Basic Mandalas for Beginners | Ale Lozano | Skillshare

Basic Mandalas for Beginners

Ale Lozano, Graphic Design Student

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7 Videos (34m)
    • Intro

    • Basic Elements

    • Create your Mandala

    • Add Color

    • Using Templates

    • Guide Mandala

    • Mandala Over Watercolor


About This Class

Hi students!! In this class we are going to create beautiful mandalas with the most basic and easy elements! I will show you some tips and tricks to add color and to make them look really simmetrical. And I am going to share with you my whole process to create them and to paint them. I hope you enjoy this class and it inspires you to make mandalas and much more!





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Ale Lozano

Graphic Design Student

Hi friends!

My name is Alejandra Lozano, I'm a graphic design student and I live in Monterrey, Mexico. Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Typography and everything that has to do with letters is totally my thing! I'm also really into illustration and using watercolors.

You can buy prints of my work on etsy too:

I have an instagram page, @writtenarts you can follow me there if you want and see what I?m up to!

Thanks for reading guys, ...

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