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Basic Illustration: Flowers, Leaves and Branches

teacher avatar Catalina Navarrete G, Industrial Designer / Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (41m)

    • 2. LEAVES

    • 3. FLOWERS

    • 4. BRANCHES


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About This Class

The basic botanical illustration is a class that shows that you can draw magic compositions and basic flowers, leaves, and branches. You will learn how to create basic and very familiar natural forms. My idea is to give you the tools and the confidence to start drawing.

We will cover in detail how to illustrate from reference images and from flowers and leaves that I create on the moment of the classes. Those are the flowers that commonly I use in my compositions. 

Introduction: Introduction: Here I will make a small presentation of the class, showing in the place where I am living recently that is the source of my inspiration. I'm going to show some of my work at Botanical Illustration.

Leaves: In this class, we are going to practice how to draw leaves from a reference image. Always first with pencil and then with ink. The idea is to draw as many leaves as possible, when you draw again and again you start to know your way of drawing

Flowers: In this class, I will teach you how to draw some flowers that are part of my basic library of drawings. I will show you line by line the steps to draw those and finally how to create each of the details that have these flowers, changing the thickness of the pen.

Branches: This class is going to be the union of the two previous classes because the branches are composed of flowers and leaves at the same time always conected by a stalk.

Meet Your Teacher

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Catalina Navarrete G

Industrial Designer / Illustrator



I'm Catalina Navarrete from Bogota, Colombia, currently traveling around Asia.


I'm an industrial designer, and I have always loved drawing and traveling. For that reason, I decided to make my passions part of my lifestyle. Now, I'm living in China, a place where I opened my eyes to a new world, and a new way to live; a country where I discovered new inspirations for my illustrations.

I fill my life with adventures and travels, not things. Every illustration has a story to tell. 

