Basic Hand Stitches Everyone Should Learn

Angi Schneider

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Preparing the Thread and Tying a Knot

    • Running Stitch

    • Back Stitch

    • Blanket Stitch

    • Final Project video

    • Whipstitch


About This Class

In this class you will learn how sew four basic hand stitches - the running stitch, the back stitch, the whip stitch and the blanket stitch. This is a very beginner class and no previous sewing skills are needed. 

For the project, you'll make a fun felt needle book to keep all your needles. 

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Good introduction to basic stitches, worked very well as a refresher. Lessons seem out of order though, as the whipstitch video appears after the final project video. All good content though.
Great explanation and demonstration of basic stitches. I am teaching a beginning sewing class to children soon and love the way the steps were broken down and explained.
Simple to follow instructions of useful hand stitches! Good to know for basic sewing needs.
Alyssa Vargas

Crafter + Graphic Designer





Hi, I'm Angi and I'm the writer and crafter behind and SchneiderPeeps on Etsy. My family and I life on a 1.5 acre homestead along the Texas Gulf Coast where we raise chickens and bees and have a large garden and growing orchard. We love crafts of all kinds but are especially fond of sewing, wood turning and making things with beeswax.

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