificity like this. Click working. No notice here in the project panel, not frittered. Information's added in the project and see here separator tablets. Creator. We need to compile the project so fathered, right leak on project file and click Compile PCB Project file After compelling click this tab. Now, in this view, you can see water. The compliments are going to be fitted on, not fit it. If you want to adjust this arrow, Mark Goto project on the toolbar and click on periods. Variant management window will appear. Click drawing stale on Dhere on check on used graphics. Check used. Text. Onda Here you can type, not Fichter. If you want to your feet and continue the schematic on, you have to click this editor tab. I need to continue with this for really view. You can press number three on your keyboard are Click view on Bull Bar on Select Really lay out more. This is the three review off this project and all those creator based on foot paint where we used to the East really models. So press. Sift on, hold on. Don't buy them on your most and you can rotate on. See that? Really models with different angle are if you can use number eight are name are zero. You will get some angle view. So that's all from in this video on I hope to see you in the next two module. Thanks for watching this week 16. 13. Manufacturing Outputs: Welcome back to another model of this tutorial on in this model. We are going to learn how to create jobs. Five on how to generate the front output files such as manufacturing and assembly fights. So without wasting any father time, let's get started. You can always generate output directly through menu, so just click on file, you know, on your toolbar and select export on. You can use these kind of or puts on do you can generate from this option and same for schematic. Just click file export and you can generate these kind ofs or ports. This is not just a way how can generate are put from Martin designer. There is much better way to do it to generally outboards. We are going to use something called old Job file. So Goto Project Alan. Now click on file and select New and click on Awful Job. Fine. Now we can see our John find in the project. Are you can right click on Project on Select our new project and click or job file. This way, also, we can create a job fire. We are going to save the poor job file, which we have creator rightly carnal Poor job file on click Savers and check the directory under the locations off our project and say with with project name the first document that we are going to create a systematic video file in this old job file finding documentation our boots on and under the documentation, or put click our new recommendations. Andi, select schematic Prince and Select Project Physical documents. After that, rename it as project name so I can do adore you one underscores cannot rightly constant Matic file on the select page set up on de schematic print properties window will appear in this window you want You can change these options After changing this option, close it rightly con schematic file on the select Configure Onda Systematic print properties window will appear in this window. I would like to keep default settings not necessary to change our. If you want to change these options, you can change it whatever you want. After that, click OK to bring this ca Matic Inter BDF. We need to make collections between our boots and our foot containers. So in this or put containers, click on pdf and click on this Earth. This will make the connections between our bulls and our foot containers. After this, we need to provide the part, so click on changes and here you can give your directory where you want to save all the files. So I want to save all the output files in one folder so I can create one output folder in our drive on. And I can say that part here are are you can probably output folder name here, and it will automatically create in your project directly on generated output files in that particular folder. So I'm going to provide the name for Put forward like this, then click OK on. Let's try to generate our first output so far that click generate content here, and this is our schematic period. Five. If you are using multiple variants in your project, and if you want to generate the files with variance, click this file on. You can duplicate this while by clicking right like our use control, the Are you a cable? After these, you can rename the files and are saying the brilliance here. Now we can generate the boat off files. One is with the very end. Another one is with no millions. Once you generator the output period, file Goto Project Directory. And here we can find the period files for each Mariel upon the pdf file on notice. This is a schematic. We just printer for variants are Do not fit the confidence If you open the Numidian schematic when you can find the difference between the fit competence and forfeited competence the same way we can generate millions for all kind of documents like that drying videos and are simply period for next goto documentation output and click on our new recommendations and select composite on the Click PCV documents. If you want, you can rename this file on Die can name it as tutorial. One under school layers are directly called layers Flick it set up in this window. I would like to select moon off here because I want to print a black color Onda close this window on rightly called layers click pecan figure settings, and