I 26 countries and counting I

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1. INTRODUCTION BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION: everyone welcome toe These botanical illustration class, I am really happy to be here with you again. I am sure you really will enjoy this class because we are in a really, really special place. We are in China in one don't progress in one show city where everyone loves flowers. In this class you are going to learn a basic way to grow flowers and leave. Finally create an amazing composition. Those are some of my drawings. I try to leave these simple as possible. There are times I do this with a pencil or in under our times that I go outside and try to find interesting flowers. And there are times that I draw at home. The most of the time is because I want to draw specific flower off practice More things. I will show you how to draw the flowers from why you exactly see and we're going to shake different ways and environments that are perfect for your botanical drawings. In this last, we're going to practice rolling, leave flowers and brushes on. Then for the project. Humanity is to throw them up off your country. The country Did you like or any country do you want? You will make a magical forest around this. Let's start 2. LEAVES: we're going to learn how to relieve with a reference bottom personal. Look for a photo with one or different kind of lives were going to draw first, everything with a pencil on. Then I think when you roll, I recommend drawing always from outside to inside. First start with the Sylhet. Traduced are always in the edge, and then at the beginning it is so easy to start this in the same dimension that you see in the foot. In that way, it is easy to keep clear that I mentioned off each part. When you finish the sealer, you can continue with the details inside For this class. I want to keep the throwing a simple as possible. I will draw the relevant times off each live where you don't feel sure about the proportions. Try to make the guide that our lines I normally used to dot to mark the complete size I had . A local man tried to keep throwing the same shape, but it doesn't need to be like the photo drove that may future that make this life a special from the beginning trail. The pressure do exert in the pencil is strong, but not too much because the line doesn't look fluid. You will notice the difference at the end when you're using the okay. Maybe some of you are wondering why I am using first the pensive and no using. They indirectly I know that the most of the classes they will never use the princes. But for me, the pencil is magical because you can read the sign and withdraw. When you don't feel that this is the shape that you want to drop, we just leave. I will show you a difference Way to draw with a guideline. Normally, when the shape off the leaf is very simple but half a small, relevant shapes or details, I recommend to draw the first shape with a straight line. And then you can add the details following the guideline. - The last step is to result thes Wooding. Normally, I use all 0.5 or all 0.7 to draw the civet on old 0.1 are all 0.22 draw Did it tastes okay . This is very important to keep your mind. The larger number, the thicker the line. - Don't forget. Always press at the beginning and then fast on delegate. - Okay , This is all for these lesson. We can continue with the flowers now 3. FLOWERS: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to draw some basic by beautiful flowers that you normally use in most of my compositions we used real flowers is the opposite here. You need to start from inside, toe outside. If you want to draw the flowers from above first, I always draw this more detentions have the flower because thes on you're draw is your reference point. You start from this point to outside. The 1st 1 is one of my favorite flowers. It is a lot of flowers. Then you can start with the petals tried to start drawing the returns to outside. It is not necessary to draw the symmetric it much more natural if you live the better. With different shapes size on directions, we'll finish the first petal seconds. Continue with the second that is delayed the Canadian first petals and continue in the same way with the first sequence. The last step are throwing the flowers. Try to don't follow. Settle the line off the fancy. Remember that this PSA guide you can improvise on the way or change whatever you want at the end. Change for the studio 0.5 or 0.1 on dropped the returns. Don't forget always person the beginning on their fast and allocate you cannot detain where you want it. It's up to you. There are people that love saturated flowers. Another breaking the next one is very simple to draw. Only have six batters concentrate under year one over the other, the straits An incredible if it the two flowers and continue our flower from one side. For that the concentration is not inside is below and start all you dropped from this point Have the same seconds that a lot of flour. This one is one off the mosque. Common flowers only have a small circle like reverence. And then, for a principle petal with Pontin I yet some details You can improvise with the details and then the same flower will seem like a new one. The last one is so so from one side. These one looks more natural for at a fall in the petal, you only need to draw the better. Like the better were broken and then above the petals dropped the final part. But in the opposite weight like a mirror. The lines are inconsistent in this case. In the end, you can draw the details that confirm the center off the flower, - then erased everything I need. This finishes now. It's time to the branches. That is a perfect combination. The flowers with leaves. 4. BRANCHES: Okay, guys, in this lesson, I want to show you go to your Burgess. I live this idea because he's a combination of the two crews classes. Okay, the first of the seven branches is very simple, but half a nice detail. The lives are blended. These kind of details major draws more really. And it's only has the tour step that I'm sure you know, - the single one is the branch. When the flowers artistic closed the most of the time, windows row branches always start with a cool flying on the top. You cannot Some a small leaves here is a special one because half the periods off flower. But the betters look more like a bee. Try to go one over the other. Don't draw these in the perfect chance. Immature away in that way looks more natural. - This brush at the beginning has a big Russ From this point drop tree corpulence idea. You have to draw simple petals on, then into a small revolution off these below. These one is with a straight line that has a lot of flower. Honey, you only need to draw. There's more branch that hold the flower on drug three petals these birth half Armenian flower on the top on the big rust close to the root doors are critical If they have a small cut all around the live When finish one draw the second behind the 1st 1 These one is terribly stray line on finishes with a burn on scar on the top One of the brothers are going to hung. - Repeat the same but the bigger one. I finally draw this more grass like the others I'm gonna use the syrup in five are syrup on seven You can resort all always in pensive It's up to you through my you to try to Don't fall exactly the lying on the pencil. Remember that this is a guide You can improvise on the way on a details where you want on may be using materials that you like I feel more comfortable to use. In the end, I used to a 0.5 or 0.1 for the road is more details. Please don't forget. Always press at the beginning on then fast on delicate because keep all wrong for your reference. And if you want, you can add more or create on the way the motion rather more. You have options now we complete the process with the leaf flowers on branches. No, we're able to do incredible botanical composition. 5. FINAL PROJECT : now the machines are particularly relief flour. Some branches were ready to do any clever composition. Okay, The main idea is to draw the mouth off your country. All the country. Did you like our country? Want to Charlie in the administration, I will do the sketch off their country that I am new currency, which is China? Okay. In this composition Tried two years. A paper Nofal speaker, because maybe is going to be difficult to trace it. Okay, when you finish him up, you kind of start throwing the flowers around the sketch. Tried to incorporate the flowers Lee from branches like they were behind him up. - Okay . You always keep just always close to you for half our reverence and ideas to what do you want to put in there? Okay, this is very important for these kind of composition. Doesn't matter. The order doesn't have any rule. Only keep your respiration up on a really great idea is to improvise their floors that I have a show you that I am drawn here all their own. Italian Pretty on the way. Okay. For half a balance in the composition idea is wrong. Be flower terraces in space to create a balance on. Then connect to the big ones with a smaller one drop one behind. Order to create as more separation. When you finish all the flower you can continue is throwing everything on for redraw them up. Try to use a speaker. Panda. You have, I remember, Doesn't marry is on follow the Lang is sadly because if you follow exactly that, this draw in pencil is going to do the line. Don't look fluent. - Okay , This is step is very important because it is going to give the concerts off the composition . The idea is to feel all the spaces between the flowers and try to don't leave blank space with ginger disinfect. Create a special detail. Highlight the flowers on the map off the country on major composition. More interesting. - Before I put all the days inside the flowers I want at one the Taymor their stars off the shine Aflac Finally I went inserted states you can do this from the beginning or now, but I like to live this like the little but night detail off the drawings. - Okay . Only we must wait a few minutes and then we can erase Okay, guys is all for this classic of you Enjoy these rowing on. Please share your probably. I would love to see all your composition. See you in the next class.