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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Basic Elements

    • 3. Create your Mandala

    • 4. Add Color

    • 5. Using Templates

    • 6. Guide Mandala

    • 7. Mandala Over Watercolor

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About This Class

Hi students!! In this class we are going to create beautiful mandalas with the most basic and easy elements! I will show you some tips and tricks to add color and to make them look really simmetrical. And I am going to share with you my whole process to create them and to paint them. I hope you enjoy this class and it inspires you to make mandalas and much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ale Lozano

Illustrator + Lettering Artist


Hi friends!

My name is Alejandra Lozano, aka Ale Lozart.

I'm 21, Graphic Design graduate based in Mexico. Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Typography and everything that has to do with letters is totally my thing! I'm also really into illustration and using watercolors.

You can buy prints of my work on etsy too:

I have an instagram page, @alelozart you can follow me there if you want and see what I'm up to!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope to see you soon :)


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1. Intro: Hi. My name and I am very excited to share another class with you in this class. We're going to be creating basic mandalas for beginners. I think this is gonna help you, especially if you're just getting started with this kind of art. I'm going to teach you the most basic and easy elements to create mandalas. And this glass is going to help you create them. The's elements are really easy to do, especially for beginners, and they're really do. And they look really beautiful. I am going to show you how to use templates for mandalas, how to color them with markers or with water colors. And we're going to be using I'm a guy. I'm going to show you the other videos. And I hope you roll and enjoy this class as much as I enjoy making it. So going to see you in the next 2. Basic Elements : FYI, guys, in this part, I'm going to show you the basic elements I always use for drawing mandalas. Well, these are half circles that I always use for them. I usually put lines inside or maybe dots. And for these triangles, I put dots on them most of the time. But you can combine them with everything there a lot of ways you can combine them with. There are a lot of shapes, a lot of things you can do with it. And these pedals are a little bit bigger. And I like Teoh put stuff in there and these kind of flower between them and this is about you getting creating and thinking up new shapes and forms that you can create your mandala . I also like making there dot on lying dot online, and it looks really cool. And sometimes I used on ley lines and they also look great. Lapsed is these kindof pedal that I always always like to make, and I think they're really beautiful and they make your Mandela look better. You can fill them with anything you want. In this case, I am just going to leave them like that. I also like this shape a lot. I don't know the exact name in English. I don't remember, but, um, I like to to put that inside my shape most of the time. I use the most of the time and they don't live to pray right now. I don't know what, but you should look really pretty trust. Now I am going to show you some different ways you can fill your shapes with. So I have my federals here, and some ways I like film them with is with that line in the middle. Or maybe those lines covering the whole thing. Or maybe that thing either that I know the name of and this little flower I love that little flower. It combines with everything. And I also love this little circles have circles, and I usually leave them like that. I don't have anything, but I wanted to show you that you can combine them with a point in a line, a point in the line and it looks really pretty. And when you can make this one's a little bit tinier and maybe just at a porn and combined them with whatever comes to your head and everything will look really pretty. So the way I start my Mandela's are first weak point or dot I don't know. And then with a circle around in another circle and I usually start live lines or maybe even a point in my line, a point on the line or even just all points. And that's the way I always start my mandala. So this is all about combining new shapes and whatever comes to your mind. You draw it an eight, you look beautiful and practicing, and it really, really relaxes me when I'm stressed out and you can put music or even watching relieve you can. But it's all about that in combining and practicing, so you're Mandela's will look really pretty. So in the next video, I am going to show you how to form your Mandela by 3. Create your Mandala: So now we got to the fun part where we start creating our Mandela. So what I'm doing here is drawing circles with this compass you can. It's totally optional. But if you have difficulties, if it's really difficult for you to draw circles, you can use a compass. Um, I am starting my mandala first with this marker to reveal a market you can use anything you have. So I start with that point and then Joe a circle around it. And then I am doing those point life for life. And then I am adding those half circles there that I told you that I always used. And now I am doing this pedals that are bigger, and I am just thinking about shapes and not really. I'm thinking about it too much, just drawn whatever comes to my mind and do it that way. And then I am doing this little triangles over them between them, and I am using all the elements that I showed you in the last video. It's all about combining them. There are a lot of ways you can combine them and a lot of other figures you can make and then I am closing them with this half circles like that. So now I am just going to keep going with this drawing. If you get the idea, I am just combining all the figures, all the elements that I showed you in the last video and combining them. And it's all about that combining and finding new ways of drawing it. And I don't know, I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you. And I hope this relaxes you. And I hope you understand the concept I'm trying to teach you. I am just drawing these lines that I told you about. They're really e c. And they look really, really pretty. And I hope you guys won't get bored. These video about seven minutes and something. And I'm just gonna put the music and show you how I do my other Mandela. And I'm sorry if you get bored. Sorry, but just keep watching and see how I do things. And if you watch this mandala, it kind off loops weird in the in the upper part. I don't know. But then you can fix it with the other figures you're going to draw next, and it doesn't look as bad as it looks now. So just keep watching the way I drama mandalas. And I hope you get inspiration and that you start join your own mandalas and I don't know, keep watching. I'll shut up. No, by Ozzy in the next video. 