I am going to say the layers which I want to print. And also we can sit on the generate Pdf with any combination off layers here doesn't like this. I can hear on print or properties window will appear on Guy can call it is top on and we are going to create the combination of players which will be used to manufacture topside off busy bee remaining layers. You can remove it and take these show holes options and click OK, the same like this we need to create for bottom layer so far that right, click somewhere here and click Insert print out and double click this icon here and print Oh, properties window will appear and I can call it is bottom Onda We are going toe Add the combination off layers which will be used to manufacturer bottom side up a busy bee Andi, take the show holes options And also we need to check mirror layers and click. OK, these are the pages so we can order the pages. First page would be top on the second page would be Bottomley year. So right, click on top and click on up and click. Okay, toe, bring to this. We would like to use pdf output container. So click here on we don't want toe print this fight on click this afternoon toe print The layers and click generate content this hours off which we have general term you saved. The recommendations are click Add new documentations select pdf three D and the click document If you want, you can rename it on the rightly country 1,000,000,000 filed on click bait set up three d Beauty of property window will appear and in this window I would like to select color on the click. Ok, then, rightly country deeply, violently conficker on if you want, you can change the configuration in this window on guy can use default, See things so close it and click on Deserter. This will make the connections between or puts and output containers. Now you can edit this old foot if you want to generate the files with brilliant click the files and you can duplicate this file by clicking right like our use control presently on your keyboard. After this, you can green in the file and ascend the variant here. Now we can let the boat off its oneness with were Ian's and another one is with no billions . This is a daily video use most well toe. Zoom in and zoom out. Goto export our boots on and click on our new export. Our ports and select exports Tape on click Busy Bee document. If you want, you can rename this file name Andi. I can name it is tutorial one under school. Step on. Check the conflagration settings. And I'm going to leave the four settings here and click OK on this time and we're not going to generate the period. And we need to select this folder structure. So in the output containers like this folder structure connected Step five by clicking the soccer How the files are going to be safe. So click on change. Said the custom for her name and click OK on click generate content on Goto. Our book, folder and file will be generator to take the step. Find we have more options very quickly. Toe take the step file is that you can import them into PCB. Fine are what we can do you can use online. You were just goto google and sage out or desk you were, and you just track and drop here. Once loader, you can have a look. You are TD step five. Now we are going to generate Garber files inside the fabrication off puts click on add new fabrication off select Kerber fights on click P C B. Doc slickened Garber file and rename it I can call it is to tell you one underscored Gerber . I'm then rightly come Toto, your one underscored that were filed on clicker conficker carbon set of window will appear on I'm going to leave the fort in this general time on goto layer stab off this window on we are going toe Annable the required layers which we would like to use to fabricator so I can sell it These are the layers which we are going to generate on goto drill drawing cap off this window and I'm going to leave the fort and go toe catcher pap off this window on I'm going to live default settings on Goto wants to tap off this window and the here also, I'm going to leave default settings and click OK, we would like to generate this file, So click for a stricture and connect Garber files import food container by clicking this and I don't want to generate this file and click generate content. Gerber files will be generated in the output folder. Now we are going to generate the serial files inside the fabrications are put, click on our new fabrication off colts Select and cereal fights and click these every document click on and see will file and rename it I Can Call it is tutorial one Under School and See Drill on, then rightly Contra Dorial. One Underscore and see will file on Click on Conficker can see through Set Up Window will appear on I'm going to Leave the fort and click OK, we would like to generate this file, so click forest picture and connect Garber files in tow or container by clicking the sector . And I don't want to generate this file and click generate content. Yensi Drill fights will be generator in the output folder. Now we are going to generate the will Be plus plus files. Inside the fabrication off puts click on add New fabrication are Foods. Select would be press plus files and click. PCB Document clicked on worry B plus plus files and rename It can call. It is tutorial one on the score or be and then rightly comparable. Really. One on the school would be filed and click on configure would be plus plus set up window will appear. I'm here we are going toe Anabel the required layer which we would like to use to fabricate So I can select these Saw the layers which we are going to be Great click. OK, we would like to generate this file so quick. Former structure and connect tutorial one underscore would be filed involved container by clicking this after and I don't want to generate these files and click generate contact tutorial one underscore will be files will be generated in the output for their So that's all from in this video on I hope to see you in the next two module. Thanks for watching this video. 