Basic Illustration: Flowers, Leaves and Branches | Catalina Navarrete Guzmán | Skillshare

Basic Illustration: Flowers, Leaves and Branches

Catalina Navarrete Guzmán, Industrial Designer

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About This Class

The basic botanical illustration is a class that shows that you can draw magic compositions and basic flowers, leaves, and branches. You will learn how to create basic and very familiar natural forms. My idea is to give you the tools and the confidence to start drawing.

We will cover in detail how to illustrate from reference images and from flowers and leaves that I create on the moment of the classes. Those are the flowers that commonly I use in my compositions. 

Introduction: Introduction: Here I will make a small presentation of the class, showing in the place where I am living recently that is the source of my inspiration. I'm going to show some of my work at Botanical Illustration.

Leaves: In this class, we are going to practice how to draw leaves from a reference image. Always first with pencil and then with ink. The idea is to draw as many leaves as possible, when you draw again and again you start to know your way of drawing

Flowers: In this class, I will teach you how to draw some flowers that are part of my basic library of drawings. I will show you line by line the steps to draw those and finally how to create each of the details that have these flowers, changing the thickness of the pen.

Branches: This class is going to be the union of the two previous classes because the branches are composed of flowers and leaves at the same time always conected by a stalk.





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Catalina Navarrete Guzmán

Industrial Designer

 I'm Catalina Navarrete, I'm from Bogota Colombia and currently, I'm traveling through Asia.

I'm an industrial designer who has always loved drawing for that I decided to start doing every day of my life the things that really passion me, like traveling and drawing. That is why I am currently traveling in China, opening my eyes to a new world, a new way to live and finally discovering new inspirations for my drawings.


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