4. Add Color: Okay, so now in this part, I am going to show you how I add color to my mandalas. We're going to be using markers because they're really simple and practical. And what I always like to do for coloring my Mandela's is just take a specific kind of color and feel everything I need to call her and do the same with the other colors. And and then I'm done with the blue and you go with a pink and color everything I need to feel with pink because otherwise it will take me hours to finish. So I hope you understand what I'm doing here and what I'm trying to tell you. And it's really easy, and I don't know, maybe you can leave them like that without any color, but I just wanted to show you how it would look with color. So I hope you get inspired, and if you want, you can fill them with color. You can leave them like that because they look beautiful both ways, and that's how I color my Mandela's and well, that's it. I hope you keep watching the video and I'll see you in the next. By 5. Using Templates: in this video, I wanted to show you that you can also use templates for drawing mandalas. I have these. I got them up target, I think. And they were really inexpensive. And they're totally worth it because you create such beautiful Mandela's. I mean, you can see here the forms, the shapes, forms and it's so beautiful. And I am just putting together the basic elements I showed you and I don't know, I think they really beautiful. And you will see in the next month, um, as I did that they're really CTO Do I think it takes you last time, then the other one that we were making. And in this case, in this one, it looks like flour. And then I'm just going to add some little details inside, like those dots and I don't know, I think they look really cool. And if you have the opportunity to buy them, go by them because they're really worth it and cool. And your Mandela's will look so, so beautiful. - Wait . So this is the final result of how my mandala turned out. I think this tool is fantastic in my mandala. Look great. I think it's really worth it if you buy it. I got mine on target for, like, $5. So go buy it and try it and show me pictures. If you do buy. 6. Guide Mandala: Hi, guys. So in this video, we're going to be working with a Mondal, a guide. These guys, you can get it from the Internet if you Google Mandela guide and there are a lot of results . But anyway, I'm going to do picture down below so you can get it. And we're also going to be working with a black paper that passes through when you write on it. I don't know what you guys call it, but it passes to do when you right on it, you'll see what I mean in the next skins off the video. So now I am going to draw my Mandela on the Temperley I I gave you. So you already know how to make them on that. Also, I'm just going to speed up the video. - And now that we're down, this is what I meant when I told you that it passes through, made you look something like that and it looks really, really cool. And now that that's done, um, we're going to be using water colors to bill all these places so far. Mandala on Enjoy. And I hope you really like the final result. And if you try it. I would love to see anything to track. Please show me pictures because I always tell you guys, but you never show me anything. But I really, really would love to see them. So enjoy the video. And I hope you guys won't get bored because these video lasts about eight minutes and something. But I just wanted to show you the oldie process I do for creating these things. And, I don't know, I just wanted to show you the process, and I hope you enjoy it. Oh, are maybe just jumping to the final result if you want, But I wanted to show you the whole process, so I hope you enjoy it by, uh with 7. Mandala Over Watercolor: now in this activity, we're going to be creating a mandala over whether Cole Becker so the watercolor background is just taking collars and just combining them with salt. I out salt when it's wet, because when he drives, it looks really nice effect. I'm just going to add colors really randomly and like that. You can learn more about this technique in my watercolor class if you're interested. But now we're just going to focus on the mandalas we're going to be creating when it's dry . Well, now that the water calories dry, we're going to be using the black paper that I told you guys about in the last video that you know, when you ran a need, it passes through to the other paper. So we're going to be using that, and we're going to security very carefully with tape and now, using our template, we're going to be joining the Monday So on the other side of the paper, I am going to do the same. But with a bigger Mandela in basically just do the same thing, but with different shapes, obviously. So it looks different and yes, - and now I am just going to use my sharply to cover the lines that we ate it. And this is how it would look. I would usually used a thinner marker because I don't like really thick markets, but I couldn't find another one. Another marker that waas thinner. But if you have a thinner marker, I would recommend it to you, Zach, because it looks better. Anyway, it looks good with this marker. Anyway, so this is how they look. - So this is the final result Finished and I don't know, I think they were called expiry. Beautiful. Look at how the salt left that night effect. Um, what do you think I did? You like it?