17. 14. Bill of Materials: Now we are going to generate the beloved material. So in, say, the report, our boots click on Add New Report are would select beloved material and Click Project, click on beloved material files and rename it I Can call it is a tutorial, one on for school ball and then rightly Contador really one underscore bomb file and click on Paid set up in this window. Usually I don't want to change. So I'm going to leave the Fort Antley okay, and then rightly called during world underscore be William filed on the clicker configure in this window, we need Toe Annable all the column which are required for beloved material. And also we need to do some couple of settings. So first we are going toe removed. These from group column for removing you can drag it down on drop here on I can select library reference on I can drag on the move here. Then this part off window we can a nebula visible these columns which are here, so I would like toe and number required columns here. If you have Templar for more on did in the Excel Options, click Here and Lindley Template, which you have on click. Okay, We would like to generate this love material. Fine. So click for a structure and connect tutorial one under school be William filed in tow foot container by clicking this and I don't want to generate these lines and click the lead content. Pretoria lunar was called love material files will be generated in the output for their so photo put for there. And these other fights which we have a letter from a job files. And this is a bluff. Material files. You can open it. These are the information's off beloved material. So that all from in this video I hope to see in the next morning. 18. 15. Assembly Drawing: to be able to generate professional manufacturing, our assembly documentations we need to create two more layers assembly, top and assembly. Bottomley years We have done already some work on this assembly drawing when we created in the PCB footprints that we have used a mechanical to for assembly layer. So let's have a look at this on layer right now. So this is the mechanical to layer which we have created for assembly Top player. This is not exactly what we would like to help, because at this moment all the components or plain and text are only on one late. So the question is how to create top on bottom assembly drawing. You need to use the futures which is called the layer pair. So rightly this layer and click are competently a bad. Here we are going to specify the layer pair so all the competence are in the mechanical layer number two which will be placed on top side off PCB so I can give em to for assembly top and for bottom layer, you can use any free layer, so I'm going to use em three s assembly bottom layer after assigning layers, press OK to create layer path. All the information is only one layer. When you make these changes for create Lee a pair you need to update all the footprint. So we need to go toe in toe library on update all the footprint off this project by clicking update PC or and when you are dead, click all these boxes and press OK to update all the footprints on now. Goto pc The assembly layers are update there. Let's click view continuation off these layers and desirable top Some really know all the competence which we have placed on the bottom side added on the mechanical layer number three and this is the top layer. That is exactly what we would like to help. Once complete this, we need toe Elaine the reference designators on adding the listener text and low. If you want in the assembly drawing, we will show the position off components on other PCB to generate assembly drawing. We are going to use this assembly outputs. Just click on assembly our put select assembly drawing and click PCB document. If you want, you can bring him this file name on. I can name it as tutorial one underscore costs. Rightly called comes drawing on click paid Set up on in this window. If you want, you can change the properties here. Click close, then rightly called, Comes crying on the click configure and I'm going to set the layers, which I want to print in the assembly dry and also doublet Lee. This icon on top player, assembly and print oh properties window will appear on. We are going to create the combination off layers which will be used toe print on top. Sail off. Busy bee. I'm selling the remaining layers. You can remove those layers and click. OK, we need to follow the same steps here. Double click this icon on the bottom layer assembly and printed properties window will appear on. We are going to create the competition off Yes, which will be used toe print on bottom side off, busy bee and select the remaining layers. You can remove those layers and click OK and for bottom assembly drawing. We would like to mirror so we can read the text nicely and click OK. We are almost a ready to generate assembly drawings and there is one most things we would like. Toa Goto project are your tow bar and click Myriad Variant Manager Window will appear on here. Click. Drawing Stale on the variant Options window will appear on Dhere. We are going to choose how we would like to see North Twitter com parents in assembly drawings. So click on display nor fitter competence in draft more and take the options used graphics on the use mask box and click OK and again click OK, and now we are going to generate the assembly drawing. If you want to generate the files with Brilliant click This while on, you can duplicate this file by clicking right, like our use control Purpose D on your keyboard. After this, you can rename the files and are saying the millions here No, we can deliver the boat off fights. One is with variants and honorable needs with no variants. Now I would like to generate one lee the STO Files. So agenda these two files. I can connect these two fights with failure or put containers by clicking these two settles Once connect the files with output containers click generate contend on the files will be generator on places in the specified output for their gold output folder. On there you can find two different documents for different areas. There is also different way how you can create assembly drying off your boat. This method by using to create draft men document. And in this video, I would like to intrude. Very simple example how you can create assembly drawings in Laxman Soto. Create assembly drawings We need to create a draftsman. Documents Goto project panel on the rightly called Project on Select our New to Project on click Draftsman Documents on now click OK, draftsman file will be weapon on Dhere. We are going toe ad the top on bottom assembly rights. So rightly corn anywhere off this window. Select place and click board. Awesome Review. The assembly drawing will be in setting in this window and we can play somewhere into our dog and disease. One is toe one scaling and I would like to make it bigger size. So select this object and Goto property panel turned in this property panel. I can adjust the Param Eter off selected object to make it because I said we need to change the scale in size on for example, I can select four is toe one size so we can see the bigger size. And also we would like to insert the bottom you up this board so rightly count anywhere off this window and select place and click board assembly view the possibly trying to be in setting in this window and I can pace here and I would like to change these Stop you toe bottom You and this Also having one is toe one scaling and I would like to match it with top you drawing So go to scale tab and change it to forage to one scale And I can move this drawing here you may be noticed these views are not created based on our assembly drawing late It is created based on informations from freely morals and we would like to use other world assembly drives and we are going to set it, go to source on the properties panel and change the settings atop assembly on Martin Mussomeli layers. After this, don't forget to save this file, right? Like old draft man document on a quick sale on, make sure saving to project directory and click save once to save this file and go back toe our job files on We are going toe. Add this draft man document in tow. Other recommendations are put in the dock Immolations output. Click on our new documentations and select draft amens on the click Other draftsman five. There now hotly contract a man file and click paid set up. And in this window, we are going to keep averting Default. If you want to generate the files with Syrians, click this file and you can duplicate this file by clicking right leak. Are used control hopelessly on your keyboard. After this, you can bring in the fines on our side in the Syrian here. Now we can generate the both of files warnings with variant on our Veronese with more materials. Now, I would like to generate one lead these two files so generate piece files. I can connect these two files with Media for container. What's coming. Their files without foot containers click. Generate content on the files will be generated and placed in the specified or put for there. Good off. Put for there and there you can find two different documents for different variants. Now we're going to generate, pick and place the attack inside assembly outputs click on add new assembly off. Put on selected generator, pick and place bites. Click PCP documents. Click on this file on a rename It I Can call It is tutorial one underscore P and P and rightly called pictorial one. Underscore P and B on the click corn figure on picker place set up window will appear in this window. As you can see, there is information about positioning off each and they have very competent on your boat. So this information is used by a pick and place nations, which is going toe feed compliments on your bowl here. I'm going to leave everything default on the click. OK, and we would like to generate this file on this time. We help use for the stricture in our foot container so sleep folder structure can become place file into our foot container by clicking this sucker. And here I'm not using villians because we would like to see the positions off all the components. So click generate content become place that are bigger and better in the output directory. So that all from in this video I really hope you find it useful and see you in the next to Pretoria. Thanks for watching